bone in the black knave's carcass. Pray for never permitted such a profanation in his gohim, indeed! Him a white Christian! Was vernment. there not Bishops and Rectors enough, well-paid The religious opinions of Governor Fox might too, in England, to pray for churchmen; but not have been the most enlightened, but therMethodists, and niggers, and She-Saints, must were the natural growth of his education, and of have the impudence to pray for them! He would the system working around him. He was, like have the Church look to that.

most other human beings, very much the creature Poor Sam, under view of the whip-often of external influences ; and he had been for the threatened, but never applied-on his knees, greater part of his life placed in circumstances promised that he never would have the audacity which shut out light by nearly every approach. to pray for his white master again.

In England light streamed in through many Under this religious persecution he was tempted crannies. I have said that the Governor, save from without to leave his master a second time; on the question of slavery, the black niggers, but Sam still remembered how hungry and cold and the Church, latterly became a sort of Toryhe had been, and said, “ Black Sam stay and pray Radical; and it may be regarded as a sign of for poor wicked Massa Gubbana : him best un the times, that, towards the close of his life, he derstand Sam's constitution. Bery good Massa had been so far corrupted by Cobbett's writings when not in a huff-"

as to begin to question why a Bishop should have The Governor, whatever his pious neighbours so much higher pay than an Admiral of the Red ; might think of it, piqued himself on being a most and a Rector, than a Colonel of Marines ? He exemplary Church Christian. Unlike black Sam, never got further than this ; though the direct he could repeat the creed without blundering operation of tithe upon himself would, I have no one word. In his Fort he had made a point of doubt, in one season, have made the Governor a reading the Service every Sunday morning, and thorough Church reformer. He had already, by on Monday morning, of flogging as many of the the unaided light of conscience, discovered that negroes as did not attend chapel. Zealously had no work no pay, was the true principle to which he defended the outworks of the Church from the society should adhere, with all its servants. At attacks of Methodists, as he had proved by his Church rate he grumbled excessively ; and for angry abdication,

He wonld have sworn the this hardship his remedy was, that the MethoThirty-Nine Articles, and with a perfectly safe dists, his general term for all dissenters, should conscience, as often as any statute desired or be made to contribute double, to relieve churchcustom dictated. For why? -every body, save men of such burdens. Methodists and Presbyterians, did so. It is I am afraid that my old friend will scarce approbable that the Governor, who was, in every pear either a very amiable or even consistent point, a man of action, did not enjoy the minis character. He was, however, quite consistent trations of a clergyman so well as his own ser with himself. Besides, I have hitherto been exvice ; for, until the era of black Sam, he had not hibiting his asperities and angular points, in that regularly attended Church.

Now he went, unhappy interval of ten years, when having just marching his marshalled household to church, lost absolute power, he had not learned to live every morning, Sam walking before, carrying his on terms of equality and forbearance with his master's crimson and gold large Prayer Book, fellow men ; and when every passing day, from which was to the Captain exactly what his bre his own overbearing conduct, litigiousness, and viary is to a good Catholic—a thing of mysteri- credulity, was roughly dispelling his life-long ous sanctity; something resembling a bishop in dreams of the state of society in happy Old Engfull costume-a tangible and comely body of land. His faults were more those of ignorance faith. The Bible held but a secondary place in and temper than of heart. As his underthe Governor's esteem. It was a good book, to standing expanded, his judgment became more be read on holiday evenings, by those who had correct, and his character improved. Though time, but suspiciously revered by the Scotch, the his prejudices were violent they were few. Methodists, and Quakers.

had no respect for names or persons, no parNow, seated in church, at the head of his pew, tisan feelings, save in the nigger, and the Church the Amen certainly did not stick in his throat. cases ; and in him these were at least hoHis strenuous responses, and loud joining in the nest. Present any truth to him; and if he was psalm, overpowered the choir and startled the able to perceive, he at once embraced it. Gecongregation. He now partook of the commu neral or abstract truth was not in his way.nion regularly at Christmas, Easter, and other His, from original constitution and training, was solemn times, because such was the duty of a a mind of facts and details; but without any large churchman, and because he read in the news. views or well-defined principles, he often arrivpapers that the King and the Royal Family did ed at fair, practical conclusions. His moral so, with the Dukes of York and Clarence. A pole-star was duty, though he had no very endoubt of his fitness had never once clouded his larged idea of the principle. His duty to his horse, mind. This was a mysterious rite, in which all to black Sam, and his country, stood pretty much good churchmen, rich and poor, were entitled to on the same level; though he might have a clearer participate—and none else : and no missionary idea of the former than of the latter kind of duty. puppies had a right to dispense the holy sacra I have dwelt too long in these generalities. ment, nor negroes to partake of it. He had The first time I beheld Governor Fox, with



knowledge, --s0 I mean as to note and remem made my old friend scrupulous and finical about Her him as a man of some mark,-was at the fu- personal cleanliness, and in all his arrangements neral of Lieutenant Walpole, leading “ poor of the toilet. “ Cleanliness," he said, “ his mother Ned's boy," as his phrase was.

This was to see had taught him, was next to godliness; and the him to advantage. He was hotly and most cha- physical virtue was certainly much better underracteristically alive to the indignity offered, as stood by the Governor than the spiritual grace. he thought, to the memory of “ poor Ned," by The one dwelt in forms and usages, the other the Walpole family sending an undertaker and was shewn in the thorough, daily and hourly their agent's brother, to see the last duties per purification of the spotlessly kept outward man. formed. Though he had quarrelled with all his His costume denoted the substance and respectakindred himself, he entertained that true old bility of the wearer. It was an invariable ample English respect for the remains of relations by blue coat, of the finest cloth, with red facings, and blood, that had the degree of consanguinity exacted under garments of the same material, which in the attention, he would at once have travelled a summer were exchanged for white linen or nan. hundred miles to fulfil the duty of attending keen. The black stock had its own set,--the bat, their funerals-putting himself, as the Gazette like that of every man of individual character, says, “ into decent mourning.” « Poor Ned" its own fit. His boots, very thick in the soles, was only a brother officer-scarce even that, for seemed a part of his original structure. I never he had the misfortune to belong to the regulars, saw him out of them but twice, and then he and the Governor appeared at the funeral in his rolled like a sailor come on shore after being ordinary dress, with the customary knot of crape five years afloat, and scarcely looked his own on his arm. He might at this time have been

The Governor's taste was fixed before about sixty-two years of age ; but he had not the date of embroidered military surtouts lost one hair's-breadth of his original stature and Hessians, which he despised, together with of five feet ten, nor

a single tooth. The the most of the regular puppies” who wore strongest impression given by the first view them. All his habits were as fixed as his dress. of his person and physiognomy was that of His favourite dish was roast pork, with beandecision. His firm structure, and compact pudding ; his general drink rum and water. But fibre, the movement of his limbs, his erect, and though plain in his own taste, he was not stinted somewhat stiff mien, the firmness of his walk, in hospitality, unless he saw his guests troublehis compressed lips, and loud tone of voice, all some or gourmands. Such characters he des. bespoke promptitude, and hardy, confident de pised, more than he did a nigger or a Yankee. cision,-a man never given to question or doubt –His favourite game was backgammon, though -much less to speculate. Yet no one could have he played a cool, steady game at whist,-show. dreamed that his was the decision of a high ing no indulgence to lax players ; insisting upon and vigorous intellect. It was the pushing, stre every advantage to which he was fairly entitled, nuous force, the sinewy and muscular determi- and no more ; and sticking punctiliously to the nation, of a bold animal, of a strong-willed man, game, the whole game, and nothing but the game. whose maxim was, “ Where there is a will, there His poet was Dibdin ; but on holidays, Sternhold is a way.”

and Hopkins ; his favourite author was De Foe, The eye was the most striking feature in the whose stories he never could fully persuade himself tanned face of the old Governor. In a cold day, were fictions, though he knew this was generally when I have seen him buttoned and wrapped said. He had at once found out “ that fellow above the nose, and the eye alone visible, it was Gulliver,” which I presented to him: “ He was a luminary to be marked. That strong greyish all bam !” The Governor had sailed the world green, clear, frosty eye, quick but not penetrat round, and seen no such little people ; and, what ing, was of itself enough to show the man of was more, there was nothing of them in Mr. prompt decision. It was certainly not in the least Guthrie's Grammar of Geography—his staple an eye like that of Mars, “ To threaten or com scientific work. If any one would have taken mand;" yet it could sometimes twinkle and scin the trouble, as I sometimes did, to tell him of tillate, in a way which plainly demonstrated the adventures of Cook and La Perouse, while he that the person who looked at you was not a smoked his pipe, he would have listened with character it might be altogether prudent to trifle great interest and delight, and made very perwith. I have seen something very like it, though tinent remarks ; for he relished oral much betfar more cunning, and as it were better in ter than written narrative. “ The puppies,” he structed, under the shaggy brows of a Bow said, put their stuff together, o'purpose, in Street officer, near the head of the department. such a way, that no plain man could spell them It would have been a perfectly appropriate fea out;" and yet he had made young Walpole transture in the countenance of a pilot, a smuggler, form his own log-book in this fashion. The a whaler; then it might have been more feroci. Governor's favourite print was Cobbett's Register, ous or uneasy in expression; now, where it light.. a taste common, I have noticed, among old mi. ned, it was only an angry eye—the eye of a man litary men. Cobbett offended him, by refuswho could flourish a whip, but who abhorred a ing to print his communications; and he dropt stiletto.

the Register for two weeks, but on the third His natural love of order, a military education, gave in. One paper served him exactly a week. and long residence in a burning climate, had Though always rather averse to the society of

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females, whom he divided into the two grand their dames. Though his house was not often classes of white ladies, and black wenches, the open either to the needy or to the suffering," who wives of the marines, when abroad, belonging to had seen better days," there was a class of perthe former,—he was compelled to associate with sons to whom Governor Fox was nobly liberalwomen sometimes, or give up Chatham society. old, infirm paupers, and maimed or blind peraltogether. On trial, he confessed, he rather sons, evidently disqualified to earn their own liked some of the “baggages,” particularly those bread, especially if they had been in service, who had “seen service;" and after he had fixed his wounded, and without pensions. They had only to household, he conceived himself bound in honour come to him with clean skins, at a reasonable hour, to receive the ladies on the occasion of his grand and say they belonged to the Church, to be sure annual dinner ; at which periodical festival every of aid any day, so far as a substantial meal, and point of graciousness and gallantry was shewn a few coppers. His locality often swarmed with forth, in the exercise of his duty as a hospitable miserable women, followers of the troops, or sol. landlord. All his curious shells and birds were diers' wives, with a fry of half-starved, puny turned out. The highest-priced tea, the most children, to whom his casual bounty was unicostly sweatmeats, and the richest cake London formly extended, though, on such occasions, he could afford, were brought down by himself, to never failed, for the benefit of society, to deliver entertain his fair guests, who, he presumed, were the whole sum and substance of the doctrines of all addicted to such dainties. I have seen his Malthus, in a few sweeping and pithy sentences, temporal arteries start, and his eyes redden, with generally put in the interrogative form, and the force with which, for their entertainment, pronounced with angry emphasis and energy: he poured forth,

no matter how public the preaching-place, or " Thursday, in the morning, the nineteenth day of May, who were the auditors. Walking, riding, or drivFor ever be recorded the glorious sixty-two,

ing, the Governor, before distributing his bounty, Brave Russell did espy before the dawn of day,” &c. &c.

at the rate of about a penny a-head on the atAt such high-tides, black Sam, officiating in tendant military brood, never failed to halt and gala costume, of white-muslin trousers and tur rebuke the mother, in a few pithy words of Malban, with beads, scarlet waistcoat, and sky-blue thusian doctrine. The Governor was, however, jacket, grinned, with an open-mouthed hospitality, in this, quite innocent of plagiary-even the upon the fair guests, and in admiration of his name of the great modern philosopher had never master's wit and humour, that to me gave no reached his ears, till some years afterwards, when small additional relish to the entertainment. he became a Reformer, and began to study every Rolling with suppressed laughter at his master's old soldier's favourite print, Cobbett's Register. jokes and annual song, he would burst forth with This was not until his fortunes had undergone

Bery funny, Massa-Massa Gubbana !” and a mortifying change. The fate of the South then, as if afraid of having gone beyond the point American Speculation may be surmised. He lost of respect before strangers, he would throw down every shilling of his “ Investment.” The Scotch his distended eyelids, “ Bery grand, Massa, too.” Ale Company turned out even worse; but the Poor fellow, how happy was he then! Was my Drury-Lane shares was the worst concern of sickly feeling of pity for his childish mirth not, all. We were at the most ticklish time of the after all, misplaced ? No one feels compassion war-its tremendous close. The Funds were in witnessing the exuberant glee and bounding tumbling down every day; and in one of the few joy of children, and young frolicsome animals of anxious days that preceded the battle of Waterevery kind. Why regret that Nature's sable loo, I saw the Governor arrive very early from family, with the simplest elements of pleasure Rochester, on foot! in a plight that I shall not around them, and its unbroken spring in their easily forget. He came directly to my lodging. hearts, should forget how humiliated they are, He had been on the road from midnight. and how wretched they ought to feel.

« On foot !” The Governor held no maxims of conduct upon Ay, and why not? Is it for beggars to which he did not act; and this made me rather ride, sir ? Don't you see how those dd wonder why, with his utilitarian notions, he dis Stocks are tumbling down. Let Master Pitt guised Sam in this fantastic costume at his galas. look up now, I bid him, to his act of 1797—his But besides some particles of latent vanity, or paper rags. Not but that I could weather it for fondness of barbaric pomp, brought from his myself, if the trifle Widow Walpole intrusted to Government and days of African splendour, he my management, were once secured in hard gold. alleged that monkeys, popinjays, and niggers, Thank God, I can handle a pickaxe, a spade, were meant by nature to wear yellow, green, and or a scull on the Thames yet;- but a widow, scarlet ; to dance, sing, chatter, and play the and a gentlewoman, cheated, in trusting to Stebassoon and negro-drum, and cultivate sugar-phen Fox-all she had scraped up for seven canes for white Christians.

years, to give Ned his schooling, without being A supplementary, or fragmentary feast, always beholden to these Northampton Dons, her husfollowed the Governor's annual banquet, which band's relations, who have neither conscience was, in various ways, more interesting than the nor bowels. It is enough to drive a man mad.". grander display. It was a true old English ex You have not invested Mrs. Walpole's slenhibition of beef, beer, and bread, to his various der funds I trust? clients in the neighbourhood,-old marines, and

- No !” roared the Governor,

save in


waggon. But I must be off : the broker, thabla

those blasted English Funds :-down one-fourth, " The general run of womankind would say, Friday, down one-sixteenth, Saturday, down Oh! the rich relations will surely some time seek oné-eighth, yesterday. The vitals are eaten after, and educate the boy. I must have this out of Old England by subsidies, loan-contrac new bonnet, and t'other gim-crack.' Mrs. Waltors, and Jew-jobbers. I have walked up to pole has trusted to no such contingency. ConLondon, sir, with this hazel-stick in my hand, tingency! do you mark, sir.

And what, pray, and a couple of clean shirts, and my prayer-book, makes the difference between a man and a woman in this bundle, to begin the world again. Can your of sense, and born-idiots, but this same trusting landlady let me have any dog-hole of a garretto contingencies,—that the one holds the whip- in at 2s. 6d. a-week, or so. I can't promise more hand of Fortune, as she has done, and the other at first. I have written to Bamboo to take the lets the jade drive him, like me. But having se. lease of my Box, which he always longed for, and cured my billet for the night, I must be off to Sam off my hands. An idle man has better chance my broker. I have written to him by every of a job about London, where there are so many post:-always down, down, down. Last night coal lighters, and so forth, than down yonder.” he rather advises selling. If I have one “ Governor Fox, you amaze me !"

five guineas, ay, or five shillings, of reversion, wil “ Amazed, to see an old man, a fool, and a after paying my just and lawful debts, by Jove, they beggar! ha! ha! ha! from having been a cre I'll hoard! I'll lock 'em in my old sea.chestos dulous idiot!"

which I bought when a boy at Halifax, for a There was something terrific in his laugh; but dollar and a half. It can now hold all my Governor Fox was too firm-spirited long to give worldly goods--I must send it up cheap by the way to this wild mood.

“ Have I any claim to Chelsea, or Greenwich, puppy Pantague, urges selling out to-day. think ye ?- My pipe is what I shall miss the Next mail will bring us down, perhaps, a whole most, -no luxuries now. I hope the Lord will per cent.—perhaps ten, or blow us out of the call me home, however, before old age and frail. water altogether, who can tell? who can tell ? ty drive Stephen Fox on his parish, with all his If I had taken Cobbett's advice and warnings cousins grinning at the Governor. In the mean now, and laid up a few guineas? - Where is therea time, can your landlady let me have a garret? | Cockney scribbler among them, with their Times I must have my billet settled for the night, be and Chronicle, ever showed how fast this counfore I look about me. I can make my own bed, try is going to the devil, so satisfactorily and buy and cook my own victuals, wash my own clearly as the old Sergeant?" shirt, and keep my place clean myself. You “ Cold comfort that, Governor; but I do incan answer to her, I suppose, that I am a man sist and entreat, that before giving Mr. Pantaof sober, regular habits, who attend Church, and gue your final order, you wait the next mail. pay my way as I go. I can surely make my London is on the tiptoe of expectation,-good bread, were it but selling mackerel,—what the news must come,-worse than our fears have deuce should I let down my heart for !"

painted cannot arrive. We will have a rise this Ludicrous as this was, I could not, durst not morning !" laugh.

My persuasions had no effect, which I regret“ My dear Governor, though you have had ted, as I believed he had received bad, I was losses and crosses in these evil times, you are unwilling to think sinister, advice from his! certainly exaggerating the tricks of fortune. broker. It was a crisis of fearful excitement, Depressed as the funds are you must have, even delusion, and panic. Every hour might relieve though selling out to-day, which none but a us from suspense; but then it might be to deepen madman would do, a very comfortable reversion.” our loss or sufferings. I was a fundholder, too.

“ Not a doit !--not a stiver, I believe, will be I assured the Governor, in the meantime, that left; but no matter, I will have, what with the not nurse Wilks's garret, but the best chamber in the lease, the furniture, my three swords, and gold her house, and that was my own, was much at epaulettes, enough to clear with poor Mrs. Walpole. his service; but, in the meanwhile, I hoped he There's a woman of honour, and resolution, sir! could return home in a chaise to-day yet, and 44 saving from her widow's pension ; while I have sleep in his own bed. I accompanied the Goverbeen squandering like an extravagant puppy. It nor to his destination, though he assured me was her duty to be frugal, and she has been so ; there was no danger of leaving him alone. but how few of the baggages, if at her age, could “ Your turtle-feeding Aldermen may go after have been equally resolute :--they must have their lost plums, to feed the great fishes. I will this gown; and it would not be decent to go neither drown like a blind puppy, nor hang my. V without that cap-not that they ever care about self like a nigger in the sulks. I can work, sir.' it—for themselves,-not at all !—Then who the There was already an unusual buzz in the devil does ? let them answer that.”

streets. I held the Governor fast by the arm, I let the Governor divert himself by rambling to detain him a few more minutes from his broin this new course, and indulged my private fan- | ker. cies as to the origin of the unusual warmth of “ If I were a rich man, Governor, or one his rooted esteem for the widow, who, last night, whose credit was good, I would, at this monient, when he had apprized her of her danger, had be- underwrite your whole present funded property, haved, he said, “ like a hero, and an angel." as you originally placed it, for five shillings."

* More than its worth, egad! but let me go “ Now, mark me, Mr. Richard Taylor, let me man,—don't you see Pantague signalizing me from only get back my own of them—I scorn a sixhis window; there's the carriage coming to con pence of their dirty Jew money-and if a guinea vey him to 'Change. They'll ride it out, by Jove! is to be bought for twenty-five shillings in Engover our necks, whatever becomes of old men, land, and a strong-box to lodge it in, by Jove, you widows, and orphans.”

shall see if Stephen Fox is to be humbugged a I held him the faster; men, boys, women, were second time by that great humbug, which will now all hurrying to and fro, or collecting in burst and go off some morning like the shell of groups, with eager speech and animated looks, an overcharged bomb. I have a plan in my head on every side ; carriages and horsemen hurried -but never mind,--I shall tell you as we go along, some east, some west. News certainly had down to Rochester. The only obstacle is Ned, arrived; express came hot after express ; but no and the young puppy loves me, and has been bulletin had yet been sent from Downing Street bred about my own hand,-a tractable, sharp to the City.' A dreadful defeat, it was whispered rascal, and all as one as my own already.” about, had been sustained by the Allies,-the The reader will please to remember that it was with ruin was total,ếof Europe, and of Governor Fox. this same “ Ned” I sat talking over all these old The morning papers were all doubt and mystery.matters, now suggested by reading the death of

“ Let me off, man,-if I don't sell out to-day, the old Governor in the newspaper. In spite of I may hang myself at night, for I never can face his sincere regret, when we got the length of the Rochester. They'll be at twenty-five to-morrow. Governor's sudden brightening of fortune primWe shall have French assignats for old English ing him for matrimony, Mr. Walpole burst into guineas, by Jupiter !”

a loud and violent fit of laughter, as the whole We had something like a struggle when he scene of the Governor's unpropitious wooing rose offered to break off. “ Remember,– I protest : to his memory-of the Governor, who always took - I warn you, for Mrs. Walpole’s, for Edward's

time by the forelock, arriving at his mother's sake : you are going to throw away her little cottage in full regimentals, sword, and epaulettes, means, which to-day it is in your power so much and heralded by black Sam, on the evening of the to improve,-to ruin absolutely, or deeply injure same day he had walked to London to sell out yourself: you are the dupe of jobbers,—you will and seek for honest labour,-his bold, resolute curse yourself to-morrow and for ever, if you sell look, as a bachelor of sixty, who had now first to-day. Did I not plead with you against the

screwed his courage to the sticking place, and Scotch Ale Company,—the Drury-Lane Shares,– resolved he would not fail,--and the embarrassthe South American Speculation.—Hark !” It

ment of poor Mrs. Walpole, who was innocent Fas a distant gun—another, and another. The of all design of charming her kind old acquaintGovernor was a little deaf even then on one side

ance, the friendly Governor, within many degrees of the head; but when the rejoicing boom rolled of matrimony, and who was now considerably a. majestically up the river from the Tower guns, larmed by her conquest. Yet she had certainly there was no longer doubt. The exulting shouts of

assured him, on the previous evening, that howthe gathering multitude,—the outburst of all the

ever low the funds fell, and precious as was her bells in London, told the same tale:-a splendid, little hoard to her son, she should ever rest fully decisive victory! The newsmen blew their horns.

satisfied that his intentions had been most kind * Three per cent. better already! Hey, Gover

and disinterested. What, after all, was their nor!” was my rousing cry to the now stunned

loss to that of the many anxious, and soon probcapitalist,-stunned but for five seconds. We ably to be, the bereaved and sorrowing mothers went along and heard the first confused tidings and wives of England!” When Walpole thought of the Field of Waterloo. Eighteen or eight- of all this, he laughed outrageously. and-twenty thousand human beings had there How she contrived to reject without mortally bitten the dust,—what an image is that homely offending her admirer, I cannot tell,-neither one of mortal agony !_and London was in a frenzy could Master Ned, Black Sam, nor Hannah the of joy, and the funds up, I cannot tell how much, housemaid, who had taken their station in one in one hour. What histories were that day in listening group, without the parlour door, to men's faces !

overhear the Governor's declaration in form. The Governor bore the sudden tide of fortune

A parson,” the Governor said, “ could not have with entire equanimity. He had been quite ready put it into prettier language.” to take a spade or an oar, and was now equally It was exceedingly impertinent in me, I ready to hire a chaise to go home, to be wiser in fu

own,” said Walpole ; “ for I was then a shrewd ture. He thanked me for my counsel, and owned

boy, and the negro and the girl little better than that for once he had done well not to act upon his idiots; but somehow, though my own mother own judgment~"For why?--he had some know

was concerned, the temptation was irresistible. ledge of war, especially with niggers and maroons, The comical face of Sam alone,—who was grinand had studied gunnery and fortification ; but ning from ear to ear, rubbing his hands, halfhow could any honest man out of London, though dancing through the kitchen, and singing exa good marine officer, be up to half the tricks of

temporaneously, in negro fashion, those stock-jobbing fellows, who ought to have

Putty Missey Walpool, their ears cropped, and be transported, every

Marry ould Massa Gubarna; mother's son of them, as knaves and cozeners ?

Hivn be a crusty old fellow,
And Massa Neddy's pappa,'

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