Sound-on-film: Interviews with Creators of Film Sound

Praeger, 1994 - 299 ページ

Sound-On-Film contains interviews with 27 prominent men and women who discuss their careers and the art and craft of film sound. These sound creators represent many of the crafts working in film sound, including production sound, sound editing, sound design, automatic dialogue replacement (ADR), Foley, re-recording mixing, and sound engineering. The interviews are presented in an order that attempts to give the reader a historical perspective on the development of film sound from the studio era to contemporary productions.

The interviews explore how sound creates an aural look to the film in the same way that production design and cinematography creates a visual look to a film. The discussions focus on the relationship with renowned Hollywood film directors and how sound was conceived and executed for specific films. Among the highly acclaimed and seminal films discussed are Star Wars, Nashville, The Conversation, Apocalypse Now, Raging Bull, and Terminator 2. In addition to the interviews, the book contains biographical background and a selected filmography of each sound creator as well as a glossary of terms and a bibliography for further study. It is essential reading for film students, academic scholars and film educators as well as industry professionals and moviegoers who want to understand the aesthetic and technical role of those who work in film sound.


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Jack Solomon
Ben Burtt
Elisha Birnbaum

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著者について (1994)

VINCENT LoBRUTTO is a faculty member for the Department of Film, Video and Animation at the School of Visual Arts. He has been a film production coordinator as well as a free-lance film editor. Among his publications are Selected Takes: Film Editors on Editing (Praeger, 1990) and By Design: Interviews with Film Production Designers (Praeger, 1992). LoBrutto is currently writing his fourth book for Praeger based on interviews with feature film cinematographers.