At Elland, near Halifax, Mr. Robert The employment is to consist of making up Lumb, master of the workhouse there, 63. wearing apparel, and other plain articles of do.

At Wakefield, Miss Hannah Demain, 27. mestic usefulness. Though but just establishe Mr. Austwick, of the Ram Inn.

ed, there are now upwards of one hundred At Sheffield, Mrs. Pointon, 28.-Mrs. poor females employed, whose families are burgin, wife of Mr. Jonathan B. 62. Mr. rendered comparatively comfortable, by the Richard Ogden, well known and respected as aid that is afförded them through the mea commercial traveller, 61.- Mr. Samuel dium of this Institution. It is the sincere Whearcroft.--Mr. James Warburton - Mrs. wish of those who see the great advantages Cooper. Mr. J. Staniland, 67.—Mrs. E. that arise to the poor, from this mode of reGray, wire of Mr. Thomas G.-Mr. Luke lieving their distresses, that many more may Fitzherbert.

partake of the benefits of this well-directed

chariiy. The New Exchange Room at Manchester Married.] At Liverpool, John Dodgson, was upened on the 21 of 'anuary. In point esq. of Lorton, Cumberland, to Miss Bird, of architectural elegance and convenience, it of Kensington.-Mr. James Redmayne, suris an ornament to the town, and reflects the geun, to Miss Russell. bizhest credit upon Mr. Harrison, of Chester, At Eccles, Jonathan Dorring, of Swinton, the architect under whose direction and su. esq. to Miss Beccy Radcliffe, daughter of perintendence, the building has been erected. Mrs. R. of Sale lane, near Leigh. This building comprises an exchange room, Died.] At Liverpool, Mrs. Stanley, reoining-room, and drawing-room, ware.rooms, lict of the Hon., and Rev. John S. rector of bops, and counting-hou.es, a suit of rooms Urnwick, 92.-Mrs Evans, wife of Mr. for the post-ofice, with cellaring under the William E. surgeon, 22.-Mr Thomas Berwhole, well adapted for the depositing of ry, merchant, 31. ---Mrs Stephens, 75. Mrs. szerchandize. It presents a semicircular front Richmond, 63.-Mr. William Reeves, 28.to the market place, and a straight one to Mrs. Nevett, 74.-Mr. Roger Chamley, 34 Exchange-streer, built of Runcorn free stone, Mr. Thomas Wycliffe, of an ancient family Cinamented with half columns of the Grecian of that name at Galey, near Richmond, Duric order, supporting an appropriate entab- Yorkshire; and formerly's merchant of this edture, upon which is placed an attic, divided town, 81. $: a pedestal over each column, and the At Manchester, Harriet, eldest daughter Intermediate spaces are adorned with orna of Mr. John Taylor, attorney, 12.-Mr. BoiTrenied pannels. The Exchange-room is con ton Mr. James Denton, a travelling preatained in the semicircular part of the edifice, cher among tne Methodists. Mr. Peter

an area of four thousand super- Owen, 51. -Mr. John Kearsley, solicitor. Acal feet; it is lighted hy eight windows, the Rev. J. Griffith, M. A. senior Fellow of and a semicircular sky.light in the centre of the Collegiate Church of Christ. The loss the dome covering the room, which is forty of so philanthropic a character will be seSeet in height: the dume is supported by verely felt by tte poor, to whose tale of wue eight lonic reeded columns, standing twelve he invariable lent an attentive ear, and disfeet from the wall of the room, forming a

tributed confort to them accordingly. colonade ; four of which inclose cylindrical At Lancashire, Mr. William Rathbone, mer. Tubes of iron, heated by a proper apparatus, chant, of Liverpool ; whose loss will be deep

a regular temperature, aided by ly felt and regretted, not only by a numerous three fire places. The dining room is 66 acquaintance, but by society at large. To do fret long, and 33 ieet wide; the drawing. justice to his character would far exceed our Ingm is 36 feet long, and 26 feet wide, of a limits, whether we consider him as a man, proportionate height, and cornmunicating with as a christian, or as a philanthropist. Cone each other by meals of folding doors; and the stant endeavours to promote the happiness of approach to these rooms is by a commodious bis dellow-creatures and the welfare of sogeometrical stone stoir, fronting Exchange- ciety, were his chief delight; his heart over

The site of this building is the pro- filowed with the milk of human kindness ; perty of the Right Hon. Lord Ducie, and is and the uritanicy of his manners, and uncomlelt ly the proorietors (who liave erected mon punctuality as a tradesman, endeared 1e building by subscription) upon payment him to all around. His consequence in the via vearly chief rent. There are at piesent

mercantile world, in which he was looked up 1941 subscribers, producing annually 2370i. to in all affairs of importance, and his endeas.

Another benevolent Institution has been ours to get the existing and to him obnoxatsi to those which are so liberally support- ious) Orders in Council, repealed, will be long edia Manchester. It is named, « The La- remembered. His illness has been long and dissSocety forem:ploying the female Poor;" painful, but he supported it with christian and the relier is intended, by giving those patience. As a proof of the great esteem who are orderly and industrious, the oppor- and regard he was held in by his neighbours, :-nity, “ by their own exertions, to contri we are informed that, although he was a buie wa ibe necessities of their families,'- member of the society of Friends, public pray

and comprises


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as were offered up for his recovery, at se for knowledge and integrity of leart was suze
veral churches and chapels in Liverpool, a passed by none and equalled by few
few weeks past.

At Draycott, Mr. Robert Jowett, 54. At New Barns, near Dalton, Mrs. Eliza. At Tiffington, Mr. Richard Holland. beth Gardner, 99.

At Kudleston. hall, Mrs. Mary Garnet, 1$
At the Rectory House, near Ormskirka years housekeeper to the late and present Lord
Mrs. Vambrugh, mother of the Rev. Mr. V. Scarsdale, 84.
rector of that place, 33.

At Derby, Alrs. J. Mevneil.
At Lancaster, Mr. John Davies.

Ac Eyan, Frances, wite of Mr. Farrer, 52. At Hulm, near Manchester, Mrs. Mary

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. Leatherbarrow, 106.

Married. 1 At Willford, Mr. George Shil. The Rev. John Tathan, A. M. rector of cock, of Chilwell, to Miss Richardson. Tatham, 93.

At Nottinghan), Mr. Richard Warsop, to At Preston, Mr. Cornelius Cheetham, ve. Miss Ann Johnson Mr. Webh, to Miss terinary surgeon.

He went to bed appareilt Page --Tac Rev. John Grundy, to Miss Ann by well, and was found dead the next morn. Hancock. ing.Thomas Welsham, esq. 78. llrs. Al Ratcliffe-upon-Trent, William Worth, Thomas, 70.

esq. of Gipple, Lincolnshire, to Miss Taylor, At Dean, in Prestwick, Mr. Nathanie? daughter of John T. esg. Welve.

At Worksọp, che Rev. Thomas Stacye, vi. At Darwen, Mr. James Entwisle.

car of that place, to Miss Maria Quiram. At Moss, rear Liverpool; Mrs. Edge, re Died.] Ac Hoveringham, Mr. Ardiews. lict of fames £. esę.

At Newark, Alr. Francis Brown. At Leyland, the Rev. Mr. Baldwin, one of Ac Ratcliffe upen-Tsent, Samuel Part, the justices of the peace for this county. gent.

Ač Padiham, Mr. Hoyle, senior.-Maria, At Woodborough, Mr. Nicholas Lee, 88. wife of the Rev. John Advanson, 52.

Al Arnold, Mrs. Padley, 86.
At Aruwich, near Manchester, Mr. George A¢ Nottingham, Mrs. Sheldon.

At Stocks, Mrs. Wilkinson, relict of Married.] At Easton, near Stamfosd, Tho-
Thomas W. esq.

mas Lindsell, esq. of St. Ives, Huntingdon, At Toxteth Paik, Mrs. Dickinson.

to Miss Margaret Hunt, second daughter of

the Rev. Mr. H. Married.] Ac Astbury, John An!robus, At Gosberton, Charles Bonner, esq. of esq. of Cheam, Surry, to Mrs. J. Bence. Spalding, to Ann, the youngest daughter of

At Prestbury, the Rev. George Pownall, John George Culthorp, esq. to Miss Twemlow, of Macclesfield.

Died ] Ar Gainsborough, Mr. Edward Died. At Stockport, Mr. R. Knowles, White, 76, and a few days afterwards, his deputy constable.--Mr. Randle Alcock, 08. wife Mrs. Hannah W. 70.--Mr. Stephen He was father to 15, grandfather to 91, and Dinnis many years master of the Rosamond, great grandfather to 28 children.

Newcastle trader.--Mrs. Etherington, relict
At Middlewith, Mr. Thoinas Mailor, at of Robert E. esq. 07.-Mr. Boswell of the

Kings Arms, 33.
At Chester, Mr. Thomas Spense, one of At Lincoln, Mrs. Bratton, 78 -Mr. H.
the vicars choral of the cathedral, 88.--Mrs. Foorit, 64.
Speed, relict of Hugh S. esą.

Mrs. Nelthorpe, aged 73, widow of John At Newton, Phæbe, youngest daughter of N. esq. of Little Grimsby, near Louth, and the late Isaac Wood, esg.

youngest daughter of the late Robert CraAc Congleton, Margaret, wife of the Rev. croft,

esg. of Hackthorne. She has left issue, J. Wilson, 50.

one son, john Nelthorpe, esg. and one daugh

the present Lady William Beauclerk. Married.] At Mayfield, Mr. William Her loss will be severely telt by the poor, to Forman, jun. of Chelleston, to Miss Sarah whose distresses she was always attentive, as Mellor, of Coventry.

well as by her numerous friends, amongst At Youlgrave, Mr. William Taylor, of the vinom ner enlightened conversation diffused White Meadow, near Ashborne, tv Miss instruction, whilst her vivacity enlivened all Briddon of Elton).

around her?
At Bakewell, Afr. John Taylor, to Miss Ann At Gate Burton, near Gainsborough, Mr.

Edward Norivood, 8.5.
Died.) At Newbold, Mrs. Hardwicks, re As the Rectory-house, Broughton, Mrs.
Jict of John W. esq.

Radcliffe, mother-in-law of the celebrated
At Stone Gravels, near Chesterfield, Mrs. authoress of that name.

At Ulceby, Mrs. Field, wife of William
Ai Chesterfield, Charles Kinder, esq. a
gentleman distinguished through life by sisict At Brigg, Mrs. Mary Morris. 99.
istegrity and active benevolence.

Charles A ysthorpe, esq. furmerly of Ayse M. Alvastun, the Rev. Joseph Smith, who thorpe, near Brattleby.


zarney, 83.



David F. esq.



At Louth, Mrs. Skinner, 82.

Died.] At Harrow, Mrs. Perry, 102. At Springthorp, Mr. H. Palfreman, 88. At Alton House, near Coventry, Mrs. Sey

At Castor, Mrs. Hudson, 8.1.-Mr. T. mour, wife of John S. esq. Barkworth, 74.

At Birmingham, Mr. Edward Ledsam, 66,

-Mr Bott.--Mr. John Edwards -Mr. KeelMarried.) At Leicester, Mr. Joseph Wat- ing.--Mr. William Bradford, 49 - Mersin snn, of Goadley to Miss Bromley –The Rev. Collier, 66. – Mr. Richard Gardnor, late CapJohn Benson, late of St. Jolin's College, Cain in the Birmingham Volunteers, 42.Cambriage, to Miss Lereit, only daughter of Miss Ann Martin - Mr. Joseph Banks. the Rev. John L. formerly rector of Wil. At Warwick, Mr. Robert Blick, one of the loughby, Waterless.

alderman of the corporation. He sersed the At Ashby, Join Clarke, esq. of Barrow, office of mayor in 1807. near Loughborough, to Miss E. Tims, laird At Coventry, Mrs. Cooke. Mrs. Lee. daugliter of the late Mr. T.

Mrs. Shaw, 35.-Mrs. Reeves. At Spcarsby, Mr. Benjamin Credland to At Hatton, Mr. Thomas Grove, of the Fal. Miss Mary Walker.

con inn. At Bosworth, Mr. W. Carter of Coventry, At Solihull, Mr. J. Cheshire, 70. to Miss Godfrey of Shenston.

At Henley in Arden, Mrs. Suger. Died.] At Oadby, Mr. Swinfen.

Ac Cesters Over, Mr. Boddington, late of Ac Burton in the Wolds, Mr. Creswell. Warwick, and many years one of the alder. At Grooby, Mr. Slater.

men of that corpora ion. At Seagrave, the Rev. R. A. Ingram, rector of that place, 46. He was deservedly es


Ac Shrewsbury, the Rev. teemed as a gentleman and a scholar. Seve- George W. Marsh, rector of Hope Bowdler, to sal of his works are Lefore the public, and the Sarah Cheney, second daughter of the late last, on the " Causes of the Increase and Cheney Hart, M.D. Progress of Methodism and Dissention," has AC Whitchurch, Mr. Jones, surgeon to gained hiin great credit for his strenuous en Beatrice, daughter of John Brooks, esq. deavour to check the progress of Methooism. At Bridgnortli, the Rev. W. W. Holland, At Systun, Miss Mary Keal, 18.

of Oxford to Miss Murray. Ac Leicester, Captain James Walker, of Died.] Ac Shrewsbury, Mrs. Winnall.. the 17th regiment of foot, for a long time Mrs. Wright, relict of Mr. Joseph W. of senior officer on the recruiting service in this Manchester.-Mrs. Worten.-Mr. Mays.town - Mr. Elliot.Mis. Elisabeth Hill. - Mrs. Cooke. Mrs. Cart, 71.

Ac Creamore, near Wem, Mr. Samuel At Long Clawson, Mrs. Hinde.

Walmsley. At Barlstone, Thomas Baker, esq.

Ac Westbury, Mr. Narcombe. At tistern Hill, near Ashby de la Zouch, Ac Wellington, Mrs. Eycon, wife of Tho. Mr. William Bryan, 79.

mas E. esq. At Hinckley, Mr. Elliot Dawson,

At Luilow, Mr. Acton and Mr. Collier, Ai Great Glenn, Mr Juan Bosworth, 35. both alderman of that town. at Breedon, Mrs Clarkson, 79.

At Bridgnorth, Miss Barber.

Ac Much Wenlock, Mrs. Mary Tuckepo
Married.] Af Norton, Mr. Thomas Ac Kingsland, near Shrewsbury, Mi
Beecli, of Newcastle-under-lyme, to Miss Avin James, attorney.

Ac Whitchurch, Mr Samuel Cross. As Recknall, Mr. Thomas Blurton, of the At Condover, Mir, Jordan, 84. Royal Oak Inn, Lane End, to Miss Wailer. At Bishop's Castle, Mrs. Guilliam, fos

Dird.] At West Bromwichi, Mr. Baily merly of the Nag's Head inn, in that town, Brett, a proprietor of coal mincs, as that place, 101.--Mr. Robert Embrey, a gentleman and at Tipton.

who for several years, made it his daily duty At Burcou-on-Trent, Mrs. Smith, wife of to visit the poor and justruct their children. William S. esq.

At Brocton, Mr. Thomas Sayce, 65. At Wolverhampton, Mrs. Sudell, 82. At Littie Wollascon, Mrs. Evans 77. Mr. Samuel Stubbs, surgeon.

Mr. Waiford, wite of Mr. W. At Little Mladeley, Mrs. Goodale, 47. attorney.

At Sandon, the infant son or įhe Rev. G. Ác Lydbury North, Mr. Wilson, 107. Bonney.

WORCESTERSHIRE. Af Hanley, Mi, Samuel Roivley.

Married.] AL OH Swintord, the Rev. At Stafford, Mrs. Mary Rawlings, 84. Macchew rooker, vicar of Hirchenden, and

Lecturer of High Wycombe, Bucks, to Miss Married) At Rushall church, T. Jones, P. Oliver, eldese daugliter of the late Mr. O. eq of London, to Miss Elizı Salt, of Daima

of Stuurbridge. End.--Henry Couchroan, esg of Baisall Tem Ac Broomsgrove, Major Jartes Coletrooke, ple, to Miss Short, of Solihull.

of che 8th Madras regiment, to Miss Harriet At Kenilworth, Ms. Marriot, of Coventry, Clarke, daughter of Mr. Jeremiah C. of Wose to Mrs, Hacker,



ic Wem,





At Redmarley, D'Abitot, Mr. John Racster, surgeon, of Pershore, to Miss Eleanor Hanford, youngest daughter of the late

Died.] At Tibberton, Mr. Matthew Hook. Charles H. esy.

At Nailsworth, Mrs. Day, relict of Daniel Mr. Nott, of Suckley, to Mrs. Freeman,

D. esq. in consequence of a fail on the ice. relict of T. F. esq. of the White house.

At Gloucester, Mrs. Ann Lamb. Mr. Died.] At Bewdiey, the Rev. Thomas James Pynock, only son of the late James P. Compson, curate of that place, la:e curate of clerk and verger to the cathedral, and many

esq. of Tewkesbury.--Mr. William Birt, lay. St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, and eldest son of James C. esq. of Cleobury Mortimer, Shrop

years master to the General Work house ; shire, 26. T'he death of this excellent young tegrity. --Mr. Dovey.

a man greatly respected for industry and inman is a loss, not only to his friends, to whom he was endeared by his amiable qua

At Walbridge, near Stroud, Mrs. Hains. lities and intellectual accomplishments ; but,

At Stancomb Farm, near Dursley, Mr.

Daniel Dimery. to the sacred profession to which he had devoted hintself; in which he was active and

At Mangersbury, Mrs. Chamberlayne, reassiduous beyond his strength of constitution,

lict of the Rev. John C. 79. and conscientiously zealous without fanaticism,

At Wolton-under-edge, Mrs. Dauncey, red gloominess, or ostentation.

lict of Jolin D. esq. 75. The Rev. William Cox, rector of Shraw

At Cirencester, aged 51, the Rev.Mr Kings' ley.

a dissenting minister, of the Unitarian deno

mination. At Dudley, Mrs. Parsons.

He held a distinguished rank At Martley, Mrs. Turley.

among his brethren, for his general learning, At Ham Green, Mr. J. Woodyatt.

and his extensive information upon all subAt Ombersley, Mr. Severne, of the Crown. jects connected with his profession. He was At Leigh Sinton, Mr. Beascruft.

possessed of an accurate judgment, the purest At Whitby, Mrs. Richards.

principles of integrity, a heart warmed by genuine piety, and the most conciliatory and

amiable manners. It has been determined to erect at Hereford, At Little Dean, Mr. Richard Lewis. a public Market, adapted for the sale of every description of the necessaries of life, except

Married.] At Headington, the Rev. Wilcorn, in an eligible situation, on a plan, equal. liam Perry, to Harriet, second daughter of ly convenient to the frequenters, and inha the late Richard Finch, esq. bitants, and ornamental to the city. The

At Oxford, Mr. Bing Standring, of Lonmoney necessary for the purpose, is to be

don, to Miss Brumhead. raised in 501. shares, on security, and bearing

Died.] In her sixth year, Lucy, second interest, which will be regularly paid half- daughter of Mr. Thomas Roberson, a torney, yearly.

at-law, Oxford. This interesting little girl Married.] At Sarnesneld, Mr. J. Arden, had been sent with her sister, about three of the Lays, near Weobly, to Miss M. Ric

years older, by the Oxford coach to school at ketts.

Turnham Green ; and, owing to the careAt Callow, Mr. John Donne, of Michael

lessness of the other passengers (two ladies Church, to Miss Sarah Bickerton.

and a gentleman), she was suffered to go to Died.] At Hereford, James Woodhouse, sleep reclining against the door, which, not esq. many years steward to the Guy's Hose being fastened, flew open at Brentford, and pital estates in this county.--Mr. Thomas

the child fell to the ground, when, the Allen, 55.-Mrs. Owens, 45. :

wheel going over her, she was killed on the Ar Holmer, near Hereford, Mrs. Carwar. dine.


At Banbury, Mr. Hawtyn, 76. At Ross, Mr. Joseph Gardiner, clerk to the At Rofford Farm, near Stadhampton, Mr. magistrate, and collector of the taxes for that district of the county.

Thomas Greenwood, At Kington, Mary Eleanor Gwynne, eldest

At Westwell, Mr. John Pinnell, sen. 83. daughter of Bridgwater Meredith, esq. 30.

At Oxford, Mrs. Eleanor Badger, 83.- Mr. At Byford, Mrs. Masey, wife of the Rev. James Smith.-Mrs. T. Randolph. She was Mr. M.

sister to the Bishop of Bangor, and also the At Boulstone, Mr. E. Smith, 18.

Rev. Mr. Randolph, minister of Wimblea At the Old Ford corn mills, parish of Good- don, and on!y daughter of the late Rev. Tho

mas Randolph, D.D. archdeacon of Oxford, rich, Mr. Edward Moore. At the White House, Eastnor, near Lec

and president of Corpus Christi College, in bury, Mrs. Harford, 70.

that University; she wore a long and severe

illness with the fortitude and resignation of a As Leoninster, Mrs. T. Tudor, 78

Christian. -Mr. Thomas Bell, or Magdalen At Whiiboine-court, Richard Chambers, llall, 55. esq. 60. He served the office of Sheriff in

At Dorchester, Peter. Cherrill, gent.
At Wintorton, Mr. R. Tencot.

At Aylesbury, T. Tindall,

esq. .




esq. to Anne, eldest daughter of A. Chaplin, At Kettering, Mr. John Rose. esq. clerk of the peace for this county.

At Weedon Royal, Mrs. Hopcroft. Mr. Sumpter, of Denton Lodge, to Mrs. At Maidwell, Mrs. Bland, wife of Mr. Ed. Setchell, of Yaxley.

mund B. Died.) At Aylesbury, Mr. Thomas Bell, At Northampton, Mrs. Matthews, 84. 67.- James, son of William Rickford, esq. At Daventry, Mrs. Watkins, 27.

And a 11.-Henry, the eldest son of Mr. Sheriff, few days afterwards, her husband, Clarke W. keeper of the goal. He was going up the esq. 37. court-yard of the prison, when the chimney At Yelvertoft, W. Wills, gent. 33. of the debtor's hall fell upon him and killed At Geddington, Mrs. Haines, 72. him on the spot.

At Peterborough, Mr. Robert Marishall, At Amersham, Mr. Edward Smith. only surviving son of Robert M.esq. 23. At Lower Winchendon, Mr. Rose. HERTFORDSHIRE.

Died.] At Bushmead, Mrs. Ingle. The East India College, building near At Stanground, the Rev. James Devie, Hertford, is not expected to be ready for the rector of that place, and a magistrate for the reception of the professors and pupils till next

county, 88. Michaelmas. When completed, it will be one At Chesterton, Mr. Richard Hinsby, sure of the most sumptuous edifices in the country; geon, 32. the expeme of it to the company will proba At Hartford Hill, near Huntingdon, Mr. bly exceed 150,0001. sterling

Charles Beaumont, 59.
Died.] At Hoddesdon, W. Milward, esq. At Huntingdon, Mrs. Bradshaw.

At. Tring, Mr. George Claydon, late of At St. Ives, Mr. George Robson, of the the Rose and Crown Inn, 67.

Crown Inn. Mrs. Barker. - Mr. Roger At Newlands, near Stansted, Mrs. Hankin, Ames wife of Thomas H. esq.

At Eynesbury, Mrs. Cole, relict of the BEDFORDSHIRE.

Rev. Mr. C. Married.] Mr. William Swannelis, of Pavingham, to Miss Lucy Inslip, of Shelford. The subjects for Sir William Browne's

At Yeldon, Mr. IJ. Dunlop, secretary to prizes for the present year are :-For the Lord St. John, to Miss Elizabeth Charles. Greek Ode, Desiderium Porsoni. Latin Ode,

Died.] At Bedford, Miss Maria Ojell, Lusitania liberata. Greek Epigram, Aexn third daughter of Mrs O 17.-Miss Gurney. MPOTU TAVTOS. -Latin Epigram, Strenua inertia.

At Ashby, Mrs. Elizabeth Hervey, third Died.] At Cambridge, Lieutenant Youngs, daughter of the late Rev. Edward H. rector of the 24th regiment of dragoons, 32.

He of Halcote, in whom the poor lost a zealous served thirteen years in India, and was danfriend.

gerously wounded at the battle of Delhi under At Leighton Buzzard, Mr. John Stone, 51. Lord Lake.-W. T. Taylor. At Henlow Grange, G. Edwards, esq. At Wentworth, near Ely, Mr. P. Sanxter,

Married.] At Carlton, Brigadier-general At Wisbech, Mr. William Thirkill, 75.
Montresor, to the Right Hun. Lady Sondes, At Duxsord, Mr. Robinett.
of Rockinghanı Castle.

At Northampton, Samuel Sanders, esq. of Married.] At Foulden, Mr. Timothy
Nottingham, to Miss Cutts Mr. James Winkfield, of Stuke Ferry, to Miss Atmore,
Woolley, of Ecton, to Miss Jones, younger daughter of John A. gent.
daughter of the late Mr. J. of Abington.

At Thetford, Thomas Withers Gill, esq. At Oundle, the Rev. William Elstob, rec. to Miss Mingay, only daughter of the late tor of Shelton, Beds, to Elizabeth, eldest

W. R. M. esq. daughter of the late Mrs. Maydwell, of Fo. Died.] At East Dereham, Large Nicholls, theringhay.

gent. Died.] At Duddington, John Smith, M.D. At Norwich, Mrs. Gedge, wife of Mr. G. He was of an ancient family in North Bri. -Mr Richard Pope. Mr. Wm. Edgar, 39. tain, and after serving several years as sur. -Miss Eliz. Say, daughter of Mr. Thomas geon in the navy, settled at Uppingham, in S., 30.--Mr. James Smith, 37. Mrs. Mil. Rutlandshire, in the same house where two

ler, 33. of his impiediate predecessors and country. At Lynn, Mr. Alexander Smith, 84.--Miss men, Drs. Fordyce and Garthshore, had been Silverwood, 30. SO successful as to establish themselves after At Poringland, Mr. John Riches, 76. wards with eminence in London, as physi Ac Walton, Mr. Dennis Wright, of the cians. He was for many years in extensive George Inn, 29. and respectable practice in the principal fami At Bawburgh, Mrs. Eliz. Roberts, 73. lies in the town and neighbourhood; punc At Gurst, Mr. John Goddard, 66. tual and indefatigable in his profession, and, At Munford, Mr. Wm Wade. in addition to his medical services, ever cha At Heigham, Mrs. Hanger, widow of ritable to the poor.

Parrott H. esq. 51. At Hotres brook, Miss Manton, 21.

At Necton, Mr. Wm. Trundle, 75. MONTHLY MAG. No. 182.





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