Gen. Le Grand distinguished himself; Gene- trenching themselves in the church-yard of neral Boudet was stationed at Esling, and had Esliay. The tiralleurs, under the command orders to defend that important position. Ob., of General Curial, performed their first sera serving that the enemy had a very wide space , vice this day, and proved that they possessed between his right and left wing, it was resolved courage. General Dorsenne, colonel, come to penetrate his centre. The Duke of Monte- manding the Old Guard, posed his troopis in beilo led che atrack-General Qudinot was the chird line, forming a bråzen wall, whicha on the left, St. Hillaire's division was in the was alone capable of withstanding all the efcentre, and Boudet's division was on the forts of the Austrian army. The enemy disright wing. The enemy's centre could not charged 40,000 cannot-shot against us, while withstand the sight of our troops. In a mo

we, deprived of our reserve parks, were under ment, every thing was borne down before the necessity of sparing our ammunition, less them. The Duke of Istria made several suc some unforeseen events should occur. cessful attacks. Three columns of infantry In the evening, the enemy returned to his were charged and cut down by the cuirassiers. old position, which he had left previous to the The Austrian army was on the point of being commencement of the attack, and we re. destroyed, when, at seven in the morning, an mained mastors of the field. His loss is very aide-de-camp of the Emperor came to inform great: it being estimated that he left mors him, that a sudden rise of the Danube had set than 12,000 dead on the field. According to afloat a great number of trees, which were the repo:ts of the prisoners, the enemy bave cut down during the lace events at Vienna, had 23 generals, and 60 superior officers, killed and rafts, which had been left on the bank; or wounced. Lieutenant Field Marshal Weand that the bridges, which formed the com ber, 1500 men, and four standards, have fallen munication between the right bank and the into our lands. Our loss has also been conlittle island, and between the little island anu-siderable. We have 1100 killed, and $000 that of Inder-Lobau, had thereby been carried wounded. away. This rapid swell, which usually does The Duke of Montebello was wounded by not take place until the middle of June, on a cannon-ball, in the thigh, in the evening the nielting of the snow, has been accelerated of the 22d; but an amputation has taken by the great heat which has for some days place, and his life is out of danger. At first prevailed. All the reserve parks of artillery it was thoughe that he wa: killed; and, bewhich were advancing, were, by the loss of ing carried, on a hand-barrow, to where the the bridges, detained on the right bank, as Emperor was, his adieu was most affecting. was also a part of our heavy cavalry, and the

In the midst of all the anxieties of the day, whole of the Duke of Averstadt's corps. This the Emperor gave himself up to the expresa dreadful accident induced the Emperor to put şion of that tender friendship which, during a stop to the movement in advance.

He or

su many years, he has cherished for his brave dered the Duke of Montebello to keep the companions in arms. Some rears rolled from held of battle, and to take his position with his eyes; and, turning to those who sure his left wing resting on a curtain-work, which rounded him, he said - My heart required a the Duke of Rivoli covered, and his right painful stroke, like this, to make me have wing at Esling.

any other concern to-day than for my army." The artillery and infantry cartridges, which The Duke of Montebello was senseless; but were in our reserve park, could not now be recovered himself, in the presence of the Embrought across the river. The enemy was in peror: he embraced him, and said " Witha most frightful state of disorder, at the mo in an hour, you will have lost him, wlio dies ment when he learned that our bridges were with the glory and consolation of being your broken down. The slackening of our fire, best friend." and the concentrating movement of our army,

The General of Division, St. Hillaire, is also soon left him no doubt respecting this unfore- wounded: he is one of the first generals of seen accident. All his cannon and artillery France. General Durosnel, aide-de-camp to equipage, which were before on the retreat, the Emperor, was also killed by a cannon were again drawn out in line; and, from nine ball, while he was carrying an order. The in the morning to seven in the evening, he soldiers displayed all that coolness and intre, made the most astonishing exertions, support- ' pidity which is peculiar to the French alone. éd by the fire of 200 pieces of cannon, to The waters of the Danube still increasing, throw the French army into disorder; but all the bridges couid not be restored during his efforts tended to his own disgrace. Thrice the night; the Emperor, therefore, ordered he attacked the villages of Esling and Gros- che army, on the 23d, to pass the fete bank, Aspern, and thrice he filled them with his across the little aim, and take a position in dead. The fusileers of the guard acquired the island of Inder-Labau, prot cting the great glory; they defeated the reserve, form- têtes-de pont. The works for replacing the ed of all the grenadiers of the Austrian army, bridges are continued with assiduity; and and the only fresh troops which remained to nothing will be undertaken until they are the enemy. General Gros put to the sword secure, not only against the accidents of the 700 Hungarians, who had succeeded in ca. water, but against any thing that may be at. MONTHLY MAG. No. 186.,

4 L


tempted against them. The rise of the river, of the sympathy which even barbarians have and the rapidity of the stream, render much for their countrymen. The Tyrolese abhot labour and great caution necessary.

those who have excited them to rebellion, and On the morning of the 22d. when the brought upon them all the consequent calaarmy was informed, that the Emperor had mities. Their rage against Chasteller is so ordered it to retreat to the great island, no. great, that, after his flight to Vuergel, they thing could exceed the astonishment of the detained him at Hall, beat him with sticks, brave troops. Victorious on both days, they and treated him so ill, that he was forced to had supposed that the remainder of the army keep his bed for two days, and could only had joined them ; but when they were told, make his appearance to propose a capitulathat the high water had carried away the tion: but he was answered, that this would bridges, and that its continued increase ren not be made with a robber; on which he dered a supply of their ammunition and provi. precipitately fled into the mountains of Ca. sions impracticable, and that any movement rinthia. The valley of Zillerthal was the in advance would be absurd, it was with diffi first to submit, and the rest of the country culty they could be persuaded of the truth of followed the example. All the chiefs come the statement.

manded the peasants to return to their dwellThat bridges, constructed of the largest ings; and they were seen to leave the mounboats of the Danube, secured by double an. tains, and return to the villages. The dis chors and cables, should be carried away, tricis have sent deputations to the King of was a great and entirely onforeseen disaster; Bavaria, to intreat his clemency. The Vo. but it was extremely fortunate, that the Em. rarlberg, which had been misled by the arts peror was not two hours later in being in. of the enemy, will follow the Tyrol, and that formed of it. The army, in pursuing the part of Germany will then be delivered from enemy, would have exhausted its ammuni. the evils of popular insurrection. tion, which it would have been impossible to

Twelfth Bulletin. replace.

Ebersdorf, May 26. On the 23d, a great quantity of ammuni. On the 23 and 24th, the army was emtion was sent to the camp at Inder-Lobau. ployed to restore the bridges, which were The battle of Esling, of which a circumstan- ready the 25th, early in the morning; and tial report shall be made, pointing out the the wounded, caissons, &c. were removed to brave men who distinguished themselves the right bank of the Danube. The Danube therein, will, in the eyes of posterity, be a being likely to rise till the 15th June, it is new memorial of the glory and in flexible intended to mark the height of the river, by firmness of the French army. The Dukes means of two poles driven into the ground, to of Montebello and Rivoli, on that day, dis- which the large iron chain is to be fastened, played all the powers of their military cha- which the Turks had destined for the same racter. Tlie Emperor has given the com purpose; but the Austrians took it, and it mand of the 2 corps to Count Oudinot, a was found in the arsenal of Vienna. This general tried in a hundred battles, in which measure,

and the works which are constructhe has always evinced the possession of equal ed on the left banks of the Danube,'will ena

ble us to manæuvre on both sides of the Eleventh Bulletin.

river. Our light troops have taken post near

Ebersdorf, May 24. Presburg, on the lake of Neusiedel.' General The Marshal Duke of Dantzic is masier of Lauriston is in Styria, at Simeringsberg, and the Tyrol, and on the 19th entered Inspruck; Bruck. The Duke of Dantzic.is hastening, the whole country has submitted. On the by forced marches, at the head of the Bava11th, the Duke of Dantzic took the strong rian troops, to join the army at Vienna. The position of Steub-Pas, with seven cannon and horse' chasseurs of the Imperial Guard ar6000 men. On the 13th, after having de- rived here yesterday; the dragoons are exfeated and put to flight Chasteller, in the pected in the course of to-day; and, within a position of Voergel, and taken all his artil- few days, the horse grenadiers and sixxy lery, he pursued him to beyond Rattenberg, pieces of ordnance will reach this place. By the fugitive being indebted for his safely only the capitulation of Vienna, 7 marshal-lieu. to the feetness of his horse. General Deroi tenants, 9 major-generals, 10 colonels, 20 having raised the blockade of the fortress of majors and lieutenant-colonels, 100 captains, Kufstein, joined the troops commanded by 150 lieutenants, 200 second lieutenan's, and the Duke of Dantzic. Chasteller came into 3000' non-commissioned officers and soldiers, the Tyrol, with a handful of wretched rai). were prisoners of war ; exclusively of those ble, promoting insurrection, plunder, and who were in the hospital, and whose number murder. He saw massacred, before his eyes, amounts to some thousands. several thousands of Bavarians, and some

Battle of Urfar. hundreds of French_soldiers. The wretch, On the 17th of May, thee Austrian cooverwhelmed with benefits by the Emperor, lumns, under the command of Generals Gran. to whom he was indebted for the recovery of viile, Bucalowitz, and Somuia Riva, .sup. his property, amountug to several millions, ported by 3 reserve, under General jela was incapable of the fcelings of gratitude, and lachich, attacked General Vandamme, at the


courage and skill.

village of Urfar, in front of the bridge- head Italy have conducted themselves as the peo. at Lintz.

At the same moment, the Prince ple of Alsace, Normandy, or Dauphine, would of Ponte Corvo came to Lintz, with the ca have done. The proclamations and the disvalry, and the first brigade of Saxon infantry. courses of the Archduke John inspired only General Vandamme, at the head of the Wir. contempt and scorn; and it would be difficult lemberg troops, and four squadrons of Saxon to describe the joy of the people of the Piave, hussars, repulsed the two first columns of the the Tagliamento, and of the Frioul, when enemy, drove them from their positions, took they saw the army of the enemy flying in from them six pieces of artillery, made 400 disorder, and the army of the Sovereign and prisoners, and threw them into entire confue the country returning in triumph. The peosion. The third column of the enemy ap- ple of Italy are marching with rapid strides to peared on the heights of Goslingberg, a seven the last period of a trappy change. That in the evening; and his infantry, in a mo beautiful part of the Contineni, . to which ment, took possession of the neighbouring are attached so many great and illustrious remountains. The Saxon infantry fell on the collections, which the Court of Rome, that enemy with fury, drove him from his posi- swarm of monks, and its own divisions, had

tion, and took 800 prisoners, and several am- ruined, is appearing with honour again on 1 munition waggons. The enemy has retreat the theatre of Europe.

ed, in confusion, to Freystadt and Hasbach. All the details which reach us of the Aus. The hussars, sent out is pursuit, have brought trian army shew, that on the 21st and 22d, in many prisoners; 500 muskets, and a num its loss was enormous. The choice troops of ber of waggons and caissons, were found in the the army have perished. The good folks of woods. The loss of the enemy amounts to Vienna say, that the manæuvres of General 2000 killed and wounded, besides prisoners. Danube saved the Austrian army. The Our whole loss, in killed, wounded, and pri. Tyrol and Voralberg are completely subsoners, is not 400 men. The Prince of Ponte jected. Carniola, Styria, Carinthia, che tere Corvo praises greatly General Vandamme, and . ritory of Saltzburgh, Upper and Lower Austhe beliaviour of the Saxon General in Chief tria, are pacified and disarmed. Trieste, Leschwitz, who, in his 65:h year, possesses that city where the French and Italians sufall the activity and fire of youth.

fered so many insults, has been occupied. Thirteenth Bulletin.

One circumstance in the capture of Trieste

Ebersdurf, May 28. has been most agreeable to the Emperor During the night of the 26th and 27th, our the delivery of the Russian squadron. It had bridges on the Danube were carried away by received orders to fit out for Ancona, but, the waters and the mills which have been set detained by contrary winds, it remained in free. The Emperor spent yesterday on the the power of the Austrians. left bank surveying the fortifications which The junction of the army of Dalmatia will are raising on the Island of Inder Lohan, and soon take place.

The Duke of Ragusa began in order to inspect some regiments of the Duke bis march as soon as he heard that the army de Rivoli's corps, stationed at this sort of of Italy was on the Isonzo, It is hoped that

it will arrive at Laybach before the 5th of On the 27th, at night, Captain Baillie, June.' Aid-de-Camp of the Viceroy, brought the The robber Schill, who assumed, and with agreeable tidings of the arrival of the army reason, the title of General in the service of of Italy at Bruck. General Lauriston had England, after having prostituted the name been seni in advance, and the junction took of the King of Prussia, as the satellites of place on the Simering berg. During twelve England prostitute that of Ferdinand at Sedays the two armies had received no intelli ilie, has been pursued and chased into an gence of each other. The Viceroy has dis. island of the Elbe. played, during the whole campaign, a calm. The King of Westphalia, independently ness and an extent of observation which are of 15,000 men of his own troops, had a Dutch the presages of a great' General. In the rela. division and a French division, and the Duke tion of fačts which have graced the army of of Valmy has already united at Hanau two Italy during these lust twenty days, his Ma. divisions of the Corps of Observation. jesty has marked with pleasure the destruc The pacification of Swabia sets free the tion of the corps of Jellachich. It was this Corps of Observation of General Beaupont, General whose insolent proclamationenkindled which is collected at Augsburgh, and where the fury and sharpened the daggers of the are more than 3000 dragoons. Tyrolese.

The rage of the Princes of the House of The Archduke John, who, so short a time Lorraine against Vienna may be painted with since, in the excess of his presumption, de one stroke. The capital is fed by foriy mills, graded himself by his letter to the Duke of raised on the left bank of the river. They Ragusa, evacuated Gratz the 27th, taking have removed and destroyed them. with him hardly 25,000 or 30,000 men, of

Fourteenth Bulletin. the fine army with which he entered Italy.

Ebersdorf, June 1. Arrogance, insults, excitements to revolt, all The bridges npon the Danube are cum. his actions, which bear the stamp of rage, pletely re-established: to these have been bave turned to his shame. The people of added a flying bridge; and all the necessary




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Materials are preparing for another bridge of that the body of the Duke should be ém. Aoats. Seven machines are employed to drive balmed and conveyed to France, there to rein the piles; but the Danube being in many ceive the honours that are due to his elevated places twenty-four and twenty-six feet in rank and eminent services. Thus died one depth, much time is spent in order to fix the of the most distinguished soldiers chat France anchors, when the machines are displaced. ever produced. In the many battles in which However, our works are advancing. and will he was engaged, he had received thirteen be finished in a short time. The General of wounds. The Emperor was deeply afflicted Engineers, Lozowski, is employed on the by this loss, which will be felt by all France. left bank upon a tête de-pont of 1600 crises in

PROCLAMATION. extent, and which will be surrounded by a Soldiers of the army of Italy,-You have trench full of running water. The 44th crew gloriously attained the end which I pointed of the flotilla of Boulogne is arrived. A great out to you-the Sovereign has bien witness number of boats, cruizing in the river about to your junction with the grand army. the islands, protect the bridge and render great You are welcome !-I am satisfied with service. The battalion of marine workmen you ! labour in the construction of little armed Surprised by a perfidious enemy before your vessels, which will serve completely lo como columns had joined, you were obliged to remånd the river.

trograde to the Adige, but when you received After the defeat of the corps of General orders to march forward, you were in the Jellachich, M. Matthieu, Captain-Adjutant memorable Field of Arcola, and there you of the staff of the army of Italy, was sent swore by the manes of our beroes to triumph, with an orderly dragoon upon the road to You kept you word at the battle of the Piave, Saltzburgh, who having successively niet with at the battles of St. Daniel, of Tarvis, of a column of 650 troops of the line, and a co- Gorite. You took by assault the forts of lumn of 2000 militia, both of whom were Malberghetto and Predel, and forced the di, cut off, and had lost their way; they, on vision of the enemy, entrenched at Prévauld being summoned to surrender, laid down their and Laybach, to capitulate. You had not

yet passed the Drave, and already 25,000 pris General Lauriston is arrived at Oldenburgh, soners, 69 pieces of cannon, and 10 standards the first country town of Hungary, with a had signalized your valour. Afterwards the strong advanced guard. There appears to Drave, the Save, the Muer, could not im. be some, ferment in Hungary, where men's pede your march. The Austrian column of minds are divided, the greater part not seem- Jellachich, which first entered Munich; ing favourable to Austria. - General Lasalle which gave the signal for the massacres in has bis head-quarters opposite to Besbourg: the Tyrol, surrounded at St. Michel, fell and pushes his posts to Alteniourg and Rhaah. beneath your bayonets. You have executed -Three divisions of the arny of Italy are speedy justice on these shattered remains arrived at Neustadt. The viceroy has been which had escaped the rage of the grand army, for the last two days at the head-quarters of Soldiers ! this Austrian army of Italy, the Emperor. General Macdonald has en. which for a moment had polluted my provintered Gratz. There have been found in this ces by its presence, which pretended to break capital of Styria immense magazines of provin my iron crown, beacen, dispersed, annihilatsions and equipments. --The Duke of Dantzic ed'; tbanks to you, shall be an example of is at Lintz: the Prince of Ponte Corvo is the truth of the motto, • Dio la ne diede, marching to Vienna: General. Vandamme, quai a chi la tocca.'-- God has given it to me, with the Wirtemberghers, is arrived at St. woe to him who touches it. Polten, Mautern, and Crems.

Ebersdorf, May 27, 1809.

NAPOLEON. Tranquillity reigns in the Tyrol. Vienna is tranquil: bread ani wine are in abundance, but meat begins to be scarce. Contrary to

Austrian Official Bulletin. all reasons of policy and motives of humanity,

Head Quarters, at Brietenles, the enemy do all in their power to starve their On the 19th and 20th, the Emperor Na. fellow.citizens and this city, although it poleon passed the greater arm of the Danube, contains their wives and children. How dif. with the whole of luis army, to which he had ferent is this from the conduct of our Henry drawn all the reinforcements of his powerful 1V. who supplied a city then hostile to, and allies. He established "his main body on the besieged by him, with provisions !

Island Loball, whence the second passage over The Duke of Montebello died yesterday, at the lesser arm, and his further offensive disa five in the morning. Shortly before, the positions, were necessarily to be directed. Emperor passed an hour with him. His Ma. His Imperial Highness resolved to advance jesty sent for Dr. Franc, one of the most ce with his army to meet the enemy, and not to lebrated physicians in Europe. His wounds obstruct his passage, but to attack him after were in good condition, but a dairgerous fe. he had rekched the left bank, and thus to met had made in the course of a few hours defeat the object of his intended enterprize. the must fatal progress. All the assistance This determination excited, throughout the of ant was useless. His Majesty has ordered whole army, the highest enthousiasm. Ania



mated by all the feelings of the purest pa. 6000 wounded, and removed them to our triotism, and of the must toyal attachment to hospitals. their sovereign, every man became a hero; When the French could no longer maintain and the smoaking ruins, the scenes of desola- themselves in Aspern, the brave Hessian tion, which mark the track of the enemy, in were obliged to make a last attempt, and were his progress through Austria, had initamed Sacrificed, them with a just desire of vengeance. With At the departure of the courier, the Emo joyful acclamations, with the cry, a thousand peror Napoleon was in full retreat to the times repeated, of " Live our good Emperor!” other side of the Danube, covering his reand with victory in their liearts; our columns, treat by the possession of the large island of at nooi, on the 21st, proceered onward, lo Lobau. Our army is still engaged in close nieet the reciprocal attack of the advancing pursuit. enemy; and, soon after three o'clock, 'che The more particular details of this membbattle commenced.

table day shall be made known as soon as The Emperor Napoleon, in person, directed they are collected. the movements of his troops, and endeavoured Among the prisoners are, the French Geto break through our centre with the whole neral Durośnei, general of division, and Foulet of his cavalry; that vast body of horse he Reyer, first chamberlain to the Empress; also had supported by 60,000 infantry, his guards, cbe Wurternburgh General Roser, who was and 100 pieces of artillery. His wings rested made prisoner at Nusdorf, by the second on Aspern and Eslingen-places, to the battalion of the Vienna Landwehr. strengthening of which, the resources of na. ture and of art had, as far as was possible,

Fourth Supplemental Austrian Bulletin. contributed.

The retreat of the army from Italy (an aaHe was not able, however, to penetrate avoidable consequence of the military events the compact mass which our battalions pre in Germany), was resolved on, while on the sented ; and every where his cavalry shewed 8th of May the troops were vigorously comtheir backs; while our cuirassiers un horsed bating on the Piave near St. Salvatore. The his armour-equipped cavaliers, and our light action was maintained on both sides with the horse carried death into his flanks.-It was a greatest obstinacy from five in the morning gigantic combat, and is scarcely capable of to eight in the evening. description.

The grenadier battalion of Simbischen's reThe battle with the infantry became im. giment, and Alvinci's regiment, attacked the mediately general More than 200 pieces of French cavalry twice in mass with the bay. cannon, exhibited. on the opposite sides, a onet, and threw them into disorder. A numrivalry in the work of destruction. Aspern ber of the enemy's huise were taken by the was ten times taken, lost, and again con- infantry, which

is a very uncommon occurquered. Eslingen, after repeated attacks, rence in war. The regiment of Otto, which could not be maintained. At eleven at night, was surrounded by the enemy's cavalry, cut the villages were in flames, and we remained its way through them, but not without tlie masters of the field of battle. The enemy loss of a number of brave mnen. was driven up in a corner, wi:h the Island of The '

result of this severe and bloody day Lobau and the Danube in his rear. Night was, that his Majesty's troops maintained put an end to the carnage.

their position, and on the following day the Meanwhile fire-boats, which were floated retreat, as had been resolved, was prosedown the Danube, destroyed the bridge, Cuted. which the enemy had thrown over the prine The loss on both sides was very considercipal branch of the river. The enemy, how- able. Two French Generats are among the ever, conveyed over, during the night, by dead. According to the reports of the prisoncontinued einbarkations, all the disposable érs, General Macdonald has received a wound troops which, he had in Vienna, and on the in his foot. Upper Danube; made every possible effort The Austrian arnıy has also to lament the for the re-construction of his great bridge; and loss of several excellent officers, who died attacked us, at four in the morning, with a the death of heroes. Among these were furious cannonade from the whole of his ar Field-Marshal Baron Wolfskeer, the captain tillery ; immediately after which, the action of cavalry, Wedersberg Von Hohenlohe, extended along the whole of the line. Until and several others, whose names will be geven in the evening, every attack was re communicated in a future detailed account. pelled. The perseverance of the enemy was Among the prisoners are General Reismer, then compelled to yield to the heroism of our of the artillery, Baron Huger, Col. Von troops, and the most complete vietory crowned Eschelberg, Major Ruravin, &c.- Lieut.the efforts of an army, which, in the French Colonel Calve, of the artillery, the Prince Proclamation, was declared to be dispersed, of Hessen Hamburg, Major Simay, Count and represented as annihilated, by the mere Stahremberg, captain of cavalry, and Count idea of the invincibility of their adversaries. Trunn Von Érzberg, are among the wounded.

The loss of the enemy has been immense ; According to the latest accounts, the heartthe field of battle is covered with dead bodies, quarters of his Royal Highness the Archduke from among which we have already picked up john were wh the 19th at Villath, and those


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