Investigations in Currency and Finance

Macmillan and Company, 1884 - 428 ページ

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355 ページ - Seed wherewith to sowe the same. I say, that when this man hath subducted his seed out of the proceed of his Harvest, and also, what himself hath both eaten and given to others in exchange for Clothes, and other Natural necessaries; that the remainder of Corn is the natural and true Rent of the Land for that year...
119 ページ - Transactions for 1798 (part i, p. 176), it was proposed, more than thirty years ago, -to correct the legal standard of value (or at least, to afford to individuals the means of ascertaining its errors), by the periodical publication of an authentic price current, containing a list of a large number of articles in general use, arranged in quantities corresponding to their relative consumption, so as to give the rise or fall, from time to time, of the mean of prices; which will indicate, with all the...
xxv ページ - I have long aimed at) to express myself in terms of number, weight, or measure; to use only arguments of sense and to consider only such causes as have visible foundations in nature...
328 ページ - ... the same proportion to the silver money in England, which it hath to silver in the rest of Europe, there would be no temptation to export silver rather than gold to any other part of Europe. And to compass this last, there seems nothing more requisite than to take off about IQd.
395 ページ - I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past...
118 ページ - For any change in gold will affect all prices in an equal ratio; and if other disturbing causes may be considered proportional to the ratio of change of price they produce in one or more commodities, then all the individual variations of prices will be correctly balanced off against each other in the geometric mean, and the true variation of the value of gold will be detected.
210 ページ - The mean duration of the period at which I arrive is therefore almost exactly that which Dr. Lamont had previously obtained, or 10-45 years." Judging this close coincidence of results according to the theory of probabilities, it becomes highly probable that two periodic phenomena, varying so nearly in the same mean period, are connected as cause and effect.
167 ページ - July. A complete explanation of all these variations, pointing out how much is due to each particular cause, could only be founded on a wide basis of statistics, which do not exist. Much might, indeed...
120 ページ - Nation,6 he proposes the formation of extensive tables of prices, but adds: — -It is not meant by this to recommend a mere record of the prices of goods, such as would be afforded by a collection of prices current, but a calculation conducted upon the plan already described, or some other that should be equivalent to it, and which would afford, on inspection, a correct comparative view of the average fluctuations that should occur.- Mr.
101 ページ - But in itself gold-digging has ever seemed to me almost a dead loss of labour as regards the world in general - a wrong against the human race, just such as is that of a government against a people in over-issuing and depreciating its own currency.