HURST & Co.-Continued.

Hust & Co.---Laurelhurst Series.-Continued.
Gilt Top Library. 12°, cl., 60 c.

Blue fairy book. Lang, A.

Comedy of sentiment. Nordau, Max.
At market value. Allen, Grant.

Concerning Isabel Carnaby. Fowler, E. T.
Bible dictionary. Smith,

Courtship of Miles Standish.
Bill Nye's sparks.

Longfellow, H: W.

Dust and ashes. Sienkiewicz, H.
Black Rock. Connor, R.

Elizabeth and her German garden.
Bondman. Caine, Hall.

English woman's love letters.
Central America. Squier, E. G.

Erie train boy. Alger, H.
Charlatan. Buchanan, R.

Faust. Goethe, J. W.
Classical quotations, Dict. of.

Flower fables. Alcott, L. M.
Columbus, Life of. Wilkie.

Grandfather's chair. Hawthorne, N.
Comedy of sentiment. Nordau, Max.

Green fairy book. Lang, A.
Concerning Isabel Carnaby. Fowler, E. T.

Her tragic fate. Sienkiewicz, H.
Courtship of Miles Standish. Longfellow, H: W. Holiday in bed. Barrie, J. M.
Elizabeth and her German garden.

Imitation of Christ. A Kempis, T.
English men of letters. Morley, J:

Marmion. Scott, W.
English woman's love letters.

Master and man. Tolstoi, L.
Flower fables. Alcott, L. M.

Mill on the floss. Eliot, G:
Gates of dawn. Hume, F.

My Lady Nicotine. Barrie, J. M.
Handy Andy. Lover, S:

New Adam and Eve. Hawthorne, N.
Hardy Norsemnan. Lyall.

New soldier. Sienkiewicz, H.
Her tragic fate. Sienkiewicz, H.

Old Mam'selle's secret. Marlitt, E.
How women love. Nordau, Max.

Red fairy book. Lang, A.
In darkest England. Booth, B.

Rose and Ninette. Daudet, A.
Kidnapped. Stevenson, R. L.

So runs the world. Sienkiewicz, H.
Malady of a century. Nordau, Max.

Sport royal. Hope, A.
Master and man. Tolstoi, L

Conspiracy of the Carbonari. Muhlbach, I.
New soldier. Sienkiewicz, H.

Where worlds ineet. Sienkiewicz, H.
So runs the world. Sienkiewicz, H.

Willie Reilly. Carleton, W:
Spider of Truxillo. Savage, R: H:

Yellow fairy book. Lang, A.
Urania. Flammarion, C.
Salathiel, the wandering Jew. Croly, G:

Young America Library, 12°, cl., 50 c.
Beulah. Evans, A. J.
Not?..-All G: A. Henty's, books in the Young

America Library are also included in the Gilt Tup Among Malay pirates.

Boy knight.
Home Series of Select Books for Girls, 12°, cl., 50 c.

Bravest of the brave.

By England's aid.
Adventures of a Brownie. Mulock, D. M.

By pikc and dyke.
Aimee. Giberne, A.

Ry sheer pluck.
3. Alice in Wonderland. Carroll, L.

Captain Bayley's heir.

Cat of Bubastes.
4. Andersen's fairy tales.
Annie Price. Hall, A. M.

Colonel Thorndyke's secret.
6. Aunt Diana. Carey, R. N.

Cornet of horse.
7. Averil. Carey, R. N.

Dragon and the raven.
8. Boy from Bramley, Townsend, V. F.

Facing death.
9. Edith's ministry. McKeever, H. B.

For name and fame.

For the temple.
Esther. Carey, R. N.
II. Fairyland of science. Buckley, A. B.

Friends though divided.
12. Fanny the flower girl. Bunbury, S.

Golden Canon.
Flower fables. Alcott, L. M.

In the Reign of Terror.
Girl in ten thousand. Meade, L. T.

In times of peril.
15. Grandfather's chair. Hawthorne, N.

Lion of the north.
18. Grimm's fairy tales.

Lion of St. Mark.

Lost heir.
17 Heriot's choice. Carey, R. N.
18. Hope Darrow. Townsend, V. F.

Maori and settler.

One of the 28th.
19. Lamplighter. Cummins, M.
Margaret Warner. Macleod, N.

Rujab the juggler.
Margery Keith. Townsend,' v. F.

St. George for England.
Maud and Miriam McKeever, H. B.

Sturdy and strong:

With Clive in India.
23. Max Meredith's millennium. Townsend, V. F.
24. Merle's crusade. Carey, R. N.

Young Carthaginian.
25. Merry girls of England. Meade, L, T.

Young midshipman.
26. Minister's wooing. Stowe, Mrs. H. B.
27. Next door house. Molesworth, Mrs.

LAIRD & LEE, 263 Wabash Ave., Chicago.
28. Vot like other girls. Carey, R. N.

29. Only the governess. Carey, R. N.

Happy-Go-Lucky Library, 12°, 10 C.
30. Our Bessie. Carey, R. N.

A barrel of jokes.
31. Palmer Cox's Brownie book.

2. Just for fun.
Pine needles. Warner, S.

3. Side splitters.
33. Polly, a new-fashioned girl. Meade, L. T.

Drumniers' yarns.
34. Poor and proud. Optic, O.

5 Laughs. Mustlaff, H.
35. Prince of the house of David. Ingraham, 6. Hot shots. Mustlaff, H.
J. H.

7. The boss joke book.
36. Queechy. Warner, S.

8. The dead man's secret. Strong, E.
37. Silver threads. McKeever, H. B.

9. Aunt Dinah's fortune teller.
38. Six little princesses. Prentiss, Mrs. E.

Original gypsy dreambook.
Six to sixteen. Ewing, Mrs. J. H.

Health and beauty. Jelley, E. F.
Sweet girl graduate. Meade, L. T.

Camp stories. Thompson, G. A.
41. Through the looking-glass. Carroll, L.

13. Coonah-town comedy. Thompson, G. A.
Twice crowned. McKeever, H. B.
43. Vara; or, child of adoption. Strattford, E.

Pastime Series, 12°, pap., 25 c.
Walks from Eden. Warner, S.

Water babies. Kingsley, C:

235. A woman of nerve. Oliver, N, T.
46. Westbrook Parsonage. McKeever, H. B.

236. Samantha at Saratoga. Josiah Allen's wife.
47. Wide, wide world. Warner, S.

237. The maid of Oyas. Fanny Lewald.
48. Wonder book. Hawthorne, N.

238. Elizabeth and her German garden. Anony
49. Woodcliffe. McKeever, H. B.

50. World of girls. Meade, L. T.

239 An English woman's love-letters. Anonymous.

240. Daring deeds. Thomes, W. H.
Laurelhurst Series, 16o, cl., boxed, so c.

241. Black Rock. Connor, Ralph.

242. Practical hypnotism. Comte C. de Saint-Ger.
Altruist (An). Ouida.

Bill Nye's sparks.

243. Adventures of Uncle Jeremiah and family at
Black Rock. Connor, R.

Pan-American Exposition. Pry, P.







LAIRD & LEE. -Pastime Series.-Continued. No. 244.

Flashes of wit. Mustlaff, H. 245. The violet flame. Jane, F. T. 246. Glimpses of the Pan-Amer. Exposition (views) 247. Laird & Lee's Standard Belgian Hare Mauvas.

Hall, G. F. 248. Prue and I. Curtis, G. W. 249. Fogg's Ferry. Callahan, C. E. 250. Cousin Betty. Balzuc, H. de. 251. The sabertooth. Kinder, S. 252.

The Starbucks. Read, Opie.

Pinkerton Detective Series, 12°, 25 c.
Under fate's wheel. Lynch, L. L.
Behind a mask, Cooper, Louise B.

The heart of Hetta. Rowlands, E. A. 98. Herrmann the Great Burlingame, H. J. 99. My friend's wife; or, the woman who dared.

Lynch, L, L.

German-American Series, 12°, 25 c. 40. Lustige Gedichte und Geschichten. Various


De Reis n'an Hamborger Dom. Piening. 42. Beppe der Sternseher. Heyse, P. 43.

Schiller's Werke (poems.) Schiller, F. v.

Library of Choice Fiction, 12°, 25 c. 104. Wed by mighty waves. Greenleaf, Sue. 105. Tabernacle talks. Hall, G: F. 106. Pitfalls of the ballroom. Hall, G: F. I07. A lord's courtship. Meriwether, Lee.

LEE & SHEPARD.--American Girls Series.-Continued. No. 30. Sally Williams the mountain girl. Cheney,

Mrs. E. D. 31. 'Lisbeth Wilson. Blair, E. N. 32. Running to waste. Baker, G. M. 33.

Barbara Thayer: her glorious career. Mller,

A. J. 34. Katherine Earle. Trafton, A. 35. In the king's country. Douglas, A. M. Stratemeyer Popular Series, by E: Stratemeyer,

12°, cl., $1.
The last cruise of the "Spitfire.”
Reuben's Stone discovery.
Fighting for his own.
True to himself.
Richard Dare's venture.
Oliver Bright's search.
To Alaska for gold.
The young auctioneers.
Bound to be an electrician.
Shorthand Tom the reporter.

95. 96. 97.





20. 21.



LEE & SHEPARD, 202 Devonshire St., Boston.

American Boys Series, 12°, ci., $1. 61. Green Mountain boys. Thompson, D. P. 62. Missing million. Optic, 0. 63. Millionaire at sixteen. Optic, O. 64. Young knight errant. Optic, O. 65. Strange sights abroad. Optic, O. 66. Facing the enemy:

the life of Gen. Wm. Tecumseh Sherinan. Headley, P. C. 67. Fight it out on this line: the life and deeds of

Gen. U. S. Grant. Headley, P. C. 68. Fighting Phil: the life of Gen. Philip Henry

Sheridan. Headley, P. C. 69. Old Salamander: the life of Admiral David G.

Farragut. Headley, P. C. 70. Old Stars: the life of Gen. Ormsby M. Mitch

ell. Headley, P. C. 71. The miner boy and his monitor: the career of

John Ericsson, engineer. Headley, P. C. 72. The young silver seekers. Cozzens, S. ll. 73. Drake the sea king of Devon. Towle, G. M. 74. Magellan


first voyage around the world. Towle, G. M. 75. Marco Polo, his travels and adventures. Towle,

G. M. 76.

Pizarro, his adventures and conquests. Towle,

G. M. 77. Raleigh, his voyages and adventures. Towle,

G. Makepeace. 78. Vasco da Gama, his voyages and adventures.

Towle, G. Makepeace. 79. The heroes and martyrs of invention. Towie,

G. Makepeace. 80. Live boys, or Charlie and Nasho in Texas.

Morecamp, A. 81. Live boys in the Black Hills, or, the young

Texas gold hunters. Morecamp, A. 82. Down the west branch, or, camps and tramps

around Katahdin. Farrar, C. A. J. 83. Eastward hol or, adventures at Rangeley lakes.

Farrar, C. A. J. 84. Up the North Branch, a summer's outing.

l'arrar, C. A. J. 85. Wild woods life, or, a trip to Parmachenee.

Farrar, C. A. J. 86. Child of the tide. Cheney, Mrs. E. D. 87. The boys of thirty-five. Elwell, E. H. 88. Perseverance Island. Frazar, Douglas. 89. Going west. Optic, Oliver. 90. Little Bobtail. Optic, Oliver.

American Girls Series, 12°, cl., $1. 27. Dorothy's experience. Trafton, A. 28. Hester Strong's life work. Southworth, E. D.

E. N. 29. Lucy's lovers or Hillsboro' Farms. Cobb, S.


LITTLE, BROWN & Co., 254 Washington St., Boston.

Boys' and Girls' Bookshelf, 12°, cl., $1.
My boys. Alcott, Louisa M.
Mopsa the fairy. Ingelow, Jean.
A Guernsey lily. Coolidge, Susan.

Nan at Camp Chicopee. Hamlin, Myra S. 5 Double play. Everett, W. 6. Hester Stanley at St. Mark's. Spofford, Hær.

riet Prescott. 7. A little American girl in India. Cheever,

H. A. 8. Jan of the windmill. Ewing, J. H. 9. The resolute Mr. Pansy. Trowbridge, J:

A flower of the wilderness. Plympton, A. G. II.

The Island Impossible. Morgan. Harriet.

Sparrow the tramp. Wesselhoeft, Lily F. 13. The drifting island. Wentworth, Walter. 14. Mice at play. Forest, Neil. 15. Among the lindens. Raymond, Evelyn. 16.

The joyous story of Toto. Richards, Laura. 17. Bed-time stories. Moulton, Louise Chandler. 18. With fife and drum at Louisbourg. Oxley,

J. M. 19. The boys and girls of Brantham. Raymond,

Hope Benham. Perry, Nora.
'Twixt you and me. Le Baron, Grace.

Scouting for Washington. True, J. Presion. 23. Jolly good times. Smith, Mary P. Wells. 24 Treasure Island. Stevenson, Rob. L. 25. Their canoe trip. Smith, Mary P. Wells. 26. Six to sixteen. Ewing, Juliana H. 27. Hester Stanley's friends. Spofford, Harriet P. 28. Castle Blair. Shaw, Flora. 29. The secret of the Black Butte. Shattuck, W. 30. Stories told to a child. Ingelow, Jean. 31. My girls. Alcott, Louisa M. 32. Spinning-wheel stories. Alcott, Louisa M. 33 Uncle, Peep and I. Clarke, Mary Cowden. 34. A round dozen. Coolidge, Susan. 25. Changing base. Everett, W: 36. Jackanapes and Daddy Darwin. Ewing, Jul.

iana H. 37.

Nan in the city. Hamlin, Myra Sawyer.

Peter Simple. Marryat, Capt. 39. Firelight stories. Moulton, Louise Chandler.

Tales from Chaucer retold for children. 41. A child of glee. Plympton, A. G. 42. Toto's merry winter. Richards, Laura E. 43 Hector. Shaw, Flora L. 44. The boys of Marmiton Prairie. Smith, Ger.

trude. 45.

Ten little comedies. Smith, Gertrude.

A jolly good summer. Smith, Mary P. Wells. 47. The story of a little poet. Taylor, Sophie

Cramp: 48. The magic key. Tucker, Elizabeth. 49. Jerry the blunderer. Wesselhoeft, Lily F. 50. Ariosto's stories retold for children.

Children's Friend Series, 12°, cl., 50 c. Benjy in Beastland. Ewing, Mrs. J. H. Brave coward. Plympton, A. G: Bruro. Dewey, B. S. Christmas dream. Alcott, L. M. Fairy favorites. Perrault and D'Aulnoy. Her baby brother. Moulton, Mrs. E. L. C. Ivanhoe and Rob Roy retold for children. Sullivan,

A. M.




LITTLE, BROWN & Co.-Children's Friend Series.- LITTLE, BROWN & Co.-Readable Books Series.-

Ju Ju's Christmas party. Perry, N.

Marriage. Perrier.
Kingdom of coins. Gilman, J: B.

Mauprat. George Sand.
Little Bo Peep and Queen Blossom. Coolidge, S. Mill on the floss. Gcorge Eliot.
Little button rose. Alcott, L. M.

Miracles of antichrist. Lagerlöf, S.
Lost bero. Phelps and Ward.

Miserables (Les). Hugo.
Mountain laurel and maiden hair. Alcott, Louisa M. Monday tales. Daudet, A.
New Year's call. Perry, Nora.

Monte Cristo. Dumas.
Once upon a time. D'Aulnoy and Perrault.

Nanon. Sand, George.
Pansies and water-lilies. Alcott, Louisa M.

Ninety-three. Ifugo.
Snap-dragons. Ewing, Juliana H.

Northanger Abbey. Jane Austen.
The dolls' journey. Alcott, Louisa M.

Numa Roumestan. Daudet, A.
The littie men play. Adapted from Miss Alcott's O'Donoghue. Lever.
story by Elizabeth L. Gould.

of the Skelligs. Ingclow, J.
The little women play. Adapted from Miss Alcott's Old curiosity shop. Dickens.
story by Elizabeth L. Gould.

Oliver Twist. Dickens.
Uncle and aunt. Coolidge, S.

Oregon trail. Park:nan.
Very ill-tempered family. 'Ewing, Juliana H. Pan Michael. Sienkiewicz, H: 75 c.

Pelham. Bulwer, E: Lytton.
Readable Books Series, 12°, cl., $1.

Persuasion. Austen.

Peter Simple. Marryat, F.
Adam Bede. George Eliot.

Pickwick papers.

Alice. Bulwer.

Pilgrims of the Rhine. Bulwer.
Antonia. Sand, George.

Pilgrims progress. Bunyan.
Andronike. E. A. Grosvenor.

Pillar of fire. Ingraham.
Annals of the parish. Galt.

Pride and prejudice. Austen, Jane.
Arthur O'Leary. Lever.

Prince of the house of David. Ingraham, J. H.
Ascanio. Dumas, A.

Pripce Otto. Stevenson, R. L.
Bacon's essays.

Queen Victoria. Fawcett, M. G.
Ball of snow, and Sultanetta. Dumas.

Queen's necklace. Dumas, A.
Barnaby Rudge. Dickens, C:

Õuo vadis. Sienkiewicz, H: 75 c.
Barrington. Lever.

Regent's daughter. Dumas, A.
Bismarck, Life of. Lowe.

Religio medici. Browne, T.
Black tulip. Dumas.

Rienzi. Bulwer, E: L.
Black's Story of a dog.

Romola. Eliot, George.
Bramleighs of Bishop's follv. Lever, C:

Rory O'Moore. Lover, S.
Brigand. Dumas.

Sappho. Daudet, A.
Bulwer's Dramas and poems.

Sara de Berenger. Ingelow, J.
Chauvelin's Will and The velvet necklace. Dumas.

Saragossa. Galdos, Perez.
Chevalier d'Harmental. Dumas.

Scenes of clerical life. Eliot, George.
Chevalier de Maison Rouge. Dumas.

Sense and sensibility. Austen, J.
Child's history of England. Dickens.

Sigurd Eckdal's bride. Voss, R:
Christmas books. Dickens.

Silas Marner. Eliot, George.
Cinq-Mars. Vigny, Alfred de.

Sir Brook Fossbrooke. Lever, C:
Confessions of Con Cregan. Lever.

Sir Jasper Carew. Lever, C:
Cosette. Hugo.

Sylvandire. Dumas, A.
Currita. Coloma, Luis.

Swiss family Robinson. Wyss, J. D.
Dame de Monsoreau. Dumas.

Tale of two cities. Dickens, C:
David Copperfield. Dickens.

Tales of mean streets. Morrison, A.
Deluge. Sienkiewicz. H:

Tartarin of Tarascon, and Tartarin of the Alps,
Devereux. Bulwer, E: Lytton.

Daudet, A.
Emma. Jane Austen.

Three musketeers. Dumas, A.
Eugene Aram. Bulwer, E: Lytton.

Throne of David. Ingraham, J. H.
Epictetus, Discourses and encheridions of.

Toilers of the sea. Hugo, V.
Ernest Maltravers. Bulwer.

Tony Butler. Lever, C:
Fantine. Hugo.

Treasure Island. Stevenson, R. L.
lated to be free. Ingelow, J.

Twenty years after. Dumas, A.
Felix Holt. George Eliot.

l'anity fair. Thackeray, W: M.
File No. 113

Verdant Green. Bede, C.
Fortunes of Glencove. Lever.

Vicar's daughter. Macdonald, G.
Forty-Five. Dumas.

Walton's Angler.
Fromont and Risler. Daudet, A.

Westward ho! Kingsley, C: H:
Gladstone, Life of. Lucy.

With fire and sword. Sienkiewicz, H: 75 c.
Godolphin. Bulwer.

Zanoni. Bulwer, E: Lytton.
Great expectations. Dickens.
Handy Andy. Lover, S.

F. M. LUPTON PUB. Co., 52-58 Duane St., New York.
Hania. Sienkiewicz. 75 C.
Harry Lorrequer. Lever.

The Acme 12mos, pap., 20 C.
Horoscope. Dumas.
Hunchback of Notre Dame. Hugo.

Alexander the Great. Abbott, J.

All aboard. Optic, O.
Hypatia. Kingsley.

Black Rock. Connor, R.
Idyll and epic. Hugo.

Boat club. Optic, O.
Intellectual life. Hamerton.
Invisible links. Lagerlöf, S.

Dora Deane. Holmes, M. J.
Ivanhoe. Scott.

Elizabeth and her German garden.

Eugenie Grandet. Balzac, H. de.
Jack Hinton the guardsman. Lever.,

Facing the flag. Verne, J.
Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte.

Greatest thing in the world. . Drummond, H:
Jean Valjean. Hugo.

Hiawatha. Longfellow, H: W.
John Halifax. Mulock.

Inez. Evans, A. J.
Keats's Poetical works.

Island, The Whiteing, R:
Kings in exile. Daudet, A.

Julius Cæsar. Abbott, J.
Lamb's Essays.

Light that failed. Kipling, R.
Last days of Pompeii. Bulwer.

Maggie Miller. Holmes, M. J.
Leila and Calderon. Bulwer.

Mary, Queen of Scots. Abbott, J.
Letters from my mill. Daudet, A.

Mine own people. Kipling, R.
Light of Asia. Arnold.

Mulvaney stories. Kipling, R.
Lord Kilgobbin. Lever, C:

Now, or never.

Optic, O.
Lorna Doone. Blackmore.

Paul' and Virginia St. Pierre, B. de.
Lucretia. Bulwer, E: Lytton.

Phantom Rickshaw. Kipling, R.
Man who laughs. Hugo.

Plain tales from the hills. Kipling, R.
Mansfeld Park. Austen.

Pleasures of life. Lubbock, J:
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Thoughts of.

Poor and proud. Optic, O.
Marguerita de Valois. Dumas.

Singularly deluded. Grand, S.
Marius. Hugo.

Try again. Optic, O.


F. M. LUPTON Pue, Co.-Continued.

"Lupton" Gilt-Top 12mos, pap., 50 C.
Belle of Lynn. Braeme, C. M.
Beulah. Evans, A. J.
Black Rock. Connor, R.
Cornet of horse. Henty, G: A.
Dora Deane. Holmes, M. J.
Elizabeth and her German garden.
English woman's love-letters.
Facing the flag. Verne, J:
File No. 113. Gaboriau, E.
Hector Servadac. Verne, J.
Heriot's choice. Carey, R. N.
In times of peril. Henty, G: A.
Lost heir. Henty, G: A.
Maggie Miller. Holmes, M. J.
Meditations of Marcus Aurelius.
Monk of Cruta. Oppenheim, E. P.
Out of the Pampas." Henty, G: A.
Prince Charlie's daughter. Braeme, C. M.

The Windsor 12mos, pap., 30 C.
Adventures by land and sea. Arthur, T. S.
Among Malay pirates. Ilenty, G: A.
Black Rock. Connor, R.
By England's aid. Henty, G: A.
Cornet of horse. Henty, G: A.
Dora Deane. Holmes, M. J.
Dragon and the raven. Henty, G: A.
Elizabeth and her German garden.
English woman's love-letters.
Facing death. Henty, G: A.
Facing the flag. Verne, J.
Friends though divided. Henty, G: A.
Grandfather's chair. Hawthorne, N.
In times of peril. Henty, G: A.
In the reign of terror. Henty, G: A.
Jack Archer. Henty, G: A.
King Solomon's mines. Haggard, H. R.
Lion of St. Mark. Henty, G: A.
Lion of the north. Henty, G: A.
I.ost heir. Henty, G: A.
Maggie Miller. Holmes, M. J.
Monk of Cruta. Oppenheim, E. P.
One of the 28th. Henty, G: A.
Out on the Pampas. Henty, G: A.
Perils by sea and land. Arthur, T. S.
Quo vadis. Sienkiewicz, H.
Ralph Raymond's heir. Alger, H., jr.
St. George for England. Henty, G: A.
Sturdy and strong. Henty, G! A.
Through the fray. Henty, G: A.
With Lee in Virginia. Henty, G: A.
Young colonists. Henty, G: A.
Young midshipman. Henty, G: A.

New AMSTERDAM BOOK Co.-Favorite Fiction Libra.

10. The crime and the criminal. Marsh, Richard.
II. Woman the mystery. Herman, Henry.
12. A minion of the moon. Speight, T. W.
13 With sword and crucifix. Van Zile, Edward S.
14. The shadow of Hilton Fernbrook. Westbury,


The Copsford mystery. Russell, W. Clark.
16. Basile the jester. Muddock, J. E.

The devil-tree of El Dorado. Aubrey, Frank.
18. A man's foes. Strain, E. H.
19. The redemption of Sandy King. Mansford,

C. J.
20. Under sealed orders. Allen, Grant.

An ocean free lance. Russell, W. Clark.
22. A son of Ishmael. Meade, L. T.
23. Margaret Carmichael. Gibbon, Chas.
24. Forge and furnace. Warden, Florence.
25 An African treasure. Cobban, J. Maclaren.
26. The eleventh commandment. Sutcliffe, Halli-


A sailor's sweetheart. Russell, W. Clark.
28. Captain Fanny. Russell, W. Clark.
29. Beyond the Great South Wall. Savile, Frank.
30. T. Racksole & Daughter. Bennett, Arnold.
31. Tristram of Blent. Hope, Anthony.
32. Three men on wheels. Jerome, Jerome K.
33. Joan of the sword hand. Crockett, S. R.
34. The garden of swords. Pemberton, Max.
35. In Kedar's tents. Merriam, Henry Seton.
36. Angel. Croker, B. M.

A man of millions. Keightley, S. R.
38. The price of freedom. Marchmont, A. W.

The Jessamy bride. Moore, F. Frankfort.

Red Letter Series, 12°, pap., 50 C.
29. Captain Fanny. Russell, W. C.
30. Shadow of Hilton Fernbrook, Westbury, Atha.

With sword and crucifix. Van Zile, E. S.




GEORGE MUNRO's Sons, 17-27 Vandewater St.,

New York
No. Calumet Series, 12o, pap., ea., 25 C.
45. Almon Mitchell's double.
46. The surprise of his life.

Laurel Library, 12°, pap., ea., 25 C.

Love the tyrant. Garvice, C:
44. At love's cost. Garvice, C:

The Seaside Library, Pocket Ed., 12°, pap., 25 C.
Danvers jewels. Cholmondeley, Mary.
Elizabeth and hier German garden.
Englishwoman's love letters.
Lost heiress. Southworth, E. D. E. N.
Typewriter girl. Rayner,'0. P.
Vivia; or, the secret of power. Southworth, E. D.

E. N.

J. S. Ogilvie PUB. Co., 57 Rose St., New York.

Eureka Detective Stories, 12°, 25 c.
I. Inspector Henderson, the Central Office detec.

tive. Hancock, H. I.
His evil eye. Hancock, H. I.
3. Detective Johnson of New Orleans. Hancock,

H. I.
4. Harry Blount, the detective. Flanagan, T. J.
5. Harry Sharpe, the New York detective. Rock.

wood, H.
6. Private detective No. 39. Postgate, J. W.
7 Not guilty, by the author of “The Original

Mr. Jacobs.'
8. A Confederate spy. Conrad. T. N.
9. A study in scarlet. Doyle, A. C.
IO The unwilling bride. Hume, F. W.

The man who vanished. Hume, F. W.

The lone inn. Hume, F. W.
13 The world's finger. Hanshew, T. W.
14. Tour of the world in eighty days. Verne, Jules.

The frozen pirate. Russell, W. C.
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The sign of the four. Doyle, A. C.

The mystery of the Montauk mills. Coolidge,

E. L.
21. The mountain limited. Coolidge, E. L.

Gilt-edge Tom, conductor. Coolidge, E. L.
23. The Mossbank murder. Mills, H.
24. The woman stealer. Mills, H.
25. King Dan, the factory detective. Goode, G.


New Copyright Series, 12°, pap., 50 C.

New man at Rossmere. Walworth, Mrs. J. H.
42. Modern Midas. Jokai, M.
43. Dora Deane. Holmes, Mrs. M. J.
44. English orphans. Holmes, Mrs. M. J.
45. Homestead on the hillside. Holmes, Mrs. M.

46. Lena Rivers. Holmes, Mrs. M. J.
47. Meadow Brook. Holmes, Mrs. M. J.
48. Maggie Miller. Holmes, Mrs. M. f.

Tempest and sunshine. Holmes, Mrs. M. J.

Cousin Maude. Holmes, M. J.
51. Rosamonde. Holmes, M. J.

Buffalo Bill. “Ned Buntline."

New York Library, 12o, pap., 25 C.
The mystery of the Montauk Mills. Cool.

idge, E. L.
2. The mountain limited. Coolidge, E. L.


New AMSTERDAM Book Co., 156 Fifth Ave.,

New York



Favorite Fiction Library, 12°, 75 c.
Miser Hoadley's secret. Marchmont, Arthur

Milly; or,

at love's extremes. Thompson,
3. The Indian mystery; or, Kalee's shrine. Al-

len, Grant.
Prisoners of the sea. Kingsley, Florence


Linnet. Allen, Grant.
6. The heritage of peril. Marchmont, Arthur W.

Vengeance is mine. Balfour, Andrew W.
8. The one too many. Linton, Mrs. Lynn.

Samuel Boyd of Catchpole Square. Farjeon,

B. L.


I 2.

I 22.


J. S. OGILVIE Pub. Co.--New York Library.--

3. Gilt-edge Tom, conductor. Coolidge, E. L.

The Mossbank murder. Mills, Harry.

The woman stealer. Mills, Harry.
6. King Dan, the factory detective. Goode, G. W.
7. His downward path. Mills, Harry,
8. The overseer's daughter. Goode, G. W.
9. For the flag. Livingstone, W. C.

His mother's sin. Mellen, W. H.
The fortunes of a factory girl. Coolidge, E. L.

Fred Faithful, boy engineer. Coolidge, E. L.
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14. Her fatal career.

Mellen, W. H.
15 A Maine girl. Coolidge, E. L.
16. A daughter of Satan. Mills, Harry.
17. Ruled by fate. Smythe, W. G.
18. In folly's fetters. Stanley, F. R.
19. Storm Nest light. Mills, Harry,

The artist sisters. Mellen, W. H.
21. A confidential spy. Conrad, T. N.
22. Gaspar Desmond's passion. Grayson, P.
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24. The rector's secret. Abarbanell, J. R.
25. Her first adventure. Roe, E. G.
26. The captive bride. Cobb, Sylvanus, jr.
27. A bachelor in search of a wife. Swan, An

nie S.
28. Inspector Henderson the Central Office detec.

tive. Hancock, Harrie I.
29. The double duel. Cobb, Sylvanus, jr.

The world's finger. Hanshew, T. W.
31. Pretty factory girl of Newark. Coolidge, E. L.
32. Two women who posed. "Facilis."
33. Mr. and Mrs. Hannibal Hawkins. Greene

Belle C.
34. Shenandoah Gedney, F. G.

A close call. Berry, J: L.
36. His fleeting ideal. Wilcox, E. W., and others.
37. The secret of her life. Jenkins, É.
38. Mystery of North Fortune. Douglas, G.

Resurrection. Tolstoi, Leo.

old Sleuth's Own Series, 12°, pap., 25 C.
142. Cool Tom, the sailor-boy detective. Halsey,

H. P.
143. Aggravating Joe. Halsey, H. P.
144. A clever boy detective. Halsey, H. P.
145. A league of three. Halsey, H. P.
Old Sleuth's Special Detective Series, 12o, pap., 25 c.
29. Funny Bob, or, in and out of everything in

New York. Halsey, II. P.

A little contederate. Halsey, H. P.

Nimble Ike, the trick ventriloquist. Halsey,

H. P.
32. The giant detective; or, the feats of an athlete.
33. The cowboy detective.

The bicycle detective; or, Smart Jim.

Dick, the boy detective; or, the streets of New

36. Aggravating Joe, the prince of mischief.
37. Jack the juggler's ordeal; or, tricks and tri.

38. Jack the juggler's trail. A story of magic.

A female ventriloquist; or, a girl's magic feats.

A desperate chance; or, Desmond Dare.
Detective Payne's "shadow”; or, a remarkable


Two wonderful detectives; or, Jack and Gil's

43 Saved by a detective; or, a beautiful fugitive.
44 The mystery man; or, fire-bomb Jack.

The fatal resemblance; or, a marvellous escape.
46. Nimble Ike, the detective; or, solving a mystery.

Bertie Bland the detective.
48. The West Point lieutenant; or, Arkie, the run.


From the streets to the footlights; or, Snap

and Jenny.
50. The detective trio; or, the story of three coun-

try lads.

Peerless Series, 12o, pap., 25 C.
Francois Villon. Moorehead, George.
1.5. Count of Monte Cristo. Part 1. Dumas, Alex.
I 26. Count of Monte Cristo. Part 2. Dumas, Alex,

Sebastian the secret agent. McCloud, J. L.
I 28.

The show girl. Harper, Oliver.
1 29. Robert Emmet. Morehead, G.
130. The king of Unadilla. Garis, H. R.
131. The volunteer organist. Gray, W. B.

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18. The fat mascot. Whiting, R. R.
119. The fatal wedding. Menke, L. G.

J. S. OGILVIE Pub. Co.-Sunnyside Series.-

Letters of an American countess to her friend.
I 21. For the children's sake. Kremer, Theo.
Wee Macgreegor. Bell, J. J.

Sunset Series, 12o, pap., 25 C
164. John Ploughman's talks and pictures. Spur

geon, C. H.
165. Spurgeon's sermons. Spurgeon, C. H.
166. Five hundred merry laughs.
167. Some funny things said by clever people.
168. The umbrella mender. Harraden, Beatrice
169. Tour of the world in eighty days. Verne,

170. Life is worth living. Tolstoi, Leo.
171. As in a looking glass. Phillips, F. C.
172. Lady Valworth's diamonds. "The Duchess."
173. Tom Brown's school days. Hughes, T.
A house party.

175. Dark days. Conway, Hugh.
176. The merry men. Stevenson, R. L.
177. Mona's choice. Alexander, Mrs.
178. A mental struggle. "The Duchess."
179. Mrs. Rasher's curtain lectures.
180. Tin types taken in streets of New York.

Quigg. Lemuel Ely.
181. Silas Snobden's office boy.
182. One thousand popular quotations. Ogilvie, J. S.
183. Reveries of an old maid.
184. Mahetible Hopkins on her travels. Hopkins.

185. Ivan the fool. Tolstoi, Leo.
186. Inside the White House during war times.
187. The frozen pirate. Russell, W. Clark.
188. Mystery of a hausom cab. Hume, Fergus W
189. Called back. Conway, Hugh.
190. At bay. Alexander, Mrs.
191. A woman's temptation. Braeme, C. M.

Thrown on the world. Braeme, c. M.
193 Thorns and orange blossoms. Braeme, C. M.
194. Repented at leisure, Braeme, C. M.
195. Lord Lynne's choice. Braeme, C. M.
196. The false vow. Braeme, C. M.
197. Her second love. Braeme, C. M.
198. Her martyrdom. Braeme, C. M.
199. From out the gloom. Braeme, C. M.

The duke's secret. Braeme, C. M.
A broken wedding ting. Braeme, C. M.

Beyond pardon. Braeme, C. M.
203. At war with herself. Braeme, C. M.
204. The light that failed. Kipling, Rudyard.
205. Eureka recitations and readings, No. 1. Diehl,

Anna B.
206. Eureka recitations and readings, No. 2. Diehl,

Anna B.
207. Eureka recitations and readings, No. 3. Diehl,

Anna B.

Eureka recitations and readings, No. 4. Dieal.

Anna B.
209. Eureka recitations and readings, No. 5. Diehl,

Anna B.
210. New Arabian nights. Stevenson, R. I..

Grimm's fairy tales. Brothers Grimm.

A change of air. Hope, Anthony.
213. Billy Bray, the king's son. Bourne, F. W
214. Ten nights in a bar room. Arthur, T. S.
215 Maiwa's revenge. Ilaggard, H. Rider.
216. King Solomon's mines. Haggard, H. Rider.
217. She. Haggard, H. Rider.
218. Beaton's bargain. Alexander, Mrs.
219. Ralpa Wilton's Weird. Alexander, Mrs.

By woman's wit. Alexander, Mrs.
21. Cousin Maude. Holmes, Mary J.

Rosamond. Holmes, Mary J.
223. Kreutzer sonata bearing fruit. Grayson, P.
224. Sunset recitations and readings, No. 4,
225. Sunset recitations and readings, No. 5.

Sunset recitations and readings, No. 6.
227. Sunset recitations and readings, No. 7.

Ping pong. Parker, A.
229. Ogilvie's hand hook, No. 1.
230. Ogilvie's hand book, No. 2.
231. Ogilvie's hand book, No. 3.
232. Two hundred after-dinner stories.
233 Don't marry. Hildreth.
234. Mr. and Mrs. Hannibal Hawkins. Greene,

B. C.
235. An English woman's love letters.

His fleeting ideal. Wilcox, E. W., and others.
237. A crimson stain. Bradshaw, A.
238. A close call. Berry, J. L.
239. Shenandoah. Gedney, F. G.
240. The bad boy at home and abroad. Gray, W. T.
241. The unpardonable sin, Vinton, A. D.
242. Soldiers three. Kipling. R.
243. No. 99; a detective story. Griffith, A.









10 C.


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