The passages,

Three Grand Symphonies for the Piano-forte, 45.) is to contain a complete concerto,

with an Accompaniment for a Violis to each and the price to non-subscribers will be of tbe Slow Movements. Composed, and dedi- 6s. cated to F. P. Salomon, Esq. by Julian Six Variations for

the Piano-forte on a favourite Busby, Mus. Bac. Oxon.

Roman Air, Composed, and dedicated to Mrs. THESE symphonies, deduced from

Clay, by Veronica Cianchettini. 2s. the score, and one of which we,

This Romun air is simple and pleasing have, with delight, heard performed by in its style, and the variations, which are a numerous and well-appointed band, are

six in number, do credit to the composer's of a cast and degree of excellence which, taste and ingenuity. If any thing is left we must say, transcend even the high ex

us to wish, it is, that the execution had pectations we had necessarily formed been more equally distributed between from our acquaintance with Mr. J. Bus- the two hands; not ibat the bass part by's powers, as exhibited in his former has been slighted, but that some inviting productions.

A certain strength of conception, clear- opportunities for displaying the left hand ness of judgment, and spirit of style, not

full extent. often displayed even by veteran composers, pervade the compositions before A Sonata for the Piano-forte, with an Accompaus, and inark the singular prematurity of

niment for the Violin or Flute (ad libitum).

Composed, and dedicated, by permission, 19 Mr. mind froin which they have einanated.

Woelf, by 7. F. Burrowes. 4s. The elegance and delicacy of the slow movements evince a free imagination,

The style of this sonata is distinguished aided by a refinement rarely obtained by its taste and ease. but at the expence of long experience though neither bold nor striking, are con and close and elaborate observation, ceived with facility, and proceed with a while the accompaniment bespeaks a

connected, flowing effect, that will not knowledge of effect that cannot but sur

fail to please the lovers of smooth and prize those who know the youth of the chaste music. It would be injustice to author.

Mr. Burrowes, not to notice particularly In a word, these symphonies, though the high polish of many passages in the by no means easy of execution, will well second movement, and the very agreearepay the assiduity of the emulous prác- ble subject of the concluding rondo. titioner, and afford no small delight to

Tre Duetti, con Accompagnamento di Piano. the tasteful auditor; and whatever we forte. Composti da Vincenzo Martini, Maes. might naturally anticipate from the son tro di Capella della Corte Imperiale di Russia. of Dr. Busby, the countenance and pa:

25. 6d tronage of so sound and respectable a

These duets are written in a light famusician as Mr. Salomon must serve to

miliar style; and, though conceived with confirm the public opinion of Mr. B.'s elegance, will be found simple in their extraordinary claims to applause and ene general construction, and easy of execucouragement.

tion. The first and third are particularly No. I. of Mozart's Concertos. attractive, whether the boauty of their This is the first number of a work to passages be separately considered, or the be edited and conducied by Dr. Crotch, attention be directed to the general efto appear in eighteen monthly parts or

fect. portions, and to contain all the most ce- The First of May, or “ Awake the Lute, lebrated concertos of Mozart, arranged the Fife, the Flute," a Glee for three Voices, from the scores of Dr. C. for the piano- with an Accompaniment for a Piano-forte and forte. This promises to be a valuable

Harp, or Two Performers on One Pianowork to piano-forte practitioners. Dr.

forte. Composed by T. Attwood, Esq. 34. 6d. Crotch has commenced his task with abi- A kind of aërial sprightliness pervades lity, and will, we doubt not, conduct the this composition, which cannot but depublication to its conclusion with credit light every tasteful hearer, because it is to himself and the liberal proprietors and at once sweetly playful and highly publishers, Messrs. Sperati and Cianchet- characteristic. The parts blend with tini. The undertaking is patronized by much happiness of effect, and the aca subscription. Each Number (price companiinent leads the mind to those


vernal scenes, the vocal thrillings of which this little production bespeak much taste it so closely imitates.

and judgment. The words are from Mary A Collection of Psalm Tures, intermixed with Ward's Original Poetry; which Mr.

Airs, adapted from Haydn, Purcell, Handel, Sale has so treated, as to have formed
Corelli, &c. Set for Four Voices, for tbe the best possible cominent on the sense
Use of Choirs or Families, and dedicated to of the fair authoress.
S. Webbe, sen. by bis son S. Webbe, jun.
10s. 60.

The Favourite Hornpipe, danced by Miss Gayton Mr. Webbe, jun, in this work, which in the Ballet of Le Mariage Secret. Cons. is comprized in two quarto volumes, has

posed by Fiorillo, and arranged for the Piano. furnished the lovers of sacred music with

forte by J. B. Cranter. 25. an ample variety of useful and pleasing

The lively little exercise into which
matter; and by forming au accompani- Mr. Crainer has conrerted this popular
ment for the piano-forte, by a compres- hornpipe, will amuse and improve the
sion of the vocal parts into two lines, juvenile performer, and add to the stock
(adeled to the score), he has enlarged its of ingenious trifles.
sphere of convenience; especially in re-
gard to fumily practice, for which, in- Mr. Parry, of North Wales, author of
deed, it is more particularly adapted. Ap Shenkin, the Cambrian Lyrist, and
A Grand Duet fir Two Performers on One other popular productions, is distributing

Pieno.forte. Composed, and dedicated to proposals for publishing, by subscription,
Miss Score and Miss H. Scott, by y. Gil- a se! tion Welsh Melodies, with symt-

plonies, accompaniments, and approThis duet is characterized by a con- priate English words. The whole to be siderable portion of taste and spirit. arranged for the piano-forte, and one, The two parts have a just relation with two, and three voices. and bearing upon each other, and the Those of our níusical readers, who are combined effect bespeaks ingenuity and not already furnished with Dr. Callcott's contrivance. The passages independently Musical Grammar, will be glad to learn, considered, exhibit a pleasing play of that a new edition of that useful and in fancy, and every where lie so commodi- genious work is in the press, and will be ously for the hand as to invite the prac- forthcoming in the course of the present tice of the juvenile performer.

month, recommended by many addiThe Robin, a much admired Canzonett and Trio. tional and valuable examples and anno, Composed, ond dedicated to Miss Ryle and tations, from the able pens of Mr. Miss Daintry, by 7. B. Sale, Author of Jousse, Mr. Horsley, and Mr. S. Wesa " the Butterfly.3s.

ley. The imitation tunes in the melody of

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Passech in the 49th Year of the Reign of George III.

(Not Annual, or of an Official nature.)
Y the 49th Geo. III. a propor- for non-payment of money or costs, shall

be entitled to the benefit of the insol. may inlist voluntarily into the regular vent acts, commonly entitled the Lords' forces, so as to leave serving, including Acts. corporals, three-fifths of the number of This provision will relieve prisoners the establishment in rank and file of where, previously, however calamitous such regiment of militia, consisting of the case might be, they had no possibility one regiinent or battalion, or less, and if of being relieved, except from the ope.. of more, according to the proportion al ration of some general insolvent act. lowed by the Secretary of State.

The 49th Geo. III. c. 12, (the annual By the 49th, Geo. III. c. 5, a like Mutiny Act) contains the following new proportion of the militia in Ireland may clauses. also voluntarily inlist into his Majesty's Persons inlisted, concealing infirmities regular forces.

on inlisting, may be transferred to garriBy the 49iha Geo. III. c. 6, persons in 'son, veterans or invalid battalions, or the custody for contempt of courts of equity, marines. $ 75,


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No person, except an apprentice, and limb, as the court-martial shall think shall be liable to be taken out of the fit. § 102. service, by the warrant of any magistrate, No payınaster, commissary, or other for breach of contract to serve any mas. person, shall make reduction out of ter; and any servant bired for a year, officers or private men's pay, except diinlisting, shall be entitled to such pro- rected by the king's sign inanual. $ 113. portion of his wages, as the inagistrate If any paymaster, agent, or clerk, of shall direct, up to the time of enlistment. any garrison regiment, corps, or company, $ 87, 88.

shall detain for one month otlicers' or When any corps beyond seas shall be soldiers' pay, he shall forfeit to the inrelieved, in order to return home, such of former before a court-inartial, one hun. the men as shall choose, may be enlisted; dred pounds, to be levied as aforesaid ; and soldiers entitled to discharge, are to, and the informer, if a soldier, if he des be sent home free of expence, and have mands it, shall be discharged. $ 105. conduct and inarching money home. Agents of regiments, independent $ 89, 90.,

troops and companies, are to observe Oficers, storekeepers, commissioners, such orders and directions, as shall be and others in that department, embez- giren under the sign manual. § 106. zling military stores, may be tried by a Every person not an autborized agent court-martial and acijudged, while in of any troop or company, who shall neservice out of the United Kingdom, to gociate or act as agent for the purchase transportation for life, or years; or to and sale of any commission, and also sutrer such punishment of pillory, fine, every authorized agent, who shall accept imprisonment, or dismissal from his Ma- any commission, money, or reward, for jesty's service, as the court shall direct; negociating the purchase or sale or or otherwise be incapable of serving in acting as an agent, shall forfeit one hun. any oftice, civil or military, or forfeit two dred pounds, and treble the sum given hundred pounds; and make good the loss above the regulation. $ 107. And payto be ascertained by the court-martial, masters, agents, and clerks, are to acto be levied by distress and sale; and for count with executors and adininistrators. want of distress, the offender to be com- § 108. mitted for six months; and after the By the 49th Geo. III. c. 14, if any sum shall be levied, the same shall be woman in Scotland conceal her being applied as his Majesty shall direct. with child, during the whole period of s 101.

and shall not call for, and Non-commissioned officers embezzling make up ot" help or assistance in the soldiers' pay, shall be reduced to serve in birth, and if the child be found dead, or the ranks, and be put under stoppages be missing, the mother, being convicted, until the money be made good, and suf- shall be iinprisoned for not exceeding fer such corporal punishment, not to life two years.

her pregnancy;


REPORT OF DISEASES, Under the care of the late senior Physician of the Finsbury Dispensarys from the

20th of March, to the 20th of April, 1809. HÆMOPTOE

from the too sanguine sufferer the sloping Phthysis

7 Catarrhus

passage to the tomb, was, not many Pertussis

evenings since, presented to the writer Febris


of this article, in the case of a pthysical Hypochondriasis et Dyspepsia..

8 patient, who, when within only a few Mania

í expirations of her last, was anxious to Amenorrhea

2 know from her medical attendant, wheScrophula..

ther she might not venture to take a ride Vermes

1 in the Park on the ensuing day. She Morbus Cutaneus..

1 survived only a few minutes this unneThe present prevalence of pulinonary cessary but affecting enquiry. affections, it is unnecessary to notice. At the same time, that true and esta.

A remarkable illustration of that fiat. blished pthysis is all but desperate, it tcrisig but faiihiess hope, which conceais ought also to be considered, ibat what



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