CUMULATED 1900-1903

Of books recorded January 1, 1900, to December 31, 1903, by Author, Title,

Subject, and Series entry.

A apple pie. Greenaway, K. 75 C. Warne A B C of table tennis. Eames, C. G. 50 c. A B C book. Denslow, W. W. 50. c.; 25 L.

Wycil. G: W. Dillingham. A B C of the steam engine. Lisk, J. P. 50 C. A B C business guide. Stevans, C. M. 50 C. ;

Spon. 30 C

Alhambra. B C of the relephone. See Homans, J. E. A B C guide to ball-room dancing. Jay, D. A B C of Wall St. Nelson, S. A. $1. F. 50 C. ; 25 C. Henneberry.

S. A. Nelson. A B C guide to photography. New rev. ed. A B C of wireless telegraphy. Bubier, E: T. 1900 (Je16) il. 16°, 50 c.; pap., 30 c.


Bubier. Alhambra. A B C universal commercial electric teleA B C hand-book. Phillips, D. H. 75 c.; $1; graphic code. 5th ed., enl. '02 (Je7) 8°, $1.25. Phillips & Co. net, $7.

Am. Code. A B C of banks and banking. Coffin, G: M. A la mode cookery. Salis, Mrs. H. A. de. $2 $1.25. S: A. Nelson.

Longmans. A B C of bridge. Tennant, E. A. 50 c.

Aaron Crane. Tate, H: $1.50. Abbey Press.

Wycil. Abady, Jaques. Gas analyst's manual. '02 A B C of cookery for invalids. Kiddle,

(S20) il. 8°, $6.50.

Spon. Mrs. J: 50 C.

Wycil. Abandoned. Van Fossen, L. B. $1.50. Neely. A B C of dancing. Scott, E: 50 c. Wycil. Abandoned farmer. Preston, S. H. $1.25.

Scribner. A B C of dynamo design. Avery, A. H. net, 40 C.


APBAS EFFENDI, A B C of electrical experiments. Clarke, W.

Phelps. Life and teachings of Abbas EfExcelsior.

fendi. **$1.40 net. J. $1.

Putnam. A B C of gardening; by a practical gardener.

Abbatt, W: Battle of Pell's Point, (Pel'03 (D12) T. (Drane's new A B C hand

ham,) Oct. 18, 1776. 'oi (N16) O. net, $2; books, no. 10.) 50 C.

Large pap ed., $5.

Abbatt A B C of graphology. Bennett, W. 50 c.

Abbatt, W: ed. See also Heath, W:

Abbé Constantin. See Halevy, L.
A B C of motors and motor cycles. Brown,

Abbey, C: J. Divine love. 1900 (D8) 12°, C. W. 50 c.


Macmillan. A B C of palmistry. Hathaway, E. 75 c.;

Abbey, Edn. A., il. Quest of the Holy Grail ; 50 c.

Banner Light.
text by F. Greenslet. '02(D20) 4°, *$5 net.

Curtis. A B C of palmistry. '03 (010) T. (Drane's

new A B C handbooks, no. 3.) 50 C Wycil. ABBEY, Edn. A. A B C of photography. Wall, E. J. 50 c.

Hubbard. Abbey. 25 C. Roycrofters. Wycil. Abbey, H: Phaethon. 1900 (D22) S. Styles.

ABBEYS, A B C of photomicography. Walmsley, W:

See Cathedrals;-Convents; — Monasticism;-also H: $1.25.


Westminster Abbey. A B C of physiognomy. Bello, P. 50 c. Abbot, F. L. Faith built on reason. '02(S20) Wycil.

J. H. West. A B C of scientific Christianity. Clarkson, Abbot, Willis J: American merchant ships

J. R. Clarkson and sailors. '02(NI) 0. **$2 net. Dodd. A B C of solo whist. Oliver, Edn. 50 c. Abbott, Alex. C. Hygiene of transmissible

Wycil. diseases. 2d rev. enl, ed. 'oi (Je15) il. 8°, A B C of stock speculation. Nelson, S. A. net, $2.50.

Saunders. S: A. Armstrong. Abbott, Alex. C. Manual of bacteriology, 6th A B C of swimming; by an ex-captain of the ed., rev. and enl. '02(My17) 12°, net, $2.75. Midland Swimming Club. '03 (D12) T.

Lea. (Drane's new A B C handbooks, no. 9.) Abbott, Alice B. Frigate's namesake. 'or 50 C. Wycil. (012) il. D. net, $1.

Century Co.

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50 c.

J. R. 25 c.


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Abbott, Arth. V. Telephony: a manual of Abbott, Jac. and J: S. C. Alexander the

the design, construction, and operation of Great. 1900(O27).-Alfred the Great.telephone exchanges. In 6 v. v. 1-3. '03 Cyrus the Great.-Elizabeth, Queen of (Je27) ; v. 4 (031) il. O. ea., $1.50; set, $6. England.- Josephine.-Julius Cæsar.-King

McGraw. Charles the Second of England.-Mme. RoAbbott, Austin. Brief for the trial of civil

land.-Marie Antoinette.-Mary Queen of issues before a jury. 2d and enl. ed. 1900

Scots.-Pyrrhus.-Romulus. — Xerxes the (Di) O. shp., $4.50. Lawyers' Co-op.

Great. (D8) il. 3q. 16°, (Young people's lib.) ea.. 50 c.

Altemus. Abbott, Austin. Brief on the modes of prov- Abbott, Jac. and J: S. C. Life of Alexander

ing facts in question on the trial of civil or criminal cases. 2d and enl. ed. 'ol (D7)

the Great.-Alfred the Great.-Charles the O. shp., $4.50.

Lawyers' Co-op.

First, King of England.-Charles the Sec

ond, King of England.-Cyrus the Great.— Abbott, Austin. Trial evidence. 2d ed. rev. Darius the Great.-Elizabeth, Queen of

and enl. by J: J. Crawford. 1900 (My5) England.-Hannibal the Carthaginian.0. shp., net, $6.50. Baker, V. & Co.

Hernando Cortez.-Josephine, Empress of Abbott, Austin, assisted by Beecher, W: C. France.-Julius Cæsar.-Madame Roland.

Brief for the trial of criminal cases. 2d enl. Marie Antoinette.-Mary, Queen of Scots.

ed. 'o2(D6) O. shp., $4.50. Lawyers' Co-op. 1900 ( S1,22).—Life of Pyrrhus.—Romolus. Abbott, C: C. A colonial wooing. '02(N22)

-William the Conqueror.—Xerxes. (06). D. (Select novels.) +$1 ; pap., 50.c.

New issue. il. 12°, (Franklin ser. of biog.) Lippincott. ea., 75 c.

Burt. Abbott, Ç: C. In nature's realm; drawings Abbott, J: S. C. Captain William Kidd and

other of the buccaneers. '02(DO) D. (Ajax by O. Kemp. 1900 (06) O. net, $2.50.

Dodd. ser., no. 7.) 52 c. Brandt.

Abbott, J: S. C. Christopher Carson, known Abbott, Edn. A. Clue: guide through Greek as Kit Carson. 'oi. '02 (Api2) 12°, net, 87 c. to Hebrew Scripture. 1900 (D29) 8°, net,

Dodd. $2.60.

Macmillan. Abbott, J: S. C. See also Abbott, Jac. Abbott, Edn. A. Corrections of Mark adopted | Abbott, J: S. C., and Conwell, Russell H. by Matthew and Luke. 'ol (Je8) 8°, nec. Lives of the presidents. Art ed.

'03 $5.50.

Macmillan. (Mr28) 3 v., il. 8°, 74 leath., per set. $12. Abbott, Edn. A. From letter to spirit. '03

Towers. (S5) 8°, *$7 net.

Macmillan Abbott, Kath. M. Old paths and legends of

New England. '03(D5) il. map, 8°, **$3.50 Abbott, Ernest H. Religious life in Amer


Putnam. ica. '02(D6) 0. **$1 net. Outlook.

Abbott, Kath. M. Trolley trips in a .. about Abbott, Evelyn. History of Greece. pt. 3, Washington. 1900 (Je23) il. maps., pap., 445-403 B.C. 1900 (S22) 0. $2.25. Putnam.

J. F. Jarvis. Abbott, Fk. F. Hist, and des. of_Roman po- Abbott, Kath. M. Twentieth century trolles litical institutions. on(O26) D. $1.60. trips. 'ol (S21) il. obl. Tt. pap., 10 c. Ginn.

C. B. Webster. Abbott. Fk. F. Toledo manuscript of the Abbott, L. Henry Ward Beecher. '03 (N21 ) Germania of Tacitus. '03 (S19) D. (Univ. Abbott, L. Life and literature of the ancient

Houghton, M. & Co. of Chic. decennial pubs.; pr. fr. v. 6.) pap.,

Hebrews. 'oi (Mr2) D. $2. *50 c. net. Univ. of Chic.

Houghton, M. & Co. Abbott, F: H. Practice ir civil actions at Abbott, L. The life that really is. 1900 ( Ja2o) law in the cts. of record for Michigan, with D. $1.50.

Ketcham. forms. 'oi (Jei) 2 v., O. shp., $12. Keefe-D. Abbott, L. The other room. '03(Ap4) 0. Abbott, G. F. Macedonian folklore.

bds., **$1 net.

Outlook. (Je27) 8°, *$2.50 net.

Macmillan. Abbott, L. Problems of life: sel. from writAbbott. G. F. Songs of modern Greece.

ings; by S. T. Dickinson. 1900 (Ap2r) D. $1.50.

Dodd 1900 (Dı) 16°, (Cambridge Univ. Press ser.) net, $1.50.


Abbott, L. Rights of man. 'oi (N16) D net. $1.50.

Houghton, M. & Co. Abbott, G. F. Tale of a tour in Macedonia.

Abbott, L. Salvation from sin. 1900 (N10) '03 (My16) il. O. *$5 net. Longmans. D. (What is worth while ser.) leatherette. Abbott. H: G: Modern printing processes. 35 c.

Crowel! 1900 (Ag11) il. 16°, 35 c.; pap., 25 c. Hazlitt. Abbott. L. The supernatural.

1900 (N10) Abbott, H: G: Progressive lessons in pho

D. (What is worth while ser.) leather1900 (F3) il

• ette. 35 C. tography. Pt. I, fine arts.

Crowell. 24°, 35c; pap., 25C.

Hazlitt. | Abbott, L.

Why go to church? 1900 (D8)

D. (Day's work ser.) 35 C. L. C. Page. Abbott. Irene McM. Ministry of love:

Abbott, L., ed. Hints for home reading. (poems.) '03(Je13) S. $1.

1900(D8) S. $1.25.

Bowman. Abbott, J. H. M. Tommy Cornstalk: feat. | Abbott, S: W., ed. See American year ures of the So. African war from the point

hook of medicine. of view of the Australian ranks. '02( Je21) Abbott, Steve M., comp. Compendium of D. $2.

Longmans. parliamentary rules. '02. '03(F7) S. 30 c. : Abbott, Jac. A boy on a farm at work and at pap., 20 c.

S. M. Abhott. play: ed. by C. Johnson. '03 (F28) D. Ahhott's cyclonedic digest. See New York. (Eclectic readings.) 45 C. Am. Bk. I Abdallah. Laboulaye, E. R. L. $1. Pott.

10 C.


[blocks in formation]


20 C.


About money. Sinks, P. W. **40 c. net. Deaver. Surgical anatomy. V. 3, Abdo

Revell. men, etc. subs., complete work, $24; $27. About my father's business. Miles, A. $1.50. Blakiston.

Mershon. Douglas. Diagnosis of surgical diseases of Abraham and the patriarchal age. Duff, A. abdomen. *$8 net. Blakiston *30 c. net.

Lippincott. Huntington. Atlas and treatise on abdom- Abrahams, Israel. See Yellin, D: inal anatomy. *$10 net.

Lea. Abrams, Alb. Diseases of the heart. 'oa See also Intestines;- Stomach.

'03(F7) il. 12', (Standard monograph ser.) ABDUL HAMID II.


kngelhard. Dorys, pseud. Private life of the Sultan of Abrams, Bernard A. Fibel für schueler nichtTurkey. net, $1.20.

Appleton. deutscher abkunft. 1900. 'oi (Ja26) 16', Abegg, R., and Herz, W. Practical chemis

Am. Bk. try; tr. by H. B. Calvert. 'oi. '02 (Ja24) Abroad with the Jimmies. Bell, L. $1.50. 12°, net, $1.50. Macmillan.

L. C. Page Abel, Carl. Gynecological pathology: 2d ed.; Abruzzi, (Duke of the,) (Luigi Amedeo of tr, and ed. by S: W. Bandler. 'oi (D28)

Savoy.) On the Polar Star in the Arctic il. 8°, net, $2.50.


sea; tr. by W: Le Queux. '03 (My16) 2 V., ABELARD, Peter.

il. pors. maps, Q. **$12.50 net. Dodd. McCabe. Peter Abélard. net, $2. Putnam, Absal of Jámi. See Omar Khayyám. Morten, ed. Love letters of Abélard and Absent-minded beggar. See Kipling, R. Héloïse. 50 c.; 75 C.


ABSOLUTION. Abelard and Heloise. Love letters; reprinted See Confession.

from the tr. of 1722. '03 (D19) 16°, decor., | Absorption of liquids by animal tissues. Web$3; leath., $15.

Bobbs-M. ster, R. W. *50 c. net. Univ. of Chic. Abenika Caldwell. Wells, C. $$1.50. Russell. Abt, I: A. Pediatrics and orthopedic surAbercrombie, H. R. See Scoble, J:

gery; ed. by J: Ridlon. '03(S12) il. 12°,

(Practical medicine ser. of year books, 2d Abernethy, J. W. American literature. '02 (Ap26) 12°, $1.10.

Year Bk. Maynard, M. & Co.

ser., V. 7.) *$1.25 net.


Quatrains; selected from his See Magnetism.

"Lozum-ma-la Yalzam" and “Sact-uzAbhedananda, Swami. Divine heritage of Zind,” rendered into Eng. by Ameen F. man: the Vendanta philosophy. '03 (13)

Rihani. '03 (O3) D. **$1.25 net. 12°. *$i net. Vedanta.

Doubleday, P. Abhedananda, Swami. Why is a Hindu a ABYSSINIA. vegetarian? 1900(My5) 12°, pap., 10 C.

Vivian. Abyssinia. $4. Longmans.

Vedanta. Wellby. 'Twixt Sirdar and Menelik. net, Abhedananda, Swami, comp. Sayings of Sri

Harper. Ramakrishna. '03 (My9) 32°, *75 c. net.

Academic Gregories, Stewart, A. G. 75 C. Vedanta.

Scribner. Abhedananda, Swami, comp: Vedanta philos- Academy ser. of English classics. 12°, 20 C.ophy. (Six lectures.) '01-'03. 12°, ea., 40 c.

Allyn & B. 10 C.-40 c.

Vedanta. - Lowell. Vision of Sir Launfal.
Abner Daniel. Harben, W. N. $1.50.

-Milton. Minor poems.

-Shakespeare. The tempest.
Abney, Sir W: de W. Photography. Toth ACCIDENTS.
rev. and enl. ed. 1900. 'ol (Mr2) 12°, $2.

Black. Law and practice in accident cases. Lippincott. $6.

Soney. Abney, Sir W: de W. Photography. 10th

Dickson. First aid in accidents. net, 50 c. ed., rev. 'oi (D21) D. (Text-books of sci

Revell. ence.) $1.75.


Doty. Prompt aid to the injured. $1.50. Aboard the American Duchess.” Myers, G:

Appleton. L. $1.

Putnam. Drinkwater.. First aid to the injured and Aborn, Fk. Class exercises in the individual

ambulance drill. net, 40 c. Macmillan. ization of lines in drawing. '03 (My23) obl.

Golebiewski. Atlas and epitome of disS. pap., 25 c. Fk. Aborn. eases caused by accident. net, $4.

Saunders. Abot, R: C. Physical diag. of diseases of the chest. 2d rev. ed. '03 (S19) 12°, $2.50.

Hope. Till the doctor comes and how to Wood. help him. $1.

Putnam. About, Edmond. King of the mountains; tr.

Lamprecht. Recovery work after pit fires. $4.

Van Nostrand. by A. Lang. '02. '03 (My9) 12°, (Century of Fr. romance, Parisian ed., v. 14.) per v.,

Parry. Risks and dangers of various occufr. $5 to $50.

pations and their prevention. net. $3. Appleton.

Van Nostrand. About, Edm. La fille du chanoine et L'album Warwick and Tunstall. First aid to the du régiment; biog. notice of the author and

injured and sick. net, $1. Saunders notes in English by G. Castegnier. 'or See also Life-saving ;-Surgery. (My4) sq. S. (Contes choisis, no. 23.) pap.. According to Plato. Moore, F. F. $1.50. 25 c. W: R Jenkins

Dodd. About, Edmond. La mère de la Marquise ; According to season. Parsons, Mrs. F. T. cd., with notes and vocabulary, by Murray net, $1.75.

Scribner. Peabody Brush. '03 (Jezo) S. (Modern lan- According to the pattern. Hill, Mrs. G. L. guage ser.) 40 C. Heath. **$1 net.

Am. Bapt.


[blocks in formation]

Account (An) of Louisiana, 1803. 'ol (F16) ACTIONS AT LAW.–Continued.
S. (Old South leaflets, no. 105.) pap., 5.c.

Moon. Removal of causes from cts. of the

Old South Work. several states to circuit cts, of the U. S. Accountant's guide for executors, etc. Gotts- $6.

Banks. berger, F. $5.

Peck. Perley. Practice in personal actions in cts, ACCOUNTS.

of Mass. $6.50.

G: B. Reed. See Arithmetic;—Bookkeeping.

Sibley. Right to and cause for action, both ACETYLENE

civil and criminal. $1.50. Leeds and Butterfield. Acetylene,

W. H. Anderson & Co. Lippincott.

Stevens. Practice in actions at law in cts. Lewes, Acetylene. net, $7.


of Mich. v. 2. net, $6. Callaghan. Achard, L: A. E. Golden Aeece (La toison Wait. Law and practice in civil actions and d'or;) fr. the Fr. 1900(Ag4) il. 12°, $1.50. proceedings in justices' cts., (etc.) In 3 v.

L. C. Page. v. 1-3. ea., $6.35; set, $19. M. Bender. Achenbach, H: Two-fold covenant. '02

Whittaker. Forms of pleading under (Ap12) D. 50 C. Evangelical Press.

codes of civil procedure. $6.

W. H. Anderson & Co. Acheson, Arth. Shakespeare and the rival

Wood. Limitation of actions at law. $6.50. poet; with a repr. of sundry pieces, by G:

Boston Bk. Chapman. '03 (Myg) 0. $1.25. Lane.

See also Equity;--Evidence;—Forms (in law);Achilles Tatius. Leucippe and Clitophon. Injunctions;- Pleading and practice;— Trials.

'02 (Ag2) il. 8°, (Antique gems fr. the Acton, Sir J: E. E: Dalberg-. Cambridge Greek and Latin, v. 7.) (App. to pubs. for modern history; ed: by A. W. Ward, G. W. price.)

Barrie. Prothero, S. Leathes. In 12 v. V. I, The Achromatic spindle in spore mother-cells of Renaissance. '02(N15); v. 7, United States; osmunda regalis. Smith, R. W. net, 25 c.

bibliography, chronological table of leading

Univ. of Chic. events, index. '03 (J111); v. 3, The ReforAckerman, G. E. Love illumined. 1900

mation. (D19) 8°, ca., **$4 net. (My5) S. 50 c. Curts.

Macmillan. Acorn Club, Ct., pubs. 8°, pap.


Actor's child. Westbrook, H. P. $1. Eckler.

ACTORS AND ACTRESSES. -Love. Thomas Short, first printer of Ct.

Case $5. (6.)

Clapp. Reminiscences of a dramatic critic. net, $1.75.

Houghton, M. & Co. ACOUSTICS.

Hamm. Eminent actors and their homes. Mundy. Acoustic triangulation and its


Pott. application to submarine signalling. $1.

Hapgood. The stage in America, 1897Millet. 1900. $1.75.

Macmillan. See also Sound.

Hubert. Stage as a career. $1. Putnam. Across coveted lands. Landor, H: S. 2 v.

Hyde. Through the stage door. 50 c. **$7.50 net. Scribner.

Commercial Distrib. Across Iceland. Bisiker, W. $4. Longmans. Illustrated Am. stage. $2.50. Russell. Across Patagonia. Dixie, Lady F. C. D. $1. Kobbé. Famous actors and actresses and

Burt. their homes. **$3 net. Little, B. & Co. Across the continent of the years. Hillis, Leslie. Some players. $2. H. S. Stone. N. D. net, 25 C.

Revell. McKay and Wingate. Famous Am. actors Across the Delaware. Kaler, J. O. t$1.

of to-day. $2.75.

Crowell. Burt. Morris. Life on the stage: experiences Across the desert of Gobi. Williams, M: and recollections. net, $1.50. Rep. Pub.

McClure, P. Across the river. Macleod, N. 50 c.

Morris. Stage confidences. **$1.20 net. E. & J. B. Young

Lothrop. Across the San Juan mountains. Rickard, T: Robins. Twelve great actors.-Twelve A. $1. Eng. and Mining Jo. great actresses. ea., $2.50.

Putnam. ACTING.

Stoddart. Recollections of a player. **$1.80 Symons. Plays, acting and music. *$2 net.


Century Co. Dutton. Storms. The players' blue book. $2.50. See also Actors and actresses ;-Drama and dra

Sutherland & S. matists;--Minstrel show;--Pantomime;—Thea.

Strang. Celebrated comedians of light Action and the word. Matthews, J. B. $1.50. opera and musical comedy in America.

Harper, $1.50; $3.50.-Famous actors of the day ACTIONS AT LAW.

in America. $1.50.-Famous actresses of Abbott. Practice in civil actions at law in the day in America. $1.50. L. C. Page. the cts. of record for Mich. 2 v.. $12. Whitton. Wags of the stage. $2.50. Keefe-D.

Rigby Bradner. New practice in supplementary Wingate. Shakespeare's heroes the proceedings. $4.

W. C. Little. stage. 2 v. $2.75;—Shakespeare's heroBudd. Civil remedies under code system. ines on the stage. 2 v. $2.75. Crowell. $6.


See also Acting ;--Theatre. Buswell and Walcott. Practice and plead Actors and actresses of Great Britain and the

ing in personal actions in cts. of Mass. U. S. D. $1.50; 34 mor., $3. L. C. Page $6.

Little, B. & Co. -Matthews and Hutton. Macready and Minnesota. Digest of law of procedure. Forrest and their contemporaries. (4.) (Dunnell.) $9.

West Pub. Actress' crime. Winfield, E. 50 c. Mershon.

35 c.



[blocks in formation]


Adams, C: J. How Baldy won the county See Actors and actresses.

seat. 'O2(D20) 12°, $1.25.


Adams, C: K., ed. Representative British See Bible. Acuff, J. D. Index digest to forms of com

orations; with a supp. vol. by J: Alden. plaints and pleas in Ala., sup: ct: repts. Adams, C: K., ed. See also Universal cyclo

1900 (N3) 4 v., D. $5.

Putnam. from 50 Ala. to 130, incl. '03(Ap4) S. $1.


pædia. Açvaghosha's discourse on the awakening

Adams, C: K., and Trent, W. P. Hist. of faith in the Mahâzâna; fr. the Chinese.

the United States. '03(Mr28) il. 12°, 1900 (S29) il. D. net, $1.25. Open Court.

(Ser. of school histories.) hf, leath., $1.50.

Allyn & B. Ad astra. Dante Alighieri. net, $2.50; net, Adams, Cyrus C. Commercial geography. $7.50.


'01 (05) il. 12°, .(Twentieth century textAd astra: sel. from the Divine comedy. '02

books.) net, $1.30.

Appleton. (D27) il. 4°, bds., $5.

Russell. Adams, Cyrus C., ed. Elem. commercial Ad astra. Wynne, C: W. net, $1.25. Lane.

geography. '02 (Ag23) il. D. $1.10. Ada Vernham, actress. Marsh, R: $1.50.

Appleton. L. C. Page. Adams, Ellinor D. Girl of to-day. 'oi (My18) Adam, Mme. Edmond, (Juliette Lamber.] My il. 12°, (Fireside ser.) $1.

Burt. literary life. '03. D. **$1.40 net. Appleton. | Adams, Ellinor D. Holiday prize: a modern Adam, Mme. Edmond. Romance of my child- fairy tale. '03 (Je6) 12°, (Home ser.) 50 C. hood and youth. '02 (D6) D. **$1.40 net.

Hurst. Appleton. Adams, Ephraim. The Iowa band: hist. of Adam, Ja. Texts to il. a course of elem. early Congregationalism in the middle west.

lectures on Greek philosophy after Aris- '02 (D27) 12°, *$1 net. Pilgrim Press.

totle. '02 (Mri) 8°, net, $1.25. Macmillan. Adams, F. A. The transgressors; story of a Adam, Rob. and Ja. Decorative work: plates

great sin. 1900(Agii) 12°, $1.50. il. decoration and furniture; fr. Works in

Independence. architecture, pub. 1778-1812. 'ol.(Jer). F. Adams, Franklin P. In Cupid's court. '02 bds., net, $12.

(S20) S. bds., 50 c.

W: S. Lord. Adam Bede. See Eliot, G:

Adams, F: U. John Burt. '03 (O31) il. D. Adam Grigson. La Pasture, Mrs. H: de. $1.50.

Biddle. $1.50.

Harper. adams, F: U. The kidnapped millionaires. Adam Johnstone's son. Crawford, F. M. 'or (J16) D. $1.50.

Lothrop. $1.50.

Macmillah. Adams, Ġ: B. Mediæval and modern hisAdam-man'tongue. Edgerly, W. $5. Ralston. tory. 1900 (S22) il. maps, 12°, net, $1.10. Adam Rush. Meekins, L. R. +$1.50.

Macmillan. Lippincott. Adams, G: B., and Stephens, H: M., eds. Adamic lib. il. 8°, $2.

Adamic. Select documents of Eng. constitutional -Carroll. Tempter of Eve.

history. 'oi (N2) 12°, net, $2.25. Macmillan. Adams, Andy. Log of a cowboy. '03 (Je6) Adams, H: Designing ironwork: second ser. il. D. $1.50.

Houghton, M. & Co. '03 (Mr28) pt. 1, 8°, pap., 60 c.; pt. 2, pap., Adams, Arth. P. Songs of the spirit "out of $1.

Spon. the depths." '03 (Jeo) 12°, pap., 30 c.

Adams, H: A. Orations. '02. '03 (F7) 12, Droweht. $1.60.

Adams-C. Adams, Braman B. Block system of signal. Adams, Herb. B. The church and popular eduling on Am. railroads. 'or. '02 (Mr22) 8°,

cation. 1900 (013) 0. Johns Hopkins

Railroad Gazette. Univ. studies, ser. 18, nos. 8 and 9.) pap.. Adams, Brooks. America's economic su

50 c.

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