The Metropolitan, 第 18 巻

James Cochrane, 1837

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85 ページ - Titles, 30s. cloth. JAMES. -A HISTORY OF THE LIFE OF EDWARD THE BLACK PRINCE, and of various Events connected therewith, which occurred during the Reign of Edward III. King of England. By GPR JAMES, Esq. 2d Edition. 2 vols. fcp.
70 ページ - Hence we see a great, an almost enormous intellectual activity, and a proportionate aversion to real action, consequent upon it, with all its symptoms and accompanying qualities. This character, Shakespeare places in circumstances under which it is obliged to act on the spur of the moment : Hamlet is brave and careless of death ; but he vacillates from sensibility, and procrastinates from thought, and loses the power of action in the energy of resolve.
70 ページ - Hence it is that the sense of sublimity arises, not from the sight of an outward object, but from the beholder's reflection upon it; not from the sensuous impression, but from the imaginative reflex.
105 ページ - I HAD a little husband, No bigger than my thumb, I put him in a pint pot, And there I bid him drum. I bought a little horse, That galloped up and down; I bridled him, and saddled him, And sent him out of town. I gave him some garters, To garter up his hose, And a little handkerchief, To wipe his pretty nose.
38 ページ - ... the thistle-down, Prompting the face grotesque, and antic brisk, With many a lamb-like frisk, (He's got the scissors, snipping at your gown !) Thou pretty opening rose ! (Go to your mother, child, and wipe your nose !) Balmy and breathing music like the South, (He really brings my heart into my mouth !) Fresh as the morn, and brilliant as its star, — (I wish that window had an iron bar !) Bold as the hawk, yet gentle as the, dove, -— (I'll tell you what, my love, I cannot write unless he's...
368 ページ - Tweed ; and, that no papist should be capable of purchasing any lands, tenements, or hereditaments, either in his own name or in the name of any other person in trust for him.
109 ページ - One bullet wounded him severely in the hip, but not so badly as to prevent his progress. " The Indians having to make a considerable circuit before they could cross the stream, Brady advanced a good distance ahead. His limb was growing stiff from the wound, and, as the Indians gained on him, he made for the pond which...
110 ページ - Horror-struck at the sudden outrage, the Indians simultaneously rushed to rescue the infant from the fire. In the midst of this confusion, Brady darted from the circle, overturning all that came in his way, and rushed into the adjacent thickets, with the Indians yelling at his heels.
33 ページ - TWAS when the world was in its prime, When the fresh stars had just begun Their race of glory, and young Time Told his first birth-days by the sun ; When, in the light of Nature's dawn Rejoicing, men and angels met On the high hill and sunny lawn, — Ere Sorrow came, or Sin had drawn 'Twixt man and Heaven her curtain yet ! When earth lay nearer to the skies Than in...
274 ページ - A jest's prosperity lies in the ear • Of him that hears it, never in the tongue Of him that makes it : then, if sickly ears, Deaf 'd with the clamours of their own dear groans.