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173 ページ - This witness is true : wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith ; 14 Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men that turn from the truth.
145 ページ - ... wit Bede, that he should give it to him ; and he did not give it, and a son of his took an illness after (or in consequence of) refusing the clerics, and he was nearly dead (lit.
172 ページ - Highland student, he lapsed into a " charity teacher," supported by the Society and Committee which I have mentioned. The Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge had its origin in the design of a few private gentlemen, who met in Edinburgh in the year 1701, to establish charity schools in the Highlands. Their first school was started at Abertarff, which was then " the centre of a country where ignorance and popery did greatly abound " ; but the teacher was so harshly treated by the people that...
148 ページ - Be it on the conscience of every one in whom shall be for grace the booklet with splendour ; that he give a blessing on the soul of the wretchock who wrote it.
71 ページ - For anyone may exasperate them when, where, and under whatever pretext he pleases ; he will always find them ready for danger, with nothing to support them except their violence and daring. Nevertheless they may be easily persuaded to devote themselves to anything useful, and have thus engaged both in science and letters.
247 ページ - Sherreif-deput of Orknay, with consent of the gentlemen and suitors of Court present for the time. That whatever persone shall slay the earn or eagle shall have of the Baillie of the parochine where it shall happen him to slay the eagle, 8d. from every reik within the parochine, except from cottars that have no sheep, and 20 shill. from ilk persone for ilk earn's nest it shall happen them to herrie ; and they shall present them to the Baillie, and the Baillie shall be holden to present the head of...
73 ページ - The men are taller than the Celti, with hair less yellow; and slighter in their persons. As an instance of their height, we ourselves saw at Rome some youths who were taller by so much as half a foot than the tallest there ; but they were distorted in their lower limbs, and in other respects not symmetrical in their conformation.
202 ページ - Robert fell, the tragic circumstances of his death displaying still more his indomitable heroism. On that fatal day his regiment was placed upon the left wing of the army ; but in the moment of attack it participated in the general panic which had seized the other regiments on the left, and fled, leaving its Colonel surrounded by the Highlanders, alone and unprotected. In this situation Sir Robert was attacked by six men of Lochiel's regiment, and for some time gallantly defended himself with his...
245 ページ - ... also altereth their tast. There are many Eagles, especially at the west end of the Main and in Choye. I was very credibly informed that an Eagle did take up a swaddled Infant a month old, which the mother had laid down untill she went to the back of the Peat-stack at Houton-head, & carried it to Choye viz. four miles, which being discovered by a traveller who heard the lamentations of the mother, four men went presently thither in a boat, and knowing the Eagles nest, found the child without any...
130 ページ - Exercise that all persons of all ranks indifferently buried their dead within his church, not only his own parishioners but some others of the neighbouring paroches, so that several coffins were hardly under ground, which was like to be very dangerous and noisome to the hearers of the Word within the said church, and therefore earnestlie intreated the advice...