With a Stout Heart

London, 1874 - 367 ページ

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311 ページ - Messrs. GEORGE ROUTLEDGE & SONS are my only authorised London Publishers.— (Signed) MARK TWAIN. By MARK TWAIN. The Celebrated Jumping Frog. Author's edition, with a Copyright Poem. Roughing It (copyright). The Innocents at Home (copyright). Mark Twain's Curious Dream (copyright). The Innocents Abroad. The New Pilgrim's Progress. Information Wanted, and Sketches. By BRET HARTE. The Luck of Roaring...
317 ページ - THE TRADESMAN'S READY CALCULATOR OF MEASUREMENT FOR MASONS, PLASTERERS, PAINTERS, &c. Shows the contents, in square yards, of any space measured in feet and inches. 6d. ROUTLEDGE'S READY RECKONER. 360 pages. By John Heaton. is. 6d. (Postage yl.) "The most complete Reckoner ever published.
319 ページ - Volumes, price 35. 6d. each. This New Edition is printed from New Type, crown 8vo size, and bound in green cloth, each Volume averaging about 400 pages, and is entitled the KNEBWORTH EDITION, and will contain all the Novels, Poems, Dramas, and Miscellaneous Prose Writings of LORD LYTTON, forming the Only Complete Edition ever issued of the Works of this famous Author. Volumes already issued — LORD LYTTON'S POETICAL WORKS.
316 ページ - Ready Remedies for Common Complaints. How to Dress Salad. How to Cook Game. How to Make Cakes. The Lady Housekeeper's Poultry Yard. How to Cook Vegetables. How to Make Pickles. The Invalid's Cook. How to Stew, Hash, and Curry Cold Meat. How to Make Puddings. ROUTLEDGE'S SIXPENNY HANDBOOKS. With Illustrations and Illustrated Boarded Covers* (Postage id.) Swimming.
319 ページ - Messrs. GEORGE ROUTLEDGE & SONS beg to announce that they have purchased the Copyright of all the Published and Unpublished Works of the late LORD LYTTON, and that they are issuing an entirely New Edition of them, in Monthly Volumes, price 35.
320 ページ - Volumes : — Vol. I. Spy — Pilot — Homeward Bound — Eve Effingham. ,, 2. Pioneers — Mohicans — Prairie — Pathfinder. „ 3. Red Rover — Two Admirals — Miles Wallingford — Afloat and Ashore. ,, 4. Borderers — Wyandotte — Mark's Reef — Satanstoe. ,, 5. Lionel Lincoln — Oak Openings — Ned Myers — Precaution. „ 6. Deerslayer — Headsman — Waterwitch — Heidenmauer. ,, 7- Bravo — Sea Lions — Jack Tier — Mercedes.
316 ページ - ROUTLEDGE'S SIXPENNY HANDBOOKS of GAMES and PASTIMES. BY THE EDITOR OF "THE FIELD," GF PARDON, GEORGE FORREST, AND OTHERS. Illustrated with many Woodcuts, and bound in Picture Boards. OUT-DOOR GAMES AND SPORTS. SWIMMING : Practical Instructions, by One used to the Water. GYMNASTICS : Bars, Board, Pole, Rope, Horse, &c. CRJCKET : Laws, Hints to Bowlers, Batsmen, &c. ROWING AND SAILING : AND How TO WIN A BOAT-RACE. RIDING AND DRIVING : With Ladies' Horsemanship, Varieties of Carriages, &c.
317 ページ - Shooting ; Partridge, Pheasant, Grouse, Wild Fowl, &c. Archery, Fencing, and Broadsword ; With Illustrations of all the Positions. Manly Exercises ; Boxing, Walking, Running, Leaping, Training, &c. Croquet ; Laws, General Hints, &c. Fishing ; With Illustrations of the Fish and the Tackle. Ball Games ; Instructions on all the Games played with Balls. Football ; The Rugby and Westminster Rules. Quoits and Bowls ; With Rules of the Games. Fireworks, and How to Make them. Skating and Sliding. IN-DOOR...
317 ページ - Tricks, most of them without Apparatus. RIDDLES : Containing 500, with the Answers. CHEAP RECKONERS. ROUTLEDGE'S SIXPENNY RECKONER. With Tables of Workmen's Wages on the Nine-Hour System ; Servants' Wages in Pounds and Guineas ; Bill Stamps, Postage Rates, &c.