fill their granaries. Now that I am on the spot, I do not fee one who makes it necessary for me to change my opinion :* Your bailiff cannot come from this Nazareth.

If the last efforts of the physicians fail with respect to Miss Ireland, it will at least be a consolation to you, to know that they have been tried. When the last reed Mall break under her hand, that will be the great signal to her to einbrace the cross and the crucified, the tree of life and the fruits it bears, which give everlasting health and vigour. When we consider things with an evangelical eye, we discover that every thing dies. Things visible are all transitory ; but invisible ones abide for ever. If Christ is our life and our resurrection, it is of little importance whether we die now, or 30 years hence ; and if we die without embracing him, by dying now, we shall have abused his mercies 30 years less than if we had lived so many years longer. Every thing turns out well, both life and death, our own and that of those who are near to us.

Present my respects to your son, and tell him, that last week I buried three young persons of a malignant fever, who, on the second day of their illness, were deprived of their speech and senses, and on the fifth, of their lives. Of what avail are youth and vigour when the Lord lifts his finger? And shall we sin against the eternal power, the infinite love, the inexorable justice, and the immenfe goodness of this God, who gives us, from moment to moment, the breath which is in our nostrils ? No-We will employ the precious gift in praising and blessing this good God, who is our Fa. ther in Jesus Christ.

I hope that you learn, as well as I, and better than I, to know Jesus in the Spirit. I have known him after the Aeth, and after the letter; I strive to know him in the power of his Spirit. Under the divine character of a quickening Spirit, he is every where. All that live, live in him, and they who are spiritually

* Thank God this is not now the charaéter of all the farmers of Made

ley ! Editor.

alive have a double life. "The Lord give us this second life more abundantly! Yours, 1. F.

Madeley, Dec. 5th, 1768. Miss Ireland.

My dear afflicted Friend,

I HEAR you are returned from the last journey you took in search of bodily health. Your heavenly Father fees fit to deny it you, not because he hateth you, (for whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth) but because health and life might be fatal snares to your soul, out of which you could not escape, but by tedious illness, and an early death. Who knows also, whether by all you have suffered, and still suffer, our gracious Lord does not intend to kill you to the Acth and to the world, and both to you? Besides, our hearts are so stupid, and our insensibility so great, that the Father of our fpirits sees it necessary to put some of his sharpest and longest thorns into our flesh, to make us go to our dear Jefus for the baliny graces of his Spirit.

I believe fome are driven out of all the refuges of crafty and indolent nature, only by the nearest and last approaches of that faithful minister and servant of Christ,-Death. Of this I had a reinarkable instance no later tharı last Monday, when God took to himfelf one of my poor afflicted parishioners, a boy of fifa teen years of age, who was turned out of the infirmary two years ago as incurable. From that time he grew weaker every day by the running of a wound; but his poor soul did not gather strength. In many respects one would have thought his afflictions were lost upon him. He seemed to rest more in his sufferings, and in his patience under them, than in the Saviour's blood and righteousness. Being worn to a skeleton he took to his death bed; where I found him the week before last, with his candle burning in the focket, and no oil seemingly in the vessel. I spent an hour in setting before him the greatness of his guilt in this refpect, that he had been so long under the rod of God and had not been whipt out of his careless unbelief to the bosom of Jesus Christ. He fell under the conviction, confessed that particular guilt, and be. gan to call on tlie Lord with all the earnestness his dying frame would allow. This was on the Wednesday; and on the Wednesday following, the God who delivers those that are appointed to die, fet one of his feet upon tlie rock, and the next Sunday the other. He had chiefly used that short petition of the Lord's prayer, Thy kingdom come ; and spent his last hours in testifying, as his strength would allow, that the kingdom was come, and he was going to the King ; to whom he invited his joyful, mournful mother to make the best of her way after him. Five or fix days before his death, my wicked, unbelieving heart might have said, To what purpose 'hath God afflicted fo long and so heavily this poor worm? But the Lord shewed, that he had been all that while driving the fpear of consideration and conviction, till at last it touched hiin in a sensible part, and made him cry to the Saviour in earnest. And who ever called upon him in vain ? No one. Not even that poor indolent collier boy, who for two years would not fo inuch as cross the way to hear me preach. Yet how good was the Lord ! because his body was too weak to bear any terrors in his mind, he fewed him mercy without. The moment I heard him pray and faw him feel after a Saviour, iny fears on his account vanished; and though he had not been suffered to testify so clearly of God's kingdom, yet I should have had a joyful hope that God had taken him home. .

Like the poor youth and myself, you have but one enemy, my dear friend an indolent, unbelieving heart; but the Lord hath driven it to a corner, to make you cry to him, who hath been waiting at the door all these years of trouble, to bring you pardon, pe ace, and eternal life, in the midst of the pangs of bodily death. "Jesus is his name. Salvation and love are his nature. He is the Father of eternity-your Father of course. All the love, that is in Mr. Ire.

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land's breast, is nothing to the abyss of love that is in your Creator's heart. A mother may forget her fucking child ; but I will not forget thee, says he, to ev. ery poor distressed foul, that claims his help.

O fear not, my friend, to say, I will arise and go to this Father, though I have finned greatly against heaven, and in his fight. Lo, he rises, and runs to meet and embrace you. He hath already met you in the virgin's womb : there he did so cleave to your felli and spirit, that he affumed both and wears them as a pledge of love to you. Claiin, in return, claim, as

you can, his blood and spirit. Both are now the pro· perty of every dying finner, that is not above receive ing, by faith, the unspeakable gift.

Your father has crossed the sea for you-Tesus has done more. He hath crossed the abyss, that lies between heaven and earth, between the Creator and the creature. He has waded through the sea of his tears, blood and agonies, not to take you to the physician at Montpelier, but to becoine your physician and Saviour himself to support you under all your bodily tortures, to sanctify all your extremities, and to heal your soul by his multiplied stripes. Your father has fpared no expence to restore you to health : but Je. fus, who wants you in your prime, hath spared no blood in his veins, to wash you from your fins, write your pardon, and seal your title to glory.

O my friend delay not cheerfully to surrender yourself to this good Shepherd. He will gladly lay youon the arm of his power, torn as you are with the bruises of fin and disease, and will carry you triumphantly to his heavenly sheepfold. Look not at your fins, without beholding his blood and sighteoufness. Eye not death, but to behold through that black door your gracious Saviour saying, Fear not, O thou of little faith; wherefore dost thou doubt ? Consider not eternity, but as the palace where you are going to enter with the Bridegroom of souls, and rest from all your fins and miseries. View not the comdemning law of God, but as made honourable by him, who was

a curse for you, and bore the malediction of the law, by hanging, bleeding, and dying on the cursed tree in your place. If you think of hell, let it be to put you in mind to believe, that the blood of God incarnate can quench its devouring flames. If you have no comfort, mistrust not Jesus on that account ; on the contrary, take advantage from it to give greater glory to God, by believing, as Abrahain, in hope against hope. And let this be your greatest comfort, that Jesus, who had all faith and patience, cried out for you in his dying moments-My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me! As your strength will bear exertion, and his grace apprehended will allow, surren. der yourself constantly to him as thc purchase of his blood, and invite him earnestly to you as a poor worm perishing without him. In this simple, gospel way, wait the Lord's leisure, and he will comfort your heart. He will make all his goodness to pass before you here, or take you hence to shew you, what you could not bear in flesh and blood, the direct beams of the ușcreated beauty of your heavenly Spouse.

I hope you take care to have little, or nothing else mentioned to and about you, but his praises and promises, Your tongue and ears are going to be filent in the grave_10w, or never, use them to hear and speak good of his name. Comfort your weeping friends. Reprove the backsliders. Encourage feekers. Water, and you shall be watered. Death upon you makes you, through Christ, a mother in Israel. Arise, as Deborah. Kemember the praying, believe ing, preaching, though dying thief : and be not afraid to drop a word for him who openeth a fountain of blood for you in his dying tortured body. Suffer, live, die, at his feet and you will soon revive, fing, and reign in his bosom for evermore. Farewell in the Conqueror of death, and Prince of Life. I, F.

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