To the Independent Electors of Westminster. You will undoubtedly remember, that Mr. Fox is the man who formed the disgraceful coalition with Lord North, who was the author of the accursed American war, and of all your late heavy taxes.

Mr. Fox is the great friend and supporter, of the odious and unpopular tax upon receipts.

Mr. Fox was the author and proposer of the execrable East India Bill, which would have tended to enllave the people of England, and to extend the unconstitutional power of corruption.

Lord Mahon made a motion in the House of Commons to diminish the taxes of the people; the consequence of which would have been the subsequent diminution, in fome degree, of the high price of provisions : Lord North and Mr. Fox opposed that excellent motion of Lord Mahon's, and prevented its being adopted by the House.

Mr. Fox has upheld the House of Commons against the Freeholders, Electors, and people of Great Britain, in the case of the Middlesex Election, and in all the late important questions in Parliament.

No man ought to represent the great and truly respectable city of Westminster in Parliament, whose public conduct is subversive of the dearest interests of the people.

Your early Poll is very earnestly requested in favour of the two worthy and respectable characters,

Lord HOOD,


Sir CECIL WRAY. During the Poll, Suffolk's Auction-room (late Barford's) under the Piazza, and Paterson's in King's-street, Covent Garden, will be opened for the reception of the Electors in the interest of Hood and WRAY.

To the Electors of Westminster.

Great mumbers of you have turned against Sir Cecil Wray, for three reasons: ift. His ingratitude to Mr. Fox. 2dly. His attack on Chelsea Hospital,

3dly. His proposing a tax on Maid Servants. The absurdity of these objections will evidently appear by the following considerations:

ist. If it was kind in Mr. Fox to recommend Sir Cecil Wray to you formerly, can it be less fo in Sir Cecil Wray to recommend Lord Hood to you now?

2dly. Are not all the old soldiers in Chelsea Hospital pensioners? and can it be wrong to stand up in the House of Commons againit pensioners?

3dly. If Maid Servants are taxed, can't you, all of you, raise their wages ? and will not that prevent any ill consequence from the tax, and obviate every objection of inhumanity?


To the Worthy and Independent Electors of the City of West


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Reasons why the Elcctors should vote for Mr. Fox. 1. Because Mr. Fox joined Lord North, after abusing him for more than ten years, and after saying, “ that the man who could approach his threshold would be the most 66 infamous of mankind."

2. Because Mr. Fox brought into Parliament the Receipt Tax, and declared in public company ---that, however vexatious it might be, he would force it down the throats of the people.

3. Because Mr. Fox brought into Parliament a bill for destroying the Charter of the Eat India Company, and seizing on their papers and effects.

4. Because Mr. Fox has never acted according to the wishes of his constituents; but treated them with every mark of contempt. : 5. Because Mr. Fox, when in office, hates the people; and is mean enough, when out of office, to offer them his services.

6. Because Mr. Fox is a member of the club at Brooks's, and is supported by the following great and respectable characters, equally eminent for the purity of their principles, and the independence of their fortune; Mr. Sheridan, Mr. Hare, Mr. Hanger, Mr. Fitzpatrick, Mr. Townshend, Captain O'Bierne, Mr. Stanhope, Mr. North, Sir Charles Bampfylde, Mr. O'Bryen, and Mr. Samuel House.

7. Because Mr. Fox's family have never robbed the public of Three Hundred and Se: venty Thousand Pounds, as is maliciously aflerted.

8. Because Mr. Fox never screened Mr. Powell and Mr. Bembridge, the Defaulters of the Pay-office, as is erroneouily stated.

9. Because Mr. Fox has never penfioned placemen to make way for his friends, and did not give Mr. Hanway, of the Victualling Office, a pension of 500l. to introduce Captain Towry,

1o. Because Mr. Fox did not pension out Mr. Royer of the Treasury, to bring in one of his friends.

11. Becaufe Mr. Fox is supported by all the great clubs, and particularly the clụb of the Irish Chairmen.

12. Because Mr. Fox, by his India Bill, did not inean to render himself independent of the Crown, and to let himself up above the laws of his country, like Oliver Cromwell.

13. Because Mr. Fox, when he came into office, did not hire the public papers, by giving each of the printers drafts on the Treasury for fire hundred pounds.

14. Because Mr. Fox, had he continued in office, agreed to pay off only fifty thoufand pounds of his debts in the course of the year.

15. Because Mr. Fox had no hand in causing the Lord Chancellor to be robbed of the Great Seal, in order to prevent the issuing the writs for a general election.

16. Because Mr. Fox did not, the day after he was re-elected (his seat having been vacated by his being made one of his Majesty's Secretaries of State) drive Mrs. Robinson in a phaeton through the public streets, by way of insulting his Electors.

17. Because Mr. Fox, in order to carry his India bill, and keep himself in power, did Rot promise peerages to Mr. Pelham, Mr. Plumıner, Mr. Crewe, Mr. Lifter, Mr. Coke, Mr. Charteris, Nir. Jervoise, Mr. Powys, Mr. Marsham, Sir Matthew White Ridley, Sir John Thorold, Sir W. G. Vanneck, Mr. Vyner, and others.

18. Because,

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18. Because, shough Mr. Fox faid, he should be the most infamous of mankind, who fhould join Lord North, he is, nevertheless, a very honest man, in having acted with him.

19. Because, in case Mr. Fox should be elected, he will not attempt to bring in his India Bill again; nor provide for his needy friends and hungry dependants; nor diftribute honours, pensions and contracts, to those who support him; nor fly in the face of his constituents, and call the people---a mob!

Reasons why the Electors should not vote for Lord HOOD and Sir CECIL WRAY.

1. Because Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray are gentlemen of independent fortone and principles.

2. Because Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray have never rendered themselves infamous as gamesters and swindlers.

3. Because Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray have each of them a house in the city of Westminster.

4. Because Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray have always had the assurance to pay their debts, and have not had their goods sold more than a dozen times by virtue of a warrant of execution.

5. Because Lord Hood has served his sovereign and the public, as a brave and gallant naval officer, no less to the admiration of his enemies, than the honour of his country.

6. Because Sir Cecil Wray has uniformly acted as his Constituents have desired him.

7. Because Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray have neither of them any private views to gratify.

8. Because Sir Cecil Wray has opposed the Receipt Tax in every stage of it.
9. Becaule Sir Cecil Wray is the known advocate of a Parliamentary Reform.

10. Because Sir Cecil Wray, from the most laudable principles, declared in the House of Commons, that if the money lavished away in the extravagant establishment of Chele sea Hospital was given to the pensioners, they might be allowed twenty pounds a year, and be permitted to live where their connections and friendships led thein to, and a large overplus left to provide for one thousand out pensioners.

11. Because Sir Cecil Wray, when Mr. Fox betrayed the public cause, and leagued himself with Lord North, a man he had pledged himself to bring to the scaffold, refused any longer to give him his support.

12. Becaule Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray have neither of them any hangers on to provide for, nor any place, pension, or contract, to influence their conduct.

13. Because Sir Cecil Wray declared in the House of Commons, that even a tax on Maid Servants would be better than a Tax on Receipts.

14. Because Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray, when elected, will serve you faithfully and disinterestedly, and make your honour and interest the rule of their conduct.

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To the Worthy and Independent Electors of the City and Liberties

of Westminster.

Gentlemen, Will you choose, for your Representative in Parliament, a man who sets a corrupt and interested majority of the late House of Commons above the other branches of the



legislature; And who would have bullied his Sovereign to have continued that majority,
to the ruin of public credit ?

elect a man who sets at defiance the voice of the people, after you have prefented an Address of Thanks to his Majesty, for dismissing the late infamous and unpo-. pular Administration?

Will the Electors of the very respectable city and liberties of Westminster shew less public virtue than the little borough of Banbury, who have so nobly struggled for independence, and thrown out the present bosom friend and associate of Fox; although Volpone himlelf (before the diabolical coalition) could not find language sufficiently bad, to express his detestation of Lord North.

Surely Gentlemen, you will scorn so much to undervalue your judgment, as to elect such a man as Mr. Fox to be your Representative, when you have two honest, con-, fiftent, and truly patriotic Candidates, who are entitled to your votes by every tie of honour.


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To the Independent Electors of Westminster..
Your votes, interest, and Poll, are earneftly required for

To be elected one of your Representatives, being a person zealously attached to thie
Conftitution of his times, a firm friend to anarchy and confusion, a promoter of long
Parliaments, and in religion profeffes (if any). the Popish tenets : he will hold inviolate
all charters till in power, and promises, if returned, to prevent all supplies even to the
endangering the funded interest.


A D VERTISE.MEN T., The worthy Electors of the city and liberty of Westminster, in the intereft of Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray, are desired to meet at the following places this day and every morning during the present Election in order to proceed to the place of polling, viz.

The inhabitants residing in the parishes of St. Paul; Covent Garden, St. Martin's Le Grand, and St. Martin's in the fields, at Patterson's Auction Room, King-street, Covent Garden.

Saint Clement Danes, Saint Mary-le-Strand, and Dutchy Liberty at Suffolks (late Barford's) under the Piazza, Covent Garden.

Saint Margaret's and St. John's, at the Guildhall, Westminster.

Saint James and Saint George, Hanover-square, at Mr. Christie's Great Room,
Pall Mall, opposite Saint Alban's-street.
Saint Ann's parish, at the Standard Tavern, Leicester-fields.

State of yesterday's Pollo
Lord Hood

Sir Cecil Wray

238 Mr. Fox 302



To be hired for the day, Several PAIR of RUBY POUTING LIPS, of the FIRST QUALITY, To be kissed by rum Dukes, queer Dukes, Butchers, Dray-men, Duft-men, and

Chimney-sweepers, Please to enquire at Devon and Co's Crimson Pouting Warehouse, Piccadilly. *** Should the unsuccessful Candidate keep behind on this day's poll---Bulks in different



be made to tremble!
· I had rather kiss my Moll than the ;

With all her paint and finery;
What's a Duchess more than woman?
Wi've founder Hesh on Portsmouth Common:
So drink about to HOOD and WRAY-----
Their health ! ---and may they gain the day!
Then fill out Nectar in a glass,

As for kiffing---kiss my a---
No Duchess for me, but my sweet Duchess at Portsmouth.

Huzza! Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray for ever!

To the Supporters of a good Cause. The friends of Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray are not to be intimidated by the in: sults offered to the Electors in their interest, by the hired mob of the opposite party; and are convinced that the unbiassed will see with what an insidious design the Committee of Mr. Fox have talked of forbidding men who have nobly served their couutry during the late war, from Thewing their face in Covent Garden, where they have surely as much right as Irish chairmen, or pick-pockets (the friends of a certain Candidate) who most grossly insulted and maimed several gentlemen who attempted to vote against their favourite.

* Sensible of the decided majority of the independent Electors in favour of Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray, the partizans of Mr. Fox have, within the last twenty-four hours, circulated an insidious report of an union between the three Candidate. The public may rest assured, that there is not the least foundation or colour for the report, and that the pure constitutional principles of Lord Hood and Sir Cecil Wray do not adunit of so infamous a coalition.

To Parents and Guardians of Youth, Electors of Westminster.? Can you, as honest, rational men, consistent with the examples you should hold out to your families, give your support to the high priest of drunkenness, gaming, and every species of debauchery that can contaminate the principles you would early wish to inculcate in your offspring, in order to bring them forth in the comeliness and vigour of virtue? Open your eyes, and by the ever to be lamented princely sacrifice before you, and for


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