Dialogues of Lucian. From the Greek, 第 1 巻

Printed ... for W. Flexney, 1774 - 440 ページ

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270 ページ - A Bishop here said that book was full of improbable lies, and for his part, he hardly believed a word of it; and so much for Gulliver.
i ページ - That fire of genius can be brought To kindle only where it ought, With Virtue nobly can conform. Nor, wild with power, lmpede a worm; Of late a fair example shone, The life and theme of LYTTELTON.
x ページ - ... republication, that I changed my mind. - • "He cannot tell what criticks thought it, He only knows, that people bought it.
viii ページ - But no man will wi£h to tranflate the [d] whok of Lucian, who thinks the world already bad enough, and, though he cannot make it better, does not defire to make it worfe.
vi ページ - Hickes appears, by the language, to have been made about the beginning of the lait century.
viii ページ - D'Ablancourt's French. The pieces in this volume do not follow one another in the fame order as in the original.
v ページ - But where are fuch tranflators to be found ? After Dryden and a few others, what man of genius will put on painful...
x ページ - I return thanks to the voluntary Subscribers. It was not my fault, that a gentleman's name was printed without his consent, nor that he does not
viii ページ - J begun tranflating with an intention of going through the whole of Lucian's works, I might probably have obfcrved the common order ; though with no other reafon than the ufage of Editors.
ix ページ - ... be blown in my way, I will gather it up as clean as I can, and greedily devour it, without afking [e] queftions. I hope no enquiry will be made into the motives of this undertaking, of which I co» fefs rnyfelf unable to give any fatisfaftory account.