Neuer Anzeiger für Bibliographie und Bibliothekwissenschaft, 第 19 巻

Schönfeld, 1870

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175 ページ - JAS. P. Report on the Filtration of River Waters for the supply of Cities, as practised in Europe, made to the Board of Water Commissioners of the city of St. Louis.
55 ページ - A Manual of Palaeontology, for the Use of Students. With a General Introduction on the Principles of Palaeontology.
77 ページ - Monatliches Verzeichniss der in Deutschland und dem Auslande neu -erschienenen Werke aus den Fächern der Mathematik und Astronomie, der Physik und Chemie, der Mechanik und des Maschinenbaues, der Baukunst und Ingenieurwissenschaft, des Berg- und Hüttenwesens, der Mineralogie und Geologie.
289 ページ - THE CELL DOCTRINE. Its History and Present State, with a Copious Bibliography of the Subject, for the use of Students of Medicine and Dentistry.
91 ページ - Albert Durer, his Life and Works ; including Autobiographical Papers and Complete Catalogues. By WILLIAM B. SCOTT. With Six Etchings by the Author and other Illustrations. 8vo. ICs. Half-Hour Lectures on the History and Practice of the Fine and Ornamental Arts.
198 ページ - Annuaire de la librairie, de l'imprimerie, de la papeterie du commerce de la musique et des estampes et des professions qui concourent à la publication des oeuvres de la littérature des sciences et des arts.
124 ページ - AMERICAN AND ORIENTAL LITERARY RECORD. A Monthly Register of the most Important Works published in North and South America, in India, China, and the British Colonies. With Occasional Notes on German, Dutch, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian Books.
69 ページ - Genève, le 22 août 1864, pour l'amélioration du sort des militaires blessés dans les armées en campagne...
115 ページ - The ORIGIN of CIVILISATION and the PRIMITIVE CONDITION of MAN ; Mental and Social Condition of Savages.
226 ページ - Lo Inferno della Commedia di Dante Alighieri col Comento di Guiniforto delli Bargigi tratto da due manoscritti inediti del secolo decimo quinto.