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At Woolpit, Mrs. A. Taylor, sister of Mr. Married.] At Chigwell, J. Brabazon T. of the Crown Inn.

Urmston, esq. to Elizabeth, third daughter At Bury, Mrs. Becher, wife of the Rev. of J. Hanson, esq. of London. Mr. B. head-master of the grammar-school at At Waltham Abbey, Mr. John Whitehead, that place. --Mrs. Otridge. -Serjeant Couper, of Dalton, Yorkshire, to Miss Esther Wala of the 1st regiment of guards, many years ton, daughter of William W. esq. of Epping employed in the recruiting service in that Forest. town. --Mrs. Plumb, wife of Mr. P. school- At Great Baddow, the Rev. A. C. Bullen, master.

to Miss Lucy Crichton, daughter of the late At Hadleigh, Mr. John Duningham. Alderman C. of London.

Ac Stoke by Nayland, Mrs. Potter, wife Mr. William Ranfield, of Harwich, to Miss of Mr. P. of the Rose Inn.

Cass, of Bocking. At Framlingham, Mrs. Naunton, relict of Diedo] At Woodford, William Robinson, Wm. N gent. of Seckford Hall.

esq. sub-governor of the Royal Exchange At Palgrave, Mrs. Lloyd, wife of the Rev. Assurance Company, 7%. Mr. L.

At Colchester, the Rev. James Round,

M.A. rector of St. Runwald's, and a magi-' In excavating the reservoir for the Col. strate for this county, 44. chester water works, some vestiges of Roman Mrs. Ann Round, wife of George R. esq. baths were lately found. Since that period, youngest daughter of the late Dr. Waller, in proceeding with the works, the workmen Archdeacon of Essex, 32.--Mr. Joseph Walfell in with a quantity of Roman pavement, lis, 18. and, what is extraordinary, beneach that some At Great Horksiey, Mr. James Josselyn. oak framing, almost perfectly sound, although At Maldon, Mrs. Pond, formerly of the it must have laid there above a thousand Ship Inn, 84. years. By inspection, it appears that it had At Mistley, Mr. Richard Francis. been previousiy charred, as the crust was on At Bockingham Hall, Copford, Mr. Joseph it when first dug up. It is therefore evident, Poulten. that charring of timber, to make it last un. der ground, was known to the Romans. Married.) At Maidstone, Stephen Durt. Amidst some fragments of porcelain found, nall, esq. of Linton, to Miss Charlotte Gure, was one vessel of nio50 exquisite workman- At Chatham, Mr. Edwards, son of the masship and classical taste, the outside of which ter blacksmith of the Dock-yard there, to was highly embossed with basso relievo, di- Miss Pearce, mistress of the ladies' boardingvided into different departments, in two of school, Brompton. which were Diana and Faunus, on pedestals At Upper Deal, J. Bowling, esq. of Ham. facing each other. Diana, in her left hand, mersmith, to Miss Lilley, of Deal. holds a boy, and in the right the two fore. Died.] At Deal, Mr. Roger Carter, many feet of a leveret, standing in an upright years a tide waiter at that place, 40.-Of the posture against her. The attitude of Faunus small-pox, Mr. Thomas Bayley, 39.Mt. is nearly that of the antique Antinous; a William Outridge, 31. wreath of a mask and plumes of feathers hang At the Court Lodge, Appledore, aged 32, between the two. In two other departments the Rev. Joseph Dane Gilman, late of Mage are the stags at bay with the dogs. "Between dalen College, Cambridge. He possessed a this department, and the before-described, is most generous heart, and performed his cleri. a long upright one, with a tripod in the cen- cal duties with the utmost propriety. Two tre, and an Eagle hovering over the flame, years since, he was curate of Appledore, with a plume of feathers erect on its back. which he quitted in consequence of ill health. In two other departments are Cupid sacrifice As his virtues were well known and acknowing, in the act of pouring something from a ledged by that neighbourbood, his death is vessel on the altar; round the border of this sincerely lamented by the whole parish. Mr. department is studded with imitations of dia- Gilman was a native of Grenada, but receive dems; in two other departments are repre

ed the first rudiments of education at Northsented the great wild bear passant, capitally ficet, in this county, and had several times executed; towards the cornice, or towards the crossed the Atlantic. apper edge or opening of the vessel, is a rich At New Romney, Mr. D. Karwatzsky, 82. canopy, ornamented all round; on the bot At Faversham, Mr. Thomas Perkins. tom and sides of the departments are plumes Mr. John Ayres. of feathers studded with ornaments like mace. At Harty, Mr. John Wanstall, master of It is nearly the colour of dark cornelian, has the ferry house. been hardened by fire, and is almost as dense At Sheerness, Mrs. Wilkins, mother of J. as fint. Most of the coins dug up are of Hodgskin, esq. storekeeper there. Claudius, Cæsar Augustus, and others of the Ac Woolwich, the eldest daughter of Cape Emperor Trajanus, Antoninus Pius, and Divus tain Cleveland, of the royal horse artillery. Antoninus, and many others hardly distin- Ac Bedgebury, Lady Forrester. gustable from their state of corrosion, also At Gravesend, Mr. Thomas Nairn Nash. silver gilt instruments used in the sacrifices. He served the office of mayor of that corpo. MONTHLY MAG., No. 181







ration four times, and was always a stearly Few men were more esteemed for professional friend' to the poor and oppressed.

integrity, and those qualities which adorn the Mrs. Bagster, wife of B. esq. and social and domestic circle. daughter of Mr. John Sankey, of Digges- At Portsmouth, Mrs. Oidfield, sister to Mr. Place, Barhana.

Hammond.Thomas Hayter, esq. At Canterbury, Mrs. Loop, 72,--Mr. T. Hudson, 65 -Mrs. Sarah Peirce, relict of Married.) At Stratford under the Castle, Sampson P. gent. of Doddington.--Mr. John Mr. Rocke, of Salisbury, to Miss Eaugoin, of Peirce, 70.

Stratford. At West Malling, Mrs. Catherine Hubble, Charles Hore, esq. of Bristal, to Miss 65.

Bowles, eldest daughter of the late Rev. B. At Eythorne, Mrs. Tritton, wife of Mr. Bowles, vicar of Bradford. T. 81.

Died.] At Cricklade, the Rev. Richard

Purdy, D.D. formerly of Queen's College; Married.] At Mitcham, Mr. George Ash- Oxford. He was struck with a paralytic af. Dess, of London, to Miss Rutter.

fection while addressing one of his pathetic Died.] At Mitcham, aged 104, Thomas discourses to his congregation; but he reClee. He had spent the early part of his tained the perfect use of his faculties to the life as a gardener. This man was a native of last. As an affectionate husband and parent, Herefordshirc, but of late years resided at a sincere friend, an intelligent, pleasant comMitcham. He retained his faculties to the panion, and a valuable literary character, last.

from whose pen other useful works might At Dorking, Captain Thomas Bowen, of the have been expected, his death may be consi. royal navy.

dered both a public and private loss, but most

particularly by a large circle of deeply af. Married.] At Lewes, Captain Prescott, of ficted relations and friends who were sensithe 5th Dragoon Guards, to Miss Mary Fal. ble of his worth, he must be long and sincerely kener, daughter of the late Caleb F. esq. lamented.

At Seaford, John Henry Tilson, esq. of At Britford, Mr. Edward Stanford, jun. of Wallington Park, in Oxfordshire, to Sophia, Gussage, Dorset, 33. the widyw of the Rev. Edward Langford, and At Heytesbury, Mr. O. Flower, 54. eldest sister of Thomas Henry Harbeid, esq. of Corsica Hall, near Seaford.

Married.] At Exham, Mr. R. Gates, sen. At Shoreham, John Lawrens Bicknell, esq. to Miss Dolby, of Flushing, Cornwall. of the Inner Temple, London, (o Jane, eldest At Reading, Mrs. Munday, of Andovery daughter of Thomas Willmott, esq.

to Miss Williams, of the Castle inn. At Icklesham, Captain Alexander Todd, Died.] At Windsor, Mrs Harrison. of the Royal Staff Corps, to Miss Sronestreet. At Reading, Mrs. Lovejoy, 100.--Mrs.

Thonias Groome, esą of Newham Place, to Leach, of the White Hart, 31.--Mrs. Perry, Miss M. Ingram, daughter of Mr. I, surgeon, 97.--Mrs. May, wife of Mr. M. master of of Steyning.

the Blue School, Mrs. Thatcher, of the Died.] At Brighton, Frederica Anna, eldest Turk’s Head. -Mrs. Hawthorne.---Mrs. Elidaughter of the Right Honourable R. Ryder, zabeth Chapman, 95. *8 _Mr. John Maotle, of the Wheat Sheaf At Round Oak, Englefield Green, Mrs. ion, 61.- Mr. H. Parker, reeve of the fish- Revell. ery of that place. Mr. Stone.--Mr. Glaze.

Ar Hungerford, Mrs. Blake, of the Red brook. --John Parker, esq.

Lion. At Lewes, Mr. Cranston, relict of James

The Citizens of Bristol have resolved to At Burwash, Mrs. Thompson, wife of Mr. erect a Commercial Coffee-room in that city, William T. sen. 57.

at the expence of 10,0001. to be raised by * At Rowfant, Mrs. Bethune, relict of the transferable shares of 251. each. The subRev. Dr. B. 62.

scriprion was immediately filled up.

Married.] At Bristol, Daniel Burr, esq. Married.] At Portsmouih, Samuel Sy- major general in the East India Company's monds, esq. surgeon of the royal navy, to service, to Miss Davis, youngest daughter Miss Mary White.

and coheiress of the late James D. esq. of At Carisbrook, Isle of Wight, Edward Chepstow.--Mr. John Gillet', to Sarah, seCroker, esq. of Exeter College, Oxford, third cond daughter of W. Smith, esq. of Tobago. son of Edward C. esq. of Ballynegrand, -J. Robert, esq. of Taunton, to Miss Hare, county of Linierick, tu Martha Sophia, young- eldest daughter of Mr. John H. est daughter of the late Michael Lascelles, esq. Died.} At Lambridge House, near Bath, of Marsh Gate, near Richmond.

Isaac Hillier, esq. 68. Died.] Ac Southampton, Thomas Scott, At Bath, Mrs. Graves, relict of Rear-adesq. eldest son of the late David S. esq. of An- miralG.--Charles Searle, esq. of St. George's, tigua.

Somerset.--Miss Matilda Stewart.-- James At Christciiurch, Mr. James Ludlow, 62. Brazier, esq. solicitor, of Bewdley, Worces







tershire.—Mrs. Ormsby.-- John, son of Mr. Ac Lympstone, whither he went for the Samuel Whitchurch, 17.-Mrs. Arden, wife recovery of his health, J. J. Grellier, esq. of Humphrey A. esq. of Sutton, Warwick- several years secretary of the Royal Exchange skire -Mrs. Mary Newcomen, 74.-Charles Insurance Office, London. To chis gentle Purvis, esq, of Darsham, Suffolk.--T'he Rev. man, the Monthly Magazine has been inS. Abraham, of Creech. Robert Goodwin, debted for many valuable papers un political esq.

arithmetic, and other important subjects. At Didmarton, Sarah Sophia, relict of Ri- He was an able inathematician, and an exchard Tuck, esq. of Bowd Ford, Wilts. cellent writer. For Dr. Gregory's Dictionary

At Wells, Francis Raddon Besley, only of Arts and Sciences, he furnished a large child of Mr. B. druggist

number of articles, which exhibit a sound At Wrington, Moses Corbet, esq.

judgment; powers of correct reasoning, and a

vast store of general knowledge. During the Married.] At Beaminster, the Rev. Wil- last two years, he was a contributor to the liam Rose Holden, A.M. Fellow of Wor- Rev. Dr. Rees's New Cyclopedia, and percester College, Oxford, to Miss Eveleigh. haps alınost one of his last efforts was the

At Lyme, William Maule, esq. of Lon- drawing up a short article for that work. In don, to Mrs. Blakeney, uf Bath.

the volume that is yet unpublished, will be At Dorchester, Mr. Joseph Cust of Came, found among other articles from the pen of to Miss Mary Bascombe, third daugliter of Mr. Grellier, one on the docks, that will be Mr John B.--Mr. Thomas Besant, to Miss read with interest. in the office in which Groves.

the greater part of his time was spent, he was At Wareham, N. Hone, esq. to Mrs. Hay- highly respected for a most diligent attention ter, widow of John H. esq.

to the various duties of his station ; for his acDied.] At Poole, Thomas Saunders, esq. curacy in business, for his strict and undevi. merchant, 47.James Seager, esq. alder- ating integrity, and for the amiableness of his man of that corporation, 71 - John Bird,

As a husband, a father, and a esq. 86.--Mr. Lawrence Tullock, 68. friend, his loss will be long and seyerely felt. At Bourton, Mrs. Chinnock.

In every relation of life, lie was beloved while At Lodes, near Bridport, Mrs. Graves, living, and those who were best acquainted wife of Robert G. M. D.

with his virtues and talents, will most and At Sherborne, Mrs. Pride, relict of Mr. longest revere his memory. John P.-Mr. Thomas Webb.

At the house of Captain Seymour, Friary At Camesworth, the Rev. George Bartlett, Lodge, Plymouth, Mr. Gibbings, late Masminister of the congregations at the Vale and ter's-mate of his Majesty's ship Amethyst, Weytown, 30.

aged eighteen years, a youth of the most At Blandford, Mr. J Jellyman, late of amiable disposition and admirable conduct, Downton, Wilts, 58.

beloved by all his shipniates.

Ac Salcash, Mrs. Spicer, wife of Lieut,Between the hours of five and six o'clock, Colonel S. of the royal artillery, at present on the 27th of December, a fire was disco- on foreign service. vered at Escott, near Honiton, The beautiful At Hubberston, near Milford, John Al, and highly improved seat of Sir John Ken- len, esq. He retired to resc apparently in naway, bart. occasioned by the carelessness very good health, and next morning was of a servant leaving a candle in a dressing. found a corpse. roon, which communicated to the window- At Dawlish, Miss Gardiner, daughter of curtains. The family with a number of visi- the late Colonel G. of Bellevue, Southamptors were at dinner when the alaim was given, and so rapid were the flames, that the At Exmouth, Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton, mansiun, together with the whole of the very 85. superb and elegant furniture, valuable paint- A¢ Brixham, Thomas Dacrés, esq. barrackings, &c. was entirely destroyed, nothing master of the Berry head garrison, late capbeing saved from the devouring element but tain in the 39th regiment, brocher of Adthe jewels, plate, and papers. A farmer of miral D. and brother-in-law of W. Adams, the Dame of Pyle, while laudably rendering esq. M. P. his assistance, tell from a ladder, and was unfortunately killed.

Lord Grenville bas projected great improveMarried.] At Barnstaple, Mr. William

ments on lus fine estate of Bonconnoc. The Aldred, master of an academy in that town, extensive downs, so long neglected, though to Miss Harriet Avery, daughter of Mr. A. they contain vast tracts of the richest soil, of Topsham.

are now to be cultivated, and some parts of Died.) At Plymonth, Mrs. Nicholson, them sown with corn, others wirh acords. wife of George N. esq. purser in the royal Viscount Falmouth intends to build a new navy. She had the preceding evening at. mansion, upon his beautiful estate of Tre. tended the marine ball, and appeared in good gothoan. His lordship's acknowledged taste health and spirits.-Mr. Nicholas Norman, will doubtless discover a better site than that late gunner of his Majesty's ship Unicorn. of the present house, and the line of a more







eligible road than that which now leads from art, of the royal navy, second surviving son Mopusferry to Tregothnan.

of the late Hon. Admiral Keith, of GlasserMarried.] At Perranzabuloe, Wm. Peter, ton, to Miss Elizabeth Dalrymple Hay, third esq. of Lincoln's-inn, London, to Frances, daughter of Sir John Dalrymple H. bart. of the only child of John Thomas, esq. of Park-place, Glenluce. Chiverton, vice-warden of the Stannaries of Died.) At Hamilton, Mr. Robert Godwin, Cornwall.

late manager of the theatres at Hamilton, Died.) At Marazion, Emma, fourth daugh. Kilmarnock, Irvine, &c. ter of Dr. Moyle. At Truro, Miss Mitchell, daughter of Tho.

Married.] Ac Dublin, Hugh Cathcart, mas M. esq. and sister to Commodore M.

esq. son and heir of Sir Andrew C. bart, to Mr. John Parkyn, 81.-Mrs. Ferris.

Caroline, eldest daughter of Conway Heatley,
At Penzance, Mr. George Woodis, 75.--
Mr. John Richards, of Bodmin, 21.-Mr. and cousin to the late Duchess of Richmond.

esq. grand-niece of John, Duke of Argyle,
W. R. Desencourt, 17.
At Helston, Mrs. Rogers, wife of Mr. R. D. esq. of Dunsandle, county of Galway, and

Died.) At Dublia, Mrs. Daly, wife of James attorney, 46.

daughter of the late Right Hon. Sir Ralph At Falmouth, Mrs. Chard.

Gore, bart. 86.--T. M'Kenna, esq. He was a At St. Columb, Mr. Denham Melanchton political writer of much celebrity, and enJewell, surgeon, 24.

joyed from government a pension of 2001. per At St. Ives, Mr. Thomas Quick. At St. Mawes, Mr. Cory, surgeon.

ann. for past services. Charles Farran, esq.

in the 86th year of his age, many years depuAt Trevissam, Mr. Walter Elliott, 97.

ty clerk of the pleas of the Irish Exchequer. Married.] At Brecon, William Murray, of the royal marines, to Miss Catherine Wil. Killed, in the month of October last, in a kins, youngest daughter of Jeffery W. esq. glorious attempt to repulse a body of French of the Priory, Brécon.

troops who had landed in the island of Capri, Died.) At his seat of Penbedw, aged 66, Major John Hamill, of the Maltese regiment. Watkin Williams, constable of the castle of Thiş gallant and heroic officer had only seen Flint, and one of his Majesty's justices for his 30th year, when his country was deprived the counties of Flint and Denbigh, and for- of his valuable services. He was a native of the merly major of the Shropshire militia. His north of Ireland, and traced his descent from Joss will be severely fell by a numerous circle a most respectable Roman.catholic family. of relations and friends.

His fate was attended with circumstances At Swansea, Mr. George Harry, agent to truly affecting-circumstances equally calcu. the Birmingham and Copper Company's workslated to excite sensations of regret and admiin the vicinity of that town.

ration, and which must render his memory

dear to the nation in whose service he bled, Married.] At Dumaget, in the county of and confer immortal honour upon his name. Wigtown, Lieutenant Leveson Douglas Stew




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THE feet from India lately arrived consists of the following fhips :--the Duke

of Montrose, Walpole, Sarah Chriftiana, and Northampton, from Bengal; the Worcester, from Fort St. George and Bombay ; 'Sir W. Pulteney, and Union, from Bombay. Their cargoes confift of 9,266 pieces Bengal piece goods, 9,123 pieces calicoes, 68,400 Madras calicoes, exclusive of a large quantity of prohibited goods, drugs, and privileged goods, anong which are 2,052 bales of cotton.

A feet from the Leeward INands is also arrived, and we are happy to say to a good market, as Rum, Sugar, and Coffee are in demand, and fetch good prices. The East India Company have declared for their March Sale, '13,800 chests of Indigo, aud of Picce Goods 34,000; Calicoes, 124,826; Prohibited, 83,704 ; Prompts, Jaly 21st.

Sweden having been obliged to Aut ber ports against us, at the instance of the Emperor of Ruflia, we may say the trade of the Baltic to this country is at present at an end; con. fequently the articles of Timber, Tallow, Tar, Pitch, Iron, Hemp, Flax, &c. must confiderably advance in price; and we trust the legislature will at this time give every encourageme to the Iron Manufacture, growers of Hemp; Flax, &c. as those valuable articles can be procured in our country in abundance, and equal to any foreign article imported.

The trade of Archangel, compared with that of other Russian ports, has been very conliderable this year; in consequence of which the prices of several articles were pushed up to an unexpećted height, such as of Flax, from 85 to 90 roubles-Tallow, 80 to 85 ditto

Hemp, 75 to 80 ditto-Bristles, 40 ditto-Mals, 170 dittuLinseed, 14 to 15 dittom Rye, 10 to 10dicto, and Wheat, to 9 roubles. Owing to the want of tonnage, so few

Mips being arrived to carry off the goods brought to market, the stock remaining on hand is very confiderable, and consists of 30,000 poods of yellow Candle Tallow, lent to Irche angel from Petersburgh; 500,000 poods of Bar Iron ; 30,000 poods of 'Train Oil; 13,000, chetverts of Rye; 60,000 ditto of Wheat; 500,000 Mats; 3,000 poods of Candles ; 80,000 barrels of Tar; 3,000 poods of Pease; 15,000 poods of Rye Flour ; 10,000 barsels of Pitch ; 12,000 cherverts of Linseed; 5,000 punds of Hemp, and 2,000 poods of Flax. Some contracts have been made for the present year at advanced prices

The markets of London and Liverpool continue full of Cotton-wool, and fetch good prices, particularly those of the Brazils, as Marinham and Pernambucco ; and the Cottoa of our own West India illands keeps steady in price, and is of remarkably fine quality. Every hand, both male and female, is bufily employed at Manchester, and its neighbourhood, in the manufacturing of Caliçoes and Cottons, &c. for South American orders; and the towns of Birmingham and Sheffield are executing large orders for the same country.

Irish Linens have confiderably advanced in price, and fill likely to be higher, in confequence of the scarcity of Flax-seed from America laft season. Should the embargo continue in America, we trust and hope the legiNature will grant premiums to the growers of Flax in Ireland, so as to encourage the farmers, as well as the poor industrious weavers of this necessary article.

Jan. 11. Jan. 13. Jan. 17.

Prices of Hops.



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Hamburgh.. 35

34 9 34 9 Bags.-Kent, 31. 10. to 41. 10s. per cwt.
Altona ...35 3
34 10 34 10

Sussex, 31. to 41. is. per cwt.
Amsterdam 36 1 35 10 35 10

Essex, 21. 18s. to 41. 4s. per cwt.
Paris ...... 23 16 123 16 23 16 Pockets.-Kent, 31. 155. to 5l. 10s. per cwt.
Leghorn. 49 492 494

-Sussex, 31. 6s. to 51. Os. per cwt.
Naples 42


-Farn. 31. 10s to 51. 55. per cwt.
Genoa 454 451 45]
Lisbon 60


The average price of Raw Sugar, ending
Oporto 173

65 168 uth of January, 1809, is 52s. 3 d. per chi. Dublin


exclusive of duties.
Cork liit 1111


New Dollars, 5s. 5d. per ounce. The following are the average Prices of Navigable Canal Shares, Dock Stock, Fire Office Shares, &c. in January, 1809, at the Office of Mr. Scott, No. 28, New Bridgeftreet, Blackfriars, London: Grand Junction, 1281. to 1301. ex-dividend of 21. per Mare, nett, for the last half-year. -Neath Canal, in Glamorganshire, 2301. to 2341. dividing 151. per share per annum.-Monmouththire, 1071. 10s. dividing 51. per fare per annum, nett. -Wilts and Berks, 28!. per share.--Kennet and Avon, 41 preinium on 201 shares.Alhby-de-la-Zouch, 211.-West India Dock Stuck, at 1681. per cent. ex-dividend of 51. per cent. nett, for the last half-year.-East India Dock, 1251. 10s. per cent. London Deck, 1171. per cent. ex-dividend of 25 per cent. nett, for the last half year.-Cominer. cial Road, 1141. 10s, per cent. ex-dividend of 21. 10s. nett, for the last hals.year.-Globe Inturance, 1111. to 1114. ex-dividend of 3.. per share, nett, for the half-year.

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Dead Winter Montb.

The Inows arise, and foul and fierce

All winter drives along the darkened air.
FOR several days after the commencement of December, the weather was unnfually mild

and pleasant for this reason of the year. The nights have generally been frosty, but it was not until the 22d that we had any snow whatever. On the 9th, i0th, and 11th, the fun thone su powerfully, that, about mid-day, the imall insects were flying about in little swarms, in the same manner as in summer. Even two or three of the butterflies were routed from their state of torpor, and were seen to flit along the air . In the night of the 17th we had a hard black fruit, which continued till the 21st. It entirely destroyed the few autunnal flowers, which the mildness of the preceding weather had left. A confiderable quantity of snow fell on the 22d. The frott' continued till the 27th. During all this severe wea. ther, the wind has varied no forther than from north to north-east and east. It is fingular that, although the wind was nearly stationary, about east, till the end of the month, a thaw commenced in the evening of the 27th, which lasted, without intermisiion, till the 4th of January. The east is a quarter from whence, in the winter months, we nearly always lave froft, and rarely indeed any thing like open weatlier.


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