feelings are when faith is at its lowest ebb, and when it acts most powerfully? I lould be glad also if you would answer these questions- What views have you of another world? What sense have you of the nearness of Christ ? What degree of fellow hip with the fouls nearest your heart? What particular intiinations of the will of God in intricate affairs, and material steps ? And whether you can reconcile the life of faith with one wrong ten per in the heart ?

If you are fo good as to answer these questions at large, you will oblige me more, than if you were to send me 200 waistcoats and as many pair of stockings. -Jesus is life, love, power, truth, and righteousness. Jesus is ours; yea, he is over all, through all, and in us all. May we fo fathom this mystery, and so evidence the reality of it, that many may fee, and fear, and turn to the Lord! My kind love and thanks wait upon your sisters, &c. Farewell in Jelus. Pray for your obliged, unworthy servant, 1. F.

Madeley, Sept. 1766. Miss Hatton.

My very dear Friend,

GOD wonderfully supports your tottering clay, that he may fill up what is lacking in your faith. Concur with the merciful design : arile in Ipirit, shake off the dutt of earthly thoughts, put on your glorious apparel-put on, every moment, the Lord Jesus Christ. Dare to believe-on Christ lay hold; wrestle with Christ in mighty, or even in feeble, prayer. He breaks not the bruised reed ; let the reed be grafted, by simple faith, in the true vine, in the tree of life, and it will bring forth glorious fruit ; not only relignation, but power to welcome the king disarined of his terrors, and turned into a messenger of joy, and a guide, under Christ, to heavenly happiness. Let not one feeble breath pass, without carrying an act of defire, or of faith towards Christ. Bestir yourself to

lay hold on God, and when you find an absolute want of power, be you the more careful to lie at the feet of hiin, who hatiı all power given him in earth and hea. ven for you. Farewell, my dear friend, that is, be found in Christ; for there only can we farewell, whether we live or die. I. F.

Madeley, Jan. 9th, 1767. Miss Hatton.

My dear. Friend,

THE alteration for the worfe I discovered in your liealth, the last time I had the pleasure of seeing you, makes me sit down to take a furvey with you of our approaching diffolution. The cream of life will soon be over; the inorning of eternity will soon fucceed. Away then with all the shadows of time. Away from them to the Eternal Substance-to Jesus, the first and the last, by whom, and for whom, all things consist..

We stand on the shore of a boundless ocean : death; like a lion, comes to break our bones : let us quietly strip ourselves of our mortal robes, that he may do with us, as the Lord shall permit. In the mean while, let us step into the ark; Christ is the ark. My dear friend, believe in Jesus: believe that your fins, red as crimson, are made white as snow, by the superior tineture of his blood. Believe yourself into Christ. By fimple faith, believe that he is your everlasting Head; nor can you believe a lie, for God hath given that dear Saviour to the worst of finners, to be received by a lively faith ; and hath declared, that it Thall be done unto us, according to our faith. If you simply take Jesus to be your lead, by the mystery of faith, you will be united to the resurrection and the life. The bitterness of death is past, my dear friend. Only look to Jelus : he died for youi-died in your place-died under the frowns of heaven, that we might die under its smiles. The head was struck off, that the members might be spared. Stand, then, in hin; be found in him ; plead that he hatha wrought a finless righteousness for you, and hath more than sufficiently atoned for you, by his cruel sufferings and ignominious death. Regard neither unbelief nor doubt ; fear neither sin nor hell ; chule neither life nor death: all these are swallowed up in the immensity of Christ, and triumphed over in his cross. Believe, that he hath made an end of fin, that you are comely in him, that you are pardoned, accepted, and beloved of God, in the one Mediator, Jesus Christ. Reafon not with the law, but only with him, who says, Come and let us reason to. gether; though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Fight the good fight of faith. Hold fast your confidence in the atoning, fanctifying blood of the Lamb of God; through his blood the accuser of the brethren is cast out. Confer no more with flesh and blood. Hunger and thirst after righteousness; eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Redeemer; and live in Christ, that you may die in him. Up, and ·be doing the work of God. Believe in him, whom he hath fent : kiss the Son lest he be angry : grasp him, as oue, who hath fallen into deep waters, grafps the branch that hangs over him.

O number no more! Go meet the Bridegroom. Be. hold, he cometh ! Trim your lamp ; hold up the vessel of your heart to the streaming wounds of Jesus, and it shall be filled with the oil of peace and gladness. Quit yourself like a soldier of Jesus. Look back to the world, the things, and friends about you no more. I entreat you, as a companion in tribulation, I charge you, as a minister, go, at every breath you draw, according to the grace and power given you, to the Physician, who gives no body over that says, Him that cometh unto me, I will in no wise cast out; and, he that believeth in me, thaugh he were dead, yet shall be live,

Ere long there will be time no more. O my friend! ftir up yourself to lay hold on him by faitli and prayer ; and let not those few f'ands, that reinain in your glass, flow without the blood of Jesus. They are too precious to be offered up to Rothful Nesh, which is going to turn out its immortal inhabitant. Gladly resign your duft to the dust whence it was taken, and your fpirit to bin who gave and redeemed it. Look to hiin, in fuite of flesh and blood, of Satau and unbe. lief; and joyfully fing the believer's song, o death, 'where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

Thanks be to God. who giveth us the victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ ! Let your surviving friends rejoice over you, as one faithful unto death-as one triumphing in death itself.

I am just informed of dear Miss Fragena's death. She caught a fever in viliting the poor, fick of that distemper, and lived a week to stand and rejoice in dying pains. As she lived, De died - a burning and a Mining light. Ere long you will meet her in Abraham's borom, whence she beckons you to follow her as the followed Christ. Be of good cheer, be not afraid : the fame God, who helped her, will carry you through. Your business is to commend yourself to him-lis, to keep safe that which you commit to hiin unto that day. To his faithfulness and love I cominend you ; and am, My dear Friend, yours in him, I. F.

Madeley, Jan. 30th, 1767. '

- Mrs. Hatton.

Dear Madam,

I HEARD last night the news of Miss Hatton's death. As the stroke had long threatened you, and as she had, through inercy, long ago resigned herself to it ; I hope it hath not found you without the shield of resignation, patience, and confidence in God. A sparrow, you know, falls not to the ground without his permission, much less can a member of his Son fall into the grave without his direction. Surely his wifdom is infallible ; he hath chofen the better part both for you and your daughter; he hath chosen to take her out of her misery, to translate her to the place where the weary are at rest, and to give you, by re

moving her, an opportunity of caring for your soul, as you cared for her body.

Now, what have you to do, Madam, but to put your hand upon your mouth, and fay, It is the Lord ; he gave, and he hath taken away ; blessed be his holy name !. If you sorrow, let it be in hope of meeting her foon, all glorious within ard without, whom you lately faw such a spectacle of mortality. David observed, in the lesson for this morning, that the love of Jonathan had been better to him than the love of women. O dwell much upon the conlideration of the love of Jesus, and you will find that it far surpasses that of the most dutiful children : and comfort yourself by the believing thought, that Jesus lives, lives for you, and that your daughter lives in him ; where you will foon have the joy to meet her as an incarnate angel.

I am, with prayers for you and Miss Fanny, to whom I wish much consolation in her elder, never dying brother, Dear Madam, your unworthy obliged fervant in Clmift, I. F.

Madeley, Feb. 1767.

. James Ireland, Esq.

My very dear Friend,

· THE Lord will spare your daughter as long as she can get good, and do you and others good by the fight of her fufferings : when that cup is drunk up, He will be willing to go, and you to let her go. Renember she is the Lord's much more than yours; anch that what we call dying is only breaking the shell of a troublesome body, that Christ may fully come at the kernel of the soul, which he has bought.

Poor Miss Hatton died last Sunday fortnight, full of ferenity, faith, and love. The four last hours of drer life were better than all her fickness. When the pangs of deathi were upon her, the comforts of the Almighty bore her triumphantly through, and some of her lalt words were- Grieve not at my happiness

this world is no more to me than a bit of burkt pa

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