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40 ページ - The American Catalogue, or English Guide to American Literature ; giving the full title of original Works published in the United States of America since the year 1800, with especial reference to the works of interest to Great Britain, with the size, price, place, date of publication, and London prices. With comprehensive Index. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Also Supplement, 1837-60. 8vo. 6d. The Publishers...
129 ページ - From hence he does that antique pile behold, Where royal heads receive the sacred gold: It gives them crowns, and does their ashes keep; There made like gods, like mortals there they sleep; Making the circle of their reign complete, Those suns of empire, where they rise, they set.
76 ページ - There is not in this wide world a valley so sweet, As the vale in whose bosom the bright waters meet...
33 ページ - For at one time, in one and the same ranke, foot by foot and elbow by elbow, shall you see walking the knight, the gull, the gallant, the upstart, the gentleman, the clown, the captain, the appel-squire, the lawyer, the usurer, the citizen, the bankrupt, the scholar, the beggar, the doctor, the idiot, the ruffian, the cheater, the Puritan, the cut-throat...
43 ページ - It opened upon a marsh, and we once more beheld the cathedral upon its height, now two leagues distant. This magnificent building stands at the end of a long and high hill above the city. To the north there are nine windmills in a row. It has three towers, the two smaller ones topped with the smallest spires I have ever seen ; they were beautiful in the distance, yet we doubted whether they ought to have been there, and in fact they are of modern addition, and not of stone, so that on a near view...
33 ページ - Netherlands his blood, in her defence shed, The Heavens have his soul, the Arts have his fame, All soldiers the grief, the World his good name.
77 ページ - its noble sea avenue," the river Lee. The building of the church commenced in 1722, and its steeple was constructed of the hewn stone from the Franciscan Abbey, where James II. heard mass, and from the ruins of Lord Barry's castle, which had been the official residence of the lords president of Munster and whence this quarter of the city takes its name — Shandon signifying in Irish the old fort or castle.