those practices, breaking out in many baffled attempts here, and in the most appalling massacres in Ireland, a check was imposed, rendering highly penal the performance of those rites against which the most powerful monarchs of Europe, backed by their armed hosts, once Dared not to have lifted the finger, or muttered the whisper of disapproval. After a while, however, the enemy baving been found innocuous while thus fettered down, it was resolved to loosen the rivets, and extend such a modicum of indulgence as should amount to perfect toleration in all spiritual matters, but retain a secure hold on the: secular arm, which had never been lifted but to wear out the saints of the Most High.

At this juncture it became the obvious interest. of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, in these islands, to obliterate the remembrance of former deeds, and. to represent the spirit of their Church as having become changed under the growing light and liberality of modern times. They removed from our sight what was most offensive; they came forward as in the face of day, and with open brow they proffered us their solemn oath that the persecuting tenets of former years were become hateful, detestable, in their eyes ; and that, with whatsoever degree of political and ecclesiastical privilege they might be entrusted, it never should be used to the injury of our Protestant establishments ; nor, in any way whatever, to the detriment of our national Church. The protestation was believed, the oath was accepted, and Roman Catholics were once more admitted to an almost unlimited participation in every privilege that the English constitution confers on her trustworthy sons.

Meanwhile, the power so graphically set forth in scripture, as having two horns like a lamb, though he spake as a dragon, once more practised and prospered ; for he hushed his voice-the dragon's startling intonations were not heard; but the lamb's innocent front, disarming suspicion, pushed its way, obtaining a settlement in the fat places of the land, quietly proselytizing the heedless wanderers of our fold; and actually studding the soil of Protestant England with its seminaries and places of worship. With increasing rapidity they rise around us; while the sound of the hammer on the brick rings no alarm in the ears of English Protestants and why? Because Protestant Englishmen honour the sanctity of an oath ; and are slow to believe that he who plausibly proffers one for their security, comes before them with a lie in his right hand.

In Ireland, however, the workings of the system were too broadly open to admit, among her harassed Protestants, the prevalence of such a spirit of slumber. From time to time, their notes of admonitory warning was wafted over to England, but she heeded them not. The charity which thinketh no evil had attained to such portentous growth among us, that it thrust out the no less important duty and privilege of being not ignorant of Satan's devices. He transformed himself into an angel of light, in Christian eyes; and they admired the goodly phantom. But the Lord has not forsaken his people ; He neither slumbereth nor sleepeth. The arm that, of old,

cut Rahab, and wounded the dragon, hath again been stretched forth to our rescue ; and woe unto ús, if we neglect the interposition !

Our readers will acknowledge the truth of our

outline, so far, at least, as regards the former character and deeds of the Roman Catholic power; its supposed change to a mild and tolerant spirit, in our days, and its rapid increase among us.

If they are not aware of the latter, they may speedily inform themselves, by inquiry. Those who attended the second Protestant meeting in Exeter Hall, on the 11th of July, cannot plead ignorance ; for they saw the map, suspended before them, with the site of every Roman Catholic Chapel and seminary, in England and Wales, distinctly pourtrayed upon it; and they heard the clamorous exaltation with which its appearance was hailed by the numerous Roman Catholics in that assemblage.

It remains then a matter between God and their consciences, whether any will continue wilfully blind to the awful facts set forth in the two pamphlets that we bring before them: whether they will neglect to inform themselves, and to forewarn their children, on a point of such infinite importance as the real character of that religion which is becoming paramount in Ireland, and rapidly striding on to a most formidable position in England. Mr. M‘Ghee has brought forward most irrefragable proofs of the extreme peril wherein we stand. He has shown to demonstration that the fiercest tenets of exterminating vengeance against Protestants are held, are inculcated, are discussed, are used as a manual, among the whole body of the Roman Catholic priesthood in Ireland; and the wretched attempt of Dr. Murray, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, to throw off the imputation, has not only exposed him to the ridicule and contempt of all who heard his letter discussed in Exeter Hall, but has roused an English Bishop to stand up in the House of Lords, and denounce him as unfit for his office, as a commissioner of the Board of Education.

We offer no analysis of the pamphlets before us: we press it upon the conscience of every individual who may take up these pages, to procure, to read, and to circulate them. We refer our Christian friends to their bibles-we refer them to the records of their own and other countries—for the character of Popery, and for its deeds, whenever possessed of temporal ascendancy. We plead with them on behalf of their children, of the poor of our own flock, and of the still poorer, because spiritually destitute, lay members of a church, the deepest abominations of which are bidden from their view. It is our solemn, our imperative duty to show the Roman Catholies themselves what their own religion is ; for, generally, they are ignorant of it, because the day is not yet come, in which the weapon of unholy warfare may be put into their hands. We ask a careful perusal of these pamphlets; and we pray God to revive the languishing flame upon his altar; to rekindle, ere it be too late, the zeal of his privileged children.

There is not too much private and personal religion among us: but, in some cases, our religion is too exclusively private and personal. We want a more enlarged heart towards the Israel of God: a more firm and compacted front to present to her enemies; we want the holy patriotism of David“ Pray for the peace of Jerusalem ; they shall prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. For my brethren and companions' sakes I will now say, Peace be within

thee. Because of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek thy good.”


AND PROVED FROM SCRIPTURE. For families and schools. By Catherine J. Gauntlett.

Seeley and Burnside, and Simpkin and Marshall. Nothing gratifies us more than to be enabled to point out a book which mothers may place in the hands of their children, with a reasonable hope of their deriving solid benefit from it. Such a book we now have before us. The Author's venerable father (whose sermons and memoir we hope soon to notice) characterized it, shortly before his death, as the best exposition of the Church Catechism he had

Our reading is not so extensive as was that of Mr. Gauntlett, yet we too have seen many expositions of this comprehensive “form of sound words; ' and certainly none that places it in so clear and scriptural a point of view as this little manual of Miss Gauntlett. The scripture proofs, printed at length, and in the body of the work, are judiciously selected, and beautifully arranged. We confidently recommend it to every family desirous of bringing up its youthful members in a conscientious adherence to the principles of the Established Church ; and we sincerely wish that some of those who object to our catechism may be induced to give it a fair reading.

ever seen.


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