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242 ページ - many thanes, many bishops, and many learned men, wise earls, and awful knights. There was Earl Elfrick, very learned in the law, and Alfred, England's herdsman, England's darling ; he was King of England; he taught them that could hear him how they should live." The rising ground of the ' Court close
138 ページ - the Parliament gave full power to a commission of twelve peers and six commoners, (two of the peers appearing as procurators for the clergy,) to hear, examine, and determine all matters and subjects which had been moved in the presence of the King. It is worthy of remark that the people present at this Parliament signified their assent by lifting up their right hands. (Rot.
li ページ - de ceulx d'Angleterre est que lui mesmes se laissa mourir de faim, pour la très grant douleur que il avoit de ce que il estoit ainsi trahy, et aussy de la mort de son frère, car il jura que jamais ne mangeroit. Et quant le Roy Henry le sceut, il y
lvi ページ - there is every probability that the Earl of Cambridge and his friends had conspired, in 1415, to replace Richard, and that they suffered the penalty of death for their loyalty;—that Lord Cobham declared, in 1417, he would acknowledge no judge, 'so long as his liege lord King Richard was alive in Scotland;
lxix ページ - addition to the testimony of Winton, and Bower, and of Hector Boece, who relates that Richard escaped to Scotland, where he lived a religious life, and was buried at Stirling (xx. 430), we have the decided Testimony testimony of « Ane tractât of a part of y e Yngliss MS.
160 ページ - II. p. 1.) Holinshed remarks, after the King had recalled the patents of Henry in 1398 (1399), 'the Duke of York, with the Duke of Aumarle his son, went to his house at Langley, rejoicing that nothing had mishappened in the commonwealth through his device or consent.
xlv ページ - In this time reigned plenty of the filthy sin of fornication, with the abominable sin of adultery, especially in the King, but most chiefly in the prelacy, whereby the whole kingdom was so infect that it cried for the wrath and vengeance of God.
li ページ - estant sur les champs hors de Londres, avec plusieurs gens qui là estoient assemblez pour aler combatre aucuns princes qui s'estoient mis sus pour secourir leur seigneur droitturier le Roy Richard, icelluy Roy Henry commanda à ung sien chevallier nommé Messire Pierre d'Exton que il
xiv ページ - T. Ep'o Assaven' W. Ep'o Dunolm' G. Ep'o Meneven'. A correct copy of the original Roll is given in the Appendix to the Report on the Dignity of a Peer of the realm, p.
231 ページ - Which thing obtained, all the lords of this conspiracy departed to their houses (as they noised) to set armourers on work for trimming of their harness against the solemn jousts. Some had the helm, the visor, the two bauiers, and the two plackardes of the