And may also be had of their Agents throughout the Country.

NEW NATIONAL WORK. LIVES of EMINENT and ILLUSTRIOUS ENGLISHMEN, From Alfred the Great to the Latest Times, on an Original Plan. Edited by George Godfrey CUNNINGHAM. Illustrated by a Series of finely executed Portraits, selected from the most Authentic Sources, and Engraved by Eminent Artists. To be completed in about 40 Parts, 2s. each, making 8 vols. 8vo.

“We can warmly recommend this work as worthy of patronage, whether for ability of execution, utility of plan, or cheapness. Leeds Intelligencer. “ We conceive it one of the most meritorious historical works that has lately been projected." ---Tut's Edinburgh Nagazine. We have no hesitation in pronouncing this a work of the highest value."-

Leeds Times. This work has no ordinary claims to public favour; indeed we know of none in all respects so well calculated for initiating youth, without labour or effort on their part, in a knowledge of the leading characters and facts of English history, and thus preparing iheir minds for future and more labori. ous study, in one of the most important branches of knowledge."--Caledonian Mercury. " As far as the work has yet gone, we are happy to say that the execution is equal to the felicity of the design, and answerable to the expectations which we had been led to form by our knowledge of the ability and varied acquirements of the Editor. The whole work displays much learning, much impartiality, and considerable powers both of thinking and writing.”—Liverpool Mercury. “In this age of literary productions, and productions of merit too, there are very few that have such strong claims to patronage as the Lives of Eminent and Illustrious Englishmen.'' Brighton Patriot. “We can, and do most conscientiously recommend, this National Work to the notice of our readers. The style is as lucid as its arrangements are perspicuous. The marrow of History has been carefully extracted, and is offered up without the dry bones,-it is concise without being obscure, learned without being pedantic. The plates are exceedingly beautiful, they may vie with any specimens of modern Portrait Engraving."-Lincoln Gazette.

GOLDSMITH'S ANIMATED NATURE, THE ETTRICK SHEPHERD'S EDITION Complete in 76 Numbers, 6d. each, or 19 Parts, 2s. each,


Uniform with the late Popular Editions of Byron and

Scott. A History of the Earth and Animated Nature. By, Oliver GOLDSMITH. With copious Notes, A New, Complete, and Splendid Edition of the embracing accounts of New Discoveries in Na. Works of Burns, comprising Original Letters, tural History. To which is subjoined an Ap- Poems, and Songs, never before published, and pendix, containing Explanations of Technical containing an Abstract of the Poet's Life and Terms, and the Classes, Orders, and Genera of Character, compiled from all the sources extant, Cuvier, Temminck, Lamarck, Latreille, Lace- with Notes and Criticisms on his various Writpede, Geoffroy St Hillaire, and other celebrated ings. By the ETTRICK Shepherd, and Wine Modern Naturalists. By Captain THOMAS LIAM MOTHERWELL, Esq. Complete in 13

11Brown, F.L.S., M.W.S., M.K.S., President Parts, 2s. each, making 5 vols., 5s. each. of the Royal Physical Society, and Author of lustrated and Embellished with Twelve Elegant

Biographical Sketches of Horses, Dogs, and Engravings.

“ There is something so exceedingly appropriate and pleasing in This work is illustrated by beautiful Engrav- ing it. Hogg and Motherwell are both Scotsmen-both Scottish

the selection of the editors of this work, that we cannot help noticings on Steel, and comprises upwards of eleven poets-both intensely national in their tastes--and both, especially hundred and fifty figures of Quadrupeds, Birds, and modern lyrics of their father-land. More fitting editors, there. Fishes, Reptiles, Shells, and Insects, &c. ; being fore, of the works of Burns could not have been found in the length more complete in this respect than any book of end breadth of bonny Scotland. It is also curious to observe that the same kind hitherto published in Europe. accordance with their own natures. Hogg's notes are hearty, boid, In the Quadrupeds, Birds, and Shells, an ex-ed, redolent ofTyrical research, but wanting the fire and life of those ample of all the

Genera of Cuvier, Temminck, of Hoge. The one criticises briefly, decidedly, and poetically, if Lamarck, and Brown are given,

not always justly--the other with elegance, scholarship, and care;

but coldly, as if he could only know and feel Burns' power in books. The idea of republishing this charming popular book, with all The combination of the two, however, is excellent; it furnishes to that can be added to it from the discoveries of modern science, was

the reader at once the hasty, honest criticism of the poetical Shepa very good one, and has, we learn, been abundantly successful. herd, and the interesting, illustrative, and skilful remarks of one The work is at the same time much compressed in size, and printed of the sweetest of living

lyrists, as well as one of the most accomin a very handsome manner. What more need be said, except that plished of Scottish Literary antiquarians." -Scots Times. the Notes appended by our ingenious countryman, Captain Brown, are as entertaining as the text, and probably the result of much more learning. '-Edinburgh Advertiser.

BELL'S GEOGRAPHY. - In Captain Brown, Goldsmith has found an able and excellent a System of Geography, Popular and Scientitask he has undertaken. The Notes are very valuable, displaying fic; or a Physical, Political, and Statistical Degreat knowledge and unquestionable judgment; and as these, along scription of the World and its various divisions. History, the always popular work of Goldsmith, thus continued By James Bell, Author of Critical Researches down to the present period, and embellished, as this edition is, with in Geography, and Editor of Rollin's Ancient tractive and excellent productions of the kind extant.”—Glasgow 2s. each, or half volumes, 7s. 6d. each, forming so many beautiful engravings, cannot fail to be one of the most at- | History. "The work is completed in 42 Parts, Free Press






6 handsome 8vo volumes. Illustrated by a series Greatly Improved and Cheap Edition of Maps and other Engravings.

The Maps, which are modelled on the best authorities, and

THE EVANGELICAL EXPOSITOR, include the latest discoveries, are beautifully Engraved on Steel, and form an Atlas superior to

OR, A COMMENTARY ON THE HOLY BIBLE; those sold for Thirty Shillings. The whole form- Wherein the Sense is explained, and the more ing one of the most comprehensive, correct, and difficult Passages elucidated, with Practical Ob. cheap systems of Geography ever published in servations for the use of Families and Private this or any other country.

Christians. By the Rev. Thomas Haweis, * We may confidently affirm that Mr Bell's Geography is at once LL.B., M.D., late Rector of Aldwinkle, Norththe most copious, accurate, and elaborate compilation that has yet amptonshire. To which are annexed an Introfaithful adherence to facts, in justness of representation, it far sur: duction, Marginal References, and Readings, passes that of Ma.te-Brun. It is at the same time the most recent by the late Rev. John Brown of Haddington; Work on this subject, and contains the substance of the best modern and numerous Additional Notes, selected from Travels, many ot which have appeared since the publication of the last edition of Malte-Brun." --American Review.

the ablest Commentators, not to be found in any "Nothing can exceed the interest and the value of the work of other Edition. Mr Bell, which is now before us; indeed, as a System of Geogra. phy, it has no rival in this country. Indefatigable in his researches, The Publishers engage that the Work shall be versed in foreign languages, critical in his opinions, methodical in completed for Seventy Shillings, and will be emite science, the author has given to the world a publication, which masters, Delineations of Scenery in the Holy tempered by proper scepticism, in the pursuit of a noble and favour bellished with fine Engravings after the best stands apart in the literature of this country, and which it will take a very long time to supersede." e." -Dublin University Magazine.

Land, and Maps, Plans, and other Illustrations,


parately for Twenty Shillings. A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales; presenting, under each article

NEW AND GREATLY IMPROVED EDITION respectively, the Population of the Towns and Parishes, according to the Census of 1831, and BROWN'S SELF-INTERPRETING BIBLE. the State of the Elective Franchise, as fixed by

Complete for Forty-five Shillings. the Provisions of the Reform Bill. By JAMES WITH BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVINGS, BELL, Author of Critical Researches in Geo

In One Volume Royal Quurlo, graphy, a System of Geography, Popular and

Containing several Thousand additional Explanatory Notes, Scientific, and Editor of Rollin's Ancient His

ANDA MEMOIR OF THE AUTHOR. tory. Illustrated by a Series of Maps, forming a complete County Aulas of England: Complete The Self-Interpreting Bible, with an Introducin 24 Parts, 2s. each, making 4 vols. 8vo.

tion, copious Marginal References, and Notes “ From the immense labour and care which have evidently been John Brown, Minister of the Gospel, Hadding

Explanatory and Practical, by the late Rev. bestowed upon the compilation of this work, and from the vast ex. tent of information compressed into a limited space, we have no he-ton. Edited by the Rev. John Brown Pat. sitation in pronouncing this to be the most valuable of the kind we have ever seen, and the best adapted for the office, the counting TERSON, Minister of Falkirk. The whole emcompendium of ancient ard modern, civil and ecclesiastical history, masters, Delineations of Scenery in the Holy house, and the domestic library: The Introduction is an excellent bellished with fine Engravings after the best there is scarcely any department of general and local study, for Land, and Maps, Plans, and other Illustrations. which this work does not supply satisfactory reference."- Leeds Times.

In introducing to the Public a new edition of Bruwn's Self-Inter“ This is a well-timed work, most indefatigably got up. We have preting Bible, the Publishers consider it quite unnecessary to say gone through several of the descriptions of places of which we pos- any thing respecting the merits of the original work. The unexam. sess local knowledge, and find them surprisingly accurate."--Leeds pled popularity which it has enjoyed, and the unexhausted demand Intelligencer.

which still makes new editions necessary, are recommendations ** This is a very comprehensive Gazetteer, on a good, and, in that render all others superfluous. With all the distinguished ex

cellence of the Work, however, and all the tokens of general appromany respects, novel plan. The present volume contains an Introduction, in which will be found much valuable statistical and other bation which it has received, the Publishers trust ihat its value information. We have looked over many of the articles on places creased, by the additions which have been made to the author's ori

will be enhanced, and its acceptance with the religious world inwith which we are acquainted, and find them to be unusually corginal text in the present edition, by his reverend and talented de: rect.”—Leeds Mercury.

scendant--the Editor. These additions consist of several thousands of Notes, which will be found inserted in the central columos. The new annotations are, in general, of a strictly explanatory character, directed to the single point of assisting the unlearned reader in ac


quiring a distinct understanding of the sense and signification of the HISTORY OF THE HIGHLANDS Sacred Text. The venerable author has himself done something

towards this object, in the marginal and explanatory notes by which

he has illustrated many of the obscurest and most important parts HIGHLAND CLANS,

of Holy Writ. There still remain, however, a great variety of minor points in which the ordinary reader may find a slight explanatory remark very useful in clearing the meaning of the Sacred authors,

but to which Mr BROWN could not afford, consistently with the li. By JAMES RROWN, Esq., LL.D., Advocate,

mits he had prescribed to himself, to make any reference.

with the hope of placing some of these points in a distinct and saAuthor of a Critical Examination of Dr Macculloch's Work ou the tisfactory light that the Publishers have inade so large a supplement, Highlands, &c., &c.

in the present edition, to the explanatory part of the Work. They

have been anxious that the additional notes, while they are careTo be completed in about 20 Parts, 28. each ; en bellished with Portruils fully distinguished from those of the author, should be as suitable and other Engravings.

as possible to the great object of his Work--the edification of the

unlearned. The notes in question are, therefore, divested of all pa. The grand object of this work is to exhibit, in rade of erudition, and reference to authorities, the weight of which the most attractive form possible, a comprehen- not the less to be regarded as the fruit of considerable study and sive digest of all that is known, or deserving of research he toody remains to add, as regards the literary depart: being recorded, on the interesting subject of the present the Work

, that the whole marginal references, given in the Highlands generally, as well as the Manners, numerous than those contained in any other edition, have undergone Customs, Habits, Feelings, Superstitions,

Char2 careful revision and verification, and that the same course has been acter, Condition, and Martial Achievements of tary. The original Memoir of the Author appended to this edition, that People, who, from a period long anterior to present will be found the most accurate and full edition of Bruwn's the dawn of authentic history, occupied the Sl: Interpreting Bible, it is hoped, that the slightest comparison wil mountains and the glens included within the subtice to show, that in uility of arrangement, beauty of typogra

phy and engravings, and comparative cheapness of price, it greatly Grampion boundary,

exceeds any other edition yet published,




FLEETWOOD'S HISTORY Meekness and Quietness of Spirit-II. A Dis-, OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, course on the Catechising of Youth; and A Together with the Lives of his Evangelists, Scripture Catechism, for the use of Young Apostles, and Chief Disciples, including John Christians and Heads of Families—III. Christ's the Baptist and the Virgin Mary. To which is Favour to Little Children-IV. On Faith in added, the Evidences of the Christian Religion; Christ, &c.V. On Christian Hope and Fear also an Appendix, containing the Lives of the - VI. On Forgiveness of Sins-VII. Popery, most celebrated Martyrs and Fathers of the a Spiritual Tyranny–VIII. A Persuasive to Church, from the Birth of Christ to the Death Christian Love and Charity, &c.-IX. A Serof Constantine the Great. With numerous mon preached at the Funeral of Mr S. LawExplanatory Notes. Illustrated with new and rence, with a Short Memoir of his Life-X. beautiful Engravings. In only 26 Nos. 6d. each, A Sermon preached on the Death of the Rev. or Parts, 2s. each. Bound in cloth, 14s.

work."-Orme's Bibliotheca Biblica.

R. Stretton, with a Short Memoir of his

Life-XI. Á Sermon preached on the Death BROWN'S DICTIONARY OF THE

of the Rev, D. Burgess, with a Short Account HOLY BIBLE.

of his Life-XII. Directions for Daily Commu

nion with God, showing how to begin, how to Containing an Historical Account of the Per- spend, and how to end the day with God. By sons; a Geographical and Historical Account of the late Rev. Matthew Henry. With a Life the Places; and a Literal, Critical, and Syste- of the Author. Complete in 18 Nos., 6d, each. matical description of other Objects, mentioned Embellished with a Portrait of the Author. in the Writings of the Old and New Testaments. To which are added a Concordance to the Holy Scriptures, and a Life of the Author, by his

BUNYAN'S Grandson, the Rev. J. B. PATTERSON, Falkirk. With many additional Explanatory Notes; il-WHOLE ALLEGORICAL WORKS: Justrated with Maps and Plates. The whole comprised in 30 Nos., 6d. each, or Parts, 2s. each. Complete for ten Shillings and Sixpence.

“This is a useful Work; and has contributed very considerably to disseminate religious information in this country: The Author deserves well of the public for the vein of piety which pervades his The PILGRIM'S PROGRESS in THREE

Parts, with Notes, by the Rev. Thos. SCOTT, HENRY'S WORKS.

Rector of Aston-Sandford. Also, THE HOLY The Select Works of the late Rev. Matthew Henry, being a Complete Collection of all his WAR, THE LIFE AND DEATH OF Treatises, Sermons, and Tracts, as published by MASTER BADMAN, and VISIONS OF himself. And a Memoir of the Author. In HEAVEN AND HELL. To which is added, 50 Nos., 6d. each, or Parts, 2s. each. Embellished with a finely Engraved Portrait of the a MEMOIR OF THE AUTHOR. Embellished with Author,

a finely Engraved Portrait, and Vignette TitleWATSON'S BODY OF DIVINITY.

page. A Body of Practical Divinity, in a Series of Sermons on the Shorter Catechism, composed by ANECDOTES of the ANIMAL KINGDOM. the Reverend Assembly of Divines at Westmin- Containing Illustrations of the Characters, Haster; to which is appended, Select Sermons on bits, Dispositions, and Capabilities of Quadruvarious Subjects, including the Art of Divine peds, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, and Insects; and Contentment, and Christ's Various Fulness. By forming an appropriate Supplement to GoldThomas Watson, formerly Minister of St Ste-smith's Animated Nature. By Captain Thos. phen's Walbrook, London. Complete_in 28 Brown, F.L. S., M.W.S., M. K.S., &c. &c. In Nos., 6d. each, or 7 Parts, 2s. each. Embel- 1 vol. royal 18mo., 10s. bound in cloth. lished with a Fine Portrait of the Author.

“By gathering together in one volume, and in one connected

view, all the best anecdotes regarding animals which could be colTHE BEAUTIES OF THE REV.

lected from authentic sources, or which have come under the Edi.

tor's own observation, he doubted not of making an interesting and RALPH ERSKINE,

acceptable addition to Goldsmith; for, as much of the charm of Po. Being a Selection of the most striking Illustra-braces, so much of the attraction of Natural History consists in the

litical History arises from the personal biographies which it emtions of Gospel Doctrine, contained in his whole individual illustrations of instinct which it furnishes. Works; with copious Notes, extracted from private sources; and of those selected, care has been taken that other eminent Authors. The whole comprising they should be well authenticated, or that they should, in reality, a body of Doctrinal, Practical, and Experiment

be worth repeating." al Divinity, alike useful to the Preacher of the Gospel and the Private Christian. By SAMUEL

THE TAXIDERMIST'S MANUAL, M.MILLAN, Minister of the Gospel, Aberdeen. Or the Art of Collecting, Preparing, and PreRecommended by several Ministers. In 38 serving objects of Natural History, for the use Nos., 6d. each.

of Travellers, Conservators of Museums, and " In a word, his preaching was both instructive and searching. Private Collectors. Illustrated by Six Plates. ner whereby he confirms the truth of the doctrines he is insisting Royal Physical Society, &c. &c. &c. In 1 vol. Few, perhaps, outshone him in the nervous and convincing man: By Captain Thos. Brown, President of the ou; and fewer still, in the warm and pathetic address in which he enforces the practice of them."-- Fisher's Life of Erskine. royal 18mo., 4s. 6d. boards.

" In this Work will be found described the methods of Preserv. HENRY ON PRAYER.

ing and Stufting, &c., produced at the celebrated establishment of A Method for Prayer, with Scripture Expres- been most successfully employed by eminent Conservators, with

the Garden of Piants at Paris; together with the means which have sions proper to be used under each head. To full directions for Collectors and Travellers, and an account of all which are added, I. A Discourse concerning Iers," &c.

the instruments and apparatus vecessary for Travellers and Stutt:




THE CONCHOLOGIST'S TEXT-BOOK, DISCOURSES ON THE SABBATH. Embracing the Arrangements of Lamarck and By RALPH WARdlaw, D.D. 12mo., 4s. 6d, bds. Linnæus, with a Glossary of Technical Terms. Illustrated by Nineteen Engravings on Steel. ESSAYS ON ASSURANCE; ON THE By Captain Thos_Brown, F.L. S., M.W.S., EXTENT of the ATONEMENT, AND M.K.S., and late President of the Royal Phy-UNIVERSAL PARDON. By RALPH sical Society, &c. &c. &c. In l vol. royal 18mo. WARDLAW, D.D. 12mo., 53. boards. 5s. boards. " Conchology has ever been a favourite pursuit, from the beauty

CIVIL ESTABLISHMENTS of CHRISand elegant structure of shells, and the ease with wbich they can TIANITY, tried by their only_Authoritative be preserved."

Test, “ The Word of God.” By Ralph WARDFRIENDLY LETTERS

LAW, D.D., Glasgow. 12mo., 6d. stitched. TO

THE JUBILEE, THE SOCIETY OF FRIENDS, A Sermon preached in West George-street Cha

pel, Glasgow, on Friday, August 1st, 1834, the

Memorable Day of Negro Emancipation in the DISTINGUISHING PRINCIPLES. British Colonies. By RALPH WARDLAW, D. D. BY RALPH WARDLAW, D.D.--2o. 54. boards. 8vo., ls. stitched. ADVICE TO A YOUNG CHRISTIAN CHURCH ESTABLISHMENTS CONOn the importance of aiming at an elevated

SIDERED, Standard of Piety. By A VILLAGE PAstor. In a Series of Letters to a Covenanter. By WM. With an Introductory Essay, by the Rev. Dr M Gavin, Esq., Author of the Protestant, &c. Alexander of Princeton, New Jersey. Royal &c. Royal 18mo., 25. boards. 32mo., Is. 6d. boards.

“At this period, when the highly important subject of which it " This little Work consists of a series of letters addressed to a

treats, is so generally agitated, Mr M'Gavin's Work has strong young lady by an American clergyman, upon the occasion of her

claims on the attention of the public." making a public profession of religion. It is evangelical in its doctrines, and embraces almost every point connected with the hopes, fears, duties, and trials of the young Christian, while the

THE PROTESTANT AND CATHOfascinating style in which it is composed, secures the attention of LIC RULES OF FAITH, with a Review of even the most careless. As it has already gained an extensive po- Alton Park, a Popish Novel. By Wm. M'GApalarity in America, it is confidently hoped, that it only requires to be known in this country to be similarly appreciated.

VIN, Esq. 2s. boards.

MEMORIALS of the NONCONFORM. Accurately Stated and Illustrated by the Rev.

IST MINISTERS of the SEVENTEENTH Messrs. Jas. Hog, Thos. Boston, Ebenezer and CENTURY. Collected by the late Rev. JOHN Ralph Erskine, and others; occasioned by the

Brown, Whitburn. With an Introductory Esrepublication of The Marrow of Modern Divinity. say, by William M'Gavin, Esq. 12mó. 2s. With various improvements. Collected by John 6d.' boards. Brown, Minister of the Gospel, Whitburn. A New and Improved Edition, in 1 vol. 12mo., THE HARP OF CALEDONIA, 7s. boards.

A Selection of the best Amatory, Heroic, NaTHE BRIDAL NIGHT,

tional, Convivial, Humorous, and Sentimental

Songs, Ancient and Modern; with an AppenAnd other Poems. By Dugald Moore, 1 vol. dix, containing Biographical Notices of Scottish 12mo., 7s. 6d.

Song Writers, and an Essay on Scottish Music. SCENES FROM THE FLOOD,

By John STRUTHERS, Author of the Poor Man's And other Poems. By Dugald Moore, 1 vol. Sabbath, &c. In 1 vol. 58. 12mo., 6s.

MATHER'S FARMER AND LANDTHE HISTORY OF THE TROUBLES STEWARD'S ASSISTANT. 1 vol. 4to. 5s. And Memorable Transactions in Scotland, from boards. the year 1624 to 1645. By John SPALDING,

PEDDIE'S LINEN AND WOOLLEN Commissary clerk of Aberdeen. New edition, MANUFACTURER. Illustrated with 12 1 vol. 8vo. 103. 6d.

Plates, 6s, boards. BROWN'S MEMOIRS OF PRIVATE



ASSISTANT. With 29 Illustrative Figures With Plates. Two volumes 18mo, 8s. boards.

4s. bound. BELL'S SERMONS.

THE READY RECKONER, Sermons on the Covenants of Works and Grace; Or Trader's Sure Guide, showing the Value of also a Treatise on Faith. By the Rev. Tuomas any Quantity of Goods, from One Farthing to BELL, Glasgow. One vol. 8vo., 8s. boards. One Pound. Is. 6d. bound.

The above Works may be had at the GLASGOW PERIODICAL PUBLICATION WARE.







On an Original Plan.










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