Letter to Earl Granville, K. G., on the Revised Code of Regulations Contained in the Minute of the Committee of Council on Education Dated July 29th, 1861


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29 ページ - Arithmetic. Form on blackboard or slate, from dictation, figures up to 20; name at sight figures up to 20; add and subtract figures up to 10, orally, from examples on blackboard.
15 ページ - They have to be taught to stand upright — to walk without a slouching gait — to sit without crouching like a sheep dog.
74 ページ - Lordships are strongly of opinion that no plan of education ought to be encouraged in which intellectual instruction is not subordinate to the regulation of the thoughts and habits of the children by the doctrines and precepts of revealed religion.
15 ページ - Chain, and Wales. A family enters a manufacturing village ; the children are at various school ages, from seven to eleven. They probably have never lived but in a hovel ; have never been in the street of a village or town ; are unacquainted with common usages of social life ; perhaps, never saw a book ; are bewildered by the rapid motion of crowds ; confused in an assemblage of scholars.
61 ページ - In these opinions, we were fortified by the evidence as to the moral and intellectual character of those who, having passed through the training colleges, were found by our witnesses in the actual charge of schools. We cited from that evidence abundant proof that the trained teachers not only are comparatively far superior to the untrained, but are, in every- respect but one, positively good.
23 ページ - A second inspection, wherein another inspector takes part, is made in every such instance, and if the grant be finally withheld, a special minute of the case is made and recorded.
23 ページ - By not less than one-tenth nor more than one-half in the whole upon the inspector's report, for faults of instruction, discipline, or registration, on the part of the teacher, or (after six months...
10 ページ - We have seen that the pupil-teachers and masters have generally been selected for their moral as well as their intellectual character, and have received an education more religious than any other that is given in England. Among the higher classes in society the teacher is not socially superior to his pupils ; often he is their inferior ; often the difference in cultivation and refinement between the school and home is unfavourable to the school. But among the labouring classes the teacher is almost...
65 ページ - ... yearly. To this sum, if the present system were unaltered, would have to be added a capitation grant for 2,300,000 children; and at the present rate of attendance, which is an increasing one, at least 800,000 of these would earn 6s. a head. This would make the whole grant amount to nearly 2,100,0007.
8 ページ - Report, p. 162.) The result of the year's Report is, that reading is taught excellently well or fairly in 89 per cent., moderately in 'less than 11 per cent, and badly in...