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61 ページ - Antenor potuit mediis elapsus Achivis Illyricos penetrare sinus atque intima tutus regna Liburnorum et fontem superare Timavi, unde per ora novem vasto cum murmure montis 245 it mare proruptum et pelago premit arva sonanti.
180 ページ - Ex hac igitur Scandza insula, quasi officina gentium, aut certe velut vagina nationum cum rege suo nomine Berig Gothi quondam memorantur egressi: qui ut primum e navibus exeuntes terras attigerunt, illico loco nomen dederunt.
292 ページ - Danica te tellus, me Sveticus edidit orbis. Drot tibi maternum, quondam distenderat uber; Hac genltrici tibi pariter collacteus exto.* * In the German tradition Hildebrand is the son of Herbrand.
24 ページ - Mediterranean, must doubtless have been outside of the boundaries of the Aryan land of Europe. The Greek Aryans have immigrated to Hellas, and the Italian Aryans are immigrants to the Italian peninsula. Spain has even within historical times been inhabited by Iberians and Basques, and Basques dwell there at present : If, as the linguistic monuments seem to prove, the European Aryans lived near an ocean, this cannot have been the Mediterranean Sea. There remain the Black and Caspian Sea on the one...
119 ページ - Thule, and says he bases his statements upon information obtained from people "who come from there." Prokopios says that in the immense island of Thule, in the northern part of which the midnight sun can be seen, thirteen large tribes occupy its inhabitable parts, each tribe having its own king. One of the largest tribes is the Gauts (the Gcetar, or the inhabitants of Swedish Crothaland).
23 ページ - Aryans knew bronze or iron, or, if they did know any of the metals...
25 ページ - The migrations of the Celts, so far as history sheds any light on the subject, were from the north and west toward the south and east. The movements of the Teutonic races were from north to south, and they migrated both eastward and westward. Both prehistoric and historic facts thus tend to establish the theory that the Aryan domain of Europe, within undefinable limits, comprised the central and north part of Europe; and as one or more seas were known to these Aryans, we cannot exclude from the limits...
345 ページ - In Gudmund's domain there is a splendid grove, an enclosed place, from which weaknesses, age, and death are banished — a Paradise of the peculiar kind, that...
28 ページ - Roman history supplies evidence that the same parts of Europe in which the Teutonic type predominates at the present time were Teutonic already at the beginning of our era, and that then already the Scandinavian peninsula was inhabited by a North Teutonic people, which, among their kinsmen on the Continent, were celebrated for their wealth in ships and warriors.
319 ページ - The land which they now entered was the home of terrors. They had not gone very far before they discovered before them a city, which seemed to be built of dark mists. Human heads were raised on stakes which surrounded the bulwarks of the city. Wild dogs, whose rage Thorkillus, however, knew how to calm, kept watch outside of the gates. The gates were located high up in the bulwark, and it was necessary to climb up on ladders in order to get to them.