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H: $1.

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S. $1.25.

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Æs triplex. See Stevenson, R. L:

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syllable ser. for little folks.) 50 c. Burt. Herbertson. Africa: desc. geographies. Aesop. Fables; based on the texts of L'Es

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Macmillan. Crowell.


Park Travels in the interior of Africa. Aesop. Fables in rhyme for children, by


Macmillan. R. D. White and Marg. D. Longley; decor.


Portman. '03(D5) il. 4°, bds., $1.25.

Station studies: jottings of an

African official. *$1.50 net. Longmans. Aesop. A hundred fables; fr. the English Quinius. Day in Africa.–Visit of the king. version of Sir Roger L'Estrange; introd. by

ca., 3 c.

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Presb. Bd. col. books.) $1.50.

Appleton. See also Abyssinia;--Algeria; - Barbary;-Boers; Aesop's fables. See Mora, J. J.

- Central Africa;-Egypt;--Ivory; — Missions

and missionaries;-Morocco;—Sierra Leone;AESTHETICS.

Soudan;-South Africa;-Tripoli;--Uganda. B., E. P. God the beautiful. net, 75 C. AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH.

Beam. Tanner. Manual of the African Meth. Bangs. Art of giving; conc. the sel. of Epis. Church. 50 c.; 35 c. works of fine art and beauty. $1.50.

African M. E. Ch.

Kean. African nights entertainment. Dawson, A. Eddy. Delight, the soul of art. **$1.50 net. J. $1.50.

Dodd. Lippincott. African treasure (An). Cobban, J. M. $1.25. Hirn. Origin of art. net, $3.25.

New Amsterdam. Macmillan. | Africanders. Hooker, Le R. $1.25. Musical essays in art, culture, education.

Rand, McN. & Co. $2.

Presser. After capitalism, what? Browne, W. T. 56 Noyes. Enjoyment of art. **$1 net.

Kerr. Houghton, M. & Co. After death in Arabia. Arnold, Sir E. 25 C. Raymond. Representative significance of

P. Green. form. $2.

Putnam. After dinner stories. Harrison, J: **45 c. Schiller. Aesthetical and philosoph. essays. net.

Penn. V. 1. (App. to pubs. for price.) Niccolls. After-glow. Dorr, Mrs. J. C. R. $1.25. Stimson. The gate beautiful. **$7.50 net;

Scribner. **$3.50 net.

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Abbey Press. *25 c. net.

Univ. of Chic. After prison-what? Booth, Mrs. M. B. See also Criticism;--Fine arts;--Music.

**$1.25 net.

Revell. AETHER.

After sunset. Watson, R. M. **$1.25 net. Fleming. Waves and ripples in water, air

Lane. and aether. $2.

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Am. Tr. Macmillan. After Worcester. Green, E. E. $1.50. Nelson Affair in the South Seas. Irvine, L. H | After Worcester fight. Fea, A. **$6 net. $1.50. Payot.

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E. & J. B. Young, Afield and afloat. Stockton, F. R: $1.50. Agamemnon. See Æschylus. House of

Scribner. Atreus. Aflalo, F: G: Types of British animals. 'ol Agassiz, Louis. (Ag31) il. 12°, (Lib. for young natural- Gould. Louis Agassiz. 75 C.

Small. ists.) $2.

Dutton.' Age (An) hence. Welch, G: T. $1. Eckler.

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Age of chivalry. See Bulfinch, T:

AGRICULTURE.-Continued. Age of decision. Waggett, P. N. $1.

Weed. Spraying crops. 50 c.

Judd. Longmans.

See also Bacteria; — Bees; Botany; Corn;

Dairy; --Dairy farming: -Domestic animals;Age of fable. See Bulfinch, T:

Domestic economy;

Drainage; Ensilage;

Farms and farming; Fodder; Forestry; Age of ivory. Chamberlin, H: H. $1.25.

Fruit;--Gardening; Grass;-Greenhouses; Badger. Insects; -- Irrigation; Land; Poultry;

Sheep;--Soils;-Trees; Vegetables:--Water Age of Johnson. Seccombe, T: $1.

supply. Macmillan.


Vale of cedars, and other Age of the Fathers. Bright, W: *$10 net. {ales. '02 (D27) il. D. $1.50. "Jewish Pub.



Halstead. Aguinaldo and his captor. $1. Agents and inspectors pocket-bk, of fire pro Wildnian. Aguinaldo. net, $1.20. Lothras.

tection. Steeb, G: V. $2.50. Spectator. Aguinaldo's hostage. Hancock, H. 1. $1.25. Aglen. A. S. Lessons in Old Testament his.

Lee & Š. tory. '01 (D7) D. $1.50. Longmans. Ah, what riddles these women be. Young, Agnes Cheswick. Haymond, Mrs. W. E. net,

W: $1.

Russell. 60 c.

Blanchard. Ahead of the army. Stoddard, W: 0. **$1 net.

Lothrop. Agnes Grant's education. Daring, H. t$1.


Ahead of the ticker. Bard, .(pseud.) 25 C. Agnes of Sorrento. See Stowe, Mrs. H. B. aid in study of Lady of the lake, etc. Beaver,


J. A. 25 C.

Whitaker & R. Flint Agnosticism. **$2 net. Scribner. Merrill. Faith and sight. $1. Scribner.

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'03 (D26) 12°, $1.50.

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Aiglon (L'). See Carolus.-Rostand, E.

Putnam. See also Ethics;--Naturalism;--Skepticism.

Aiken, C: F. Dhamma of Gotama the Budd. Agnas. Orme. Jan Oxber. '02. 'O1(S14) il. ha and Gospel of Jesus the Christ. 1900

Marlier. D. $1.

L. C. Page. Aiken, J., Barbauld, Mrs. Anna L. A., and Agnus, Orme. Love in our village. '02. 'or others. Eyes and no eyes; ed. by M. V. (S14) D. $1.

L. C. Page. O'Shea. 1900 (N17) il. D. (Home and Agnus, Orme. Sarah Tuldon. '03 (My23) il. school classics, no. 13.) pap., 10 c.

Heath. Little, B. & Co. Aikin, W: A. The voice. 1900 ( Mr24) il. AGRICOLA, C. J.

12°, $1.

Macmillan. Hendrickson. Proconsulate of Jilius Ag- Aikins, Herb. A. Principles of logic. '03 ricola in rel. to history and encomium.

'o2 (My17) D. net, $1.50.

Holt. 50 C.

Univ. of Chic. Aims and ideals of representative Am. paintAgricultural almanac, 1903. '02 (J119) il. 4°,

ers. Rummell, J: $1.50. J: Rummell. pap., 10 c.

Baer. Ainger, Alfr. Crabbe. '03 (O24) 12', (Eng

lish men of letters, American ser.)'**75 C. Agricultural botany. Percival, J: $2.50. Holt.



Ainsworth, W: H. Novels. '01 (D7) 20 V., Bessey, and others. Agriculture for rural

il. 12°, $20.

Lippincott. and graded schools. 60 c. Univ. Pub. Ainsworth, W:H. Old St. Paul's. '03 (Je13) Burkett, and others. Agriculture for be- il. 16°, (Caxton ser.) limp lambskin, *$1.25 ginners. 75 c.


Scribner. Fairchild. Rural wealth and welfare. $1.25. Ainsworth, W: H. The tower of London;


pls., woodcuts by G: Cruikshank. New ed. Farm Implement News buyer's guide. 03(D5) S. (Illustrated pocket library of 10. $2.


plain and colored books.) $1.50. Appleton. Hall. The soil: introd. to scientific study Ainsworth, W: H. The tower of London:

of growth of crops. **$1.25 net. Dutton. Halsted. Barn plans and outbuildings, $1. Ainsworth, W: H. Windsor castle; il. by G;

romance. '03 (Mr28) 2 v., il. 12', $2. Burt.

Judd. Hunnicult. Agriculture for common schools.

Cruikshank and Tony Johannot. New ed. 65 c. ; 40 C.


'03 (D5) S. (Illustrated pocket lib. of plain McBryde. Elements of agriculture. 60 c.

and colored books.) $1.50. Appleton.

B. F. Johnson. Ainsworth's studies in Europeon history. S. Massey. Crop growing and crop feeding.

pap., IO C.

Ainsworth $1; 50 C.

Farmer Co. -Tremain. Survey in Eng. history. (1.) Myrick. Crisis in agriculture; peril of re

AIR. lations of U. S. to the tropics. net, $5. Archibald. Story of earth's atmosphere. Judd. *35 c. net.

Appleton. O'Connor. Nature's revelations. $1.50. Cowell. Pure air, ozone and water;

Gilliss. treatise on their utilization and value in Roberts. The farmstead. $1.50. Macmillan. oil. grease, etc. net, $2. Van Nostrand. Sever. Elements of agriculture. 50 c.

Fleming. Waves and ripples in water, air Heath. and aether. $2.


D. $1.50.

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D. 30 c.


Aladdin, or, the wonderful lamp. '03(Agi) Phipson. Researches on the past and pres. 4°, 50 c.

McLoughlin. ent hist. of the earth's atmosphere. net, Alain Tanger's wife. Yoxall, J. H. +$1.50. $1. Lippincott.

L. C. Page. See also Compressed air;-Meteorology.

Alarcóh, Pedro A. de. El Capitan Veneno; AIR BRAKES.

ed. by G: G. Brownell. 'ol (My11) D. 50 C. Blackall. Up-to-date air-brake catechism.

Am. Bk. $2.

Henley. Alarcón, Pedro A. de. El niño de la bola; Dukesmith. Air brake, its use and abuse. ed. by R. Schwill. '03(D5) D. 90 c. $1. F, H. Dukesmith.

Am. Bk. Kirkman. Air brake. $2.50. World R’way. Alaska. Laws, emb. penal code, the code AIR PASSAGES.

of criminal procedure, etc. (T: H. CarSee Breathing. AIR SHIPS.

ter.) 1900 (Agr) 0. $10. Callaghan. See Aērial navigation.

Alaska reports, v. I; (Ja. Wickersham.) '03 Air voyager. Ingersoll, W: E. 75 c. Badger. (D12) O. shp., $10.

West Pub. Air, water, and food. Richards, Mrs. E. H. | ALASKA. S. $2.

Wiley. Balch. Alaska frontier. $2.-Alasko-CanAiry, Osmund.

Charles II. 'ol (D7) il. 4, adian frontier. $1. Allen, L. & S. ed de luxe on Jap. pap., net, $50; Fine pap. Burroughs, and others. Alaska. 14 v. ea., ed., on vellum, hf. mor., net, $25. Scribner, **$7.50 net.

Doubleday, P. Airy, Reginald. Westminster. '02 (Mr22) George. Little journeys to Alaska and 12°, (Handbooks the

great public
Canada. 50_c.

Flanagan. schools.) $1.50.

Macmillan. McElwaine. Truth about Alaska. $2. Aitchison, Clyde B. See Iowa. Annots. to

North Star. decisions.

Spurr. Through the Yukon gold diggings. Aitken, J. R. Love in its tenderness: idylls. $1.25.

Eastern. o2(Mr22) D. (Town and country lib., no. Stoddard. Over Rocky Mountains to 309.) $1; pap., 50 c.

Alaska. 75 c.

Aitken, J. R. Sins uf a saint. '03 (My23) il. Sullivan. Woman who went to Alaska.
D. +$1.50.
Appleton. $1.50.

Earle. Aitken, Tic Road making and maintenance

. Taylor. Touring Alaska and the Yellow'il6.

net. $1.60.

Jacobs. Aitkin, W. H. Divine ordinance of prayer. Trout. My experiences at Cape Nome, 'o2 (Jer) 12°, $1.25. E. & J. B. Young.

Alaska. 25 c.

Low'man. Aiton, G: B. Descriptive speller. 'oi (S21)

Winchester. J. D. Experiences on a voyage

Ginn. to the Alaskan gold fields. $1.25. Aiton, G: B., and Rankin, A. W. Exercises

Newcomb. in syntax for summer schools, etc. 'oi. '02

See also Nome. (Ap26) 12°, pap., 25 C.


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G: W. Dillingham. -Abbott. Capt. William Kidd. (7.)

-Porter. A sugar princess. (23.) Akers, Eliz., [Mrs. E. M. Allen.] Sunset Albany, N. Y. Laws, ordinances and regula

song and other verses. (Autograph ed.) tions governing the crection, construction, '02(S13) D. **$1.20 net; ed. de luxe, $3 net.

alteration and repairs to buildings, [etc. ;)

Lee & S. indexed, comp. and arr. by Lewis J. Miller. Alabama. Digest of decisions of the sup. ct.,

'03 (O24) il. 0. limp shp., $i; pap., 50 c. fr. Minor to 125th Ala., incl.; by Ja. J.

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(My18) D. $1.25; rev. enl. ed. '03 (My23) ALABAMA.

D. *$1.50 net.

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Albert, Eduard. Diagnosis of surgical dis130. $1.


eases; fr, the 8th enl. and rev. ed. by R. T. Brown. Hist. of Alabama. $1. University. Albert Savarus. See Balzac, H. de.

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Johns Hopkins.

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in pastoral visitation and at funerals. 'oi Alabama sketches. Peck, S: M. $1. McClurg

(Mr23) S. leath., net, $1.

Otis. Alabaster box. Besant, W. $1.50. Dodd Albion series; ed. by J. W. Bright and G. L. Aladdin. '03 (O3) il. sq. O. (Mother Goose Kittredge.O.

Ginn. ser., v. 1.) 50 C.

Altemus. -Cynewulf. The Christ. $1.65. Aladdin. 'oi (N9) il. (Walter Crane's picture Albright. J. D. The general practitioner as

books; large ser. ; reissue.) pap.. 25 c. Lane. a specialist. 2d ed., rev., enl., and il. _'or Aladdin O'Brien. Morris, G. +$1.25.

(Ag24) il. 8°. $3.50. Pottsville Rep. Century Co. Album (L') du régiment. See About, E.

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