The complete art of poetry: in six parts, I. Of the nature, use, excellence, rise and progress of poetry, &c.; II. Of the use and necessity of rules in poetry; III. Of the manner, rules, and art of composing epigrams, pastorals, odes, &c.; IV. Of tragedy and comedy; how to draw the plot, and form the characters of both; V. The rules of the epic or narrative poem, of the poetic diction or language, and of English numbers; VI. A collection of the most beautiful descriptions, similes, allusions, &c. from Spenser, and our best English poets, as well ancient as modern, with above ten thousand verses, not to be found in any performance of this kind; Shakespeariana, or the most beautiful topicks, descriptions, and similes that occur throughout all Shakespear's plays, 第 1 巻

Printed for Charles Rivington, 1718

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