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that whatever my two companions and voice, as follows :-" I am conscious myself know, has not been obtained from that your highness knows better than the lessons of our professor, but by myself what is proper for me, and I means of a foreigner, whom the other therefore abandon every thing entirely to Caders never as yet have seen.".

your discretion." “ A foreigner!" exclaims the prince, The prince smiled; and then com« and who is he?"

manding a tailor to fit him with the uni“ A Prussian student, with whom we form of a cadet, ordered him to appear luckily formed an acquaintance about in it on the following day. In the morn. six weeks ago, and who has ever since ing he accordingly waited on the prince, given us lessons daily. He appears to by whoin he was invited to dinner. be very learned, but he chiefly excels in When he arrived at the appointed hour, rendering every thing more intelligible the major-domo presented to him an to us than any of the most celebrated officer's uniform, which, he said, it would professors." The astonishment of the be necessary to put on before he could unaster-general of the ordnance was now be admitted to his master's table. After rather increased than diminished, and he some hesitation

Schræder complied, sent instantly for Schræder, whom he but entered the dining-room with great received in the most affable inanner, and diffidence. The prince however imafter a variety of questions, at length mediately called out, “ You are wel. spoke to him as follows:

come, lieutenant; your uniform be• But, pray sir, why does not a man so come you wonderfully well!” In the well informed as you appear to be, adopt course of the same evening he caused the military profession instead of the him to be presented with a considerable pen? with a little assistance, you might sum of money, under the notion of its attain high preferment."

being so much pay in advance for equip" It is precisely this little assistance, ment. At the end of a month he made as I have now the honor of informing him one of his own adjutants, two years. your highness, -that has hitherto been after he was nominated captain, and wanting, and is never likely to be ob- then became a major! All this time he tained ! In my own country none of appeared worthy of his prosperity, in my relations possess influence; and, in consequence of bis zeal, his knowledge, addition to this consideration, commis- and above all, his scrupulous probity. sions for officers appear to be reserved The Austrians themselves readily' adfor the nobility alone. At Vienna I am mitted, that he had not been promoted entirely a stranger, unknown and un beyond his' merits, patronized."

While the elder Schroeder was thus “ Yet here you may find friends— advancing in his profession, his brother trust henceforth to me--and if succeed- had entered on a career no less extraoring interviews shall correspond to the dinary. He repaired to Hungary, in present, and you but continue to acquire company with an Englishman, as bas ite knowledge necessary for tactics, I been before observed; but this person, will prefer you to a score of my own who possessed all the oddity of his counfoolish cousins or nephews! But, in the trymen, was of such a strange disposition, first place, will you confide in me?" that no one could live a month with him.

“Oh! this is a question that is easily Schræder himselt, notwithstanding bis answered all that I have ever heard of efforts to practise the virtue of patience, your highness redounds so much to your quitted his patron at the end of three glory, that one ought to deem himself weeks, after ten or twelve altercations. fortunate to obtain your good opi- At this critical period he found himself nion."

sixty or seventy miles beyond the fron“ Know then," replies the prince, tiers of the German empire, in a wild to that in my corps it is an invariable country, unhealthy in respect to strangers, rule, that every one, but more espe. where living was indeed chreap, but where cially every foreigner, shall enter as a it was yet extremely ditlicult to travel, private !" Schræder drew back with provided one was poor. To complete surprise; he was already on the point of his distress, he was dangerously ill, and making his bow and retiring, when the in this situation he spent about six weeks three artillerists secretly pressed him to in the cabin of a peasant. In fine, he ohey; and, accordingly, after reflecting a was obliged to sell his linen and his few seconds, he replied, with a trembling clothes to maintain himself; and at length


It was

returned with some difficulty to Pres- swear, and to pray, by turns, and bourg, by begging for alms!

finally concluded by sending for BroAfter liaving there in vain sought for threr Firmian, who arrived in

great some means of subsistence, finding that haste; and whether it was, that he his religion was the chief obstacle to all employed the most efficacious means, or his efforts, and being actually on the that the disease had reached its crisis, point of dying with famine, he yielded to or that faith in this case produced its the voice of despair, changed his faith, customary miracles, certain it is, that he and assumed the habit of one of the had scarcely entered the palace, when brethren of the order of charity. the pains began to dimimish, and the gout,

This timely step saved him; for hence- by little and little, to withdraw. In forth he could not only live, but he found short, the prince got up, was able tơ himself entirely at his ease, As the walk about his apartment, receive comfraternity to which he now belonged, was pany, and do business as usual. chiefly employed in the care of the sick, One morning, as Brother Firmian was. he took advantage of this opportunity to waiting in the anti-chamber to see the extend his knowledge of medicine. prince, an officer of artiliery made his Ile accordingly read, remarked, made appearance; and from the first moment observations; and, in the course of a few he discovered him to possess a most sinyears, acquired a degree of knowledge, gular and extraordinary remblance to that procured him celebrity.

his elder brother, from whom he had thus, that Brother Firmian, for so he been for so many years separated. But was called in the convent, distinguished this uniform, which announced a distinhimself above all his colleagues, and guished rank, still kept him in doubt; nothappy was the patient confided to his withstanding this, the more he looked, care!

the more he was struck with the resemAinong other principal estates, it so blance; and after he heard him address happened, that the Prince de Lichten a few words to the Prince's valet de stein possessed that of Feldsperg in Mo- Chambre, his conjectures were fully conravia, where he passed two or three firmed, especialiy after having taken the inonths every year. Having heard a latter aside, and learned his name. great deal about Brother Firmian, he de At length, becoming bold, he apsired he might be sent to him from Pres. proached him, asked hin if his naine was burg; and, being much delighted with not Schræder, and if he had not a brother his knowledge, his skill, and his conver- called Williain? The major on this hee sation, he called him in, whenever he came more attentive and condescending; was afflicted with any disease. The he demanded, with the air of a man confidence placed in this physician pro- greatly interested in the question, whether bably aided the success of the remedies he was alive, and if his informant could he prescribed ; for be saved his life during give any tidings of him? On being tolil two severe indispositions, for which he that he could, he approached still nearer, was richly rewarded, and thus became but without recognizing him; and, at enabled to serve his convent. But it length, on learning the particulars, he never once entered, either into his mind, exclaimed: ** Good Heaven ! is it you! or that of the Prince, that he was the and in this habit? O my brother! my brother of Schræder; and since his apos- brother!" tacy, a certain degree of shame pre Having said this, they rushed into vented him from keeping up any commu each other's arms, uttering cries of joy nication with his family. On one hand, he at the same time. The Prince de Lichten. had little or no intercourse with the stein, who was in his library, heard the court of the Prince while his Highness noise; and, enquiring of his domestics, resided at Vienna; and on the other, soon learned the particulars. On this, Major Schrøder, although he saw his pro- he summoned the monk and the officer tector daily in the capital, yet never fol- before him; commended their fraterlowed him to Feldspery, his presence nal affection; praised their respective being indispensable at the military school. merits; and concluded the scene, by as

But a severe fit of the gout having oc- suring them both of the continuance of curred during the winter, the Prince de his support and protection, as he feliLichtenstein, after trying all the physi- citated hiinself greatly at having two such cians of the Einperor in vain, began to 'valuable men attached to his person.







mory of

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