[blocks in formation]

Yangtze valley and beyond. Bishop B: Yeats, W: B.

Yeats, W: B. Where there is nothing:

drama; volume one of plays for an Irish Yankee Crusoe. Willis, C: W. $1.25.

theatre. '03 (J118) 8°, large pap. ed., lim

Dickerman. ited to 100 copies, vellum, *$5 net. Yankee Doodle gander. Gottschalck, O. H. v.

Macmillan. $1.50.

Russell. Yeats, W: B., comp. and ed. Irish fairy and Yankee enchantments. Loomis, C: B. $1.25. folk tales. '02(My10) il. 12°, (Fairy lib.) McClure, P. $1.

Burt. Yankee girl in old California. Raymond, E. Yeats, W: B. See also Beltaine.-Horton, H. $1.25.

Penn Pub. Co. W. T. Yankee girls in Oom Paul's Land. Sheldon, Yechton, Barbara, pseud. See Krause, L. F. L. V. 500. : 250.

Street. Yellin, D:, and Abrahams, Israel. MaimoYankee jumbles. Ives, F. T. $1. B'way Pub. nides. '03 (Je6) D. (Jewish worthies, no. Yankee lad's pluck. Chipman, W: P. $1. 1.) $1.

Jewish Pub. Burt. Yellow (The) crayon. Oppenheim, E. P. Yankee Mother Goose. Cobb, B: F. t$1.25.


Dodd. Jamieson-H. Yellow fiend. Hector, Mrs. A. F. $1.50. Yankee yarns. Perkins, R. 15 C. Popular.


Yellow (The) van. Whiting, R: +$1.50. YARN,

Century Co. Paterson. Color printing of carpet yarns. Yellow violin. Denison, Mrs. M. A. $1. net, $3.50. Van Nostrand.

Saalfield. Winchester. Principles and processes of

Yellowplush papers. See Thackeray, W: M. cotton yarn manufacture. pt. 1. $1.25.

Phila. Textile Sch. YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. See also Blcaching;-Cotton;--Textile fabrics.

Chittenden. Yellowstone National Park. Yawps and other things. Lampton, W. J.

4th ed. $1.50.

R. Clarke. $1.

Hatfield. Geyserland and wonderland. 24 c.

Hicks-J. Ye gods and little fishes. Henshall, J. A. net, $2.

R. Clarke.

Taylor. Touring Alaska and the YellowYe mariners of England. Hayens, H. $2.

stone. net, $1.60.

Jacobs. Nelson.

Yelsew, Jean, pseud. See Smith, J: W. Ye wisdom of Confucius. Seymour, F: H: Yendes, Candace A., comp. Garland of vio$1.


lets. '02. '03 (F28) 32°, pap., 25 C. Year-book of the art societies of New York,

C. A. Yendes. 1898-99. Ferree, B. $1.50. L. Scott! Yendes, Lucy A. See Stoddard, J: S. Year book of the nose, throat, and ear; ed. by Yeo, I. B. Food in heaith and disease. 2d

G. P. Head and A. H. Andrews. 1900 ed. '02 (N22) il. 12°, *$2.50 net. Keener.

(Mr17) O. net, $1.50. Chic. Med. Bk. Yeo, I. B. Manual of medical treatment. Toth Year-book of the nose, throat, and ear. 'o1

ed., rev. '02(N22) 2 v., il. 12°, *$5 net. (Ap27) 0. $2. Year Bk.


Yeoman Fleetwood. Blundell, M. E. $1.50. See Almanacs and annuals;--Calendars and year.

Longmans. Year in a yawl. Doubleday, R. net, $1.25.

Yerburgh, O. P. W., ed. Marriage addresses

Doubleday, P. and marriage hymns. 1900 (Mr24) D. $1.50. Year in China. Bigham, C. $3.50.

Longmans. Macmillan. Yerkes, Laura A.

Boys' and girls' own Year in the fields. Burroughs, J: $1.50.

speaker. '02 (D6) il. 12°, $1. Winston. Houghton, M. & Co. Yerkes, Laura A. New speaker for our little Year of beautiful thoughts. Greenough, J. A.

folks. '02(D6) il, 8°, $1. Winston. B. **$1.20 net.


Yerkes observatory bulletin. See Univ. of Year of life. Lilly, W: S: $1.50. Lane.

Chicago Year one. Burton, J: B. $1.50. Dodd.

Yersin, Marie and Jeanne. Phonorhythmic Year with the Mother-play. Proudfoot, A. H

method of French pronunciation, accent and $1.


diction; Fr. and Eng. 'o2 (Ag23) il. 12°, Yearly famines in India. Buell, G: E. 10 c.


Lippincott. G: E. Buell. Yesterdays with authors. Fields, J. T. $3.50. Year's (The) festivals. Patten, H. P. **$1

Houghton, M. & Co. net.


See International library series. Year's letters. Swinburne, A. C: net, $2.50; Yonge, Ctte. M. Making of a missionary. net, $5.

T: B. Mosher.
1900 (N17) D. $1.

Whittaker. Yeast. Kingsley, C: *$3 net. Macmillan. | Yonge, Ctte. M.. comp.

Book of golden Yeats, S. L. The lord protector. '02 (D6) deeds of all times and all lands. '02 (Api2) il. D. +$1.50. Longmans. 12°. (Home lib.) $1.

Burt. Yeats, S. L. Traitor's way. 'oi (O26) il. D. Yonge, Ctte. M., ed. Child's guide to the $1.50.

Stokes. Book of common prayer. '01(Mr2) 24', Yeats, W: B. Celtic twilight. New ed. '03 net, 50 C.

E. & J. B. Young. (My23) 12°, *$1.50 net. Macmillan. YONGE, Charlotte Mary. Yeats, W: B. Ideas of good and evil. '03 Coleridge. Charlotte Mary Yonge. *$4.25 (Je2o) 12°, *$1.50 net.


Macmillan. Yeats, W: B. In the Seven Woods. '03 | Yonkerman, D. P. Sec Veterinarian's visit(03) 12°, *$1 net.

Macmillan. ing list. Yeats. W: B. Shadowy waters: (poems.)' Yorke the adventurer. Becke, G:L: $1.50. 'oi(My4) O. $1.50. Dodd.



[blocks in formation]

D. $1.25.


Young, Jessie P. Our Lord and Master. '03 See Constant, S.

(F7) sq. T. (Little books on doctrine.) You and your doctor. Doherty, W: B. $1.

*25 c. net.

Jennings. Laird. Young. J: P. Protection and progress. 1900 You'll find it here. Troughton, F; J. 50 c. (06) D. $1.25.

Rand, McN. & Co. Abbey Press.

Young, J: R. Men and memories. Ed. de Young, A. See Grace, J: H.

luxe. '02 (Mr29) 2 v., subs., $5; in I v., Young, Abram V. E. Elem. principles of 12°, subs., $3.

Neely. chemistry. 'oi. '02 (F22) 12°, net, 95 c. Young, Julia D. Black Evan. '02 (Ap26) 12°, Appleton. $1.

Neely. Young, And. W. Government class book. Young, Kath. A. Early days in the Maple

New York ed., with supp. 'oi (D7) 12°, Land. 'ol (Ap20) il. D. (White Christo$1.05. Maynard, M. & Co. pher ser., no. 2.) 50 c.

Pott. Young, Arth. Through hell with Hiprah Young, Mrs. Lucinda S. The seven seals: Hunt. '01 (N23) il. O. bds., $1.50.

"A sinner's dream,” etc. '03 (03) pors. 12°, Zimmerman's. $1.

L. S. Young Young, Bennett H. Battle of the Thames in Young, Martha. See Sheppard, E.

which Kentuckians defeated the British, Young, Norwood. Story of Rome. '01 (F23) French and Indians, October 5, 1813. '03 il. 16°, (Mediæval towns ser.) $1.75. (Je6) il. F. (Filson Club pubs., no. 18.)

Macmillan. pap., $3.

J: P. Morton. Young, Owen D., and Keen, Ja. T. ProbYoung, C:A: Lessons in astronomy, includ- lems in practice and pleading at the coming uranography. Rev. ed. '03 (010) il. mon law. 'o2 (Ap12) O. pap., 50 c. Mudge.

Ginn. Young. R. E. Sally of Missouri. '03 (O24) Young, C: A: Manual of astronomy. '02 D. †$1.50.

McClure, P. (J15) il. O, hf, leath., $2.45. Ginn. Young, Sydney. Fractional distillation... 03 Young, Dinsdale T. The crimson book. '03 (N21) il. 12°, *$2 net.

Macmillan. (N21) 0. $1.25.

Armstrong. Young, T. M. American cotton industry. Young, Dinsdale T. Neglected people of the '02 (D6) 12°. *75 c. net.

Scribner. Bible. 2d ed. 'o2 (S13) D. $1. Am. Tr. | Young. T: W. Mormonism. 1900 (Je30) Young. Duncan F. Thoughts in verse. 'or S. pap., 25 C.

Wahr. (Jer) D. 75 c.

Abbey Press. Young, Virginia D. One of the blue hen's Young, Egerton R. Algonquin Indian tales. chickens. 'ol (Mr30) S. pap., 50 C.

Close. '03(S12) D, $1.25.

Eaton & M. Young, W: Ah, what riddles these women Young, Egerton R. My dogs in the North- be!: (poem.] '02 (D13) sq. O. bds.. $1. land. '02(04) il. O. **$1.25 net. Revell.

Russell. Young, Ella F. Ethics in the school. '02 | Young, W: Wishmaker's town. (New is

(F22) D. (Cont. to educ., no. 4.) pap., net, sue.) 'oi (My18) D. bds., $1. Russell. 25 c.

Univ. of Chic. Young, W., ed. Roman architecture, sculpYoung. Ella F. Isolation in the school. 'oi.

ture and ornament; sel. examples Piranesi's '02 (Jan) S. (Cont. to educ., no. 1.) pap., monumental work pub. in Rome in 1761. net, 50 c.

Univ. of Chic.

'or(My18) 23 in. x 16 x 372, mor., $40. Young, Ella F. Scientific method in edu

Spon. cation. '03 (J14) Q. (Decennial pubs.;, pr. Young America lib. ser. il. D. pap., 25 c. fr. v. 3.) pap., *25 c. net. Univ. of Chic.

Young Am. Young, Ella F. Some types of modern educ. -Bell. Our teeth and how to take care of

theory. '02 (My24) D. (Cont. to educ., no. them. (1.)
6.) pap., net, 25 c.
Univ. of Chic. Young America lib. 12°, 50 c.

Hurst. Young, Ernest A. Boats, bats and bicycles. -McConaughy. Capital for working boys. '02 (56) 12°, (Boys' own lib., no. 5.) 75 C. -Sizer. Wooing of Osyth.

Street, See also Hurst's. Young, Filson. Mastersingers; with essay on

Young and old Puritans of Hatfield. Smith, Hector Berlioz. '02(Api2) 12°, net, $1.50.

Mrs. M. P. W. $1.25. Little, B. & Co.

Scribner. | Young auctioneer. Stratemeyer, E: $1. Young, Fs. D. Behind the grill. 'ol(D28)

Lee & S. D. 50 C.; pap., 25 c. Abbey Press. Young bachelor

Patteson. C. 50 c. Bell. Young, Franklin K. Chess strategetics illus- | Young bandmaster. Bonehill, R. $1.25. trated. 1900 (O20) il. O. $2.50.

Mershon. Little, B. & Co Young barbarians. Watson, J: net, $1.35. Young, Hudson. Father Manners. 'o2(F22)

Dodd. D. $1.

Abbey Press. Young bridge-tender. Winfield, A. M. $1.25. Young, Jac. W: A. Teaching of mathematics

Street. in the higher schools of Prussia. 1900 (D29) Young Christian teacher encouraged. Graham, D. net, 80 c. Longmans. C. *$1.25 net.

Herder. Young, Jac. W: A., and Linebarger, C: E. Young consul. Drysdale, W: $1.50. Elements of the differential and integral

W. A. Wilde. calculus. 1900 (My19) 8°, $2.20. Appleton. Young defender ser. il. D. $1.25. Lothrop. Young, Ja, T., and Rowe, L. S. Organiza--Brooks. In defence of the fag. (2.) –

tion and financial powers of the Dept. of Under the allied flags. (3.)—With Lawton Education. 1900 (Ap7) O. (Pubs. of the and Roberts. (1.) soc., no. 271.) pap., 35 c.

Young explorers of the Isthmus. StrateAm. Acad. Pol. Sci. meyer. E: **$1 net.

Lee & S. Young, Jessie B. Helps for the quiet hour. Young financier. Stoddard, W: 0. $1.25. 1900. 'oi (Ja5) S. leath., $1. Eaton & M.

Penn Pub. Co.

[blocks in formation]

Young folks' annual for 1904. '03(Dı2) il. | Young Mrs. Teddy. Krausé, L. F. $1.50. 16°, pap., 10 c. Benziger.

Dodd. Young folks' cyclopædia of literature and art. Young mutineers. Smith, Mrs. E. T. 50 c. Ciamplin, J: D. $2.50. Holt.

Hurst. Young folks' cyclopædia of persons and Young of heart ser. 12°, **40 c, net. Estes.

places. Champlin, J: D. $2.50. Holt. --Barry. Countess of the tenements.-Little Young folks' lib. il. S. 50 c. Caldwell. Dick's Christmas. -Stevenson. Child's garden of verses. (34.) -Bicknell. Bicycle highwayman. Double Young folks' lib. of choice literature. il. 16o. prince. 50 c.; bds., 40 c.

Educ. Pub. --Cheever. Doctor Robin. **40 C. net.--Forster. Stories of Minnesota, Boston and Madame Angora.—Ted's little dear. N. Y.

-Cocke. Grasshopper's hop. - Pratt. Stories of Ill.

- Dickens. Christmas carol. Young folks' life of Christ. Pollard, J: -Ewing. Jackanapes.

(App. to pubs. for price.) N. D. 1 hompson. -Ingelow. Wonder-box tales. Young folks' Uncle Tom's cabin. Boylan, G.

-La Ramé. Little earl. D. 60 c.


- Sand. Rosy Cloud. Young George. Farmiloe, E. **$1.20 net.

- Thackeray. Rose and the ring. Stokes.

- Timlow. What came to Winifred.

-Viaud. Lives of two cats. Young gunbearer. Browne, G. W. $1.

Burt. Young patriot ser. 12°, $1.

L. C. Page.
Young heroes of our navy. il. sq. D.

-Chipman. A daring capture.

-Ober. Voyage with Columbus.
-Barnes. With the flag in the channel. | YOUNG PEOPLE.

See also Burt's. **80 c. net.

Fradenburgh. Life's springtime. $1. ---Brady Reuben James. $1.

Abbey Press Young heroes of wire and rail. Kerr, A. M.

Guibert. On the threshold of life. net, **$1 net.

Lee & S.
60 c.; net, 30 c.

Chr. Press.
Young Howson's wife. Watrous, A. E. Harlan. Ideals for young people. 50 c.
Quail & W.

Chr. Pub. Young ice whalers. Packard, W. **$1.20 Jordans. Danger of youth and a tried net. Houghton, M. & Co. antidote.

15 c.

Herder. Young inventor's pluck. Winfield, A. M. $1. Löhre. Addresses to young men and young Saalfield. women. $1.

N. J. Löhre. Young ivy on old walls. Powell, H. A. $1. See also Boys;—Children;- Education;-Girls;


Young men ;-Young women. Young Kentuckian ser. il. D. $1.25. McClurg: | Young People's Alliance ser.

Mattill & L -Dunn. Battling for Atlanta. (3.)-From-Staebler. Manual on the Book of books.

Atlanta to the sea. (4.)-Raiding with
Morgan. (5.)
Young (The) man entering business. Mar- Young people's Bible stories. '02(FI) 4 v., il.

Saalfield. den, O. S. **$1.25 net.

4°, ea., $1.25.

Crowell. Young man from Middlefield. Pounds, Mrs: 1. Young people's cloth lib. il. 12°, 25 c. Conkey.

-Hawthorne. Grandfather's chair. J. B. 75 c.

Chr. Pub.
Young man in business. Bok. E: W: 35 c.

-Nursery tales.
L. C. Page.

Young people's histories. See Altemus'. Young (A) man's questions. Speer, R. E. Young people's hymnal. Atkins, J. 30 c.

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. **80 c. net.

Revell. Young marooners. Goulding, F. R. 20 c.

Young people's library of entertainment and

amusement. Meek, T: S. $1.50. Winston.

Univ. Pub. YOUNG MEN.

Young people's natural history. Johnson, I:

Winston. Jordan. Call of the twentieth century: *80 c. Young people's societies. Bacon, L. W: net,

T. $1.50; $2.50. net.

Am. Unitarian.
50 C.

Lentilhon. Lewis. Manhood-making. *$i net.


Pilgrim Press. McLeod. Young man's problems. 50 C. Anderson. Endeavorer's working journey


around the world. $1.50. Chr. Pub. Martin. How men are made. $1.

Clark. Christian Endeavor manual. $1. Abbey Press.

Un. Soc. C. E. Pearce. Stepping stones to manhood.

Clark. Training the church of the future; *$1.50 net.

Harper. Practical wisdom: letters to young men. $1.

lectures, with special ref. to the Young

People's Soc. of C. E. net, 75 c. Funk. Wessels.

Presbyterian Christian Endeavor manual, Sinclair, Unto you, young men. $1.25.

1901-04. ea., *10 c. net. Westminster.

Lippincott. Strong. The times and young_men.

Wood. Juniur topics outlined, 1903. 50 c. net,

Un. Soc. C. E. 75 c.

Baker & T. Young professor. Hatcher, E. B. $1.25. Warner. Young man in modern life. net,

S. S. Bd., So. Bapt. 85 C.

See also Boys;—Conduct of life;--Culture; 4 | Young Puritan ser. il. D. $1.25.
Success;-Young people.

Little, B. & Co. Young men's league. Ibsen, H. 25 c. -Smith. Young and old Puritans of Hat

W. H. Baker, field. (4.)

S. pap.

20 C.



[blocks in formation]

Young Robin Hood. Fenn, G: M. 50 c. Zaner, C: P. Zanerian script alphabets. '02. Altemus. '03(F14) 4°, $2.50.

Zaner & B. Young ship builder. Swett, S. M.• **90_c. Zangwill, I. Blind children: poems. '03 net. Penn Pub. Co. (Ap18) D. **$1.20 net.

Funk. Young showman's pluck. Norris, S. 75 c. Zangwill, I. The grey wig. '03 (Mr28) 12°, Street. +$1.50.

Macmillan. Young showman's rivals. Norris, S. 75 C. Zangwill, I. Mantle of Elijah: (novel.) 1900 Street. (D8) il. D. $1.50.

Harper. . Young showman's triumph. Norris, S. 75 c. Zangwill, L: 'One's womenkind. '02(N15)

D. t$1.50.

Young sprouts, Kalor, M. F. $1. Union Press. Zanoni, pseud. See Burgoyne, T: H.
Young volcano explorers. Stratemeyer, E: Zanzibar tales told by natives of the east
**$1 net.

Lee & S. coast of Africa; tr. by G: W. Bateman. 'or Young whaler. Coomer, G: H. t$1. Burt. (N16) il. D. net, $1.

McClurg. Young (The) woman in modern life. War- Zapffe, F. C. Pocket text-book of bacteriol. ner, B. E. **85 c. net.


ogy. '03 (My23) il. 12°, *$1.50 net; limp YOUNG WOMEN.

leath., *$2 net.

Lea. Savile. Lady's New Year's gift; or, advice Zaragüeta. Carrión, M. R. 50 c. Silver. to a daughter. $1.

Wessels. Zastrow, Karl. Wilhelm der siegreiche; ed. Sinclair. Unto you, young women. net, $1. by E. P. Ash. Authorized ed. '02 (My24)

Lippincott. 12o. (Siepmann's elem. Germ. ser.) net, See also conduct of life;-Culture;-Girls;

50 c.

Macmillan. Sex;-Woman;-Young people. Youngest girl in the school. Sharp, E. $1.50. Zayas Enriquez, R. de. El teniente de los

gavilanes.' '02 (J15) 12°, pap., 750 c. Macmillan.

Appleton. Younghusband, F. E: South Africa of to

Zdziarski, A. F., ed. See Dmitriey-Mámday. New cheaper ed. 1900 (F17) il. 8°, $2.

onóv, A. I., ed.

Macmillan. Your Uncle Lew. Sherlock, C: R. $1.50.

Zebadiah Sartwell. Johnson, S. P. $1.50. Stokes.

B'way Pub.

Yourself. Guerber, H. M. A. **$1.20 net.

See Bible.

Zeigler, Ernst. General pathology. 10th rev. Youth. 'oi (O26) il. S. (Stories from Mc

ed. '03(010) 8°, *$5 net; leath., *$5.75 net. Clure's.) 50 c. McClure, P.

Wood. Youth. Conrad, J. t$1.50. McClure, P: Zelcoe, L:, pseud. See Van Fossen, L. B. Youth. Wagner, C. $1.25.

Dodd. Youth of famous Americans. Banks, L: A. Zelma, the mystic. Thurber, A. M. $1.25.

Alliance. *50 c. net.


Victiin's triumph.

Ginn. Youth's companion ser. il. 12°, 40 c.

Zeman, Josephine.


(My23) il. D. t$1.25. G: W. Dillingham. - American sketches. (1.)

Zerbrochene krug. Zschokke, J. H: D. 25 c. -Industries of to-day. (2.)

Am. Bk. -Northern Europe. (3.)

Zero club ser. 12°, $1.25.

Street. --Strange lands near home. (4.) - Toward the rising sun. (6.)

-Bonehill. Tour of the Zero club.

Zeta Psi FRATERNITY OF No. AMERICA. --Triumphs of science. (7.)

McElroy. Jubilee of the Zeta Psi Frater--Under sunny skies. (8.)

nity. $2.

E. H. Litchfield. -Wide world. (5.) Youth's dream of life. Thwing, C:F. 35 c.

Zickel, S. Illustrirter deutsch-amerikanischer L. C. Page.

familien-kalender, 1901. 1900 (013); 1902. Yoxall, Ja. H: Alain Tanger's wife. '03

'oi(N2); 1903. '02(04); 1904. '03 (010)


il. 4°, pap., ea., 25 c. (Agi) D. $$1.50.

L. C. Page. Yoxall, Ja. H: The Rommany stone. '02

Zimmerman, Burton, (“B. Zim.") Maud Cru

soe, and other skits. 'oi(S28) il. 12°, pap., (N22) D. +$1.50. Longmans.

Meadows. YUKON.

Zimmerman, Jeremiah. Spain and her peoSee Alaska. Yule log. Pickett, LaS. C. $1. Neale. ple. '02 (D6) il. 0. **$2 net. Jacobs. Yutzy. S. M. Dissection of the human body. Zimmerman, J: S. See Mirza-Mem'n. '03 (D5) 12°, leatherette, *25 c. net.

Zimmerman, L. M. God and the unsaved.

Blakiston '03(D5) S. pap., 6 c. L. M. Zimmerman. Yutzy, S. M.

Outlines of anatomy. '02 Zimmerman, L. M. Unspotted from the (DO) 0. pap., 50 c.

Wahr. world. '03 (D5) S. pap., 6 c. Yvonne. Zimmerman, L. M. 75 C.

L. M. Zimmerman. L. M. Zimmerman. Zimmerman, L. M. A word to the troubled. Zacharie, Ja. S. New Orleans guide. '02. '03(D5) S. pap., 6 c. L. M. Zimmerman.

'03 (F14) il. 12°, pap., 50 c. Hansell. Zimmerman, L. M. Yvonne: (romance.) 2d Zack, pseud. See Keats, G.

ed. 1900 (D8) 12°, 75 c. L. M. Zimmerman. Zaire and Epitres. Voltaire, F. M. A. de. Zimmermann's pocket lib. S. 50 c. 50 c. Scott, F. & Co.

Zimmermann's. Zaléa. Garland, R. C. $1.

Neale. -Fisk. Repentant Magdalen. Zanciz, Mme. How to tell fortunes by Zimmern, Alice. Greek hist. for young readcards. '02 (M115) S. pap., 25 c.

Drake. ers. '03(S5) il. maps, D. *$1 net. Longmans. Zane, J: M. Law of banks and banking. Zimmern, Helen. Sir Lawrence Alma Ta1900(Jeg) 0. shp.. $6.

Flood. dema. '02 (018) il. 16°, (Bell's miniature Zanee Kooran. Sibley, F: 0. $1.50. Neely. ser. of painters.) 50 c. ; leath., $1. Macmillan.

25 c.

[blocks in formation]


ZOOLOGY.-Continued, Ingalls. Metallurgy of zinc. *$6 net.- Orton. General zoology. $1.80. Am, Bk. Production and properties of zinc. $3. Parker. Elem. course of practical zoology. Engineering net, $2.60.

Macmillan. ZINCALI.

Parker and Haswell. Manual of zoology. Borrow. The Zincali. $2. Putnam.

net, $1.60.

Macmillan. Zink, D: C. Three systems of life insurance Schmeil. Text-book of zoology. net, $4. explained. 1900(Ag4) 12°, $I; pap., 75 c.

Macmillan. Harrisburg Pub. Shipley and MacBride. Zoology. net, $3. ZIONISM.

Macmillan. See Jews.

Weed and Crossman. Lab'y guide for beZionism and anti-Semitism. *75 c. net.

ginners in zoology. 60 C.

Heath. Scott-T.

Willey. Zoological results. pts, 4, 5. ea., Zip the acrobat. Browne, G: W. 75 c. Street.

$4.50; pt. 6. *$3.50 net. Macmillan. Zipperer, Paul. Manufacture of chocolate and See also Amphibia; Animal psychology; - Ani.

other cacao preparations. 2d ed., rev. and mals; Biology;--Birds; Cells;-Domestic rewritten. '02 (N22) il. 8°, $6.50. Spon.

animals ;-Embryology;--Evolution;- Fish and

fishing; Insects; - Invertebrates; MamZiska. Corelli, M. 50 c. Int. Bk. and Pub. malia ;-Man; Microscope;-Mollusks;-Nat. Zitkala-sa. Old Indian legends. 'or. '02

ural history;--Physiology; Protozoa; Rep

tiles;--Taxidermy; - Vertebrates;-Worms;(Mr8) il. D. 50 c.

Ginn. also names of various animals. Zittel, K: A. v. Hist. of geology and pa- ZootoMY.

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