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Firp Cares and Employment of the French Direcory.-Determination to

keep alive the Martial Spirit of the French Nation. And to Extend their
Viclories as far as possible. But, at the same Time to make a fher of
Pacific Inclinations.Preparations for War on the Part of the Allies.-
Attempt towards Negociation between the French and the Allies al Bujie,
in Switzerland.-Rupture threatened betueen the French and Seifs Car-
tons.-Prevented.Plan of Directory for Military Operations.-Mani-

jesto of Charette.-Reviral of the Il’ar in La Vendée.- New Complexion

of this.Total Defeat of the Infurgents.-Capture and Execution of Chia-

relle and Stoftet.--Maniffo of the Directory for Ropraining the Cruelties

of their Soldiers.--Lenient Meajures.--Good Lffects of these


Address of the Directory to the French Armies.--Determinalion io carry the

liar into Italy.-Difficulties to be encountered in carrying this Plan into
Exccution.-Buonaparte.--The French Army, under his Command, makes

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rapid Progress in Italy.The Aufriars, under General Seaulieu, can.
fantly repulfed, yet not difpirited.--Various Actions.--ifperfion of
Arms agreed on between the French and Piedmontese Armie:.-Gererat
Beaulieu re-crosses the Po, for covering the Countries to the North of that
River.- At Paris, Negociation for Peace between the King of Surdinia

and the French Republie.-Treuty of Peace between France and Sardinia

ratified by the Legislative Bodies of France.--Exultation and Confidence of

the French.-- Improved by Buonaparte, for the purpose of leading on the

irmy to farther Exploits.-Address to the Army.-General Object and

Tendency of Buonaparte's private Conrersation.-Homage paid to the Merit

of Buonaparte and the Army, by the Directory.Buonaparte puts his

Army in Motion.-Crosses the Po, and leaves General Beuulivu to break

up his Camp.--Armistice beturen the French Army and the Duke of Parma.
-The French ad-ance toward the Capital of Lombardy.-Battle of Lodi.

The Auftrians retreat to Mantua.-The French proceed to Milan, where

the French General allows his People fome Days of Repose


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Exultation of the French at the Successes of their Armies.Their Army in

Italy animated by the Praises of their Countrymen, and the Converfution
as well as the Proclamations of Buonapurte to a high Passion for Glory-
Enter the Duchy of Jodena.-Spoliation of Monuments of Antiquity and
Art.-Abhorrence of the Italian Vobility and Clergy towards the French
greater than that of the inferior Clafles.--A general Insurrection, ready to
break out, quashed by the l'igilanco and Promptitude of Buonaparte.-The
Auflrians, under General Beaulieut, with the Connivance of the Venetians,
tuke Poflession of Peschiera.--Buonaparte adrances against Beaulieu, uho
retreats to the Tyrolere.-The l'enetians tremble before the French.--Dif
miss from their Territories the Brother of the late King and Claimant of the
Croun of France.--Buonaparte takes Pollejlion of Veronat.-Blockades
Mantua.-Prepares to march into the Tyrolife.- Detained by In/urrections
in the Districts, knozon under the Name of Imperial Fiefs.-These being

Suppreped, he carries his arms to the Southward.--Reduces ļortona, Bo-

logna, and Urbino.--Menaces Rome.Armiflice betrecen the Pope and

Buonaparte.-Sulpenfion of Hoftilities with Naples.--Bonaparte the friend

and Pulron of Men of Learning and Science.-- mbitions Views of the

French Republic.-Infurrection in Lugo.-Quilled, and the City reduced by

the French.- The Blockade of Mantua corverled into a close Siege.--Raised

by Mur, hal l'urmjer.--Actions betweeen the French Army and that of the

Auri:1915, reinforced by Detuchments from Niantia.--Remarkabl Iujiance

v Presence of Mind in Buonaparte.-The Auftrians driven lack beyond the



into the Tyrolese.The Siege of Mantua resumed.-Marshal Wurmfer,
pouerfully reinforced, makes Head against the French in the Venetian
Territories.-But is defeated. The French take Pofeffion of Trent.
Continued Success of Buonaparte. ---Marshal Wurmfer, with the Remains
of his Army, makes good his Retreat, and takes Shelter within the Walls of
Mantua. --Corfica, evacuated by the English, returns under the Governa
ment of France. Pacification between France and Naples-including the
Batavian Republic.-Religious Zeal of the Romans.-Awakened by the Court
of Rome into rage, and aroued Preparations for War against the French.-
A new Republic, composed of several small States.- Prevalence of the
Republican Spirit in Italy. The Auftrians reinforced with Troops from
Germany, advance against the French.--Retake Trent.-But are de-
feated with prodigious Lofs at Arcola.-The Aufirians, though frequently
defeated, return to the Charge.--High Spirit and Courage of the Ty.
rolians.--Devotion of the Army in Italy to the French Republic.-Palience
of the Firench Soldiers under manifold Privations



Campaign in Germany. -Opposite Defans of the French and Auflrians.-

Succeses of the French.---They incest Ehrenbritiein.--Driven back, by the
Archduke Charles, to Duseldorf:--The Dirijion of the French Army under
Moreau takes Pori at Strasburg.-The Plan of Operations proposed by this
General.---Crosses the Rhine. --Reduces the fortrets of k chl.-Defeats the
duftrians, under Marshal Wurmser, near Philipsburg:-And in various
and successive Engagements. The Auftrians retire, in order to wait for
Reinforcements, into the Interior of Germany. - Tunelion of the French
Troops under Jourdan and Kleber.-These united reduce Frankfort.
Succeffes of Morcau in Seabia.-Cefation of Ilofiilities betu'cen the French
and the Princes of Wirtemberg and Baden.-Condu&t of Prufia.--A Frussian
Army takes Polleffion of Nuremberg.--Impolicy of the French in the Mode
of raising Contributions.-Cause of this.-Depredations of the French in
Germany - Operations of the French Armies under Moreau and Jourdan.-
Disasters of the Auftrians. The Emperor represents the Situation of
Germany, and his own Situation, in an Appeal to his Bohemian and Hunga,
rian Subjects.-Diet of the Empire.---Partakes of the gencral Confernation
of Germany.--Determination to open « Negociation for Peace with France.

-The Tide of Success turned aguing the French by the Germans, under the
Archduke Charles.-Oiflinate Engagements.-Mafierly Retreat of the
French Armies. Particularly of that under Moreau.--Consequences.-
The Ausirians occupied in the Siege of Kehl.---Sally of the Garrison there.
Various A&tions.--Armisie belween the French and Aufirians.--
The Diet of the Empire re-animated by the enterprizing Spirit and Success
of the Archduke Charles, solicilous to regain the Farour of the Imperial


c H A P.

C H A P. X.

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In France, a General wish for Peace.But the Popularity of the War with

England fill continued.Overture of Peuce from England to the French
Republic.-Negociation for Peace at Paris. Abruptly broken of
Affairs; Maritime and Colonial, French and Brilis.--Infidclity of the
French Gererument to their Engagements with the Dutch.-- French Prepara.
tions and Expedition for an incasion of Ireland.- Defeated. The Death
of Catharine 11.--And the Refignation of General IV ashington


Birihs in the Year 1796






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London Gazette, June

The like, July 2

Articles of Capitulation of the island of St. Lucia, May 25
The like of Colombo, in the Ijland of Ceylon, February 15

The like of St Vincent's, June 1!

The like of Grenada

London Gazette Extraordinary, Nov. 3

London Gazette, Nov. 29

Articles of Capitulation of Amboyna, February 16.

The like of Banda, March 8

Circular Letter to the Lieutenants of
Councies ihe Sea Coafts, Nov. 5,

Letter from the Chancellor of the Exchequer to the Lord Mazor, Dec. 1,
I be like to the Bank

Account of the total nett Produce of all the Taxes for oxe Year, ending Oktober
10, 1796

Account of Wheat sold in the Corn-Market, Mark-Lane, from Christmas, 1795,
to Christmas, 1796

Price of the Quartern-leaf for 1796

A general Bill of Chriftenings and Burials for 1796

Sui fiance of the Act for preventing feditious Afjemblies

Average Prices of Corn for 1796

Mereorclogical Table for 1796

Supplies granted by Parliament for 1796

Principal Public Acts passed in the Sixth Seffion of the Seventeenth Parliament
of Great Britain

Prices of Stock for 1796
Trial of Mr. William Stone for High-Treason

Petition of Sir Francis Blake to the House of Commo:.5, February 8 115




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