View of the agriculture of Oxfordshire. By the secretary of the Board (of agriculture and internal improvement)


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iii ページ - AGRICULTURE to come to a resolution to reprint such as appear on the whole fit for publication. It is proper at the same time to add, that the Board does not consider itself responsible for...
328 ページ - A noble change has taken place, but generally by turnpikes, which cross the county in every direction, so that when you are at one town, you have a turnpike road to every other town. This holds good with Oxford, Woodstock, Witney, Burford, Chipping Norton, Banbury, Bicester, Thame, Abingdon, Wallingford, Henley, Reading, &c.
243 ページ - Most stubborn of all was Otmoor, where the " commoners " were backed by the opposition of Lord Abingdon, and enjoyed the low flat, with its periodical inundations, its " rot," and " moor-evil,
35 ページ - I seemed to have lost a century in time, or to have moved 1000 miles in a day. Liberal communication, the result of enlarged ideas, was contrasted with a dark ignorance under the covert of wise suspicions ; a sullen reserve lest landlords should be rendered too knowing; and false information given, under the hope that it might deceive: were in such opposition, that it was easy to see the change, however it might work, had not done its business.
iii ページ - ADVERTISEMENT. THE desire that has been generally expressed, to have the AGRICULTURAL SURVEYS of the KINGDOM reprinted, with the additional Communications which have been received since the ORIGINAL REPORTS were circulated, has induced the BOARD OF AGRICULTURE to come to a resolution to reprint such as appear on the whole fit for publication.
330 ページ - Machinery at present earns £4,000 a year, and the place, I was assured, is flourishing. But in respect to the state of the working hands, the medal must be reversed ; for the former state of the manufacture having nursed up a great population, the effect of the introduction of machinery gave, with such a population, the power of keeping down wages in such a manner as to deprive the poor of any share in, or at least leaving them a very small one in, that prosperity which has pervaded the kingdom...
210 ページ - A very large tract of valuable meadow land in Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, on the banks of the river Chenvell, has been much injured, and in many places spoilt, by a navigable canal made immediately above its level, and, from Banbury to Oxford, very ill executed: the extent from the first-mentioned place ;to where the canal leaves the meadows, is about 20 miles. It is rendered extremely boggy by the continual oozing of the water through its banks: and, in 'lieu of meadow-grasses of the best...
369 ページ - Seedsmen and Nurserymen to the Board of Agriculture, Corner of Half-Moon-Street, Piccadilly, London : Who also Sell every Article in the Nursery and Seed Line ; and with whom Bailiffs, wanting Places, leave their Address, and particulars of Situations in which they have previously teen. Barley. Isle of Thanet . — . Norfolk. Naked. _—— Winter. Beans. Small Essex. Tick. — Mazagan. Broom. Common yellow. Buck, or French wheat. Burnct. Cabbage. Gibbs
28 ページ - P'gThe following good effects have been the consequence of this proceeding. It has not, in one instance, failed of giving an industrious turn, even to some who were before idle and profligate. Their attention in nursing up the young trees, has been so much beyond what a farmer, intent upon greater objects, can or will bestow, that the value of the orchards is increased to 40s. per acre, in land which was of less than half the value in its former state. And the poors rates have from this cause, fallen...
367 ページ - OF THE BOARD OF AGRICULTURE, Which may be had of the Publishers of this Volume. Report of the Committee of the Board of Agri.