100. 101. 102.




21. 22.

Sheldon's Library, 12°, 5 C.

Crucifixion of Philip Strong. Sheldon, C: M. 97. El camino hacia dios. Moody, D. L.
3. Robert Hardy's seven days. Sheldon, C: M.


Back to Bethel. Meyer, F. B. 99. Pleasure and profit in Bible udy. Moody,

D. L. AMERICAN News Co., 39 Chambers St., New York

Up from sin. Broughton, L. G., M.D.

The ten commandments. Morgan, G. C.
People's Library, 12°, pap., 50 c.

Popular amusements. Sinks, P. W. 27. In the palace of the king. Crawford, F. M.

103. Heavenly harmonies. McLeod, J. M. 28. In the fog. Davis, R: H. 29. In spite of ail. Lyall E.

F. M. BUCKLES & Co., 9-11 East 16th St., New York. 30. Craque-o-doom. Catherwood, M. H. 31. Graustark. McCutcheon, G. B.

The Century Series, 12°, 50 c. 32. Making of a marchioness. Burnett, F. H. 33. If I were king. McCarthy, J. H.

Joan, the curate. Warden, F. 34. None but the brave. Sears, Hamblen.

The real Lady Hilda Croker, B. M. 35.

Hound of the Baskervilles. Doyle, A. C. The good Mrs. Hypocrite. “Rita."
Barabbas. Corelli, M.

Captain Jackman. Russell, W. C.

A rogue's conscience. Murray, D. C.
The Superb Library, 12°, 25 c.

A man's undoing. Cameron, Mrs. H. L.

A splendid sin. Allen, Grant. 10. The two captains. Russell, W. C.

| Hagar of the pawn shop. Hume, Fergus. 11. Dariel. Blackmore, R. D.

On the brink of a chasm. Meade, L. T. The king's highway. Barr, A. E.

A rational marriage. Marryat, F. 13. Between two loves. Barr, A. E.

Terence. Croker, B. M. 14. A stage coach enchantress. Seeley, H.

The greatest gift. Marchmont, A. W. A young girl's wooing. Roe, E. P.

In London's heart. Sims, Geo. R. 16. A violet romance. Carolath, E.

A ward of the king. Macquoid, K. S. 17. Bernicia. Barr, A. E.

A rise in the world. Sergeant, A. 18. In golden shackles. "Alien."

Comrades true. Thomas, A. 19. The rose of love. Teal, A.

The plain Miss Cray. Warden, F. 20. Jar. Vedder's wife. Barr, A. E.

Vanity. “Rita.”
In the dwellings of silence. Kennedy, W. The ides of March. Robins, G. M.
A coin of vantage. Wood, J. S.

Dearest. Forrester, Mrs.
The last chance. Ingersoll, E.

The mischief of Monica. Walford, L. B. 24. His sombre rivals. Roe, E. P.

The conquest of London. Gerard, Dorothea. 25. A colony of girls. Wallace, K. L.

Daunay's Tower. Sergeant, A. 26. Ashes of roses. Wheatley, L. K.

A traitor in London. Hume, F. 27. A clever woman.

Krauzewski, J. 28. She loved a sailor. Barr, A. E.

The luck of a Lowland laddie. Crommelin, M.
A state secret. Croker, B. M.

Two cousins and a castle. Cameron, Mrs. H. L.

The golden tooth. Cobban, J. Maclaren.

Marjory Moore. Sergeant, A.
English Dialogues, 12°, 10 c.

A rich man's daughter. Riddell, J. H.

Oriole's daughter. Fothergill, Jessie.
The wild man.

Mammon. Alexander, Mrs. 2. Quenching the tyranny.

The millionaire mystery. Hume, F. 3. The interrupted birthday party.

The lovely Mrs. Pemberton. Warden, F.
Stop that fiddle. Freund, E. J.

My lady's diamonds. Sergeant, A. 5. Schooling future housewives. Freund, EJ.

The wager. . McManus, L.

The mysterious burglar. Walsh, G. E.
Neue Dialoge, 10 c.

Separation. Lee, Margaret.

A woman's no. Cameron, Mrs. H. L. 24. Geisterspuk und Aberglaube.

The new rector. Weyman, S. J. 25. Im chinesischen Restaurant.

Something in the city. Warden, F.
In der Barbierstube.-Schattenspiele.

The soul of Lilith. Corelli, M. 26. Heitere Vorträge für Jünglinge.

Mr. Witt's widow. Hope, A. 27. Tante Strumpf.

The slave of the lamp. "Merriman, H. S. 28. Sparsamkeit ist kein Geiz.

Doings of Raffles Haw. Doyle, A. C. 29. Beim türkischen Doktor. 30.

Weibliche Hilfe. 31. Eine militärische Instruktionstunde.

A. L. BURT, 58 Duane St., New York. 32.

Schicksals vinke. 33 Karl hat Zahnschmerzen.

Alger Series for Boys, 12°, cl., $i net.
Er ist nervös.

Tom Turner's legacy. Alger, H., jr.
Das verachtete Dienstmädchen.

Treasure of Cocos Island. Otis, Ja.
36. Humoristische Vorträge für Jungfrauen.
Bestrafter Hochmut.

Burt's Home Library. 12°, $1 net.

Carey's poems. Carey, A. and P.
Ave., Chicago.

Gray's poems.

Gray, T:

Heman's pocms. Hemans, Mrs. F.
Colporiage Library. 16°, 15 C.

Pillar of fire. Ingraham, Rev. J. H.
81. Thoughts for the quiet hour. Moody, D. L.
82. Mothers of the Bib:e. Leach, C:, D.D.

Burt's Series of One-Syllable Books, 50 c: net. 83. Shorter life of D. L. Moody. v. 1. Moody, Grimm's (J. C. G.) fairy tales.

P. D. 84. Shorter life of D. L. Moody. v. 2, His work.

Cornell Series, 12°, cl., 75 c. net. Moody, P. D., and Fitt, A. P. 85. Revival of a dead church. Broughton, L. G. Across Patagonia. Lixie, Lady F. 86. Latest sermons. Moody. D. L.

Allan Quatermain. Haggard, H. R. 87. A missionary penny. W., L. C.

American girl in London. Duncan, s. J. 88. The atonement.

Among the ostrich hunters. Beerbohm, J. 89. How to pray. Torrey, R. A.

Biglow papers. Lowell, Ja. R. 90. Little King Davie. Hellis, Nellie.

Black Rock. Connor, R. 91. Short talks. Moody, D. L.

Blithedale romance. Hawthorne, N. 92. The great appeal. McClure, Jas. G. K. Book of golden deeds. Yonge, C. M. 93. Pilgrim's progress. Bunyan.

Christmas stories. Dickens, C. 94.

Christie the king's servant. Walton, O. F. Classic comedies: She stoops to conquer.-School for
What is Maranatha? Gillings, G. W.




scandal.-Every man in his humor. 96. Kept for the Master's use. Havergal, F. R. Cosmopolis, Bourget, Þ. .


1. L. BURT.-.Cornell Series.-Continued.
Consin Maude. Holmes, M. J.
Don Quixote. Cervantes.
Dora Deane. Holmes, Mrs. M. J.
Education. Spencer, H.
Elizabeth and hei German garden.
Famous warriors: Hannibal, Cæsar, Cromwell
Gold bug, The Poe, E. A.
Hidden hand, The South worth, E. D. E. N.
Ilouse of the wolf. Weyman, S. J.
Hyperion. Longfellow, H. W.
Ishmael. Southworth, E. D. E. N.
Last confession, The. Caine, Hall.
Longfellow's poems.
Macaulay's essays. Macaulay, T: B.
Maggie Miller. Holmes, M. J.
Man in black. Weyman, s. J.
Marble Faun. Hawthorne, N.
Merry Men. Stevenson, R. L.
Minister's wooing. Stowe, H. B.
Murders in the Rue Morgue. Poe, E. A.
Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. Poe, E. A.
Nature, addresses and lectures. Emerson, R. W.
Old Curiosity Shop. Dickens, C.
Outre-Mer. Longfellow, H. W.
Paul and Virginia. St. Pierre, B. de.
Pillar of fire. Ingraham, J. H.
Pleasures of life. Lubbock, Sir J.
Prince of the House of David Ingraham, Rev. J. H.
Rasselas. Johnson, S.
Representative men. Emerson, R. W.
Samantha at Saratoga. "Josiah Allen's Wife."
Scottish chiefs. Porter, J.
Self-raised. Southworth. Mrs. E. D. E. N.
Throne of David. Ingraham, Rev. J. H.
Travels in Iceland. Kneeland, S:
Views a-foot. Taylor, Bayard.
Walden. Thoreau, H. D.

A. L. BURT.--Continued.
Rugby Series for Bcys, 12°, cl., 75 c. net.
Every inch a sailor. Stables, Gordon.
Golden galleon. Leighton, Rob.
Grettir, the outlaw. Baring-Gould, S.
How Jack Mackenzie won his epaulettes. Stables,

Log of the "Flying Fish." Collingwood, Harry.
Olaf the glorious. Leighton, Rob.
Story of John G. Paton. Paton, Ja.
To Greenland and the Pole. Stables, Gordon.
Two thousand years ago. Church, A. J.
Wreck of the Golden Fleece." Leighton, Rob.
St. Nicholas Series for Boys and Girls, il. 12°,

75 c. net.
Clock on the stairs. Weber, Alice.
Comrades, a ctory for boys. Newberry, F. E.
Dog of Flanders. La Rame, L. de.
Peter and Tom. Cragin, B. S.
Playrrates. Meade, Mrs. L. T.
Rudy and Babette. Andersen, H. C.
Thirteen little black pigs. Molesworth, Mrs.
Troubles of Tatters. Morris, A. T.
Whispering winds. Debenham, M. H.

Wellesley Series for Girls, il. 12°, 75 c. net.
Children's kingdom. Meade, Mrs. L. T.
Cousin Geoffrey and I. Austin, C.
Girl of to-day. Adams, E. D.
Jessica's first prayer. Stretton, H.
Little Jcanneton's work. Jones, C. A.
Only a girl. Jones, C. A.
Under false colors. Doudney, S.

Young Patriot Series, 12°, $i net.
With the regulars. Otis, J.

Fairy Library, 12°, $1 net.
Irish fairy tales. Yeats, W. B.
Old, old fairy tales. Valentine, Mrs.


Fireside Series for Girls, 12°, cl., $1 net.
Annice Wynkoop, artist. Rouse, A. L.
Bek's first corner. Drinkwater, J. M.
Bubbles. Newberry, F. E.
Chaplet of nearls. Yonge, C. M.
Daddy's girl. Mcade, L. T.
Deane girls, The. Rouse, A. L.
Duxberry doings. Le Row, C. B.
Growing up. Drinkwater, J. M.
Joyce's investments. Newberry, F. E.
Miss Ashton's new pupil. Robbins, Mrs. S. S.
Miss Prudence. Drinkwater, J. M.
Robin redbreast. Molesworth, Mrs.
Sara, a princess Newberry, F. A.
Tessa Wadsworth's discipline. Drinkwater, J. M.
Very naughty girl, A. Meade, L. T.
Very odd girl, A. Armstrong, A. E.

Harvard Series of Poets, 12°, 75 c. net.
Carey, A. and P. Poems.
Courtship of Miles Standish (with notes.) Long:

11. M. CALDWELL COMPANY, 208-218 Summer St.,

Boston, Mass.

Editha Series, 12°, 50 c.
I. Editha's burglar, Burnett, Fes. H.

Pinocchio's adventures. Butterworth, H., tr.
3 Burglar's daughter. Penrose, Marg.

istino noo



follow, H: W.
Golden treasury. Palgrave, F: T.
Goldsmith, O. (biographical introduction.)
Gray T: (with notes.)
Rubaiyat. (Fitzgerald translation.) Omar Khayyam.

J. Cole. Gellibrand, Emma.

Laddie. Whittaker, Evelyn.
. Miss Toosey. Whittaker, Evelyn.
7 Child's garden of verses. Stevenson, R. L.
8. Little Rosebud. Harraden, Beatrice.
9. Wonderbook stories. Hawthorne, N.

Golden apple. Hawthorne, N.
11. Little lame prince, Mulock, D. M.

Sleeping beauty. Mulock, D. M.
13 Adventures of a Brownie. Mulock, D. M.

The pigmies. Hawthorne, N.

The Brownies. Ewing, Mrs. J. H.
16. (uckoo clock. Molesworth, Mrs. Ma. L.
17. Christmas carol. Dickens, C:
18. Jackanapes. Ewing, Mrs. J. H.
19 Alice in Wonderland. Carroll, Lewis.

Famous Books for Boys, 12°, 75 C.
1 All aboard. Optic, O.
2 Adventures of a telegraph boy. Alger, H.
3 The boat club. Optic, O.
Check number 2134.

Ellis, E: S.
5 Chased through Norway. Otis, Ja.
6. Dean Dunham. Alger, H.
7. Erie train boy. Alger, H.
8. From powder monkey to admiral. Kingston,

W: II: G.
9. Five hundred dollar check. Alger, H.
10, From canal boy to president. Alger, H.
II. From farni boy to senator. Alger, H.

From switch to lever. St. Clair, v.
13. From tent to White House. Ellis, E: S.
14. Gold of Flat Top Mountain. Converse, Fk. H.

Green Mountair. boys. Thompson, D. P.
16. Little by little. Optic, O.
17. Mark Stanton. Alger, H.

Mystery of a diamond. Converse, Fk. H.
19. Ned Newton. Alger, H.
20. Neka, the boy conjuror. Bonehill, R.
21. New York boy. Alger, H.
22. Now or never. Optic, O.

Poor and proud. Optic, O.
24. Peter the whaler, Kingston, W: H: G.
25. Reuben Green's adventures at Yale. Otis, Ja.
26. Tom Brace. Alger, H.
27. Tom Tracy. Alger, H.

Household Poets, 8°, $2 net.
Keats. Poems.
Shelley. Poems.

Little Women Series, 12°, 75 c. nct.
Joan's adventures at the North Pole and elsewhere.

Corkran, A.
Little lame prince. Mulock, D. M.
Little Susy stories. Prentiss, Mrs. E.


Mother Goose Series, il. 50 c. net.
Animal stories for little people.
Bird stories for little people.
Goody Two-Shoes, and other stories.
Hourse that Jack built.
Mother Hubbard's melodics.
Patty and her pitcher.
Peter and his goose.
Who killed Cock Robin?






H. M. CALDWELL Co.--Famous Books for Boys.- HENRY T. COATES & Co.--"New Alta" Library.

28. Tom Brown at Oxford. Hughes, T:

Charles Auchester. Sheppard, E.
29. Tom Brown at Rugby. Hughes, T:

Chaste as ice. Despard, M. C.
30. Try again. Optic, O.

Christmas stories. Zschokke, H.
Wild adventures round the pole. Otis, Ja. Chuich history, Readings from. Stone, J. S.
Wild mustang.
Ellis, E: S.

Cranford. Gaskell, Mrs.
33. Young acrobat. Alger, H.

Cross of Berny. Girardin, Mme.
34. Young bank clerk. Winfield, A. M.

Christ, Life of. Fleetwood.
35. Young silver seekers. Cozzens, S: W.

David Elginbrod. Macdonald, G:
The life boat. Ballantyne, R. M.

Deemster (The). Caine, H.

Deerslayer (The). Cooper, J. F.
Famous Books for Girls, 12°, 75 C.

Donovan. Lyall, E.
Amy Deane. Townsend, Virginia F.

English orphans. Holmes, M. J.
A girl in ten thousand. Meade, L. T.

Essays of Elia. Lamb, Ć:

Etiquette, Ladies' and gentlemen's complete. Duffy,
Sweet girl graduate. Meade, L. T.

Mrs. E. B.
Aunt Diana. Carey, Rosa N.

Eugene Aram. Bulwer, E: Lytton.
5 Averil. Carey, Rosa N.

Faust. Goethe, J. W.
6. A very naughty girl. Meade, L. T.

First violin (The). Fothergill, J.
7 Barbara's triumphs. Denison, Ma, A.

Gavroche. (From "The Miserables.") Hugo, V.
8. Frenchman's ward. Denison, Ma. A.

Gentianella. Randolph, Mrs.
9 Guardian's trust. Denison, Ma. A.

Girls of true blue. Meade, L. T.

Schwartz, M. S.
House that grew.
Molesworth, Mrs. Ma. L.

Hardy Norseman. Lyall, E.
The lamplighter. Cummins, Maria S.

Henry Esmond. Thackeray, W: M.
13. Little minister. Barrie, Ja. M.

Hereward the wake. Kingsley, C:

Holidays at the Grange. Higgins, E. M.
14. Margery Keith. Townsend, Virginia F.
15. Next door house. Molesworth, Mrs. Ma. L.

Horse-keeper, The practical. Fleming, G:
16. Not like other girls. Carey, Rosa N.

Hypatia. Kingsley, C:.

Karmel, the scout. Cobb, S., jr.
17. Our Bessic. Carey, Rosa N.
18. Only the governess. Carey, Rosa N.

Kidnapped. Stevenson, R. L.
19. Polly. Meade, L. T.

Lacon, or, many things in few_words. Colton, C. C
20. Queechy: Wetherell, Eliz.

Last of the barons. Bulwer, E: Lytton.
Six to sixteen.

Lena Rivers. Holmes, M. J.
Three bright girls. Armstrong, Annie E.

Light that failed. Kipling, R.

Makers of Florence. "Oliphant, Mrs.
23 Whom Kathie married. Douglas, Amanda M.
We and the world.

Makers of Venice.
Wetherell, Eliz.

Oliphant, Mrs.

Minc own people. Kipling, R.
25. Wide, wide world. Wetherell, Eliz.
26. World of girls. Meade, L. T.

Modern story teller. Hall, Mrs. S. C.

Moonstone (The). Collins, W.
27. While it was morning. Townsend, Virginia F.

Morgan's horror. Fenn, G: M.
New Brilliants Series, 16°, 35 c.; 75 C.

Mother of a marquise. About, E.

My Lady Nicotine. Barrie, J. M.
Brilliants. Frances E. Willard.

New Arabian nights. Stevenson, R. L.
Brilliants from Joseph Cook.

Newcomes (The). Thackeray, W: M.
Brilliants irom Henry Drummond.

Odd couple. Oliphant, Mrs.
Brilliants from Bishop Phillips Brooks.

On the heights. . Auerbach, B.
Brilliants from Bishop Henry C. Potter.

Painter of Parma. Cobb, S., jr.
6. Brilliants from John Henry Newman.

l'air of blue eyes. Hardy, T:
Brilliants from Dwight L. Moody.

Pendennis. Thackeray, W: M.
8. Brilliants from Prof. D: Swing:

Père Goriot. Balzac, H. de.
9. Brilliants from Bishop J. H. Vincent.

Phantom city (The). Westall, W:
Brilliants from W: E. Gladstone.

Phantom Rickshaw, and Wee Willie Winkie. Kip.
Brilliants from T. De Witt Talmage.

ling, R.
Brilliants from Charles H. Spurgeon.

Plain tales from the hills. Kipling, R.

Prairie (The). Cooper, J. F.
Nem Kalon Series, 217 volumes, 50 c.

Princess of Thule. Black, W:
Editha's burglar.

Queer race. Westall, W:
Burnett, Fes. H.
Elizabeth and her German garden.

Quotations, Dict. of poctical. Watson, J: T.

Red Rover
Girl in ten thousand.

Cooper, J. F.
Meade, L. T.

Romance of two worlds. Corelli, M.
In memoriam. Tennyson, Aif.

Scarlet letter. Hawthorne, N.
Love poems by famous authors.

Self help. Smiles, S:
Man without a country. Hale, E: E.

Shadow of a crime. Caine, H.
Masterpieces by Charles Dickens.

Shirley. Brontē, C.
Masterpieces from George Eliot.

Silas Marner. Eliot, G:
Our village. Mitford, Miss.

Silence of Dean Maitland.
Pearls for young ladies. Ruskin, J:

Grey, Maxwell.

Smugglers of King's Cove. Cobb, S., jr.
Robin Hood.

Soldiers three. Kipling, R.
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Fitzgerald, E:
Story of the Persian war.

Son of an organ grinder. Schwartz, M. S.
Church, A. J.
Stories from Virgil. Church, A.

Story of an African farm. Schreiner, Olive.

Tales from Shakespeare. Lamb, C: and M.
Stepping heaven ward. Prentiss, Mrs. E.
True and beautiful. Ruskin, J:

Tanglewood tales. Hawthorne, N.
Uncle Tom's cabin. Stowe, Mrs. Htte. B.

Tempest and sunshine. Holmes, M. J.
Wee Magreegor. Bell, J. T.

Ten nights in a bar-room. Arthur, T. S.
Thelma. Corelli, M.

Twenty years after. Dumas, A.
HENRY T. COATES & Co., 1222 Chestnut St., Phila.

Uarda. Ebers, G:

Vanity Fair. Thackeray, W: M.

Villette. Brontë, C.
New Alta" Library, 12°, 75 c.

Westward ho: Kingsley, C:

White company (The). Doyle, C.
Abbé Constantine. Halévy, L.

Wilhelm Meister: Goethe, J: W.
Afraja. Mügge, T.

William of Germany. Forbes.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Through the Window in Thrums. Barrie, J. M.
Looking Glass. Carroll, L.

Witness to the deed. Fenn, G: M.
Ardath. Corelli, M.

Woman in white. Collins, W:
Auld licht idylls. Barrie,' J. M.

Wreck of the "Grosvenor.' Russell, W: C.
Autocrat of the breakfast-table. Holmes, O. W.
Barrack-room ballads. Kipling, R.
Bion, the wanderer. Cobb, S.

W. B. CONKEY Co., 351 Dearborn St., Chicago.
Black Rock. Connor, R.

Bondman (The). Caine, Hall.

Franklin Series of Paper Books, 12°, 25 C
California and Oregon trail. Parkman, F.

1. Bill Nye's chestnuts.
Castle Daly. Keary, A.

Bill Nye's balcd hay.
Caxtous (The). Bulwer, E: Lytton.

3. Bill Nye and boomerang.

1 2


W. B. CONKEY Co.-Ivory Series.-Continued.
Princess. Tennyson.
Prue and I. Curtis.
Queen of the Air. Ruskin.
Rab and His Friends. Brown.
Representative Men. Emerson.
Reveries of a Bachelor. Mitchell.
Rollo in Geneva. Abbott
Rollo in Holland. Abbott,
Rollo in London. Abbott.
Rollo in Naples. Abbott.
Rollo in Paris. Abbott.
Rollo in Rome. Abbott.
Rollo in Scotland. Abbott.
Rollo in Switzerland. Abbott.
Rollo on the Atlantic. Abbott.
Rollo on the Rhine. Abbott.
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Fitzgerald.
Sartor Resartus. Carlyle.
Scarlet Letter. Hawthorne.
Sesame and Lilies. kuskin.
Sign of the Four. Doyle.
Sketch Book. Irving.
Stickit Minister. Crockett.
Tales from Shakespeare. Charles and Mary Lamb.
Tanglewood Tales. Hawthorne.
True and Beautiful. Ruskin.
Three Men in a Boat. Jerome.
Through the Looking Glass. Carroll.
Treasure Island. Stevenson.
Twice Told Tales. Hawthorne,
Uncle Tom's Cabin. Stowe.
Vicar of Wakefield. Goldsmith,
Whittier's Poems. Whittier.
Wide, Wide World. Warner.
Window in Thrums. Barrie.
Wonder Book. Hawthorne.

G. W. DILLINGHAM Co., 119 W. 23d St., New York.

W. B. Conkey Co.-Franklin Series of Paper Books.

4. Forty liars and other lies. Nye, Bill.
5. Lime Kiln Club. Quad, M.
6. American wit and humor. Peck, G. W., Nye.

Bill, and Quad, M.

Homewood Series, 12°, cl., 36 c.
Beulah. Evans, A. J.
Boy-path. Holland, John A.
Cousin Maude. Holmes, M. J.
English orphans. Holmes, M. J.
Homestead on hillside. Holmes, M. J.
Inez. Evans, A. J.
In the Rockies. Kingston, W. H. G.
Lena Rivers. Holmes, M. J.
Macaria. Evans, A. J.
Marble faun. Hawthorne, N.
Meadow Brook. Holmes, M. J.
Minister's Wooing. Stowe, Harriet Beecher.
Moss Side. Harland, Marion.
Poe's tales. Poe, Edgar Allan.
Pride and prejudice. Austen, J.
Prisoners and captives. Merriam, Henry Seton.
Rosmond. Holmes, M. J.
Tales from Tennyson. Allen, G. C.
Tales from the Odyssey. Perry, W. C.
Tempest and sunshine. Holmes, M. J.

Also in the Library Series, 12°, cl., 60 c.

Ivory Series, ea., 16°, cl., trade 18 c. net.
Abbé Constantin. Halévy.
Adventures of a Brownie. Mulock.
All Aboard. Optic.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Carroll.
An Attic Philosopher in Paris. Souvestre.
Autobiography of Benjamin Frankliri.
Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. Holmes.
Bacon's Essays. Bacon.
Barrack Room Ballads. Kipling.
Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush. Maclaren.
Black Beauty Sewall.
Blithedale Romance. Hawthorne,
Boat Club. Optic.
Bracebridge Hall. Irving.
Brooks' Addresses.
Browning's Poems. Browning.
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. Byron.
Child's History of England. Dickens.
Cranford. Gaskell.
Crown of Wild Olives. Ruskin.
Daily Food for Christians.
Departmental Ditties. Kipling.
Dolly Dialogues. Hope.
Dream Life. Mitchell.
Drummond's Addresses. Drummond.
Emerson's Essays, Vol. 1. Emerson.
Emerson's Essays, Vol. 2. Emerson.
Ethics of the Dust. Ruskin.
Evangeline. Longfellow.
Flower Fables. Alcott.
Heroes and Hero Worship. Carlyle.
Hiawatha. Longfellow.
House of Seven Gables. Hawthorne.
House of the Wolf. Weyman.
Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow. Jerome.
Idylls of the King. Tennyson.
Imitation of Christ. Thos. à Kempis.
In Memoriam. Tennyson.
John Halifax. Mulock.
Kept for the Master's Use. Havergal.
Kidnapped. Stevenson.
King of the Golden River. Ruskin.
Lady of the Lake. Scott.
Lalla Rookh. Moore.
Let Us Follow Him. Sienkiewicz.
Light of Asia. Arnold.
Light That Failed. Kipling.
Locksley Hall and Maud. Tennyson.
Longfellow's Poems. Longfellow.
Lorna Doone. Blackmore.
Lowell's Poems. Lowell.
Lucile. Meredith.
Marmion. Scott.
Mosses from an Old Manse. Hawthorne.
Natural Law in the Spiritual World. Drummond.
Now or Never. Optic.
Old Dust. Yonge.
Paradise Lost. Milton.
Paul and Virginia. Saint Pierre.
Pilgrim's Progress. Bunvan.
Plain Tales from the Hills. Kipling.
Pleasures of Life. Lubbock.
Prince of the House of David. Ingraham.

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American Authors Library, 12°, pap., 25 c. No. 70. One Ainerican girl. Webb, V. 71. The maid of Bocasse. Miller, M. H. 72. The story of money. Towne, E. C. 73. Judge Lynch. Garland, Will. 74. New England folks. Presbrey, E. W. 75. Merivale, or, phases of southern life. Rob

ertshaw, J.
76. Regeneration of Helen Galbraith. Winston,

N. B.
77. Countess Helena. Sprague, G.
38. Two brothers. Maupassant, G. de.

Home Series, 12°, pap., 25 C.

The northern light. Werner, E. 98.

The Froler case. Cooke, H. o.
99.' The gun-bearer. Robinson, E. A., and Wall,

G. A.
Little Kit. Rowlands, E. A.
Transgressing the law. Whittaker, F.

Kit Carson's last trail. Lewis, L.

Great Kenton feud. Whittaker, F.
104. All or nothing. Czapski, N.
I05. Bel Rubio. Whittaker, F.

Tell-tale watch. Hocker, G.
107. The black tiger. Whittaker, F.

Cleo the magnificent. Zangwill, I.

Madison Square Library, 12°, pap., 25 c.
153. At a great cost. Rowlands, E. A.
154. Mystery of hotel_Brichet. Chavette, E.
155. Under a cloud. Ludlum, J. K.
156. The Baroness Blank. Nieman, A.

Hearts and coronets. Fuller, J. G.
158. Under oath. Ludlum, J. K.
159. Ottilie Aster's silence. Lowrey, Mrs. D. M.
160. Breach of custom. Lowrey, Mrs. D. M.
161. John Wintrop's defeat. Ludlum, J. K.
162. Mask of beauty. Lewald, F.
163. Yet she loved him. Vaughn, K.
164. Lida Campbell. Ludlum, J. K.
165 Cris Rock Reid, Mayne.
166. Invisible liands. Boggs, S. E.
167. The Meredith marriage. Payne, Harold.
168. Morris Julian's wife. Olmis, Eliz.
169. The Spanish treasure. Winter, E. C.
170. Wooing a widow. Koenig, Ewald A.
171. Mysterious Mr. Howard. Musick, Tohn R.
172. Maud Morton. Calhoun, Alfred R.
173 The improvisatore. Andersen, Hans Christian
174. Countess Obernau. Gordon, Julien.

Reunited. 176. The diamond seeker of Brazil. Lewis, Leon.

R. F. FENNO & Co.--Idle Hour Series.-Continued.
Forty modern fables. Ade, George.
Honor of thieves. Hyne, C: J: C.
In the name of a woman. Marchmont, A. W.
Mr. Dooley's philosophy.
Mistress Penwick, Payne, Dutton.
Red robe and grey. Hugo, V.
Sin of Jasper Standish. "Rita."
Tales of the ex-tanks. Cullen, Clarence Louis.
The Castle Inn. Weyman, Stanley J.
Thro' fire to fortune. Alexander, Mrs.
Wages of sin. Malet, L.
White king of Manoa. Hatton, J.
With ring of shield. Magee, Knox.

G. W. DILLINGHAM Co.-Continued.
No. Magnolia Library, 12°, pap., 25 C.
62. The wage slaves of New York. McCardell,

R. L.
63. Life's passionate guest. Jewett, C.
64. The religion of Abraham Lincoln. Collis, C.

H. T.
65. The rainbow feather. Hume, F.
66. Claude Duval of ninety-five. Hume, F.
67. Thy name is woman. Muir, O. B.
68. Moultrie De Kalb. Spencer, T: J.
69. Slave of the lamp. Merriman, W. S.
70. The Duchess. By the author of "Portia."

Metropolitan Library, 12°, pap., 50 C.
70. Widow Magoogin. Jennings, J. J:
71. The degeneration of Dorothy. Kinsella, F.
72. A gentleman born. Kane, E. C.
73. Love (Michelet.)
74. Not on the chart. Logan, A. S.

The white devil of Verde. Pierce, L. F.
76. The song of the sword. Dietrichstein, L.

Mrs. Harold Stagg. Grant, R.
78. Wee wifie. - Carey, R. N.

Palmetto Library, 12°, pap., 25 C.
62. Draw poker without a master.

Van Hoff, or, the new Faust, Smythe, A.
64. A queen of sinners. Mott, W. F.
65. A military belle. Parkhurst, H. C.
66. A transplanted lily. Wilson, S. J.
67. Don Fernandez, the Spanish spy. Ross, B. M.
68. Margaret Steyne. Boggs, M. F.
69. Nick WhiMes. Robinson, J. H.
70. Phyllis. “The Duchess.'


Dodd, MEAD & Co., 372 Fifth Ave., New York.

Ajax Series of 12mos. Apply to pubs. for price.
106. The fatal gift. Moore, F. F.
107. Robespierre. Sardou, v.
108. Silas Marner. Eliot, G.
109. Well, after all. Moore, F. F.
110. Souls of passage.

Barr, Amelia E.

The fanatics. Dunbar, Paul, L.
112. Pro patria. Pemberton, Max.

Hurst & Co., 135 Grand St., New York.

Argyle Series, 12°, cl., 30 c.
Black Rock. Connor, R.
Bondman (The). Caine, H.
Columbus, Life of. Wilkie.
Elizabeth and her German garden.
English men of letters. Morley, J:
Englishman's love letters.
Idle thoughts of an idle fellow. Jerome, J. K.
Only the governess. Carey, R. N.
Prue and I. Curtis, G: W.
Under two flags. Ouida.
Asmodeus. Lesage.
Salathiel, the wandering Jew. Croly, G:
Beulah. Evans, A. J.

Note.—G: A. Henty's books listed under Young
America Library also appear in the Argyle Series.

The Cambridge Classics, 16°, cl., 35 c.
Adopted daughter. Fawcett, E.
Altruist. Ouida.
Anxious enquirer. James, J: A.
Bijou's courtship. Gyp.
Bill Nye's sparks.
Black Rock. Connor, R.
Blessed dead. Bickersteth.
Blue fairy book. Lang, A.
Blue laws of Connecticut.
Cedar Christian. Cuyler, T. L.
Comedy of sentiment. Nordau, Max.
Concerning Isabel Carnaby. Fowler, E. T.
Conspiracy of the Carbonari. Muhlbach, L.
Courtship of Miles Standish. Longfellow,

H. W.
Daybreak. Cycla.
Dust to ashes. Sienkiewicz, H.
Elizabeth and her German garden.
English woman's love letters.
Grace abounding. Bunyan, J:
Grandfather's chair. Longfellow, H: W.
Green fairy book. Lang, A.
Her tragic fate. Sienkiewicz, H.
Holiday in bed. Barrie, J. M.
House of Israel. Warner, S.
Keble's Christian year.
Little folks own book of fairy tales.
Man from Archangel. Doyle, A. C.
Master and man. Tolstoi, L.
Mill on the floss. Eliot, G:
Mother Goose's fairy tales.
New Adam and Eve. Hawthorne, N.
New soldier. Sienkiewicz, H.

of weeping. Bonar, H.
nid time fairy tales.
Pathway of promise.
Precepts in practice. A. L. O. E.
Red fairy book. Lang, A.
Rose and Ninette. Daudet, A.
Sacra privata. Wilson, Bishop:
So runs the world. Sienkiewicz, H.
Sport royal. Hope, A.
Star out of Jacob. Warner, S.
Widow (The). James, J: A.
Walks from Eden. Warner, S.
Where worlds meet. Sienkiewicz, H.
Willy Reilly. Carleton, W:
Words of Jesus.
Yellow fairy book., Lang, A.
Young man's friend. Eddy.

The Emerson Series, 16°, cl., 25 c.
Black Rock. Connor, R.
Elizabeth; or. the exiles of Siberia. Cottin, Mme.
English woman's love letters.
Erie train boy. Alger, H.
Esther Waters. Moore, G:
Lady Grace. Wood, Mrs. H:


Phenix Series, 16°, cl.

Rose of a hundred leaves. Barr, A. E.
41. An unexpected result. Roe, E. P.

Found yet lost. Roe, E. P.
43. A Tory maid. Stimson, H. B.
44. Tattle-tales of cupid. Ford, P. L.

Ships that pass in the night. Harraden, B.

Sherburne House. Douglas, A.
47. Gypsy Breynton. Phelps, E. S.
48. Gypsy's Cousin Joy. Phelps, E. S.
49. Gypsy's sowing and reaping. Phelps, E. S.
50. Gypsy's year at the Golden Crescent. Phelps,

E. S.

A colony of girls. Willard, K. L.

Mildred Keith. Finley, M.

The treasure divers. Holder, C. F.
The valiant runaways.

Atherton, G.
Miss Lou. Roe, E, P.
56. Charm and courtesy in letter writing. Calla

way, F. B.

Observations of Henry. Jerome, J. K.
58. Witch Winnie. Champney, E. W.
59. Master of his fate. Barr, A. E.
бо. . The rose of love. Teal, A.
61. An old-fashioned boy. Finley, M.
62. The love of Landry. Dunbar, P. L.
63. Ashes of roses. Wheatley, L. K.
64. Hilda Strafford. Harraden, B.
65. The two captains. Russell, W. C.
66. She loved a sailor. Barr, A. E.
67. A day of fate. Roe, E. P.
68. A coign of vantage. Wood, J. S.
69. The silver cross. Keightley, S. R.
70. Our Fred. Finley, Martha.
71. Man-of-war life. Nordhoff, C.
72. The merchant vessel. Nordhoff, C.
73. Whaling and fishing. Nordhoff, C.


R. F. FENNO & Co., 9-11 East 16th St., New York

Idle Hour Series, 12°, pap., 50 c.
A missing hero. Alexander, Mrs.
Angel of the Covenant. Cobban, J. McC.
Colonel Carter of Cartersville. Smith, F. Hopkinson

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