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3 bks.

Album of adventures. Moncrieff, A. R. H. Alden, Raymond M, ed. Eng. verse. '03 $1.75.

Macmillan. (My9) S. (Eng. readings.) **$1.25 net. Albus, J: D. Schlossbauern. '02. '03(F7)

Holt. S. 60 c.

Eden. | Alden, W: L. Drewitt's dream. '02 (Ap12) Alcaeus. Songs: memoir and text; literal D. (Town and country lib., no. 310.) $1; and verse trs, and notes by J. S. E. Smith.

pap., 50 c.

Appleton. 'oi(Myn) 12°, net, $2. Lowdermil!: ALDEN FAMILY. Alcestis and Electra. See Euripides.

Alden, A: E. Pilgrim Alden. $2. Earle. Alchemist (The). See Jonson, Ben.

Alderson, Barnard. Andrew Carnegie, the ALCHEMY.

man and his work. '02 (D6) il. 0. **$1.40 Muir. Story of alchemy. **35 c. net.

Doubleday, P. Appleton.

Alderson, F. H. Indigestion. '03. 16°, *50 c. See also Chemistry.

Scribner. Alcocer, Martin G. Pastoral letter on Cath- Aldin, Cecil. A sporting garland. '03 (D5) olic unity. '03 (Mr28) D. pap., 10 c.

O. bds., **$3 net.

Wessels. Marlier. | Aldrich, Mrs. Auretta R. Life and how to Alcock, A. A naturalist in Indian seas. '02 live it. "O1(Ag24) il. D. net, $1. Biddle. (D13) 8°, *$6 net.

Dutton. Aldrich, F. D., and Foster, Irving L. Alcock, Deborah. Not for crown or sceptre.

Foundations of French arr. for beginners. 03(126) 12°, $1.50. Am. Tr. 1900 (S22) D. 95 c.

Ginn. Alcock, Deborah. Under Calvin's spell. '02 Aldrich, F. D., and Foster, Irving L. French (18) il. 0. 1$1.50.

Revell. reader arranged for beginners. '03 (O31) ALCOHOL

S. (International modern language ser.) Allen. Alcohol a dangerous medicine. 50 c.

Ginn. $1.50; $1.25.

Haskell. Aldrich, Mrs. Flora L. S. The boudoir comBrannt. Distillation of alcohol. $4. Baird. panion. .01 (Ag24) 0. $1.

Gilman. Alcott, Louisa M. Candy country. [New is

Aldrich, Mrs. Flora L. S. My child and I, in sue.) 1900 (O20) il. Š. (Children's friend

sickness and health, from prenatal life until ser.) 50 c.

Little, B. & Co.

sixteen. '03 (Ag29) il. 12°, $1.50; hf. mor.,

$2. Alcott, Louisa M. Christmas dream. 'oi

Ziegler. (019) 12°, (Children's friend ser.) 50 c.

Aldrich, G: I., and Forbes, A. Progressive Little, B. & Co. course in reading.

1900 (Ap21) Alcott, Louisa M. Jo's boys and how they

bk. 1, il. D. 20 c.; bk. 2, il. D. 30 c. ; bk. 3, il. D. 40 C.

Butler. turned out: a sequel to "Little men.” [New illustrated ed.] '03(O24) il. D. $2.

Aldrich, Norman K. Modern picturesque Little, B. & Co.

homes, no. 3: practical designs and plans of Alcott, Louisa M. Little button rose. New

residences and cottages. '03 (Je6) il. obl. S.

Aldrich. ed. " '01. '02 (F15) 16°, (Children's friend Aldrich, T: B. Works. Popular ed. 1900 ser.) bds., 50 c.

Little, B. & Co.

(013) 7 v., 12°, $10; hf. cf., $20. Alcott, Louisa M. Little men. (New il. ed.]

Houghton, M. & Co. 'ol(N16) D. $2.

Little, B. & Co.

Aldrich. T: B. Ponkapog papers. '03(N7) Alcott, Louisa M. Little women. (New il. D. **$1 net.

Houghton, M. & Co. ed.] '02 (018) D. +$2. Little, B. & Co. Aldrich, T: B. A sea turn, and other matAlcott, Louisa M. Old-fashioned girl. '02 ters. '02(04) D. $$1.25. (N22) il. 12°, $2. Little, B. & Co.

Houghton, M. & Co. Alcott, Louisa M. Poppies and wheat. [New Aldrich, T: B., ed. Historic scenes in ficissue.) 1900 (O2c) il. D. (Children's

tion. '02 (N22) 20 v., il. 12°, (Young folks' friend ser.) 50 C.

Little, B. & Co.

lib.) (for complete lib., subs., $40; hf. mor., ALCOTT FAMILY.

$60; full mor., $100. (Sold only in sets.)

E. B. Hall. Clark. The Alcotts in Harvard. $1.50.

J. C. L. Clark. Aldrich. Wilbur. Money and credit. Rev. ed. Alden, A: E. Pilgrim Alden; (first John Al

'03(D5) D. $1.25.

Grafton Press. den in America.) '02. '03 (My23) 12°. $2. Aleph the Chaldean. Burr, E. F. $1.25. Earle.

Whittaker. Alden, Carlos C. Code of civil procedure. Aletheia, pseud. See Stobo, E: J:

ALEXANDER the Great, 'oi (O26) D. canvas, $1.50. Baker, V. & Co.

Abbott. Alexander the Great. 50 C. Alden, Mrs. Is. M., [“Pansy.”] Mag and

Altemus. Margaret. '01(Ap27) il. D. $1.50. Lothrop.

Abbott. Alexander the Great. 75 c. Alden, Mrs. Is. M. Mara. '03 (Je13) il. D.

Burt. (Pansy books.) +$1.50.


Plutarch. Alexander the Great and Julius Alden, Mrs. Is. M. Missent. 1900 (Mr3) D. Cæsar,

Cassell. 75 c.

Lothrop. Plutarch. Alexander the Great. net, 15 C. Alden, Mrs. Is. M. Pauline. 'ol (My18) Ď.

Houghton, M. & Co. Lothrop Wheeler. Alexander the Great. $1.50; Alden, Vrs. Is. M. Unto the end. '02 (Je7)

Putnam. Lothrop. Williams. Life of Alexander the Great. $1. Alden, Mrs. Is. M., and Livingstone, Mrs. C.

Burt; Perkins. M. By way of the wilderness. 1900 (Ap21) | ALEXANDER I. Of Russia. il. D. $1.50.

Lothrop. Choiseul-Gouffier. Hist, memoirs of AlexAlden. Raymond M. Art of debate. 1900 ander 1. $1.50.

McClurg. (58) D. net, $1.

Holt. | Alexander, Mrs., pseud. See Hector, A. F.

pap., $1.

10 C.



D. $1.50.

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Alexander, Alb. R. Culture from reading. Alge, S., (and others.) German reader. 'or

'ol (012) S. 50 c.; pap., 25 C. Abbey Press. (J120) S. (Modern lang. books.) 60 с. Alexander, Arabel W. Light through dar

Newson. kened windows. 'oi (Mr2i) S. $1. Jennings. Alge, S., [and others.) Second French book. Alexander, Mrs. C. F. He is risen! He is

'or (J120) S. (Modern lang. books.) 50 c.

Newson. risen. 1900(S15) sq. S. pap., 25 c. Buckles.

See Williamson, D:, ed. A great revival.

Bailey. High school algebra. 90 c. Am. Bk. Alexander, Francesca. The hidden servants,

Beman and Smith. Academic algebra. and other very old stories told over again.

$1.25.—Elements of algebra. $1.22. Ginn. 1900 (O27) D. $1.50. Little, B. & Co.

Boyd. College algebra.net, $2.

Scott, F. & Co. Alexander, Hartley B. Problem of metaphys

Boyden. Primeros pasos en álgebra. 60 c. ics and meaning of metaphysical explana

Silver. tion. '02 (J112) 8°, (Columbia University Brooks. Normal elem, algebra. pt. 1. 83 c. cont. to philosophy, psychology and educa

Sower. tion, v. 10, no. 1.) pap., *75 c. net.

Colaw and Ellwood. School algebra. $1.15. Macmillan.

B. F. Johnson Alexander, Ja. Weights and measures of

Dickson. College algebra. net, $1.50 sheet lead. 'oi (O26) 32°, leatherette, 60 c.

Wiley. Spon.

Downey. Higher algebra. $1.50. Same. Alexander, J: Conquest of the air: romance

pt. 1.
90 c.

Am. Bk. of aerial navigation. '02 (N1) il. D. 75 c.

Dupuis. Principles of elementary algebra. Wessels. net, $1.10.

Macmillan. Alexander, J: B. Hist. of Mecklenburg Co.

Durell. Key to school algebra. $1. '02. '03(Mr28) 12' $2. J: B. Alexander.

Myers, Fishel & Co. Alexander, Sigmund B. See Blum, E.

Fisher. Rudiments of algebra. 60 C.-SecAlexander, T., and Thomson, A. W. Ele- ondary algebra. $1.05. Fisher & S.

mentary applied mechanics. '02 (16) il. 8°, Fisher and Schwatt. Algebras. net, 60 C.*$5.25 net.


Macmillan, Alexander, W: M. Demonic possession in the Gerrish and Wells. Beginner's algebra. 50 c. New Testament. '02 (Ap12) 8°, net, $1.50.

Heath. Scribner Gideon. Model algebra. 60 c. Eldredge. Alexander in the ark. Burrow, F. R. $1.50.

Gilbert and Sullivan. Practical lessons in

Lippincott algebra, elem. $1. Richardson, S. ALEXANDRA, Queen of England.

Grace and Young Algebra of invariants. See Edward vii., King of England.

*$3 net.

Macmillan. ALFALFA.

Hall. Algebraical examples. net. 50 C. Coburn. Alfalfa. 50 c. Judd.

Macmillan. Alford, G: H. Willis; or, the model farmer.

Higgs. Algebra self-taught. 60 c. Spon. 1900 (D8) S. pap., 35 c.


Jackson. Teacher's manual to Beman and Alford. M., comp. Latin passages for trans- Smith's Academic algebra. $1.50. Ginn. lation. '02 (Ap12) 12°, net. 80 c. Macmillan.

Jocelyn. Algebra for high schools. $1.25. Alfred, King. King Alfred's description of

Butler. Europe. 'ol (Jer) (Old South leaflets, no. Keller. Algebra probleins. 50 C. Bardeen. 112.) pap., 5 c.

Old South Work

Kellogg. Elements of algebra. 25 c. ALFRED the Great

Kellogg. Abbott. Alfred the Great. 50 c. Altemus. Lippincott's elem. algebra. 80 c. Lippincott, Abbott. Alfred the Great. 75 c. Burt. Vilne. Academic algebra. $1.25.-Key. Besant. Story of King Alfred. 40 ç.

$1.50.-Advanced algebra. $1.50.-Key to

Appleton Elements of grammar and Grammar Bosworth. Alfred the Great. net, 40 c.

school algebra. 60 c.

Am. Bk. Macmillan, Payne. Principles and methods of college Bowker. King Alfred millenary. $3.

algebra. 25 c.

McCord. Macmillan. Rawlins. Key to Lippincott's elem. algeHarrison. Writings of King Alfred. net bra. $1.

Lippincott. 25 c.

Macmillan. Smith and Stringhanı. Elementary algeHughes. Life of Alfred the Great. $1.

bra. net, $1.10; $1.20. Macmillan.

Burt. Symonds. Abstract of the elements of Macfadyen. Alfred, the West Saxon, King arithmetic and algebra in tabular form. of the English. net, $1.50. Dutton. *80 c. net.

W: B. Harison. Tappan. In the days of Alfred the Great. Taylor. Elements of algebra. $1.12. $1. Lee & S.

Allyn & B. ALGAE,

Wentworth. College algebra. $1.65. Ginn. Livingston. Nature of the stimulus which White. Grammar school algebra. 35 c. causes change in form in polymorphic

Am. Bk. green algae. net, 25 c. Univ. of Chic. See also Equations:-Mathematics:--Numbers. Alge, S., (and others.) First French book. Alger, Carolus, pseud. See Field. C: K. 'oi (J120) S. (Modern lang. books.) 50 C. Alger, Edith G. Primer of work and play. Newson '02 (M215) il. sg. D. 30 c.

Heath. Alge, S., (and others.) First German book. Alger, G: W., and Slater, S: S. A treatise 'or (J120) il. S. (Modern lang. books.) 60 с. on the N. Y. employers' liability act. '03 Newson. (119) 0. buckram, $2.

M. Bender.

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Alger, H., jr. Andy Grant's pluck. '02 Aliens. Wright, M. T. $1.50. Scribner. (N15) il. D. **80 c. net.

Coates. | ALIMENTARY CANAL Alger, H., jr. Ben Bruce. 'ol (My18) il. 12°,

Maryland. Students' handbook of the sur(Alger ser.) $1.


gery of the alimentary canal. $3. Blakiston. Alger, H., jr. Bernard Brooks' adventures. Alissas, R. d', (M. and K. Roget.) Les his

03 (My16) il. 12°, (Alger ser.) t$1. Burt. toires de tante. '02 (Mrı) 12°, (Primary Alger, H., jr. Chester Rand. '03 (N14) il. D. ser, of Fr. and Germ. reading books.) net, **80 c. net.

40 c.

Alger, H., jr. Debt of honor. 1900(Ag18) | Alix, pseud. See Brooks, A.
il. 12°, (Alger ser.) $1.

Burt. Alger, H., jr. Falling in with fortune. 1900

All aboard. Newberry, F. E. $1. (D22) D. $1.25.

Mershon. All about animals. 1900(D15) il. Q. bds., Alger, H., jr. Forging ahead. '03 (031) il. D. 50 c.

McLoughlin. **90 c. net.

Penn. All astray. Moncrieff, A. R. H. $1.50. Alger, H., jr. jed the poorhouse boy. 1900

Macmillan. (020) il D. $1.

Coates. All England ser. 16°, *60 c, net. Macmillan, Alger, H., jr. Lester's luck. 'oi (O26) il. D. - Everard. Golf in theory and practice. $1.

Coates. All for a crown. Williams, H: L., jr. $1. Alger, H., jr. Making his mark. 'oi (O26)

Street. il. D. $1.25.

Penn Pub. Co. | All nail to Santa Claus. Gabriel, C: H. Alger, H., jr. Out for business. 1900(D22) 30 c.

Fillmore. $1.25.

Mershon. All on a merry day. '02(N22) F. (Imperial Alger, H., jr. Paul the peddler. '03 (Je27) toy ser.) pap., 50 c.; untearable, 75 c. 12°, (Young America lib.) 50 c. Hurst.

Warne. Alger, H., jr. Phil the fiddler. '03 (J6) 12°, | All on the Irish shore. Somerville, E. €. (Young America lib.) 50 c.


Longmans. Alger, H., jr. Tom Turner's legacy and how All-sufficient Saviour. Macgregor, G: H. C. he secured it. '02 (J112) il. 12°, (Alger 50 c.

Revell. ser.) $1.

Burt. All the Russias. Norman, H: **$4 net. Alger, H., jr. World before him. '02(04)

Scribner. il. D. **90 c. net.

Penn Pub. Co. All the world's fighting ships. See Jane, F. T. Alger, J. G. Paris, 1789-1794. '02 (D27) il. All things new. Morgan, G. C. net, 10 c. 8°, **$3 net; 34 mor., $5 net. Pott.

Revell. Alger, R. A. The Spanish-Am. war. 'oi Allan, Eliz. P. Life and letters of Margaret (019) O. net, $2.50.

Harper Junkin Preston. '03 (N21) por. D. **$1.75 Alger ser. il. 12°, $1.

Burt net.

Houghton, M. & Co. -Alger. Bernard Brooks' adventures-Debt Allan Darke. See Gibson, C: D. of honor.-Tom Turner's legacy.

Allan Eric, pseud. See Willis, C: W. -Chipman. Yankee lad's pluck.

Allbutt, T: C. Science and medieval thought. -Coomer. Young whaler.

'01 (My18) 12°, (Cambridge Univ. Press -Kaler. Treasure of Cocos Island.

ser.) net, 75 C.

Macmillan. ALGERIA. Wilkin. Among the Berbers of Algeria. Allbutt, T: C. System of medicine by many

writers. v. 8. Diseases of nervous system, $4.


concluded; Mental diseases; Diseases of the Algol. De Peyster, J: W.

n. p.

skin. J: W. De Peyster.

1900 (F24) 3o, net, $5; hf. leath., net. $6.

Macmillan. Algonkian. See Lawson, A. C.

Allchin, W. H., ed. Manual of medicine. V. Algonquian series. See Tooker, W: W.

1. 1900 (Je23); v. 2 1900. 'oi (Ja5); v. 3 Algonquin Indian tales. Young, E. R. $1.25.

(012); ; V. 4. '02 (D6) il. 12°, (Manuals of Eaton & M.

medicine and surgery.) ea., *$2 net. Alhambra. Irving, W. 25C. Macmillan.

Macmillan. Alhambra ser. S. 50 c.; pap., 25 c.

Allcock. C. H., st. Theoretical geometry for

Henneberry - Jay, ed. A B C guide to ball-room danc

beginners. pt. 1. '03 (M114) 12°. *40 c. net; pt. 2 (O24) *35 c. net.

Macmillan. ing. Ali Baba. See Arabian nights.

Alldridge, T. J. The Sherbro and its Hinter

Macmillan. Ali Baba, or, the forty thieves. '03 (Agı) 4°.

land. 'oi(N9) il. 8°, $6. 50 c.


Alleged discrepancies of the Bible. Bates, Alice McDonald. Logan, J. B. 75 c.

W: H. 75 c.; 50 c.

Watchword. Cumberland


See Pittsburg Alice of Old Vincennes. Thompson, M.



Baker, School entertainments: coll, of alAlice's adventures in Wonderland. See

legories, etc. 30 c.

W. H. Baker. Dodgson, C: L.

Green. Twelve allegories. net, $1.25. Lane. Alice's visit to the Hawaiian Islands. Krout. See also Parables.

Am. Bk. Allegro (L’.) See Milton, J: Alick's adventures. R., G. +$1.25. Longmans. Alleman, Julia S. Postmarked "Colima." Alien, pseud. See Baker, Mrs. L. A.

(John Rung prize ser.) 1900 (58) D. $1.25. Alien (The). Montrésor, F. F. $1.50.

Luth. Pub. Appleton Allen, A. V. G. Life and letters of Phillips Alien (The) immigrant. Gordon, W. E. Brooks. 1900(D29) 2 v., net, $7.50. *$1.50 net. Scribner.


M. H. 45 C.

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Allen, Alfr. H. Commercial organic analysis. Allen, Grant. Paris. 1900(My5) nar. D. 3d enl. ed. v. 3, pt. 1, Tannins, dyes, etc.; net, $1.25.

Wessels. rev, and ed. by J. M. Matthews. 1900 (D15) Allen, Grant. Venice. '03. '02 (011) 2 v., 8°, $4.50.

Blakiston. 12°, (Travel lovers' lib.) $3; hf. mor., $7. Allen, Alice E. Children of the palm lands.

L. C. Page 'o2 (My3) D. 50 c.

Educ Pub. ALLEN, Grant. Allen, Anne S. Merry hearts; front. '03 Clodd. Grant Allen. net, $1.50. Mansfield. (O24) S. 75 c.

Holt. Allen, J. H: Diseases and therapeutics of the Allen, Calvin Fs. Field and office tables spe- skin. '02 (My24) 12°. $2. Boericke & T.

cially applicable to railroads. '03(D5) 80, Allen, J. L. Aftermath. New issue. 1900 pocket-book, limp leath., $2. Spon. (Ap7) 16°, $1.

Macmillan. Allen, Calvin Fs. Railroad curves and earth Allen, J. L. Blue grass region of Kentucky.

work. 3d ed., partly rewritten. '03(D5) il. New issue. 1900 (Ap7) il. 12°, $1.50. diagr., 8°, pocket-book, limp leath., $2.

Macmillan. Spon. Allen, J. L. Flute and violin, and other KenAllen, Calvin Fs. Railroad curves and earth- tucky tåles. New issue. 1900 (Ap7) 12°, work, and Field and office tables. In I v. $1.50.

Macmillan '03(D5) il. 8°, limp leath., $3. Spon. Allen, J. L. Kentucky cardinal. New issue. Allen, C: Notes on the Bacon-Shakespeare 1900 (Ap7) 16°, $1.

Macmillan. question. 1900 (Ap21) D. $1.50.

Allen, J. L. Kentucky cardinal; and AfterHoughton, M. & Co. math. New ed. rev. 1900 (Dı) il. 8°, $2.50. Allen, C: L. Cabbage, cauliflower and al

Macmillan. lied vegetables, from seed to harvest. 'oi Allen, J. L. Mettle of the pasture. '03 (Ap20) il. D. 50 c. Judd (Agi) 12°, +$1.50.

Macmillan. Allen, C: W. Practitioner's manual. 'o2 Allen, J. L. Reign of law. 1900 (Jl17) D. (Je7) 8°, $6; mor., $7.


Macmillan. Allen, Mrs. E. M. See Akers, E.

Allen, J. L. Two gentlemen of Kentucky; Allen, E. T. Science of higher prisms: for from Flute and violin." New issue. 1900 the relief of eye strain and ocular reflexes. (Ap7) nar. 16°, 50 C.

Macmillan. 1900 (Ap21) il. 12°, $1.25. E. T. Allen. Allen, J. W. See Seccombe, T: Allen, E: A. School grammar of the Eng. Allen, Ja. T., comp. Digest of U. S. autolanguage. 1900. 'oi (Mr9) 16°, 60 c.

mobile patents from 1789 to July 1, 1899. Heath

1900 (J128) Q. shp., $25. H. B. Russell. Allen, E: A., and Hawkins, W: J. Gram

of the Eng. language. 03 (Je20) Allen, !:, H., Judah's sceptre and Joseph's (School course in English.) 50_c. Heath.

birthright. '02 (Ag2) il. 12°, $1.50. Allen, E: A., and Hawkins, W:J: Practical Allen, Martha M. Alcohol a dangerous and

J: H. Allen. language book. '03 (Jlu) 12°, (School course in English, bks. I and 2.) 2 v., v. I,

unnecessary medicine, how and why.



(Je23) 12°, $1.25; $1.50. 35 c.; V. 2, 50 C.


Allen, Mrs. Ma. Wood-. Almost a man. Allen, E: A. See also Brewer, D: J.

[New ed.] '03(Ag22) S. (Teaching truth ALLEN, Ethan.

ser.) 50 c.

Wood-A. Brown Ethan Allen. $1. Donohue.

Allen, Mrs. Ma. Wood- Almost a woman. Allen, F. S. What's what? at home and

[New ed] '03 (Ag22) S. (Teaching truth

. abroad. '02 (Je7) S. net, 50 c. Bradley-W.

ser.) 50 c.

Wood-A. Allen, Fs. O., ed. History of Enfield, Conn. Allen, Mrs. Ma. Wood-. Child confidence reIn 3 v.

v. I and 2. 'oi(012); v. 3. 1900. '03 (Ja17) il. 8°, subs., complete work, $15.

warded. '03 (My16) 12°, (Teaching truth ser.) *25 c. net.

Wood-A. F. O. Allen.

Allen, Mrs. Ma. Wood-. The man wonderful. Allen, G. C. Tales from Tennyson. 1900

[New 4th ed.) '03 (Je13) D. $1. Educ. Pub. (D15) il. 12°, $1.25.


Allen, Mrs. Ma. Wood-. Teaching truth. '03 Allen, G. M. See Howe, R. H., jr.

(Je13) 12°, (Teaching truth ser.) 50 c. Allen, G: H. Uncle George's letters to the

Wood-A. Garcia club. '02(S13) il. D. $1. Cedarine. Allen, Mrs. Ma. Wood-. See also WoodAllen, Godfrey. See Allen, Phæbe.

Allen, Mrs. M. Allen, Grant. The backslider: stories. 'or Allen. May V. Battling with love and fate. (D28) 12°, $1.50. Lewis. '02 (J119) D. $1.

Abbey Press. Allen, Grant. Belgium : its cities. '03 (10) Allen. Monfort B., and McGregor, Amelia C. 2 v., il. S. (Travel lovers' lib.) $3.

Ladies' guide to health and beauty. '02 L. C. Page. (56) il. 8°, $1.75.

Nat. Pub. Co. Allen, Grant. Florence. 'oi (012) 2 v., il. S. Allen, Philip S., and Batt, Max, eds. Easy

(Travel lovers' lib.) $3 ; hf. mor., $7; sq. S. German stories; exercises, notes and vocabnet, $1.

L. C. Page. ulary. '03(017) por. D. (Lake German Allen, Grant. Hilda Wade. 1900 (Je16) il. classics.) 70 c.

Scott, F. & Co. 12°, $1.50.

Putnam. | Allen, Phæbe. Jack and Jill's journey: tour Allen. Grani. In nature's workshop. 'oi through the plant kingdom. 'oi (Mr2) il. (Mya) D. net, $1.50. Mansfield 12°, $1.50.

Dutton. Allen, Grant. Linnet: a romance. 1900 (D22) Allen, Phæbe. Pick of the basket. '02 (025) D. $1.50. New Amsterdam. il. 12°, +$1.

E. & J. B. Young. Allen. Grant. Paris. or. 1900 (18) 2 v., il. Allen, Phoebe and Godfrey. Miniature and S. (Travel lovers' lib.) $3 ; 34 mor., $7. window gardening. '02 (Ap19) D. net, 50 c. L. C. Page.



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Allen, T: G. See Duff, E: M.

Allison, W. British thoroughbred horse. 'oi Allen, W. B. Head of Pasht: (novel.) 1900 (D7) 8°, net, $12.50.

Dutton. (Je2) D. $1.50.

Dutton. Alliteration in Italian. Taylor, R. L. net, Allen, W. C. North Carolina history stories. 75 C.

Lemcke. '01 (N9) S. 50 c.; in 5 pts., pap., ea., 10 c. Allman, Ja. God's children. '03 (Je6) S. 50 c. B. F. Johnson.

Allen, Wa. Ulysses S. Grant. 'oi(My11) A:1.075.

S. (Riverside biog. ser., no. 7.) 75 c.; Thurston. The alloys and their constit-
School ed., net, 50 C.
Houghton, M. & Co. uents. $2.50.

Allen, Mrs. W: Love-letters of a liar. 'oi See also Brass.
(Apó) T. im, leath., 50 c.

Ess Ess. All's well that ends well. See Shakespeare, W: Allen, W: H. Election of 1900. 'ol (F16) Allsop, F: C. Induction coils and coil mak8°, (Pub, of the soc., no. 293.) pap., 25 c.

ing. 4th ed. '02 (N22) il. 12°, $1.25. Spon. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. Allsop, F: C. Practical electric beli fitting. Allen, W: H. Rise of the National board of 10th ed. 'o2 (S20) il. 12°, $1.25. Spon. health. 1900(F10) (Pub. of the soc., no.

Ailsop, F: C. Telephones, their construc267.) pap., 15 C.

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. tion and fitting. 1900 (Ag4) il. 12°, $1.25. Allen, Willis B. Play away: story of the

Spon. Boston fire department. '02 (J119) il. 12°, Allston, Marg., pseud. See Farquhar, Mrs. A. **75 c. net.

Estes. Allström, Carl M. Dict. of royal lineage of Allen, Willis B. Under the pine-tree flag. Europe and other countries. In 2 v. V. I.

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net ; 35 c. net.

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Happy England; memoir and descriptions

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maps, 12'.

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25 c.

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