Richard Hart, esq. of Falmer, to Miss Taylor of the rifle corps.-Mr. Howe, former. Gibbs, of Itchenor.

ly of the Quebec Tavern.-Captain Hawker, At Lewes, Mr. Joseph Langridge, to Miss of the royal navy.--Suddenly, Mr. Hodges, Merricks,

who landed here from Jaimaica a few months Died.) At Beauport, at the house of her since. This unfortunate man was educated brother Sir James Bland Burgess, Mrs. Head, at King's College, Cambridge ; his niind was wife of J. R. H. esg.

stored with scholastic knowledge, and, in the At West Dean, Mrs. Mitchell.

early part of his life, be possessed very conAt Brighton, Mrs. Michell, relict of the siderable property, it is believed upwards of Rev. Henry M, rector of that parish, 82. 50,0001. But, during his residence in this Mrs. Henry Sourne, of Henrietta Street, Ca town, he was an object of, commiseration and vendish Square. William Wade, esq. lately, pity, and died of a broken heart, occasioned and for upwards of forty preceding years, by misery and want. master of the ceremonies at that place, Mr. At Havant, Mr. Gorton, of the White Hart Wade succeeded Mr. Derrick, as master of Inn. the ceremonies both there and at Bath, about At Answell, Mrs. Whitear. the year 1767; he resigned the latter more Ac Fareham, Mr. White, of the Bugle Inn. than twenty years since; but continued to preside at the rooms at Brighton, with great Married.] At Heytesbury, the Hon, W. credit to himself, and pleasure to the distin. Elliot, to Miss A'Court, eldest daughter of guished visitors, till the summer of last year, Sir W. P. H. A'Court, bart. whel, sin consequence of his age, being up At Wilton, A. S. Bradby, of Stratford. wards of 80, he resigned in favour of Captain toney, to Miss E. Whitmarsh. Forth, the present master of the ceremonies. At Devizes, Mr. Berjamin Anstice, to Miss

At the Signal House, near Brighton, Lieut. Biggs, daughter of the Rev. Mr. B. Pettit, R. W.

Died.] At Salisbury, in her 87th year, At Chichester, Mr. Fleet.

Mrs. Foster, widow of the Rev. Mr. F. latę

rector of Parney, and vicar of Britford, both During a late storm at Portsmouth, the in this county. She was a woman of great violence of the wind was such as to blow strength of niind, of singular piety and befrom offithe middle storehouse, in his Ma- nevolence; beloved and esteerned by all ranks jesty's dock-yard, 5 tons, 1 cwt. of lead, in of society; and by the poor of this city and in three pieces. One piece weighing about the neighbouring parish of Brittord, whose 30 cwt. was carried by the violence of che wants she was in the constant habit of regale across the road-way, to the distance of lieving, her loss will be long felt and la111 feet; one piece, weighing about 40 cwt. mented.-Mrs. Newman, was driven to the distance of 112 feet; and At Britford, Miss Dixon, 27. the other piece, weighing 31 cwt. dropped in At Great Wishford, Mr. Thomas Hinwood, the road-way, at the distance of 75 feet. 43.

Married.) At Heckfield Church, Sir Ar At Devizes, Mrs. Williams. thur Paget, K. B. to Lady Augusta Fane, a At Pyt- house, Miss Emily Ellen Bennett, few hours after her divorce froin Lord Bor

youngest daughter of John B. esq. ringdon was signed by his Majesty.

At Whaddon, Mr. William England. At Portsmouth, John Martin, esq. of the

BERKSHIRE. Navy Pay Office of that port, to Miss Hick. Married.] At Wasing, Michael Beach ley.-Captain Malbone, of the royal navy, Hicks Beach, esy, eldset son of M. Hicks to Miss Lumsdaine.

B. esq. M. P. to Caroline Jane, eldest daughT. Rogers, esq. of North Hayling, to Miss ter of Willian Mount, esq. of Wasing Rogers, of South Hayling.

House. At New Alresford,

Murray, esq.

Hi Hurley, George Raylock Rusden, of of the royal marines, to Miss Steele, daughter Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, to Anne, only of R. S. esq.

daughter of the Rev. Thomas Townsend, recDied.] At Andover, Dr. John Hemming. tor of Aistrop, Lincolnshire. At Fawley, Mr. Nicholas Noyce.

Died.] At Newbury, Caroline, eldest At Southampton, Mrs. Doran, 59. Mrs. daughter of Samuel Slocock, esq. to Miss Davis. Morris; wife of Charles M: esq. Vr. John At Abingdon, aged 20, Hannah, the second Street, son of Mrs. S. hookseller, 21.

daughter of William Tomkins, esq. And At Plaitford, Mrs. Rose, 84.

what adds to che affiction occasioned by this At Owslebury, Mr. Smith.

mournful event, on the 15th instant, died At Newport, Isle of Wight, Mrs. Dennett, also, after a few days illness, Elizabeth, her wife of James D. esq.

elder sister, aged 27. “ They were lovely Al Portsmouth, of a fever occasioned by in their lives, and in their death they were fatigue in the retreat of the British army to not divided." Their delight was to do goud, Corunna, Surgeon M Gill of the third batta. their character was generosity and tenderness, lion of royals, 50 -0f a fever caught in and few have been followed to the grave with attending the sick, J. Lind, esq. surgeon of more sincere and general sorrow. The the forty-third regiment.-Assistant surgeon younger was beloved for her warm affection



and artless simplicity, and to know and to and considerable literary attainments. Не love her was the same thing; and yet she was born in the year 1749 at Falmouth, at was but the unfolded blossom of the elder, which place he afterwards kept a bookseller's who possessed å warm affection, vnited with shop. But the greater part of his property a most delicate sensibilily, and commanded being consumed by fire, he was induced to fol. at the same time both your love and your low thje bent of his inclination for the art of respect. She trad an uncommon independance landscape and portrait painting. The bettes of mind, and yet was most diffident of her to qualify himself for his profession, and to own opinion. She was reserved without divert his mind from the painful recollection pride, and modest without affectation. And of his misfortune, he accompanied his browhat is peculiarly calculated to excite the ther, who was the master of a merchant vestender feelings of sympathy in the untimely sel, in a voyage to the Baltic. Impelled by removal of the elder, is, that she, who was that enthusiasın which is the characteristic of soon to have been led to the altar, was unex a superior mind, he made a tour, alone and pectedly followed to the tomb.

on foot, through Sweden, Norway, and part At Stitchcomb, Mr. John Tarrant.

of Russia, taking views of the wild and suAt Wantage, Thomas Ansell, esq. blime scenery which the Norwegian mounAt Maidenhead, Mrs. Adams, 78.

toins, the Kol of Sweden and the lakes and At Binneld, William Mackinnen, esq. of forests to the north of the Neða, offer to the Autigua, a member of his Majesty's council eye of the enthusiast of Nature : in that island.

Pine cover'd rocks,
At Caversham, Mr. James Pearsall, attor And mountain forests of eternal shade,
ney, of New Windsor, 43.
At Reading, Mr. Edmund Peckover. The lingering eye reposes, and fair lakes

And glens and vales, on whose green quiethess Mr. William Line, a journey man cabinet That image the lighi foliage of the beech. maker, 74. He was employed at the house

Soutbey. of Higgs and Ford for 60 years, during which Many of Mr. Fox's acquaintance will rememhe never was known to absent himself from

ber the pleasure they once feit in beholding husiness a single day, to have had one holi- these beautiful productions of his pencil, and day, or to have been once disguised in li.

in hearing him read the manuscript account of quor.

his travels. He possessed great facility in the ac

quirementof languages, and pursued with much A very superb building in the Mall at Clif.

success the study of oriental literature. His ton, distinguished after its opulent proprie collection of oriental manuscripts, was a contor, by the name of the Auriol, is last ap- siderable one, and his po:ms of Hafiz, Sadi, proaching to completion. It comprises, an Jami, Auvari, Ferdusi, and ochers: “ Third assembly-room, 100 feet long and nearly 50 zian gardens, prodigal of blooms," would fill feet wide, having on the inside 16 coluinns, several volumes. About six years ago, he 23 feet high, of the lonic order, supporting had prepared two volumes of poems form the a dome so feet in diameter and 50 feet above Persian for the press But increasing debility the entablature. On either side the large constitution, disqualified him for the labour room are card and a tea room, each 30 of publication, and he continued to add to the feet square, with coved ceilings in the roof. number of his former translations, until withIn the hotel are twelve sitting-rooms, a bil. in a short period of his death. In a recent liard room, and sixcy bed-rooms.

letter to the writer of this, he

says, Married.] At Clifton, the Rev. Robert the many disagreeables of publication are so Hoare, to Miss Purefoy, daughter of the very opposite to every inducement of writing, laté William P. esą.

that they cast a damp upon each generous At Bath, the Rev. E. Neale Vänsittart, mind, and destroy poetic sentiment: For second son of George V. esq. M.P. to Ann, the hapless author has not only to sustain the second daughter of Isaac Spooner, esq. of shock of caustic illiberality on the one hand, Eimdon, Warwickshire.

but of talents prostituted to the in:erests At Perrington, Henry Tripp, esq. to Miss of certain tooksellers, who require every thing Dean, niece to John D. esq. of Edinworth. to be depreciatej in which they have no copy

At Bristol, Mr. William Edwards of New. right, on the other." It is to this opinion of port, Monmouthshire, to Miss E. Edwards, the dangers of authorship, that we may artridaughter of William E. esq.-Captain Henry bute the circumstance of Mr. Fox having Harding, of the Royal Caermarthen Fusileers, written so muchi, yet published so little. In to Mrs. Filewood, relict of Captain James F. 1797, he published a volume of poems, “conlate of the 23d light dragoons.

taining the Plaints, Consolations, and DeDied.) At Bristol, Sarah, daughter of the lights of Achmed Ardeveili, a Persian Lxile,” late John Atherton, esq. of Yelton.--Mrs. which was wel received. This work evinc's Aldridge, wife of Richard A. esq.

vigour of though, beauty of expressi n, and At Bath, Mr. Charles Fox, formerly a land- elegance of sentiment. The notes afiord mucha scape and miniature painter of Bristol. This information on oriental subjects. In 1794, gentleman will long be remembered by his Mr. Fox married Miss Feniers, the daughter of friends, for his mild and unassuming inanners, a Durch merchant, wlio survives him. To


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young persons of a literary taste, he was par. well as by all who had the happiness of
ticularly friendly; his fire-side and instruc- knowing him.
tive conversation ever welcomed them. He At Marlborough House, Weston, near
encouraged them in their pursuits, directed Bach, Mrs. Browne, relict of the Rev. Fran-
their studies, and relieved their necessities. cis B. late dean of Elphin.
For several years prior to his decease, he had
relired from business, and passed his retire. Died.] At Kingston, near Wimborne,
ment in the cultivation of that talent for poe Mrs. Dean.
try, which he ever valued as the companion At Dorchester, Mrs. Foy.-Miss Chris-
of nis solitude, the ornament and solace of ac tian R. Hayes, of Saltash, Cornwall, 19.-
tive life. His heart was warm and benevo Mrs. Arden, wife of Mr. A. surgeon.
lent, his conduct virtuous and unoffending, At Shaftesbury, Mr. James Atchison.-
and his fortitude and resignation under long. Mr. William Buffet.
continued bojily indisposition, were manly At Weymouth, John Andrews, esq. 57.
and ex mplary.

At Bridport, Nicholas Bools, esq. one of
William Harris Jeffreys, esq. formerly the aldermen of that borough, 72.
of the 3d regiment of dragoon guards, 69.-

DEVONSHIRE. Mrs. Hill, relict of Rowley H. esq. of The report of the managers of the Devon Mount Hill, Armagh, Ireland, 60.--Harriet, Asylum for female penitents, established at wife of the Rev. W. Bradley, vicar of Alde. Plymouth, on the first anniversary, states, burgh, and daughter of the late Rev. W. that 24 persons have been received into this Jeffreson, of Tunstall, Suffolk.-Mrs. Pey- house of refuge, many from distant counties; ton, wite of Rear-admiral P.-In his 70th that some have bee placed at service in year, William Harris Jeffreys, esq. He be pious and respectable families, and others rehis career in the 3d regiment of dragoon stored to their afflicted friends with mutual guards, and was esteemed an active and me- joy and thankfulness. ritorious officer ; for the last thirty years he Married.] At Woodbury, Captain A. R. has chiefly resided in this city, where his good Hughes of the Madras establishment, to Miss humour, convivial disposition, and benevo- Jane H. Lee, third daughter of Thomas lent mind, rendered him universally beloved Huckell L. esq. of El ford Barton, near Exeand highly respected. Hugh, the secund son of Mr. Meyler, bookseller, a young man of At Wembury, H. A. Merewether, esq. of very promising talents and most amiable dis- London, to Miss Lockyer, daughter of the position, 18.-John Stonehouse, esq. of Lan late Thonias L. esq. of Wembury House. cashire, 18.- Mrs. Bradley, wife of the Rev. At Lidford, William Davey, esq. dispenser Mr. B.-The Rev. Dan. Currie.

of the prison at war, Dartmoor, to Miss At Clifton, Miss Smith, grind-daughter Eliza Smith. of the late Francis Bearsley, esq. of Oporto. At Witheridge, Samuel Wilcock, esq. to

At Bishop's Lydeard, Miss S. Yva, only Miss Jane Luosmore, of Roseash. surviving sister of the late Sir William Y. Died. At Barnstaple, Henry Gribble, esq.

At Wotton under Edge, Mrs. Dauncey, merchant.The Rev. William Marshall, relict of J. D. esq. 75.

upwards of 40 years vicar of that parish. At Wiveliscombe, Martha Webber, 102. At Mount 'Tamar, Mrs. White, wife of

At Taunton, aged 70, the Hon. Sir Jacob Captain W. of the royal navy, and fourth Wolff, Bart. of Chumleigh, Devon. He was daughter of Commissioner Fanshawe, of Plya baron of the Holy Roman Empire, and the mouth Dock Yard. elder and only brother of Baron Wolff

At South Molton, Mrs. Anne Meddon, reJacob was descended from an antient and il. lict of William M. esq. and mother of Henry lustrious noble family, who possessed a fief Foote, esq. 65. of the empire in the Dutcliy of Silesia, and At Beerferris, Samuel Stephens, esq. were by the religious troubles expatriated to At Exeter, Mr. Jonas Johnson.-Elizabeth, Livonia in the time of Charles 11th and 12th youngest daughter of Philip Furse, esq. of Sweden, where they were admitted into Mr. Williain Fisher, 84.- The Rev. Walter the ancieni corps of nobles of Livonia. Sir Kitson, prebendary of St. Peter's Cathedral, Jacob, and his bruther the baron, are the and 27 years rector of the parish of St. Major only branches who were sent very young to in this cicy, 68. this country, and naturalized.

Sir Jacob

At Totnes, Arthur Farwell, esq. married th: only daughter of the Rt. Hon. At Plymouth, Walter Clatworthy, esg Edward Wiston, or Somerby-hall, Lincoln- Major Campbell, of the 420 regiment. shire, and grand-daughter of the Rt. Rev. Ensign Hall, of the 48th.--The Rev. Wila Stephen Weston, D.D. late Bishop of Exeter. liam Cooley, chaplain to the horse brigade, He was a

true christian, a sincere friend, under the command of Lord Paget.--Lieumost benevolent to the poor, and anxious to tenant Parkins, of the 1st. West York miafford them every aid in his power, both litia, 24.--Mrs. Collins, relict of Captain C. spiritual and temporal. He is succeeded in late of the royal navy. his title by his only son, now Sir James At Tothill, Mrs. Culme, relict of John Weston Wolf, and the rest of his family, as C. esq.65.

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M.P. His name was originally Owen, and Married.] Mr. Heard, printer, of Fal he married Miss Crespigny, the only daughmouth, to Miss Perry, of Truro.

ter of Mr. C. formerly M.P. for Aldeburgh, At St. Agnes, Mr. Edward Daniel, to Suffolk. He represented the borouglis of Miss Gill.

Pembroke, Tenby, and Wiston, upwards of At St. Hilary, Mr. Samuel Hancock, of 34 years, having been elected in eight succes. Ennis, to Miss Maria Polglase.

sive Parliaments. In promoting both the At Falmouth, Gaptain William Snow, to general and individual interests of his constiMiss Jane Williams.

tuents, he

was zealous and persevering. Died.) At Rodmin, the Rev. John Lake, The duties arising from his publie station, he fellow of Exeter College, in whom were discharged with fidelity, and his private life united the characters of the gentleman, the was uniformly devoted to the exercise of those scholar, and the christian.

rare and estimable qualities which win irre. Ac Truro, Miss Mitchell, daughter of sistibly the good opinion and affections of all Thomas M. esq. and sister to Commodore ranks of society. The spirit of party never M.-Mrs. John Parkyn, 81.-Mr. Ferris. even attempted to depreciate his merits. No Mrs. Wilkie. -Mr. William Downe. -Mr. man possessed more friends-no man better Tregaskis.-Mr. Bond, of the Bear inn. deserved them. He died in a good and hoa Edward, son of Mr. Bartlett, 25.-Miss Ed. nourable old age, esteemed, beloved, lamented. dy, daughter of Mr. E. banker, 15.

At Boddewran, in the parish of Henego At Falmouth, Mrs. Chard.--Mrs. Mary lwys, in the county of Anglesey, Richard Waters, 34.

Williams, at the advanced age of 103. He At Penzance, Mr. John Richards, of Bod- had been blind upwards of six years, but his min, 21.

sight was restored a short time before His At Saltash, Robert Hickes, esq. many death, and he had also four new teeth. years a member of the corporatiou of that bo. At Ballybegy, Mrs. Symes, relict of the rough, 90.

Rev. Jeremiah S. 84. At St. Țudy, Lieutenant Barnsley, of the At Barntick, Lady Peacocke, wife of Sir royal navy.

Joseph P. Bart. and sister of Lord Castle. Mr. Charles Hennah, son of the Rev. Mr. H. rector of St. Austell.

At Aberguilly, near Carmarthan, Mrs. At St. Endellion, Miss Sheba Pascoe, Diana Rees, 102.

She has left 43 grand16.

children, and 65 great grand-children. At Tregony, James Bennetto, gent. 85. At Reath Court, near Cardiff, Mrs. RigAt Redruth, Mr. William Garby.

by, wife of Peter R. esq. At St. Ives, Mrs. Elizabeth Harris. At Totnes, Author Farwell, esq.

Married.) . At Jonesborough, Armagh, At Mount Tamar, Mrs. White, wife of Capain Bernard, of the 48th regiment, nes Captain White, R. N.

phew of General B. to Miss M.Neale, daughter of Neale M'N. esq.

Died ) At Boskell, in the county of Lime. A lighthouse has been erected on a rock rick, Benjamin Frend, esq. alderman of Licalled the South Stack, being the south merick, and a justice of the peace for that west promontory of Holyhead. The ele- county, 70. vation of the light is 201 feet above At Four-mile Burn, in the County of Ane the level of the sea :--being a revolving light, trim, Nancy Alexander, 112. it is easily distinguished from the Sherries, At Castle Dawson, county of Derry, Mrs. which is a stationary light, and bears from Mary Richardson, 105. She was attended to the light on the South Stack about north-east, the grave by her descendants to the fourth half-east, distant nearly eight miles. It may generation. be seen through the whole of Carnarvon Bay. At Limerick, Mrs. O'Grady, relict of

Married.] At Wrexham, the Rev. T. Ro- Darby O'G. esq. a mother to the Right. Hon. berts, one of the canons of the Cathedral of the Lord Chief Baron in Ireland. Bangor, and eldest son of the late Archdea At Shanakel, Waterford, the Hon. Mrs. con of Merioneth, to Miss Owen, daughter O'Grady, relict of John O'G. of Kilballye of the late Rev Edward O. rector of Llantwrog, Denbighshire.

At Kilkenny, Major Lloyd, of the 66th At Swansea, Alexander Raby, esq. of the regiment. Having arrived there with a diviisland of Jersey, to Miss Jane Rees, second tion of his reginient, on its march from Dube daughter of the late John R. esq. of Killy- lin to Cork, previous to embarkation, after maenllwyd, Caermarthenshire.

dining at the mess, he left before the rest Died ) At Goytree, Monmouthshire, Elic of the party broke up, being anxious to rezabeth, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel turn early to Mrs. L. The night being very Bird, of the 51ch regiment, 27.

dark, and a bridge which he had to pass At Lawrenny-Hall, Pembrokeshire, in being much flooded, it is conjectured that he the 80th year of his age, Hugh Barlow, esq. either missed his path across the bridge and




owen, 80,


got into the main current, or that he had wounded at the landing of the British troops
sunk through a hole that has been discovered in Egypt, and in the ever-memorable battle
in the bridge since the water subsided. The of Trafalgar, he received another wound, of
most diligent search was made for his body which last he never entirely recovered. On
without success; but eighteen days after it many other occasions he distinguished him.
was found by accident in the river, about a self by the most undaunted bravery, skill,
mile below the town. Major Lloyd was and resolution.
recently married to Miss Emma Hale, daugh-

Eer of the late General Hale,of the Plantation,
scar Gaisbro' Yorkshire.

At Corunna, of a fever, occasioned by ex-
At Newtown, King's county, Sir Michael cessive fatigue, Captain F." J. Darby of the
Smith, Bart. late master of the Rolls in 10th light dragoons, and nephew to Sir Jolin
Ireland, and many years a Baron in the Court Lade.
of Exchequer. Sir Michael is succeeded in In Spanish Town, Jamaica, Elizabeth
his honour by Sir William Smith, a Baron Haywood, a free black woman, at the very
of the Exchequer. By Sir Michael's deathadvanced age of 130 years. She was a grown
a pension of 2,7001. which he enjoyed as a girl at the time of the earthquake which de-
retired judge, ceases.

stroyed Port Royal, in 1692, and remembers
having gone with her mother for a load of

the wreck which drifted ashore on the beach
Married.) At Rothesay, Captain Robert near Port Henderson on that occasion. She
Stewart, of the Telegraph Excise Yacht, to was a native of the island, and in her youth
Elizabeth, eldest daughter of W. Muis, of belonged to Dr. Charnock, of the above

town. At Edinburgh, Lewis Henry Ferrier, esq. At the battle at Corunna, in the zed year of Beisyde, to Miss Monro, daughter of Dr. of his age, Lieutenant Noble, of che 65th Alexander M. sen. of Craiglockhart.--David rifle regiment, only son of the late Mr. Nou Meldrum, esq. of Dron, to Miss Margaret ble, of Wakefield, Yorkshire. He was Brodie, daughter of Mr. Archibald B. bravely animating his men in the heat of the

Died.] At Edinburgh, Isabella, Countesso battle, when he received a shot through the dowager of Errol, mother to the lace and head and instantly expired. present Earl of E.-Miss Henrietta Hopé, On board the Mary transport, on his pasdaughter of the late Hon. Charles Hope Weir, sage home from Corunna, Lieutenant-Coloof Craigie Hall.-James Frazer, esq. princi- nel Symes of his Majesty's 76th regiment, pal secretary to the Bank of Scotland. formerly. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Ava,

At Perth, James Morison, an eminent sta and author of an interesting and valuable actioner, bookseller, author, and publisher.- count of that country. further account will be given in our next.

On his passage to Gottenburgh, Arthur The Rev. Duncan Mackay, late acting Branthwayt, esq. late a captain in the ed chaplain of his Majesty's troops on the estab. dragoon guards, son of the late Rev. Arthur Jishment of Madras, in the East Indies. Branthwayt, of Stiffkey, in Norfolk, and Having returned from India some years ago the last of the male line of the ancient and with a moderate fortune, he chose to express respectable family of tlie Branthwayts, of the

respect which he always retained for that Norfolk. He was on board the Crescent fri. ancient seat of learning where he had re gate, lately lost off the coast of Jutland, and ceived his education ; bis attachment to that one amongst the unfortunate sufferers who district of Scotland, where he was born, and perished on that melancholy occasion. his desire to help forward virtuous and indi At Jamaica, Charles Cecil, second son of gent young men of genius, during the course Sir Cecil Bishopp, and late of the Muros friof their academical studies, by founding a new gate. The ship was wrecked in an attempt Bursary in the United College of St. An. to destroy some batteries in the neighbourdrew's, and vesting the patronage thereof in hood of the Havannah, and this excellent his chief, Lord Reay. Having communi. young officer having exerted and exposed him. cated his intention last summer, and corre self, in spite of the cautions of his friends sponded with the College upon the subject, he was attacked, on his arrival at Jamaica, by lately lodged three hundred pounds sterling the yellow fever, which soon proved fatal. in the hands of M. Walter Cook, W. S., In the harbour of Gijon, in Spain, the Agent for the College, but he died before Hon. Captain Herbert, of the royal navy, the necessary deeds were finished, and he left second son of the Earl of Carnarvon. He them to be executed by his trustees.

was going on shore from the Swallow sloop, At Edinburgh, 29, Lieutenant John with Mr. Creed, son of Thomas Creed, esg. Berry. At an early age he entered the navy agent; but just as they were on the navy, and, solely by merit, rose from the Bar, a violent surt broke over them, filled station of a reaman to the rank of Lieutenant the boat, and plunged the whole into the sea. of his Majesty's ship the Revenge. He was The greater part, by taking hold of the boat,


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