esą. ---Mr. Richard Whitehouse ----Miss one o'clock, those spacious premises became a Primer-Mrs. Guest, 64.–Mr. Abel Giove, heap of ruins. The most strenuous endea

At Edgbaston, Miss Richards, daughter of yours of the neighbours to preserve any part Mr. The philus Rietards, of Birmingham. of the valuable effects, were likewise abor

At Coventry. Mr.' Luke Dresser,--Mr. tive; and they bad the regret and mortifW. Cook. -Mrs. Leigh.

cation to witness the entire destruction of At Warwick, W. J. Plaut, 64.--Mrs. every article connected with the ManufacWhitehead, wife of J. W. esq. bauker. tory: At Redworth, Mi. Jackson, 59.

Married.] At Worcester, Mr. Johnson, to At Ashted, Mr. T. Neale, 70.

Miss Sarah Ailen,-Major Morrison, of the At Southamn, Mr. Wm. Holland, of Ox- 89ch. fuot, to Miss Harriott. jord, 68.

Married.) At Hales Owen, T. Phillips, A meeting of the inhabitants of Hereford

9. of Newton, Herefordshire, to Mary, has been held for the purpose of taking sto eldest daughter of the late Samuel Powell, consideration the propriety of making expe. esq.

riments, in order to ascertain wbether cual At Winstanton, Mr. Thompson, of Badge. exists under Checkley coinmoa, in the parish lev, Warwickshire, to Priscilla, youngest of Mordiford, an experienced proprietor of daughter of Thomas Beddoes, esq. of Cheney coal mines having given it as bis opinion, Longville.

that it may be found there. The measure E. Turner, esq. of Corson, to Miss E. was resolved upon, and a subscription enter. Dornes, daughter of J. Downes, esq. of ed into for defraying the expence. Aston Hall.

Married.] At Foy, Thomas Protheroe, esą. At Westfelton, Mr. Thomas Lith, aged of Newport, Monmouthshire, to Miss Mary 80, to Mrs. Sarah Lloyd, 30.

Collin of ingestone. Died.) At Oveton, W. Clydde, jun. esq. Died.] At Worcester, Mr. Francis Paul late capiain in the regiment of Royal Horse Palmer, attorney,- Richard, the youngest Guarıls, (blue) and aid-de-camp to General son of Mrs. Evanş.-Mrs. Hooper, relict of Leighton.

T. H. esq: Panty Goitre, Moumouthshire, At Shrewsbury, Mr. Thos. Robinson, 69. Mrs. Sanders, of the Round-bill, Spetchley. -Mr. Robert Webster, jun.-Mr. Rodbury, At Bromsgrove, Mr. Jeremiah Clark, -Charlos Price Stannier, esq. 32.--Mr. Miss Sarah Wright. Tilley,one of the persons who lately succeed- At Rock, Mrs. Lingen, wife of the Rer. eil to a portion of the long con' eşied proper- Mr L. Rector of that parish, and of Castle ly of C. Barber, e-9.-Miss Susannah Lloyd Froome, Herefordshire. Parry, second daughter of Capt. P.-Mr. At Henwick, Mr. Haywood. Thos, Robinson, 69.

At Upton Snodbury, Mr. Bullock, At Whitchurch, Mrs. Elizabeth Guest, At Bradley Green, Mr. Bonakere 95.-Mrs. Eleanor Hovarden, one of the At Lindsworth Hill, near King's Norton, church-singers, 18.-George, youngest son Mr. Joseph Crotchett, 87. of J Brookes, esq.

At Hanbury, Mr. Jackson, At llcaton, near Wellington, Richard At Suckley, Mrs. Bracer, 74.

Ac Church Lench, Mr. Tovey, Senior. At Preston Montforel, Mr John Yale, At Ombersley, Margaret Darby, 105.

At Kinderley, Mr. Thomas Griffiths, 74, At Clifton upon Teame, Mr. Edward Here and a frw days afterwards his wife, Mrs. wood, 68. Hary G.71.

At Leominster, the Rev. Şir Joba Dut. Ai Houlston, Mr. Samuel Brouzball. ton Colt, bart, rector of Lettop, Wile At Ensi-wall, Mr. Edward Smith, 68. lersby, and Cold Weston, and curate of the

At Oswestry, Mr. W. Hughes, -Mr. Ed. perpetual curacies of Kimbolion and Midward Aaron.

dleton, in the Ciocese of Hereford, 90. At Ludlow, Mrs. Collier.

At Treworgan Farm, Mrs. Howells.
At Herefvrd, Mrs. Lilwall.

Stanier, esq.



On Wednesday evening the 26th of April

GLOCESTERSHIRE. nbont eleven o'clock, 3 fire broke out in the Married.] The Rev. J. Dods, Vicar of China Manufactory of Messrs Cranger, Alinondsbury, to Mary, eldest daughter of Wood, and Co. situated in Losemore, Wor: the Rev. 6. Swayne, Rector of Dyrham, and

In a very short time assistance Vicar of Pucklechurch. was zealou: ly rendered by the inhabitants, At St. Briavell's, Mr. Howell, of Stow. and the 36th regiment assembled to protect Grange, to Miss Branch. the property, Engines arrived at the spot At Thornbury, Mr. Joseph Davies, of without delay, and no neaps were lefi un- Guernsey, to Mary, third daughter of JoTried to subdue the fury of the element; seph Hunt, esq. of Xxeler. but all efforts proved insufficient, and at Died.] At Cheltenhau, George Leycester

W. N. esq.


esq. of Toft, Cheshire, 74.—Mrs. M. B. and society a man of the most amiable disBishop, · 22.-Theodore Henry, son of position. Theodore Gwinett, esq.

At Islip, Mr. G. Raymond, 58. At l'ewkesbury, Mr. Henry Prior, 92. At Drayton, Mr. Deane, 90.

Ai Çrencester, Joby W. Austin, esq. 72. At Oxford, Mr. George Smith, 80. The -- Mr. Thomas Forder, 85.---Mr. Thomas infant son of T. R. Walker, esq. -Mrs. Davies.

Bruck, 84.-The Rev. Ellis St. John, of At Gloucester, Mr. Joha, Read.

West Court, Berks.-Mr. John Beckett, At Maugersbury, Mr. John Edginton, 90. 33. At Stonehouse, Nathaniel Dymock, esq. At South Hinksey, Mrs. Sarah Faulkner, At Frampton, Mrs. Barnard.

67. At St Briavell's Mr. Richard Milson. At How Farm, Watlington, Mr. Sampson At Horton, Mrs. Alway, sen.

At Berkeley, Mr. Jobn Nicholas, 43 years A Ewelm, Mr. Batten, 70.
master of the Free School there,

At Iffley, Mr. Thomas Smith.
At Gatcomb, Mr. Jordan.
At Twyning, Mrs. Maxwell, relict of

George M. esq.

Married.) At Beacousfield, the Rev. R. At Beckford, Mr. Hicks, 62.

Norris, of Tatterford, Norfolk, to Miss At the Moat Farm, parish of Longden, Esther Sparke, of Knuston Hall, NorthMr. Clarke.

amptonshire. At Painswick, Mr. Zacharias Horlick, At Worminghall, John Parsons, esq. of 67.

Brill, to Miss Catherine Read. At Stratton, Mrs. Newcombe, relict of Captain M'Leroth, of the 63d regiment, to

Amelia, second daughter of Robert Hazard, At Slowwe House, Arlingham, Francis Ba. esq. of Terriers. ladon Thomas, esq. 71.

Died.] At Stewkley, Mr. John Bull, 100. At Tetbury, W. Maskelyne, esq.


Married. ] At Kimbolton, the Rev. J. Married.] At Wheatfietd, the Rev. Ben- Thompson, vicar of Spaldwick, Hupting, jamin Pope, of Caversham, to Miss Caroline donshire, to Miss Maule. Viret. At Oxford, W. Whitworth, esq of Watch

BED WORDSHIRR. field House, Berks, to Miss Rebecca Court, Died.] At Little Barford, the Rev. John youngest daughter of Mr. John C.

Blackiston, rector of that place, 57. Lied. At Fawley, Philip Lybbe Powys, esq. brother to the very reverend the dean

NERTFORDSHIRE. of Canterbury, and father-in-law to tbe Married.) At Hitchin, Mr. Rayner, to Rev. E. Cooper, of Hamstal Ridware. Mr. Misa Grice, eldest daughter of John G. Powys had been to the Quarter Sessions at esq. Oxford, and was returning home, accompa- At Buntingford, W. Hill, esq. banker of nied by Thomas Cooper, esq. When they Uppingham,

to Miss Drage, daughter of W. got to the lare leading from As endon to D. esq. Fawley, Mr Powys got out of the chaise to Died.] At Hadleigh House, Kingstill walk home, but as it was then getting dark, Berry, esq. 75. Mr. Cooper wished him to permit the chaise to go round, or else have some one to attend

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, him bome, but he refused both, saying he Married.] At Castor, the Rev. R. Sprancould find his way blindfolded. Some per- ger, vicar of Tamerton, near Plymouth, to son with a lantern came by just afterwards, Sarah Maria, daughter of the Rev. Stephen and shewed him by the spring at Assendun, White, L.L.D. which was then very high. Mr. P. said he Died.] At Bugbrouk, Mr. Elisha Linnell. did not want him any further; but as it At Ayobo, Mrs. Susannah Powelt, relict was getting very dark the man much wish- of David P. Gent. 96. ed to see him home. This he refused, Ac Moulton Gravge, Miss Pywell. telling him also that he could find his way At Harpole, Mr. Thomas Baker, 66. blindfolded. Next morning, however, bis At Oundle, Frances, second daughter of body was discrivered in a neighbouring Mr. Sherard, attorney. pond. It is thought he must have been At Barnwell, Mr. Francis Parsons, and overcome by fright, as the water scarcely a few days afterwards, his widow, Mrs. P. covered him, and there appeared no bruises At Daventry, Mrs. Fallowfield, wife of of co sequence about bim. No man could the Rev. Mr. R. be more esteemed, or sincerely lamented. At Northampton, Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. In bin the poor bave lost a valuable friend, Charles S. jun.




At Stanground, Mr. Nickols, 77.

At Morton, Hall, Mr. Harley. At Duddingten, John Smith, M. D. At East Tuddenham, M. C. High, 60 was of an ancient family in North Britain, At Thetford, Maria, youngest daughter and after serving several years as a surgeon of Mr. T. Smart. in the Navy, settled at Uppingham, in At Yarmouth, Mr. Stephen Godfrey, 79. Rutlandshire, in the same houre where At East Harling, Mr. Rubert Bunnett, two of his immediate predecessors and 80. countrymen, Drs. Fordyce and Garthshore At Norwich, Mrs. Ellis, 65.--. Mr. John had been so successful as to establish Corbould, 79.--Mr. Bishop, 83.- Miss themselves afterwards with eminence in Saralı Love. - Miss Francis Johnson, 12.London, as physicians. He was for many Mr. Digby:-Mr. Robert Atkins, 69.years in extensive and respectable practice Mrs. Amy Whitton, 75. in the principal families in the town and At Crimplesham, Susan, third daughter neighbourhood ; punctual and indefatiga, of the Rev. Mr. Royle, 21. ble in his profession, and, in addition to At Wymondham, Mr. William Peterhis medical services, ever charitable to the son, 76.

At Throston, Miss E. Stannard, second

daughter of Mr. Standard, 15. The Rev. Dr. Claudius Buchanan, has At Lakenham, Mrs. Elizabeth Towler, presented the university of Cambridge, with 73. about eighty volumes of valuable Oriental At Little Milton, Mr. Betts. Manuscripts, which have been placed in the At Mindham, Mr. William Sheppard, 71. Public Library.

At Bauham, Mr. Notley, 76. The Rev. Herbert Marsh, D. D. and At Lyon, Mr. R. Geary, comptroller of Lady Margaret's Professor, on Saturday, the customs, 54. April 29th, commenced a Course of Lec

At Attleburgh, Mr. John Knight, 65. tures in Divinity, in GreatSt. Mary's church At Gatesend, near Rudham, Mr. WilliCambridge. The lecture will be contiuued am Parker. every Saturday during term. This lecture- At Great Hockham, Mr. Warner, 79. ship has been enjoyed as a sinecure for At Longlands, Mr. Edward Wright, upmany years, on account of its being former- wards of S0 years farming steward to T.. ly delivered in Latin, and few or no audi- Coke, esq. of Holkham. tors attending. The revival of it in English At Denver, near Downbam Market, Mr. by so able a theologian must be highly Robert Starkin. useful in this univerity; admittance gratis, At Norwich, Mr. B. Roe, 60.-Mr. as well to the members of the Vaiversity as Isaac Bircham, 65.-Mr. George Ward. -the inhabitants of the town.

Mrs. Elizabeth Culyer. -Mr. Aldred, jun. Married.] Mr, Basham, merchant, of 27. -Miss Sarah Love, 18. Carnbridge, to Miss Mary Ann Wiles, third At Yarmouth, Lieut. T. R. Seaman, danghter of the late Williain Wiles, esq. R. N. 23. of Chesterton.

At Bramerton, Mrs. Rudd. At Cambridge, the Rev.Johnson Baines, At Terrington, Șt. John's, Mr. H. SutVicar of Burwell, to Harriet, second terby, 71'; and two days afterwards, at daughter of the Rev. John Bullen of Barn- Clenchwarton, near Lynn, his brother Jowell.

nathan Sutterby, gent. 65. Died.) At Cambridge, Mrs. Susannah At Wells, Mrs. Dennis, 62. Last.

AtWalton Green, Charles Sackville Scott, At Elsworth, Mrs. Whitechurch, second son of the Rev. Thomas Scott, late

a midshipman on board the Alexandria

Frigate, 13.
Married.] At Yarmouth, Mr. J. A.
Nies, assistant surgeon in the Royal Navy,

SUFFOLK to Miss Butcher

Married.] At Stonham, John Wriglit At Lynn, Henry Morley, esq. to Miss esq. of Kilverston-Lodge, Norfolk, to Miss Micklefield, both of Stoke Ferry.

Rose, daughter of the Rev. Mr. R. rector Died.) At Terrington St. John's, Mr. of Broughton and Draughton, NorthampH. Sutterby, 71; and two days afterwards ton. at Clenchwarton, Dear Lynn, his brother Mr. Thomas Jones of Sudbury, to Miss Jonathan Sutterby, gent. 65.

Sarah Fitch. At Ashwickey, Mr. John Goss Herring, At Bury, Mr. John Brooks of London, 26.

to Miss Bir. At Great Bircham, Mr. T. Hebgin, 55. Died.] At Yoxford, Mr. S. Barnes, 59. At Bressingnam, Mr. Ezekiel Read. At Winghial 1 Castle, Mrs. Jane Prety

At Downham, Lucy, wife of Mr. Adam man. Standford of the Chequers son.

At Bury; A4 Mactbew Spilling.



At Gillingham, Lieutenant de Bacher, of Married.] At Walthamstow, Francis' the royal waggon train, to Mary Philippa, Evans, jun. esq. to Harriet, third daughter daughter of the late Rev. Richard Bland, of of John Locke, esq.

Tunstal House. At Maidon, Mr. Shynn, of the Blue Boar At West Malling, John Scudamore, esq. of Inn, Prittlewell, to Miss Harris, of Gold- Maidstone, to Charlotte Catharine, youngest hanger.-M. Clifford, esq. captain in the daughter of Lieutenant-colonel Downman, of 28th regiment, to Miss Payne.

the royal artillery. At Colchester, R. Wills Mapowder, esq. At Lewisham, the Rev. John Stevens, recto Elizabeth, third daughter of the late Ro. tor of East Wittering, Sussex, to Miss' A. M. bert Cawre, esq.- Mr. Charles Robertson, Norton. of Surry House Boarding School, to Miss At Folkstone, John Wallis, esq. of Sid. Sarah Wayman.-T. W. Maybey, lieutenant mouth, Devon, to Miss M. Haden. in the Essex militia, to Miss Ann English. Died.] At Tenterden, Mrs. Winser, 78.

Died ] At Cold Norton, Mr. Thomas Mrs. Batchelor, 90. Grant.

At Dover, Mrs. Burrows.--Mr. John WalAt Springfield, Mr. James Harwood, 86.

ker, surgeon. Mr. John Abrey, 83.- Mrs. Moss.-Mr. Jo- At Ashford, Mr. William Wall, 69.-Mrs. seph Wilshire.

Joy. -Mr. Stewart.
At Prittlewell, Miss Eleanor Kemp, 23. At Margate, Mrs. Hunter, 51.

At Wakes Colne, William, eldest son of At Maidstone, Mrs. Jacobson, relict of J. J. William Brett, esq. 14.

esq. At Billericay, Mr. Samuel Clay.

At Faversham, Mrs. Doswell, wife of CapAt Lexden, C. A. Crickett, esq. 41. tain D. of the Custom House cutter stationed At Colchester, Mr. Stephen Betts.

there.-Mr. Gibbs, 82, At Sible Hedingham, Mrs. Fowke, relict At Debden Farm, Petham, Mr. Stephen of Tharpe F. esq. late major in the royal Partridge, 31. marines.

At Bethersden, Mr. Hawkins. At Witham, Mr. Perceval. Edward, son At Biddenden, Mrs. Sarah Holness, 87. of Mr. E. Aldridge.

At Eythorn, Mr. Samuel Sankey, 36. Ai Chelmsford, Mis. Mary Frost, widow At Sheldwich, Mrs. Read. Thomas Read, of Mr. Charles F. bookseller and printer.— gent. 69. Mrs. Chipperfield, 74.-Lieutenant Augus. At Boughton-under-Blean, Mr. William tine Mercaci, of the Cornwall militia.-Mrs. Mears, 22. Pearson.

At Cranbrook, William Thompson, gent. At Great Dunmow, Mrs. Barnard, 73. 75.

At Bocking, Louisa, eldest daughter of At Gravesend, J. Williams, gent. William Nottidge, esq. of Bermondsey, Ac Rochester, Mrs. Alexander. Surry.

At Deal, in his 18th year, Mr. James MurAt Galleywood Common, Colonel Coiborn, ray Clapham, midshipman and master's mate of the royal artillery.

of his Majesty's brig, Pandora, greatly beloved At Ramsden Park, Mr. Thomas Mayotts. and regretted by his captain and officers, and

the whole ship's company, only son of the For the better accommodation of the troops Rev. Samuel C. vicar of Great Ouseborne, stationed in Canterbury, an hospital is about Yorkshire, and rector of Gussage St. Michael, to be erected, in a healthy situation at the in Dorsetshire, &c. back of the range of barracks, in the northern At Longport, Mrs. Margaret Giles. quarter of the city. Its size is estimated to At Wickham, Mr. Thomas Hatcher, 85. accommodate about five in every hundred of At Wye, Mr. William Kennett, 68. the troops usually stationed there, and every At Borden, Mr. John Kirby. attention is to be paid in its construction, to At Canterbury, Mr. Newport, sen.-Carender it conducive to health and comfort. tharine, wife of Mr. William Gorely, 33 Comprehended in its scite, will be an area of Mr. Henry Hearn, 74. Mr. Hardeman.several acres of land, which is to be used in Mr. Gillman, 41.-Mrs. Davis. future as an exercise ground for the cavalry At Eastry, Mrs. Mead, wife of Mr. M. of regiments, that may be stationed in the bar- the Bell Inn, Sandwich. sacks. The ground has also been chosen At Ramsgate, Mrs. Jarman. near Fort Pitt, at Chatham, for a similar At Sandwich, Mrs Stanner. hospital, for the use of the troops at that place. These buildings will supersede the On the 1st of May the Guildford Agriculnecessity of regimental hospitals at the above tural Society held their first meeting Lord places, which are too often, from their nature Somervile's Spanish rams and fat oxen, were and construction, rather the promoters than much admired, as were such of Mr. Ellis's the preventives of disease.

stock as had been fattened with molasses. Married.] At Sittingbourne, Argles Bishop, The following prizes were adjudged ; to esg. banker, of Maidstone, to Mary-Ann, Mr. Coles, of Croydon, for the best southdaughter of Edward Brenchley, esq.

down rams, the first prize; to Mr. G. Ryde,



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of Chilworth, for Southdown tegs, the se- At Southampton, Mrs. Rix, the wife of cond ; to Mr. Gouldlock, for the best pigs; Rev. Teorge R. and to Mr. John Smallpiece, of Guildford At Romsey, Mr. Robert Godfrey. Park for the best cart stallion. Mr. Bennet Ai Whitchurch, Mrs. Winscomb, 64. Frodsbam received a prize of 20 guineas for At Andover, Mr. John Arthur, sen. 79. his two very effective sowing machines. At Hill, near Southampton, Captain S. Seventeen ploughs were started, when 15 Baker, late in the East India Company's sér. guineas were adjudged to Mr. Woods for his vice. ten-wheeled plongh, his own invention, and to Mr. Boulton five guineas. A gentleman Married.] At Cricklade, the Rev. Wil. of Dorking exhibited a plough drawn by two liam Wivell, to Miss Poulton. oxen without a driver which gave universal At Neteleton, Mr. John Farmer, of Wat satisfaction.

King on, to Miss Hulbert. Married.) At Egham, Joseph Gulston, Died.] At Church Yatton, Sophia, third esq. of Knuston-hall, Northamptonshire, tó daughter of the Rev. Samuel Pidding. Anna Maria, eldest daughter of the late At Bradford, Mr. John Sandell 65. James Knowles, esq. of Englefield-green. At Salisbury, Mrs. Spencer, relict of Mat

Died.) At Dorking, Mr. George Birch, thew S. esq. of Herringion, Somersetshire.second son of Mr. Alderman B. of London, Mr. John Sharpe, one of the city beadles.18.

Mrs. Cooksey.
At the Oaks, Lady Lucy Eliza Smith At Mere, the Rev. Thomas Grove, 64.
Stanley, eldest daughter of the Earl of Derby.

At Aldershot, near Farnham, the Rev. At a respectable meeting of the inhabitants
John Brownrigg, A B. à native of White of the town and neighbourhood of Reading,
haven, Cumberland.

lately held at that place, it was resolved to At Ewell, Mrs. Gapper, 79.

establish a society there, in aid of the British

and Foreign Bible Society in London, and to The following is a remarkable instance of adopt, as far as possible, the rules and regu. the extraordinary increase in the value of lations of the parent society. Donations land. A farm cailed Oakhurst and Harn and subscriptions to forward this plan, have Farm, in the parish of Sidlesbam, containing accordingly been received to a considerable 291 acres, was purchased by the late Sir John amount. Carter, for 20001. This farm was, last

The Commissioners appointed to inquire month, sold by auction, for 12,8901. includ- into the state of Windsor Forest, have made ing the half-duty. The timber is computed three reports upon the subject, which have to be worth 30001. more, to be taken at a

been laid before the House of Commons and fair valuation.

printed. The following extracts from the Married.] At Brighton, the Rer. Georgeshew its present state: Monck, to the Hon. Sarah Hamilton, eldest “ This forest was formerly of much gretto daughter of Lord Viscount Boyne.

er extent than at the present time. AccordDied.) At Glynde, Mr. Tugwell. ing to an inquisition in the time of Charles At Horsham, M. Henry Messiter, late of the first, and the perambulation made under Wincanton, Somerset, surgeon to the 26th the authority of the 40th of the King, it seg. of foot. He was wounded in the breast extends into the five hundreds of Rippies mere, at the battle of Corunna, from which he had Cookham, Charlton, Wargave, and Soninge, recovered, and fell a martyr to a fever which and comprehends the whole of some of them he caught in attending some soldiers of the and part only of others. The entire parishei regiment.

within the forest are twelve in number, and NAMYSHIRE.

it extends into parts of five other parishes, Married.] At Pareham, W. Maidman, It contains fifteen principal or chief menors, esq. to Miss Catmore.

having within them several subordinate ot At Alton, Mr. Frederic Gray, to Miss

mesne manors. Of the principal or chief Mary Clement, eldest daughter of Mr. C. manors, some are co-extensive with the pa solicitor.

rishes in which they lic, others are not so Died.] At Gams, scar Fareham, John and some of them extend over more parishes Delmé, esq. 36.

than one. At Beaulieu, Mr. George Gorenge. The whole quantity of land in

At Portsmouth, Mrs. Hammond. - Mr. the forest, according to the King, 83. — Miss N. Shepherd.-- Serjeant survey and map, taken in Joseph Bishop, of the West Middlesex Mili. the years 1789, and the Acres R. P. tia. eing on guard in the dock yard, he three following, amounts to 59,600 O accidentally fell into the bason and was drowned.

Of which the inclosed property On Board the Ewiritta, at Spithead, on his of the crown amounts to 5, 154 9 6 passage to Quebec, Robert Cruickshank, esq. The private inclosed property of Montreal, Canadı,

$9,095 : 56

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of individuals

Total inclosed land $4,480 1 1

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