Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo, (M.Savary)



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183 ページ - Emperor, at the point where he stood, saw the flight of the Prussians, and our cavalry taking them by thousands. Night was approaching; and here, as at Austerlitz, he rode round the field of battle. He often alighted from his horse to give a little brandy to the wounded ; and several times I observed him putting his hand...
106 ページ - General Bonaparte could have contemplated the expedient attributed to him, where could there be found a man sufficiently determined in mind, or sO lost to the feelings of human nature, as to force open the jaws of fifty wretched men on the point of death, and thrust a deadly preparation down their throats? The most intrepid soldier turned pale at the sight of an infected person; the warmest heart dared not relieve a friend afflicted with the plague ; and is it to be credited, that brutal ferocity...
73 ページ - Half-moon on the top of the hill that the meeting took place. There the Pope's carriage drew up ; he got out at the left door in his white costume.: the ground was dirty ; he did not like to step upon it with his white silk shoes, but was obliged to do so at last. " Napoleon alighted to receive him. They embraced ; and the Emperor's carriage, which had been purposely driven up, was advanced a few paces...
284 ページ - I make with urgency the request, to have a particular audience of the First Consul. My name, my rank, my manner of thinking, and the horror of my situation, make me hope he will not refuse my desire.
60 ページ - Majesty had been a party to plans of assassination ; " an accusation already made with equal falsehood and calumny by the same authority against the members of his Majesty's Government during the last war ; an accusation incompatible with the honour of his Majesty, and the known character of the British nation...
140 ページ - Run after the Emperor of Austria: tell him that I have desired you to go and wait at his head-quarters for the adhesion of the Emperor of Russia, as far as he is concerned, to what has just been concluded between us.
286 ページ - XII. of the Republic, one and indivisible. JUDGMENT. In the name of the French people, This day, the 30th Ventose, year XII.
239 ページ - Prince was very ill-calculated to recommend, by his personal character, the institutions to which the nobility clung with so much fondness. Nature had endowed him with an excellent heart, but with very limited talents; and his mind had imbibed the false impress consequent upon his monastic education. He resided at Malmaison nearly the whole time of his visit at Paris.
131 ページ - He afterwards went to inspect the ambulances, and the means of conveyance for the wounded. He returned to dine at his bivouac, and sent for all his marshals: he enlarged upon all that they ought to do the next day, and all that it was possible for the enemy to attempt. It would require a volume to detail all that emanated from his mind in those twenty-four hours.
137 ページ - ... own escort, he enjoined him not to quit these wounded till they were all in the hospital. These brave men loaded him with blessings, which found the way to his heart much better than all the flatteries of courtiers.