A Primer on Unified Feel Theory: Forbidden Inquiry Into Self Discovery (The Equilibrium Texts, Vol. 1)

Author House, 2006/06/02 - 540 ページ

For each of us, life’s dilemma can be reduced to two positions:

1) The universe always existed, you exist for a fleeting moment, and the universe continues on;

2) The universe was created when you were born and it will cease to exist when you die. 

        Both of these perspectives are absolutely true and they pose for the inquirer a dichotomous enigma.  Religion, or what is purported to be so, should be involved with these two aspects; but it’s not! 


        Unified Feel Theory is not religion, but a religious process to be experienced and struggled with by every inquiring mind; singularly and alone.  Not until the quintessential self is known by its own inquiring mind, can it be of any meaningful service to its self or to others.  Society has managed to intimidate and encapsulate each inner self to such a degree that only those aspects and qualities needed and wanted by the collective are nurtured and allowed to make their presence known and be seen as the outer self.  The Equilibrium Texts outfit and encourage an inward journey to seek, rescue, and bring forth, one’s own inner being.



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xxiv ページ - I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant, " Science and religion today speak to each other in this manner.
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