Scottish Ballads and Songs, Historical and Traditionary, 第 1 巻

James Maidment
W. Patterson, 1868

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43 ページ - A' for the sake of their true loves, For them they'll see nae mair. O lang lang may the ladyes sit, Wi' their fans into their hand, Before they see Sir Patrick Spens Come sailing to the strand ! And lang lang may the maidens sit, Wi' their goud kaims in their hair, A' waiting for their ain dear loves, For them they'll see nae mair.
42 ページ - To take the helm in hand, Till you go up to the tall top-mast ; But I fear you'll ne'er spy land.
173 ページ - Then Red Rowan has hente him up, The starkest man in Teviotdale — "Abide, abide now, Red Rowan, Till of my Lord Scroope I take farewell. " Farewell, farewell, my gude Lord Scroope ! My gude Lord Scroope, farewell," he cried — " I'll pay you for my lodging maill,a When first we meet on the Border side.
67 ページ - O wha's the lord of this castle, Or wha's the lady o't ? " But up spake proud Lord Percy, then, And O but he spake hie ! " I am the lord of this castle, My wife's the lady gay...
39 ページ - O whare will I get a skeely skipper, To sail this new ship of mine ? " — O up and spake an eldern knight, Sat at the King's right knee, — " Sir Patrick Spens is the best sailor That ever sailed the sea.
97 ページ - With that there came an arrow keen Out of an English bow, Which struck Earl Douglas to the heart, A deep and deadly blow ; Who never spoke more words than these : Fight on, my merry men all ; For why, my life is at an end, Lord Percy sees my fall.
40 ページ - Our king has written a braid letter, And sealed it with his hand, And sent it to Sir Patrick Spens, Was walking on the strand. ' To Noroway, to Noroway, To Noroway o'er the faem ; The king's daughter of Noroway, 'Tis thou maun bring her hame.
70 ページ - My nephew good," the Douglas said, " What recks the death of ane ! Last night I dream'da dreaiy dream, And I ken the day's thy ain. " My wound is deep ; I fain would sleep ; Take thou the vanguard of the three, And hide me by the braken * bush, That grows on yonder lilye lee.
92 ページ - Did to the woods resort With fifteen hundred bowmen bold, All chosen men of might, Who knew full well in time of need To aim their shafts aright.
170 ページ - But since nae war's between the lands, And there is peace, and peace should be ; I'll neither harm English lad or lass, And yet the Kinmont freed shall be...