Teutonic Mythology: Gods and Goddesses of the Northland, 第 2 巻

Norrœna Society, 1907 - 1058 ページ
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Review: Teutonic Mythology

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579 ページ - ... Mill. Rydberg writes in this regard : Of the mill it is said that it is dangerous to men, dangerous to fleets and to crews, and that it causes the maelstrom (svelgr) when the water of the ocean rushes down through the eye of the mill-stone. The same was said of Hvergelmer, that causes ebb and flow and maelstrom, when the water of the world alternately flows into and out of this great source. To judge from all this, the mill has been conceived as so made that its foundation timbers stood on solid...
595 ページ - More understandable also becomes another epithet of Heimdal, namely, Vindler, of which Rydberg states (p. 595): "The name is a subform of vindill and comes from vinda, to twist or turn, wind, to turn anything around rapidly. As the epithet 'the turner' is given to that god who brought friction-fire (bore-fire) to man, and who is himself the personification of this fire, then it must be synonymous with 'the borer.
581 ページ - The starlit sky", writes Rydberg in this connexion, " was thought to be in motion. The sailors and shepherds of the Teutons very well knew that this revolving was round a fixed point, the polar star, and it is probable that veraldar nagli, the ' world nail ', the ' world spike ', an expression preserved in Eddubrott II, designates the Pole star. . . . The motion of the starry firmament is defined, always the same, always in the same direction, and keeps equal step with the march of time itself. It...
572 ページ - initial" world giant from whose scattered body the world was made. Snorri states that Ymer's blood caused a flood which drowned all giants except Bergelmer, who, with his wife, "betook himself upon his ludr and remained there, and from there the race of giants are descended.
529 ページ - Teuton that on arriving with a good record at "the green worlds of the gods"; "Here he finds not only those with whom he became personally acquainted while on earth, but he may also visit and converse with ancestors from the beginning of time, and he may hear the history of his race, nay, the history of all past generations told by persons who were eye-witnesses ".1 The fate of the evil-living Teuton was believed to be far different, nevertheless...
570 ページ - V tfthrudninnal (ch. 35), Odin asks the wise giant Vafthrudner of the oldest event he can think of, and gets this answer: "Countless ages ere the earth was shapen, Bergelmer was born. The first thing I remember — is when he a var ludr um lagidr
579 ページ - ... and out of this great source. To judge from all this, the mill has been conceived as so made that its foundation timbers stood on solid ground in the lower world, and thence rose up into the sea, in which the stones resting on this super-structure were located. The revolving " eye " of the mill stone was directly above Hvergelmer, and served as the channel through which the water flowed to and from the great fountain of the world's waters. . . . This vast fountain is the mother of the ocean and...
359 ページ - Der lenger wa-.re wol genesen und des tcxles muoste wesen Von der swerte krefte. Zuo siner meisterschefte Ich nieman kan gelichen in alien fursten richen An einen, den ich iu nenne, daz man in dar bi erkenne : Der was Hertrich genant unde saz in Wasconilant.
582 ページ - ... The nine grim goddesses who "once ground Amlodhi's meal," working now that "host-cruel skerry quern" beyond the edge of the world, are in their turn only the agents of a shadowy controlling power called Mundilfoeri, literally "the mover of the handle
494 ページ - Your cattle shall die; your kindred shall die; you yourself shall die; but the fair fame of him who has earned it never dies." (77) "Your cattle shall die; your kindred shall die; you yourself shall die; one thing I know which never dies : the judgment on each one dead.