* per-Grace! Grace!. A finner saved! I wish I « could tell you half of what I feel and feeI am gosting to keep an everlasting Sabbath-0 death, " where is thy sting ? O grave, where is thy victory? 66 Thanks be to God, who giveth me the victory, 65 through my Lord Jesus Christ !" It is very remarkable, that the had hardly any joy in her illness; but God made her ample amends in her extremity. He kept the strongest cordial for the time of need ; he does all things well. Blessed, for ever,blessed, be his holy name!

Worcellershire also lately lost a wise virgin of a truth, dear Mifs Fragena, Mr. Biddulph's sister. The morniing before she expired, she said, “ I have had a strong“ er conflict last night, than I ever had in all my life ; “ it was sharp and terrible ; but Jesus hath ovrecome, 6 and he will also overcome for you and me : be of só good courage, believe, hope, love, and obey."

I wish you had often such meetings as that you mention ; every one should have as many thruits at that crooked serpent, that holy devil, Bigotry, as he can. If I can leave my parish, I believe it will be to accompany Lady Huntingdon to the Goshen of our land, -York:hire, to learn the love of Christ at the feet of my brethren and fathers there. I am obliged to you for the present you mentio: : I have taken again to the drink of iny country, water, which agrees well with ine, and I hall not want it for myself : if it is not sent, diminish or stop it according to this notice. Farewell in the Lord Jesus. I. F.

Madeley, Feb. 1767.

Miss Brain.

I HOPE my friend Ireland will not grudge me the room I take in his letter, to thank you for your last. It is travelling about seeking its fortune, as well as the first : who knows but before it comes home, it will, like a baited hook, bring a filh along with it. I hope you go on and profper, ånd do valiantly. I am glad to see the Lord leads you in the exalted way of exulting faith, triumphant hope, and rapturous love : mount higher and higher ; there' is no fear of your losing yourself, except it be in the boundless tracks of divine mercy, and on the eternal bills of redeeming love ; and to be lost there is to be happily found. I rejoice that you do not lose fight of the depth of luman misery, and depravity out of Jesus. With this ballast, the strongest blasts of spiritual rapture will never overset you. I also thank God, that your faith works by love, and that you love not in pen and word only, but in deed and in truth : see that you abound herein more and more. As. I trust you love to do well to your neighbours' bodies, see that you use well that of a neighbour of mine, whose name is Brain, and put her in remembrance to pray for her affectionate brother and unworthy servant, 1. F.

. Madeley, March 30th, 1767. James Ireland, Esq.

My very dear friend,

YESTERDAY I received your kind letter, and your kind prefent about a month ago : it came safe, and is a large stock for the poor and me. The Lord return it you in living water ; inay it flow like a never failing stream through your soul, and those of all who are néar and dear to you ; that is, not only those wliv belong to your own household, but also to the house. hold of faith. What a pleasure to love all, and to be á well wisher to all! I am glad you keep up your catholic meeting : a dozen of your way of thinking and acting would break the legs of that thief, Bigotry, who reviles the crucified members of the crucified jefus. God, who vouchsafed to meet even Balaam, when he went to curfe Ifrael, will not fail to bless you, when you go to bless the scattered Ifrael of our Christ,

To return to your present ; I return you my fin. cere thanks for it, as well as for all your former favours, and for your kind offers of new ones. I have one to ak now, which is, that you would stay your hand, and allow me to consume and wear out the old presents without overcharging me with new ones. I do not fay, stay your heart ; no, let the oil of prayer flow from the cruise of your soul for me and mine, till our poor vessels are filled with the oil of humble love.

What you say about Miss Ireland's filling, puts me in mind of that worse disease of my heart, the dropsy of felf. God gives me good physic and good food, but instead of digesting both properly, self retains what it should not. I fill, instead of remaining empty for fresh food ; I lose my appetite, I swell, and am good for nothing but another operation : May the Lord so tap us, that all our swelling inay go down, and return no more! The good Samaritan, who is also a good Physician, wants to tap you fpiritually by the bodily tapping of your daughter. To be cut in the fruit of our body is, sometimes, more painful than to be cut in our own body : may both she and you reap the fruit of the successful operation whenever it takes place! I am, with cordial affection, My dear Sir, your very much obliged, though very unworthy servant, 1. F.

Madeley, April 27th, 1767. James Ireland, Esq.

My very dear Friend,

I HAVE just received your letter, opon my arrival from Wales, with dear Lady Huntingdon, who is, of a truth, a tried stone, built upon the corner stone; and such as you have seen her, such, I am perfuaded, you will find her to the last-a foul devoted to Jesus, liv.ing by faith, going to Christ himself by the scriptures, instead of resting in the letter of the gospel promises, as too many profeflors do,

I thank you for your care to procure not only a fupply for my church, but such an agreeable, acceptable, and profitable one as Mr. Brown: I know none that should be more welcome than he. Tell him, with a thousand thanks for his condescension, that I deliver my charge over to him fully, and give him a carte blanche, to do or not to do, as the Lord will direct him. I have settled it, that I Nould endeavour to overtake my Lady at Keppax, in Yorkshire, against the Sunday after Whitsuntide.

I have just time to tell you, with regard to the Bristol journey, that I must come first from the North, before I dream of going to the South. God help us to steer immoveably to the grand point of our salvation, Jesus the crucified ; to him I recommend myself and you, and my noble guests. Love him, praise him, serve him, who hath loved you, bought you, and died for you. I remain, &c. I. F.

Madeley, July 30th, 1768. James Ireland, Esq.

My dear Friend,

UNCERTAIN as I am, whether your daughter is yet alive, or whether the Lord hath called her fronı this vale of darkness and tears, I know not what to say to you on the subject, but this, that our heavenly Father appoints all things for the best. If her days of suffering are prolonged, it is to honour her, with a conformity to the crucified Jesus; if they are Mhorten. ed, she will have drunk all her cup of affliction : and, I Aatter myself, that she has found, at the bottom of it, not the bitterness and the gall of her fins, but the honey and wine of our divine Saviour's righteousness, and the confolations of his Spirit.

I had lately some views of death, and it appeared toʻme in the most brilliant colours. What is it to die, but to open our eyes after the disagreeable dream of this life, after the black sleep in which we are buried on this earth? It is to break the prison of corruptible

Aesh and blood, into whích sin hath cast us; to draw aside the curtain, to cast off the material veil, wbich prevents us from seeing the Supreme Beauty, and Goodness face to face. It is to quit our polluted and tattered raiment, to be invested with robes of honour and glory; and to behold the Sun of righteousness in brightness, without an interposing cloud. O my dear friend, how lovely is death, when we look at it in Jesus Christ! To die, is one of the greatest privileges of the Christian.

If Miss Ireland is still living, tell her, a thousand times, that Jesus is the resurrection and the life ; that he hath vanquished and difarmed death; that he hath brought life and immortality to light; and that all things are ours, whether life or death, eternity or tiine.

These are those great truths upon which she ought to sisk, or rather to repose her foul with full assurance. Every thing is shadow and a lie, in comparison of the reality of the gospel. If your daughter be dead, believe in Jesus, and you shall find her again in him, who fills all in all, who encircles the inaterial and spiritual world in his arms—in the immense bofom of his divinity.

I have not time to write to Mrs. Ireland ; but I entreat her to keep her promise, and to inform me what-victories she has gained over the world, the flesh, .. and fin. Surely when a daughter is dead or dying, it is high time for a father and a mother to die to all things below, and afpire, in good earnelt, to that eternal life, which God has given us in Jesus Chrift.', A. dieu, my dear friend. Yours, 1. F.

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· Madeley, Oct. 14th, 1768. James Ireland, Esq.

My very dear Friend,

-- I THINK I told you at Trevecka, that we had no farmers at Madeley who feared God and loved Jesus, This generation among us are buried in the furrows of their ploughs, or under the heaps of corn which

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