Modern Athens! Displayed in a Series of Views: Or Edinburgh in the Nineteenth Century:: Exhibiting the Whole of the New Buildings, Modern Improvements, Antiquities, and Picturesque Scenery, of the Scottish Metropolis and Its Environs,

Jones & Company, 1829


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54 ページ - ... moments. The Earl of Morton, who was present at his funeral, pronounced his eulogium in a few words, the more honourable for Knox, as they came from one whom he had often censured with peculiar severity : " There lies he, who never feared the face of man.
69 ページ - When the cold light's uncertain shower Streams on the ruined central tower; When buttress and buttress, alternately, Seem framed of ebon and ivory ; When silver edges the imagery, And the scrolls that teach thee to live and die...
54 ページ - Rigid and uncomplying himself, he showed no indulgence to the infirmities of others. Regardless of the distinctions of rank and character, he uttered his admonitions with an acrimony and vehemence, more apt to irritate than to reclaim.
54 ページ - Those very qualities, however, which now render his character less amiable, fitted him to be the instrument of Providence for advancing the Reformation among a fierce people...
53 ページ - Zeal, intrepidity, disinterestedness, were virtues which he possessed in an eminent degree. He was acquainted too with the learning cultivated among divines in that age ; and excelled in that species of eloquence which is calculated to rouse and to inflame.!!
25 ページ - Plummer, at the same time, were appointed Secretaries. A few years afterwards, the meetings of the Society were interrupted for a considerable space of time by the disorders of the country, in the rebellion of 1745 ; and no sooner was public tranquillity re-established, than it suffered a severe loss by the death of Mr. Maclaurin, whose comprehensive genius, and ardour in the pursuits of science, peculiarly qualified him for conducting the business of such an Institution. The meetings of the society...
26 ページ - ... the two most eminent disciples of the Newtonian school which Britain produced in the whole of the eighteenth century, — namely, Colin Maclaurin and Matthew Stewart. The Philosophical Society of Edinburgh was the immediate parent of the Royal Society.} The Royal Society of Edinburgh took its rise in a meeting of the Professors of the University of Edinburgh, many of whom were also members of the Philosophical Society,§ on the proposition of Priniii. p. 477), that, in 1743, the Society advertised...
52 ページ - Yards, the extensive enclosure called the King's Park, the Duke's Walk, Arthur's Seat, Salisbury Craigs, and St. Leonard's Hill. HOUSE OF JOHN KNOX. This ancient building is in no respect to be admired on account of its architectural peculiarities, which, if they belong to any definable order or species, must be arranged with those which no person of taste or judgment can approve. A pulpit, in which is an effigy of the individual of whose fame this plain building has been made to participate, ornaments...