17. Cale-Curled-Scotch.

19d. a pound; any quantity above 50lbs." 18. Carrot.

Sd. a pound; above 100lbs. id. A 19. Cauliflower.

parcel of seed may be sent to any part 20. Celery.

of the kingdom ; I will find proper 21. Chervil.

bags, will send it to any coach or van 29. Cress.

or wagon, and have it booked at my 23. Cucumber, early frame.

expense; but the money must be paid 24. Corn (Cobbell's).

at my shop before the seed be senl away; 25. Endive.

in consideration of which I have made 26. Leek.

due allowance in the price. If the 27. Lettuce-White Coss.

quantity be small, any friend can call 28. ........Russia Coss.

and get it for a friend in the country; 29. ........ Brown Dutch.

if the quantity be large, it may be sent 30. ........ Green Cabbage,

by me. 31. Mustard-White.

Mangel WURZEL SEED.-Any quan32. Nasturtium-Dwarf.

tity under 10lbs., 8d. a pound; any 33. Onion.

quantity above 10lbs, and under 50lbs., 34. Parsnip.

7 d. a pound; any quantity above 50lbs., 3:5. Parsley-Curled.

6d. a pound; any quantity above 36. Pea-Early-frame.

100lbs., 6d. a pound. The selling at 37. .... Tall Marrowfats.

the same place as above; the payment 38. .... Dwarf Marrowfats.

in the same manner. 39. Radish-Early Scarlet. 40. ...... White Turnip.

TREE SEED. 41. Spiuage.

Locust SEED.-6s. a pound. 42. Squash (from America, great va

riety). 43. Strawberry-Cisalpine. 44. Turnip— Early-Garden. FLOWER SEEDS.

From the LONDON GAZETTE, 45. Canterbury Bells.

Friday, March 8, 1833. 46. Catch Fly.

INSOLVENTS. 47. China-asters.

PETHURST, E., King-street, Holborn, tailor. 48. Clarkia, (very beautiful).

BELLMAN, J., Oxford, hair-dresser. 49. Convovulus-Dwarf. 50. Indian Pink.

BANKRUPTS. 51. Larkspur-Dwarf Rocket. 52. Lupins-Dwarf Yellow.

BATTYL, J., Fulbourne, Cambridgeshire, 53. Marvel of Peru.


BRIGNALL, T., South Mims, Middlesex, 51. Poppy-Carnation.

ljunkeeper. 55. .... French.

BRINDLEY, J., Great Barr, Staffordshire, 56. Stock-White Wall-flower. | farmer, 57. .... Scarlet, ten-week.

BYRNE, F. L., Kingston-upou-Hull, wine

merchant. 58. Mignionelte.

CHAMBERS, T., Leamington Priors, War59. Sweet-william.

wickshire, plumber. 60. Sweet Pea.

DAVIS, W. D., Leamington Priors, War61. Venus's Looking-glass.

wickshire, innkeeper. 62. Virginia Stock.

GLUSSOP, J., late of Piccadilly, wax-chand

ler. 63. Wall-flower.

GRIFFITHS, J., High Holborn, confectioner.

HELLEWELL, J., Wadsworth, Yorkshire, FIELD SEEDS.

worsted-manufacturer. Swedish TURNIP SEED.-Any quan

HOBDAY, S., Aston, Warwickshire, souffer

maker. tity under 10lbs. 9d. ir pound; and any HUDSON, T., Westbromwich, Staffordsbire, quantity above 10lbs. and under 50lbs. baker.

NEILD, I)., Shaw Eilge within Cromptun, ruled dull, as well as for distilling and grindLancashire, Culton-spinner.

ing sorts with wo improvement in their rates. PARTRIDGE, W., Biriningham, wharfinger. Malt continues to meet a languid sale. TANSLEY, J., Little Dean street, Westniu | Oats were in good supply, as well from ster, ironmonger.

Ireland as England and Scotland. The WOOLISON, J., Leamington Priors, War. article hung beavily on hand, and expe. wickshure, plumber.

rienced a slow sale at rather worse prices than this day week. :

Beaus sold at an enhancement of Is, per SCOTCH SEQUESTRATION.

quarter, the low price of the article waving SMITH, J., Glasgow, grain-merchant, attracted some speculative purchases.

Peas without alteration.

Flour in good demand at fully as good prices.

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Tuesday, March, 12, 1833.

Wheat .............

54s. to 633. Rye ............

.. 32s. to 34s. Barley .............

21s. to 23s. BANKRUPTS.

- fine............

30s. to 32s. BENT, J., Bankfuot, Yorkshire, cutton-spin

Peas, White ...

30s. to 31s. - Boilers ......

36s. to 40s. Der.

_ CANN, J., Broad-street, Bloomsbury-square,

Grey ..........

30s. to 34s. Beans, Small .........

-5, to - S, eatiny-bouse keeper.

Tick .............. GREEN, J., Birningham, ramrod-maker.

28s. to 30s, HARTLEY, J., Shiffuall, Salop, huckster.

Oats, Scotch Potatu ....... 22s. to 24s. HODGSON, R., Manchester, corninon-brewer.

Feed .

135. to 18s. MELLOR, J., Manchester, tailor.

Flour, per sack ............ 465. to 50 s, PRATT, H., Staffordshire, miller.

PROVISIONS. SCOTT, E., Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, grocer. 1 SPIVEY, J., King-street, Great Hermitaye Bacon, Middles, new, 385. tv 43s. per cwt. street, provision-agent.

Sides, new...403. tu 445. TUCK, C., Great Yarınouth, Norfolk, ship Pork, India, uew.... 120s. Od. to -3. wright

Mess, new ...70s, to --S. per barl. TWYCROSS, W., Godalming, Surrey, leather Butter, Belfast ....7&s, to 80s. per cwt. dresser.

Carlow .....725. to 82s. WALKINGTON, R., High Holborn, up

Cork ...... 74s. to 78s. holsterer.

Limerick ..745. tu 76s. WILLIAMS, J. M., otherwise John Williams,

Waterford..6hs. to 72s.
Toteridge, Hertfordshire, bill-broker.

Dublin .....03. to 67s.
Cheese, Cheshire....52s. to 72s.

Gloucester, Double..50s. to GOs.
Gloucester, Single... 43s, to 50s,
Edam .......50s, to 53s,

Gouda ...... 48s. to 523,

Hams, Irish........ 135. to 545.
MARK-Lane, Corn-EXCHANGE, Mar. 11.-
The arrivals from Essex, Kent, and Suffolk,
fresh up to this day's market were moderate;
hut added to the supplies received since Fri-

SMITHFIELD.-March 11. day, and the parcels left over from last mar. ket, caused the stands to be tolerably well! This day's supp!y of beasts was for the time filled with samples. The condition of the of the year, moderately good; the supply of Wbeat, though somewhat improvedl, still Sheep, Lambs, Calves, and Porkers, but bandled rough. A demand existing for ship. I limited-trade was, with Beef, Mutton and meut to Yorkshire as well as purchases being Lamb, rather brisk, at an advance of full 2d. made on the part of the millers, caused the per stone ; with Veal aud Purk rather dull, at best qualities, particularly those from Essex, Friday's quotations. to realize an advance of Is. to 28.; aud an Full four filths of the Beasts appeared to he extra lot might have reached 63s. The trade about equal numbers of short-borns and in secondary descriptions, however, was dull, Devons (principally) Steers and Oxen, Scots, and prices unaltered. In bonded curn no and Norfolk home-breds, for the most part business travspiring.

from Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, NorthampBright parcels of Malting Barley obtained tonshire, Buckinghamshire, and our western fully their former currency, and in a few districts: and the remaining fifth about equal instances, Is. per qr. advance was procured on a numbers of Welsh Runts, Sussex Beasts, and prime sample-34s. having been realized. For Town's-end Cows: with a few Herefords, all stained and inferior descriptious the trade Staffords, &c from various quarters.

· At least three-fifths of the Sheep were new! 4. THE EMIGRANT'S GUIDE: Leicesters of the South Down, and different Just now Published, under this Title, a little white-faced crosses : about one-fifth South Volume, containing Ten Letters, addressed to Downs, and the remaining liitli about equal | English Tax-pavers. A new edition, with a numbers of Kents, Keniish half-breds, aud Postscript, containing an account of the Prices polled Norfolks, witb a few pens of old Line of Houses and Land, recently obtained from colos and Leicesters, horned Norfolk, horned America by Mr. Cobbett. Price 2s, 6d. in bds. and pulled Scotch and Welsh Sheep, horned) Dorsets, &c.

5. The ENGLISH GARDENER; or, a Treatise on the situation, soil, enclosing and laying out, of Kitchen Gardens; on the mak

ing and managing of Hot-beds and GreenMARK-LANE.-Friday, March 15.

houses ; and on the propagation and cultivaThe arrivals this week are small. The

tion of all sorts of Kitchen Garden Plants, and prices are rather higher than on Monday.

of Fruit Trees, whether of the Garden or the | Orchard. And also, on the furmation of Shrubberies and Flower Gardens. Price 6s.


tise on the preparing of the ground for plant

| ing; on the planting, on the cultivating, on 3 per Cent. Fri. Sat. Mon. Tues. Wed, Thar.

the pruning, and on the cutting down, of Fo. Cons. Aun. $| 873 83 883 873 88 | 884

rest Trees and Underwoods. Price 14s. bound in boards.

7. YEAR'S RESIDENCE IN AMERICA.—The Price of this book, in good print and on fine paper, is 5s.


8. FRENCH GRAMMAR; or, Plain

Instructions for thel Learning of French. Price, New Edition.

bound in boards, 5s. COBBETT'S Spelling-Book

9. COTTAGE ECONOMY.-I wrote (Price 2s:)

this Work professedly for the use of the la

bouring and middling classes of the English Containing, besides all the usual matter of nation. I made myself acquainted with the such a book, a clear and concise

best and simplest modes of making beer and

bread, and these I made it as plain as, I believe, INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH GRAMMAR. words could make it. Also of the keeping of

Cows, Pigs, Bees, and Poultry, matters which This I have written by way of

I understood as well as any body could, and A Stepping-Stone to my own

in all their details. It includes my writings

also on the Straw Plait. A Duodecimo VoGrammar;

lume. Price 2s. 6d. such a thing having been frequently suggested to me by Teachers as necessary.


edition. Price 8d. 1. ENGLISH GRAMMAR.-Of this work sixty thousand copies have now been

11. THE LAW OF TURNPIKES. published. This is a duodecimo volume, and B

By William Cobbett, Jun., Student of Linthe price is 3s. bound in boards.

coln's Inn. Price 35. hd. boards.

2. An ITALIAN GRAMMAR, by 12. ROMAN HISTORY, French and Mr. James Paul Colbert.-Being a Plain English, intended, not only as a History for aud Compendious Introduction to the Study Young People to read, humas a Book of Exerof Italian. Price 6s.

cises to accompany my French Grammar.

Two Volumes. Price 13s. in boards. 3. TULL'S HORSE-HOEING HUSBANDRY; or, a Treatise on the Prin- 13. MR. JAMES PAUL COBBETT'S ciples of Tillage and Vegetation. With an lo- RIDE OF EIGHT HUNDRED MILES IN troduction, by WN. COBBETT. 8vo. Price 155. FRANCE. Second Edition. Price 25. 6d.


AND - TIONS.-This is the Book which was the By Rome, Terni, Perugia, Arezzo, Florence, e foundation of all the knowledge that I leave Bologna, Ferrara, Padua, Venice, Verona,

ever possessed relative to public law. The Milan, over the Alps by Mount St. Bermon Price is 17s., and the manner of its execution is nard, Geneva, and the Jura, back into nel ] think, such as to make it fit for the Library

France ; Prica of any Gentleman. .

The space of time being,

From October 1828, tu September 1829. torr 15. PAPER AGAINST GOLD; or, w the History and Mystery of the National Debt,

CONTAINING the Bauk of England, the Funds, and all the A description of the country, of the principal Trickery of Paper Money. The Price of this cities and their most striking curiosities; book, very nicely printed, is 5s.

of the climate, soil, agriculture, horticule Gardent

ture, and products; of the prices of provithe bar 16. SERMONS.—There are twelve of

sions and labour; and of the dresses and the hinthese, in one volume, on the following sub

conditions of the people ; Erdens jects: 1. Hypocrisy and Cruelty; 2. Drunkenness; 3. Bribery ; 4. Oppression ; 5. Unjust

AND ALSO 1. Judges; 6. The Sluggard ; 7. The Murderer; An account of the laws and customs, civil

3. The Gamester; 9. Public Robbery; 10. The and religious, and of the morals and degrow Uunatural Mother ; 11. The Sin of Forbidding meanour of the inhabitants, in the several the su Marriage; 12. On the Duties of Parsons, and States.

te ou the Institution and Object of Tithes. Price - Price 38. 6d. bound in boards.

A Thirteenth Sermon, entitled “GOOD
VEFRIDAY; or, The Murder of Jesus Christ |
C. CE by the Jews." Price 6d.

Just published, price 12s.

CAL DICTIONARY containing Observations made in that Country MAR: during a Residence of Two Months in the

L OF ENGLAND AND WALES; coffre South, and Three Months at Paris. By JOHN

CONTAINING M. COBBETT. Price 4s. in boards.

The names, in Alphabetical Order, of all the

Counties, with their several Subdivisions, om 18. A TREATISE ON COBBETT'S

into Hundreds, Lathes, Rapes, Wapenbe CORN ; containing Instructions for Propa

takes, Wards, or Divisions; aud an Aces gating and Cultivating the Plant, and for es of igati

count of the Distribution of the Counties

into Circuits, Dioceses, and Parliamentary que Harvesting and Preserving the Crop; and also

Divisions. man an account of the several uses to which the plave Produce is applied. Price 2s. 6d.


The names (under that of each County ree 19. PROTESTANT “REFORMA spectively), in Alphabetical Order, of all des "TION” in England and Ireland, showing how the Cities, Boroughs, Market Towns, Vil. Dwa that event has impoverished and degraded the lages, Hainlets, and Tiihings, with the

main body of the people in those countries. Distance of each from London, or from the

Two volumes, bound in boards. The Price of nearest Market Town, and with the Popu. - the first volume is 4s. 6d. The Price of the lation, and other juleresting particulars RD second volume 3s. 6d.

relating to each ; besides which there are

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of the e

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[blocks in formation]

Price Two Shilings.

Lumbago, &r. They seldom fail to give relief COPBETT'S MAGAZINE, a Monthly

il from the most violent paroxysms of Rh=u. Review of Politics, History, Science,

"loatic Gent or Rheumatism in two hours a'ter Literature, Arts, &c. &c. published 1. March.

taking, aud une bux, price 2s. 9d., will come The Couteurs of the Number for this Month

chvilce the hitherto unhappy patient of the are as follows:-1. Fine Arts-No, I. Of the

Per certaiuty of returujuy ease aud comfort. The Nativual Gallery of the Pictures by the Great proprietor, anxious to alleviate the suffer. Masters.-2. Reminiscences of a Tailor.--3.

2 lings of those afflicted with this tormenting The Apology of a Parisian Girl.-4. Divarica

palady, respectfully invites them to partake tion of the New Testament, into Doctrine and

il of the benefits of this discovery, assuring the Historyo5. Sonnet to Music.-6. Origin of

timid that in no case can iis use be attended The Marseillaise Hymn.-7. Political Ethics

with the least inconvenience. The following -Mustard or Honey.--8. Change in the

is one of a series of letters received corroboraTimes.-9. Taxes ou Knowle:Ige.-10. Lite

tive of the excellence of those Pills : rary Puffing.-11. Parliameutary Privileges,

" To MR. PROUT. Freedom from Arrest.–12. Purtraits of the

“Sir,-It is with very great p'easure I Senate, No. 11.-13. Song.-14. Song.-15.

1 linform you, that for the last two years I have Scenes in the Sister Island, N. 11.-16. Pa.

been enabled to keep myself entirely free triotism-- No, 11.-17. Seneca's Ideas of Book

from Rheumatic Gout, by the use of BLAIR'S Learuiog.-18. The Bank and its Charter.

PILLS, although for ten years previously. I 18. Monuments.-20. Ireland.-21. Now Pub-iwa

Diih was confined, on an average, three months lications. - 22. Events of the Month, Public

"Dahlin / out of every twelve. I am sure, if these lives Documents, &r.-23. Important from Charles

are of any service, you are very welcome to ton.-24. The Markets.'

I publish them. 16 I am, Sir,

" your obedient Servant, Published at No. 11, Bult-court, Fleet

“ ROBERT STYLES." street; and by Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchangé. To be had of all Newsmen and Book “ Brixt n-road, Dec. 31, 1832." sellers throughout the couutry,

Sold, wholesale, retail, and for exportation, by Thomas Prout, No. 229, Straud, London, seven doors from Tempie-bar, and by most

medicine-venders in town or country. Country CHEAP CLOTHING!!

venders can ubtain them through their Lon

don agents. SWAIN AND CO., Tailors, &c.,

Mrin, Rennie, Lord-street, Liverpool ; Mr. 93, FLEET-STREET, .

Stoby, St. Anne's, Manchester; and Messrs. (Near the new opening to St. Bride's Church,

Beilhy and Knott, Birunigham, have just re

ceived fresh supplies. D EG to present to the notice of the Public

D the List of Prices which they charge for Geotlemeu's Clothing. FOR CASII ONLY.

TTERNIA.— A safe and sure remedy has

£ 8. d. It just been completed by Messrs. ADAMS, A Suit of Superfine Clothes ..

14 6

for the reliet of this disease, wbich far sur Ditto, Black or Blue....

5 5 0

passes every other invention yet offered to the Ditto, Best Saxony ..

15 6

public, and should be known to every indiPlain Silk Waistcoats

16 0

vidual afflicted with the above distressing com. Figured ditto ditto

18 0

plaint. This TRUSS possesses the peculiar Valencia ditto .....

.. 12 0

advantage of giving the most effectual secuBarogan Shooting Jackets ........ 1 8 0

rity during the greatest exertion, and of A Plain Suit of Livery ............ 4 4 affording ease and safety in the periods of

LADIES' HABITS AND PELisses, and CHIL- relaxation from exercise. Its pressure may DREN's Dresses, equally cheap; in the ma- be increased or diminished in a moment, to nufacture of which they are not surpassed at any degree required, without the removal of the West-end of the Town.

the Truss, or its wearer even rising from his I recommend Messrs. Swain and Co. seat-advantages never before possessed by as very good and punctual tradesmen,

any other Truss. Testimonials of its meriis

from the highest surgical authorities may be whom I have long employed with great seen, satisfaction.

Wa. COBBETT. Manufactured and sold by S. T. and G

Adams, Oldbury, near Birmingham, and by

appointment by Mr. J. Read, lovector of the CONSOLATION for GOUTY SUBJECTS Stomach Pump, &c. 35, Regent Circus, Picca

; BLAIR'S GOUT and RHEUMATIC dilly, London. PILLS continue to afford the most astonishing prooss of their efficacy in all Gouty and Rheu. | Printed by William Cobbett, Johnson's-court: ang matic affections, paios in the head or face, published by him, at II, Bolt court, Fleet street


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