jength from North to South, is 94 feet 3 Arthington, relict of Thomas A. esq. of inches, the breadth 51 feet 9 inches.- Leeds, 52. The ceiling of the room is supported on At Newton, near Ulverston, Mrs. Weeach side by eight stone columns of the thers, 94. Ionic order, each column composed of At Heyton, Mrs. Ellen Bushell, 68. one entire and very beautiful shaft, and, At Preston, Mrs. Heigh.-Mrs. Walton, including its capital, measuring 20 feet wife of Mr. W. surgeon, 36. 9 inches from the floor to the bottom of the At Chadwick Hall, Mr. Thos. Smith. a rchitrave. The centre part of the roof At Aughton, Miss Margaret Alanson Nobetween the columns is covered, and the arch ble, eldest daughter of Mr. Clement N. is neatly ornamented in pannels. The walls At Liverpool, Mr. Thos. Bull, 62.of this noble room are ornamented with Richard Bootbby, esq. 60. He served as twenty pilasters, correspondiug to the colo- midshipınan on board the Æolus frigate at nade. There are six large arched winduws the time of the capture of the famous Thuon the west side, five on the east, and two rot. He was perfectly skilled in seamason the south, between which is a handsome ship, navigation, astropomy and music, tarecess for an elegant store. There are three lents bat rarely coinbined in the same per. large fre-places, and the chimney-pieces son. --Mrs. Eliz. Holden, 33.-Mr. Joluz are constructed of British black marble, Hindle, 29.-Mr. Thomas Danson, 23.raised near Kendal, and having a rich and Mr. Thomas Phillips, Dock-master, 56.handsome effect. The underlaking has far Miss Mary Coleman, eldest daughter of exceeded the most sanguine expectations of Mr. J. C. 33.-Mrs. Agnes Dutery, relict of the proprietors, there being already up: capt. Richard D. 91.-Mr. John Brown, wards of 1000 annual subscribers, produ. 53.-Mr. George Kirk, second mate of the cing a revenue exceeding 20006. per annum, ship' Hercules of this port.--Mrs. Sutton, independent of the considerable increase wife of Mr. Edw. S.-Mrs. Fenton, relict of which isdaily making to the present list of sub. Thos. F. esq. of Newcastle, Staffordshire. scribers, and of the income which will arise

CHESHIRE from the various ware-rooms, shops, &c. Died.) At Chester, Mrs. Barnes, wife

Married.] At Manchester, Mi. William of Mr. B. of the Theatre royal, Manchester. Loyd, of London, wholesale linen-draper, -Mr. James Williams.--Mrs. Saunders. to Miss Kirkman, eldest daughter of the At Knutsford, Mrs. Bailey, daughter of late Tbomas Kirkmai, esq. of the former the late Thomas Orrell, esq. of Mobberley. place.

At Northwich, Mr. Mauifold, attorney. At Gretna-Green, Mr. Baynes of Chip- At Tarporley, Mr. Thomas Nixon, 89, pling,'to Miss Parker, only daughter of John At Macclesfield, Mr. William BroadP. esq. of Whittingham-Hall, near Pres. hurst. ton.

At Huxley, near Chester, Mrs. R. Hall, At Blackburn, the Rev. Jos. Fletcher, mi. 88. nister of the Independent Chapel, at Leeds, At Nantwich, Mrs. Edleston, wife of Mr. to Miss France, second daughter of Mr. F. E. solicitor.

At Manchester, Mr. Peter Nightingale of At Bunbury, Mrs. Howel. Chilton, to Miss Llewellyn, daughter of the * At Malpas, Mrs. Vaughan, wife of Mr. Rev. Mr. L. of Monmouth.

Owen Vaughan. At Liverpool, Mr. R. Sheratt, merchant, At Darn-Hall, Thomas Corbett, esq. 79. to Miss Aiken, daughter of the late Mr. D. A.-Mr. H. M. Potts, to Mrs. Egerton, wi- Married.] At Derby, J. M. B. Pigot, dow of the late Capt. E. - The Rev. Wm. M. D. of Chester, and physician to the geJones of Llanlidan, to Miss Lucy Lloyd, se- neral hospital of that city, to Miss Lucinda cond daughter of the late Evan L. esq. of Boyer of Derby.-Charles Bage, esq. of Talhiarn, Denbighshire.

Shrewsbury to Miss Harding, daughter of Mr. John Edelsten, of Warrington, to the late Wm. H. esq. of Tamworth. Miss Ellen Morris, daughter of James M. At Ashborne, Mr. William Turner, of .esq. of Lark-Hill, Bolton.

- Rugely, to Miss H. T. Wyatt, daughter of Died.] At Manchester, Mr. Smith, of Mr. Benjamin W. of Sutton Caldfield. Chaddock Hall. He had been on the Ex.:: At Youlgrave, Mr. John Shaw of Mane change at that place transacting business inchester, to Miss Bridden of Middletou perfect health, at twelve o'clock, and on Hall: returning to his warehouse was seized with Died.] At Derby, Mr. Thomas Severne, an apoplectic fit, and expired before onę 65.-Mrs. Moore, wife of Mr. Thomas M. o'clock. Charles, son of Mr. Greatrex. 62.-Mr. Anthony Russel, 63.--Mrs. BarMr. Wm. Gardner. Dr. Underhill, one of ber, wife of Thomas B. esq. 47. the physicians to the Manchester Infirmary. At Repton, Louisa, wife of the Rev. Dr. ** At Ulverston, Mr. Wm. Rideing, former. Sleath, head master' of Repton school. ly an entinent attorney at Liverpool, 84. At Brushfield, Mr. Peter Hole, second

At Stodday Lodge, near Lancaster, Mrs. son of Mr. H. 24.



At Normanton, Mr. Goodall, 65.

At Horncastle, Mr. Robert Trever, 23. At Eckington, Mr. John Wilcockson.- At Lincoln, Mr. Charles Forster, many Mr. R. Bofsover.

years mace-hearer to the mayor, 68. At Repton, Sarah, wife of Jobn Nicholas

LEICESTERSHIRE. Kahrs, esq. Hambro'merchant, and daugh- Married). At Saddington, Mr. Franks, ter of Thomas Walton, esq. 29.

of Burton Orery, to Miss Biecdon, eldest At Ashborne, Mr. Thoinas Ribblesden, daughter of Francis B. esq. 49.-Miss Thomasin Buxton.

Mr. Carter, of Leicester, to Miss Martha

Smith, of Market Harborough. . Married ] At Nottingham, Mr. Thos. At Market Harborough, Mr. Wright, Bailey, to Miss Taylor. – Mr. Reed to Miss master of the free grammar school, to Smedley.--Mr. Frederick Dunhill, of Gran- Miss Buswell, governess of the ladies semitham, to Miss Margaret Huinfrey.--Mr. pary at that place, Francis Taylor, of Flintbam, to Miss Sarah Mr. John Moore, of Aylstone, to Miss Dawson.

Leach, eldest daughter of Thomas L. gent. At West Bridgford, Mr. John Allcock, of of Leicestershire. Nottingham, to Miss Mary Singlehurst. Diel:] At Loughborough, Mrs. Clarke,

At Bullwell, the Rev. J. Robinson, of 90.-Mrs. Capp, widow of Mr. W. C. and Stoke Golding, Leicestershire, to Maria, sister of alderman Bishop, of Leicester, 44. youngest daughter of the Rev. Robert Stan- -Robert Stevens, gent. 89. ser, rector of the former place.

At Leicester, Mr. Carrick, who, for upAt Beeston, Mr. Underwool, of Loughbo- wards of half a century conducted a repurough, to Miss Dorothy Brewin.

table seminary there. -Thomas Browne, Died.) At Nottingham, Mr. Thomas gent. formerly an eminent husier, but who Robinson.--Mrs. James, wife of Mr. R. J. had retired from business many years, with -Mr. Francis Simpson, 17.-Mrs. Troop, an independence acqnired with integrity wife of Mr. Joseph T.-Mrs. Champion, ani honour. -John Swan, gent.- Mrs. 80,--Mr. Sheppard.-Mr. Wm. Bulli. Billing, wife of Mr. Augustus B. 55.-Mrs. cant 64.-Mrs. Pacey.

Cooke, 87. At Newark, John Jessop, esq. 22.

At Melton Mowbray, Mrs. Reeve, relict At Cropwell Butler, near Bingham, Mrs. of William R. esq. and grandmother of the Parr.

late Earl of Harborough. LINCOLNSHIRE.

At Frith Honse, Dear Leicester, Charles Married,] At Gainsbro', Mr. J. Harri- Mellor, gent. 75. son, merebant, to Miss M'Callan.

At Rokedale, the seat of earl Ferrers, At Asboumley, the Rev. Mr. Jewett, to Elizabeth Rose Jolliffe, wife of Hylton J. Miss Wilcox.

Died.) At Boston, age 77, Mr. George Moore, who, with credit to himself and sa- Married:) At Uttoxeter, Jobn Webb, tisfaction to the public, filled the office of esq, of Bacton Park, Derbyshire, to Miss post-master for that place thirty years, T. Blarton, second daughter of John B. He was one of his majesty's coroners for

esq. of Woodford. the county thirty-three years; and also At Tamworth, Mr. James Wright, of rented and conducted the sheep-market of Manchester, to Frances, daughter of P. W. the borough of Boston upwards of thịrty esq. years. -Mr. Samuel Laming.

* At Handbury, Mr. William Standley, of At Grantham, Mrs. Burbridge of the Sudbury, Derbyshire, to Miss Robinson, George Inn, S2.

daughter of Samuel R, esq. of Coton. At Sutterton, Mrs. Greaves, sister of At Wolverhaxnpton, Mr. Crowley to Samuel G. esq. of Deeping St. James. Miss Bath.—Mr. Hicklin to Miss Burney, At Donington, Mrs. Goodwin, 53.

of the Castle lon. At Little Custerton, Miss Huinberstone. At Stoke, Mr. Stephen Lightfoot of At Cley, next the sea, T. Jones, eset. Burslem, to Miss Ann Braggaley. collector of his Majesty's customs, 67. Died.] At Tibbington House, Thomas

At Spalding, Mrs. Gresham Denham, Smith, esq. of the Bilston Bank. reliet of the Rev.John D.75.-Mrs. Scotney, Near Walsall, Mr. John Woolley, 94.” wife of Mr. Francis $. 51..

At Litchfield, Mr. James Dunbar, 20. At Portland, Mrs. Cowling, wife of Mr. At Burton upon Trent, the Rev. Hugh William C: gent. thirri daughter of B. Jones, 68. Kippis, gent, of Kirton, and niece of the At Stafford, Mrs. Elizabeth Worsey. late Rev. Dr. K.

At Penkridge, Mrs. Reynolds. At Stamford, Mrs. Anna Sisson, 69.- At Clayton, Dear Newcastle, Mr.T.ShrigMe, Richard Pollard, 50.-Mrs. Taylor, ley, 34. assistant at Miss Bell's seminary at Qyn- At Newcastle under Lyne, Mr. T. Brown, die. --Mrs. Ann Burditt, 80.--Mr. Samuel 66.--Mrs. Pepper, the wife of Mr. Joho Pearson, 57.

P, architect.
At Grimsby, Mrs. Anda Birkitt,95. At Rugeley, Miss Pegg.

Esq. 24.


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At Belton, Miss Scott, daugliter of J. G. Married.] At Coventry, Mr. Joseph S. esq. Hollick, of Birmingham, to Miss Mary At Dorrington, Mr. Thoinas Price: Eaton of Willenhall. -Mr. Dalton, of Made- At' Withington, Mrs. Tryphena Blakeley, to Miss Cramp.

way, 93. At Birmingham, Mr. David Sawyer, of At Munslow, Mr. Parton. I psley, to Miss Elizabeth Roddis. -Mr. At West Bromwich, Mrs. Kenrick, 38. W. W. Jenkins, to Miss Scudamore.--Mr. At Oswestry,Mrs. Allinson, wife of Mr, Stafford, of Redditch, Worcestershire, tô Christopher A. of the Fighting Cocks inn. Miss Beet of Coventry.--- Joseph Jérome,

WORCESTERSHIRE. esq. of Birmingham Heath, to Miss Mary Hickman,'of Handsworth.

Married.] At Worcester, Mr. A. Oliver, At Darlaston, the Rey, T. Theodosius, of esq. of Kempsey, to Miss Fieldbouse. --Gervall, to Miss Catherine Fletcher.

Lieutenant Pilcher, of the Royal Marines, Died.] At Studley castle, Philip Little

to Miss E. M. Elrington, daughter of Thoton, esq. 79.

mas E. esq. of Low Hill. At Halstead, Mrs. Bass, wife of the Rev.

At St. John's, near Worcester, Herbert Mr. B. and daughter of the late Mr. John Lloyd, esq. of Carmarthen, to Charlotte Holmes of Birmingham.

Maria, daughter of the late John Halliday, At Summertield, Henry, the youngest son

esq. of Llanelly, Carmarthenshire. of John Iddios, esq. 16.

Diedl.] At Evesham, after a few hours At Coleshill, Thomas Mallie, esq.-Mr. indisposition, John Phillips, esq. And in John Eaves, 67.

the evening of the same day, in the prime At Moseley, Mr. William Rotheram, 85.

of life, (as he was convèrsing with some At l'ackbury, Ann, second daughter of friends, on the sudden dissolution of Mr. the late Rev. John Taylor, of Birming. Phillips,) Mr. Edw. Prichett, druggist. ham.

He had been announced the preceding week At Giosta Green, Mr. Twist, 75.

only, as a lieutenant in the East Worcester At Bourne Brook, Mr. William Allport, Local Militia. 96.

At Worcester, at the house of his uncle, At Birmingham Heath, John Dymock the Rev. George Osborn, Mr. Wm. Osborn, Griffith, esq. 70.

of Cork, 21. At Atherstone, Miss Ann Tate.

At Vellard Court, gear Upton, Mrs. At Birmingham, Mr. John Cartwright,

Twinberow, 17.-Miss Hannah Best, 26.-Mr. Thomas

At Stourbridge, the Rev. Mr. Willets, Ault, 49.---Mr. Edward Hant, late of the nearly 50 years second master of StourSwan inn and botel. – Mr. Capenkurst, of bridge school, and curate of King's Swin. the Roebuck tuvern.-Mr. Richard Cham. ford. bers, attorney, 42. ---Mrs. Nicholls, wife of

HER E FORDSHIRE. Mr. Thomas N.-Mrs. Cope. --Mr. Wil. Married.] At Preston upon Wye, Mr. liam Clarkson, 62.

Joseph Jones, of Bellimore, to Ann, second At Coventry, Mrs. Ayton.-Mrs. Cattel, daughter of the late J. Gilbert, esq. relict of Mr. Richard C.-Mr. Thomas Died.]

At Fowmynd, Mrs. Maddy, Goodall, 72.

wife of Mr. Mansell M.

At Cradley, Mrs. Mary Oakley, 100. Married.] At Moreton Corliat, Mr. H. At Hereford, Mr. Francis Harard, one of Deakin, of Holbrook, to Miss Deakin, of the members of the Corporation. Preston Brockhurst.

At Ledbury, Afr. Woodyatt, 75. At Shrewsbury, Mr. John Edwards to At Peterstow, the Rev. W. Lucas, rector Miss Elizabeth Davies. ·

of that place, 74. At Bridgvorih, Thomas Jay, esn. of At Ross, Mrs. Meek: Brampton, Huntingdonshire, to Miss . E. At Bernithen Court, Langaren, Mr.S. Mat. Smith, second daughter of Mr. S. town. thews. clerk of the former place.

At Holmer, Mr. Jones. At Whitchurch, Charles Roddy, ésq. to At Leominster, Mrs. Compton. Catharine, third daughter of Benjamin At Bircher, near Leominster, Mrs. Ward, Kent, esq. of London.

relict of Adam W. esq. 81. Died.) At Gonsall Cottage, William

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Wilson, esq. He served the office of mayor Married.) At Westbury apon Severn, of Shrewsbury in 1806.

Mr. Thos. Harper, to Miss Kuowles. At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Sarah Harris, se- Died.] At Pardon Hill, nearWinchconibe, cond daughter of the late Thomas H. esq. Thomas Peacy, esq. of Cruck Meole, 66.-Mr. Littler.--Mr. At Gloucester, Mr. Joshua Avery, 40. Thomas Leake.

-Mr. James Coleman, 65. At Poynton, Mr: Colley.

At Cheltenham, Mrs. Corbett. Mi. At Frankwell, Mr. Richard Eaves, 84. Thornton.


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At Cirencester, Mr. T. Crossley.-Mrs. -Mrs. Eliz. Bliss, 86. Mrs. Cullen, wife Shepherd, 80.-Mrs. Wilkins.

of Mr. C. of the Angel inn,-Mrs. Mason, At Thornbury, Mrs. Hester Bagnal), 91. wife of Mr. Benjamin. M. --Sarah Ann, inMr. John Grove, 72.

fant daughter of Mr. Dix, master of Newport At Wansveil, near Berkeley, Mr. T. Pagnell academy. Pearce, 90.

At Cliffe Lodge, Mr. Rayson, many years At Pucklechurch, Mrs. Hudleston, keeper of King's Cliffe Forest, 78. At Standish, Mrs. Bntt.

At Old, Mr. Ibbs.-William Hodges, 80.

At Dene, Mr. William Webster, third son Married.] Mr. John Heady, of Little of Mr. J. W. 23. Brickbill, to Miss Mary Blick.

At Glutton, Mr. Bietsoc. Mr. Lacey,of Bradenham, to Mrs. Young, At Charlton near Aynho, Mrs. Piesley. widow of Mr. Stephen W.of High Wycombe. At Daventry, Mr. James Shaw, one of

Died.) At Aylesbury, Mr. W. Thorp. the aldermen of the corporation. -Mr. W. Eagles.

At Peterborough, Mrs. Mugliston, 75. At Shalstone, the Rev. J. P. Jervoise, At Kolcott, Mr. Thomas Spokes, 58.. L.L.D. rector of that place and of Stretton At Marston St. Lawrence, Henry, fifth on the Fosse, Warwickshire,

son of Samuel Blencowe, 21. At St. Ives, Mr. George Robson, master At Tichmarch, William Salmon,genț, 82. of the Crowa inn.

At Wellingbro', aged 63, the widow of

the late Rev. Joseph Scott, of Hinckley, Died.) At Ware, Mrs.Jane Prince, wife Leicestershire, whose undissembled piety of Mr. John P. surgeon of Balsham, Cam- rendered her worthy of the strictest imita. bridgeshire.-Miss Adams, eldest daughter tion. Her wisdom constituted her the most of Mrs. Susannah A.

valuable adviser. Her prudence in allber com

plicated and weighty trlals endeared her to her Married ] At Luton, Mr. James Pryor, numerous friends; while her well tempered to Miss Eliz. Gutteridge.

zeal and stedfast adherence to those gospel At Leighton Buzzard, Henry. Newland, truths which supported her in afflictions, gent. heir at law of the late Abraham N. made her company precious, hec life amiaesq. of the Bank of England, to Mrs. Marý ble, her temper pacific, and her hopes hea Gurney, relict of Mr. Joseph G.

venly. Died.] At Bedford, Mr. Mawbey.

At Odell Castle, Eliza Jane, eldest daugh. The late Rev. John Hulse's premium ter of Thomas Alston, esq. 24.

will this year be given for the best disserta· At Yelden, the Rev. Edward Bursting, tion “On the advantage of Difficulties in rector of that place, 54.

Religion; or an attempt to shew the good At Tempsford, Richard Newman Harding « effects which result, or which might reNewman, esq. of Nelmes near Romford, sult, from the proofs of Kevelation being Essex, well known in the sporting and agri. "of a probable, rather than a demonstralive caitural circles.

“ kind." At Northill, Mr Jellis, 63.

Married.] At Upwell, Mr. Jam. GoodNORTHAMPTONSHIRE.

ger, of Wisbech, to Miss H. Rowell. Married.] Ai Clipstone, Mr. T. Bollard, Died.) At Cambridge, Mrs. Clay, wife of Sawtry, Huntingdonshire, to Niss Gare of Mr. John Clay.--Mr. H. B. Beales, man.- Mr. R. Oldacres,of Arnsby,to Miss Mr. William Evans, of the Greyhound Inn, Ward.

-At his rooms in St. John's college, Mr. At Northampton, Mr. B. P. Cole, of Reginald Bligh, student.---Mr. Christopher Buckingham, to Miss M. Hipwell.

Smithson, a serjeant in the Cambridge mia At Grendon, Mr. William Partridge, jun. 'litia.

Mrs. Brown, 94.-Mrs. Turner, wife of Wollaston, to Miss Kezia Labremes, see of Mr. Barnabas Turner.--Mr. James An. cond daughter of Mr. William L.

zelark, student of St. John's college, only At Pitsford, the Rev. Edward Collins child of the Rev. Mr. A. of Christ college, Wright, fellow of Worvéster college, Ox. 20.--Mr. Theophilus Smith, 65. ford, to Miss White, daughter of the late At Tid St. Giles vear Wisbeach, Mr. John David W. esq. of Jamaica.

Hannath, 24. Died.] At Elton, Mrs. Edgson, wife of

NORFOLK. Mr. Francis E. of Sawtry, Huntingdonshire. Married.] At Yarmouth, Mr. Thomas

At Clinton, Mrs. Wigginton, wife of Mr. Martin, to Mrs. Eliz. Harrison. --Mr. C. John W. 33.

Nicholis, to Miss Reynolds, daughter of the At Blakesey, Mrs. Ward, 66.

late Joba R. esq. At Culworth, Mrs. Jeffs.s

The Rev. Thomas Watson of Norwich, At Northampton, Mr. Richard Stanton, to Miss Lucy Etwin, daughter of the late many years proprietor of the Bull inn, 63. Peter E. esq. of Boston.



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Died.] At Bawburgh, near Norwich, in Of his social character, chearfulness,
his 82nd year, John Wagstaffe, one of the strict integrity, and active benevolence were
society of friends. He was born at Over- leading traits. His morality was that of the
ton in Hampshire. At the early age of ten. Christian dispensation; and his life desoted
years he was placed as an apprentice to a to virtnous and honourable occupations was
baker in the metropolis : where, during rewarded with a peaceful close and a happy
those leisure hours which even the busiest' earnest of unfading immortality.
inay create, he laid the foundation of that At Earsham, the Rev. John Franklin-
scientific respectability which hè afterwards Mr. Mark Butcher, 74.
attained. His education being extremely li- - 'At Yarmouth, Mrs. Seaman, wife of Mr.
mited and narrow, afforded no presage of W. S. and daughter of the late Captain
ripening talents. But his ardent attachment Boog.
to literature enabled him successfully to At Langley, Mrs. Burton, 60.
combat every obstacleopposed to its advance- At Cosstessy, Mrs. Eliz. Cutting, wife of
ment.“Genius, "as defined by the biographer Mr. John C. 77.
of Sir W. Jones, “is the power of appli- At Swaff ham, Mr. J. Pearson.
cation :" this power he possessed in an At Sporle, Mr. John Sinith.
eminent degree, and the reward of his assi- At Attieburgh, Mrs. Eliz. Barnard.
duity, extensive knowledge improved by At Lexham, Mrs. Kerbell, 73.
habitual thought, affords a source of en- At East Harling, Mr. T. Smith.
couragement to the similarly circumstanced At Diss, Mr. Thomas Fulcher, sen.
in life. At the expiration of his apprenticeship, At Walsingham, Mr.Bullock, surgeon, 61.
he settled in Norwich. An indefatigable At Kellin, Mrs. Warnes, relict of Mr.
attention to the concerns of business and John W. 100.
the cares of a family engaged the greater At Tasburgh, Somers Clark, esq. late in
portion of his time; his industry and econo- the East India company's service, 48.
my securing a praiseworthy independence At Beccles, Mr. William Branard, 35.
and affording an ample provisiou for the At Sampson's Hall, Mrs. Tennant, widow
comforts of old age. This, as well as every of the Rev. Christopher T. 70.
subsequent period of his life still afforded a A: Thetford, Mr. George Barnes, of the
retreat from the avocations of business, and White. Hart Inn, 27.
enabled him to pursue his love of science · At Wymondham, Mrs. Jane Denton, 90.
and the liberal arts. Like the Edwin of At Eulham, Mrs. House, 85.
Beattie, he delighted to wander in the paths At Norwich, Mrs. Bell, wife of Mr. Jonas
of poesy. “Song was his favourite and first B. 40.--Mr. Giles Armond, 67.—Mrs. Ca-
pursuit,”and afforded a peculiar relish to his therine Skakel, 70.—Mrs. Gordon, wife of
powers of retirement. One of his poems the Rev. William G.-Mrs. Hannah Mas-
entitled “ Stonehenge," and inseribed to terman, who many years kept a boarding-
his friend and neighbour Edward Jerning- school for young ladies, 75.--Mr. Samuel
ham, esq. contains some noble reflec- Harmer, 86.--Miss Alderson.-Miss Har-
tions on that venerable pile of ruins, and riot Cooper Hammont, youngest daugh-
was well received by the public.

Na- ter of William H. esq. 37.-Mrs Decarle,
tural philosphy engaged his early and 25.
continued attention. From a frequent cor- At Caistor, Ann, second daughter of Mr.
respondence with the Bath Agricultural George Barrett, 15..
Society, he was elected one of its honorary At lakephiam, James Bradfield Jacob,
members, and gratuitously presented with a eldest son of Mr. James J. of Paslingford,
copy of its works. He was among the Suffolk, 16.
earliest and most arduous promoters of the At Wortwell, Mr. S. Crisp, jun. 34.
setting of wheat, which now so greatly and At Wroxham, Mr. Edward Clarke, of the
beneficially prevails. In various branches Castle Inn.
of horticolture and planting he was eminent- Ai Debenham, Mr. George Kersey, 84.
ly versed, and possessed a well grounded
knowledge of botany, entomology and other Married.] At Ipswich, Capt. Miccham,
departments of natural history. His mind, of the 24th reg. to Miss Coote, daughter of
expanded by liberal cultivation, exhibited a the late Captain C.
brilliancy and compass of imagination, Died.] At Ipswich, Rear-Admiral Uve.
united with a vigour of understanding rarely dale, he was made a post-captain in 1760,
possessed, and fully, exemplified the remark, and superannuated in 1790. --Mr. Robert
of Dr. Johnson, that, "a tradesman, by the Mayes, surgeon.
economy of time and a devotion of his lei. At Hadleigh, Mr. Hardacre, 76.
sure hours to study, may become, if not a At Hesset, the Rev. Jobu Steggall,rector
learned, at least a very useful and sensible of that place, 51.



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