Publications, 第 15 号

sumptibus Societatis, 1850

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109 ページ - Et requiescet super eum SPIRITUS Domini ; spiritus sapientiae et intellectus, spiritus consilii et fortitudinis, spiritus scientiae et pietatis et replebit eum spiritus timoris Domini.
55 ページ - ... to provide that they should not with the multitude of horsemen break the order of his archers, in whom the force of his army consisted. For in those days the yeomen had their limbs at liberty, sith their...
52 ページ - Congregati sunt inimici nostri, et gloriantur in virtute sua: contere fortitudinem illorum, Domine, et disperge illos: ut cognoscant, quia non est alius qui pugnet pro nobis, nisi tu, Deus noster.
22 ページ - ... altis et spissis tabulatis, quae sic fabricatae et aptatae fuerunt opere lignario et ferramentis, quod dum finis superior eis traheretur deorsum, inferior se levaret in aspectum villae usque, signato percussionis loco, canellae de sub eis efflarent lapides vi pulverum ignitorum.3 1 Deuteronomy xx. 10. "When thou comest nigh to a city to fight against it, then proclaim peace unto it.
60 ページ - Tua est potentia, tuum regnum, Domine, tu es super omnes gentes, da pacem in diebus nostris
58 ページ - Lacum aperuit, et effodit eum : et incidit in foveam quam fecit. Convertetur dolor ejus in caput ejus : et in verticem ipsius iniquitas ejus descendet.
6 ページ - Process against Sir John Oldcastle, Lord Cobham. Oldcastle was accused, first, for a mighty maintainer of suspected preachers in the dioceses of London, Rochester, and Hereford, contrary to the minds of their ordinaries. The Synod concluded that " it was not possible for them to make whole Christ's coat without seam, unless certain great men were brought out of the way which seemed to be the chief maintainers of the disciples of Wycklifie.
58 ページ - Justus, forlis et patiens ;* numquid irascitur per singulos dies. Nisi conversi fueritis gladium suum vibrabit ; * arcum suum tetendit, et paravit ilium. Et in eo paravit vasa mortis ; * sagittas suas ardentibus effecit.
95 ページ - The following important advice was given by the emperor: — " And to the King thus he said ; My brother, (When he perceived the townes, Calais and Dover,) Of all your townes to chuse of one and other, To keep the sea and sooner to come over To werre outwards and your regne to recover : Keepe these two townes sure, and your majestee As your tweyne eyne : so keepe the narrow see.
xxx ページ - ... yaf therto their assent : consideringe that the comune of youre lond, the whiche that is, and ever hath be, a membre of youre...