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3 ページ - Never shall man take me hence, but only he by whose side I ought to hang, and he shall be the best knight of the world.
2 ページ - Lord, therefore to them their last reward through floods of water the ruler gave. So was on the surface of the bright gold with runic letters rightly marked, set and said, for whom that sword, the costliest of irons, was first made, with twisted hilt and variegated like a snake.
128 ページ - October 24, 1684 ; for their adherence to the word of God, and Scotland's covenanted work of reformation.
36 ページ - ... with saffron. They always carry a bow and arrows, a very broad sword with a small halbert, a large dagger, sharpened on one side only, but very sharp, under the belt. In time of war they cover their whole body with a shirt of mail of iron rings, and fight in that.
93 ページ - For luf of the lewed manne, To telle tham the chaunces bolde, That here before was don and tolde."' The good monk knew the delight his countrymen took in hearing tales and rhymes, and so, as he tells us in his Handlyng Synne, written AD 1303, " For lewde men y vndyrtoke On Englyssh tunge to make thys boke For many ben of swyche manere That talys and rymys wyl blethly here ; Tn gamys, and festys...
101 ページ - That except our righteousness exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, we shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of God, Matt.
134 ページ - ... a very sumptuous, regulated, uniform fabrick, large and lofty, most industriously and artificially carved from the very foundation to the superstructure, to the great admiration of strangers and travellers. But this state-house, or tolbooth, is their western prodigy, infinitely excelling the model and usual built of townhalls ; and is, without exception, the paragon of beauty in the west...
97 ページ - The doctrine contained within itself an entire reformation of theological jurisprudence : it would blot from the statute-book the felony of non-conformity ; would quench the fires that persecution had so long kept burning; would repeal every law compelling attendance on public worship; would abolish tithes and all forced contributions to the maintenance of religion; would give an equal protection to every form of religious faith...
90 ページ - And for he dyd hys houndes oute late* To byte the Lazare at the gate;... For ful comunly shalt thou fynde Ofte ryche men unkynde. Lorde ! how shul these robbers fare, That the pore pepyl pelyn...
129 ページ - Cause they adhered in their station. These Nine, with others in this yard Whose heads and bodies were not spar'd Their testimonies, foes, to bury Caused beat the drums then in great fury. They'll know at resurrection day To murder saints was no sweet play.