An Estimate of the Manners and Principles of the Times, 第 2 巻

L. Davis and C. Reymers, 1757

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44 ページ - Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world, Like a Colossus ; and we petty men Walk under his huge legs, and peep about To find ourselves dishonourable graves.
221 ページ - Whenever this compelling power, necessity, shall appear, then, and not till then, may we hope that our deliverance is at hand. Effeminacy, rapacity, and faction will then be ready to resign the reins they would now usurp. One common danger would create one common interest.
49 ページ - But as the attractions of the theatre arife from a complication of caufes, beyond thofe of any other entertainment; fo, while the judicious critic admires his original excellencies, it may well be queftioned, whether the crowd be not drawn by certain fecondary circumftances, rather than by a difcernment of his real powers. Need we any other proof of this than the conduct of his fafhionable hearers, who fit with the fame face of admiration at Lear, an opera, and a pantomime?
45 ページ - Vice has lost in coarseness of expression, she has gained in a more easy and general admittance. In ancient days, bare and impudent obscenity, like a common woman of the town, was confined to brothels : whereas the...
51 ページ - It may probably be asked, why the ruling Manners of our Women have not been particularly delineated ? The Reason is, because they are essentially the same with those of the Men, and are therefore included in this Estimate.
43 ページ - Writer, whofe Force of Genius, and Extent of Knowledge, might almoft redeem the Character of the Times. But that Superiority, which attracts the Reverence of the Few, excites the Envy and Hatred of the Many : And while his Works are...
82 ページ - Reader will naturally expect to find confidered. I mean, that of the Clergy. But the general Defect of religious Principle among the higher Ranks, hath rendered this order of Men altogether ufelefs, except among thofe in middle Life, where they ftill maintain a certain Degree of Eftimation.
91 ページ - Conftable, inftead of arming themfelves and encouraging the People, generally fled before the "Rebels ; while a Mob of ragged Highlanders marched unmolefted to the Heart of a populous Kingdom.
21 ページ - The lenity of our laws in capital cases ; our compassion for convicted criminals; even the general humanity of our highwaymen and robbers, compared with those of other countries ; these are concurrent proofs that the spirit of humanity is natural to our nation.
85 ページ - Contemporaries are distinguished — Such of them, I mean, as have Opportunity of conversing with what is called the World, and are supposed to make a Part of it. In their Conduct they curb not, but promote and encourage the trifling Manners of the Times: It is grown a fashionable Thing, among these Gentlemen, to despise the Duties of their Parish, to wander about, as the various Seasons invite, to every Scene of false Gaiety, to frequent and shine in all public Places, their own Pulpits excepted....