You must not be above being employed in a little way. The great Mr. Grimshaw. was not above walking some miles, to preach to feven or eight people ; and what are we compared to him ? Our neighbourhood will want you more when Mr. Greaves and I are gone. Iw the inean time, grow in meek, humble, patient, refigned love ; and your temper, person, a13d1abours will be inore acceptable to all around you. I have inany things to say to you about your soul; but you will find the substance of thein in two fermons of Mr. Wesley's, the one entitled, “ The Devices of Satan," and the other, 6 The Repentance of Believers.". I wish you would reach one of them every day, till you have reaped all the benefit that can be got from them: Nor eat your morlel alone, but let all be benefited by the contents. I am, &c. I. F. .

Newington, Feb. 18th, 1.777. Mr. William Wase. .

My dear Brother, MY dear friend Ireland brough me last week Sir John Elliot, who is esteemed the greatest physician in · London, in confumptive cases. He gave hopes of my recovery upon using proper diet and mean's. I was bled yesterday for the third time ; and my old doctor thinks, by gentle evacuations and fpring herbs, to inend my juices. Be that as it may, I calınly leave all to God; and use the means without trusting in them. I am perfectly taken care of, by my kind friends, whom I recommend to your prayers, as well as myself.

With respect to my foul, I calmly wait, in unshaken resolution, for the full salvation of my God; ready to trust hiin, and to venture on his faithful love, and on the sure mercies of David, either at midnight, noonday, or cock crowing: for my times are in his band, and his time is best, and is my time. Death has lost his fting , and, I thank God, I know not what hurry of spirit is, or unbelieving fears, under my most terrifying fymptoms. Glory be to God in Christ, for this unspeakable mercy! help me to praise him for it. •

You talk cf by "laft trials.” I can hardly guess what you mean, unless Mri should have mistaken tears of holy shame before God, and of humble love to my opponents for great trials; but they only indicated fuch a trial, as I pray God to make me live aod die in--I mean a deep sense of my unworthiness, and of what I have so often prayed for, in these words,

“I would be ly myself abhorr', . All glory be to Chrilt my Lord.” I thank you, however, for the comfort you adminifter te me upon, I suppose, Mr. ~ 's inistake.

With refpect to our intended room, I beg Mr. Palmer, Mr. Lloyd, and yourself to consult about it, and that Mr. Palmer would contract for the whole. For my own part, I shall contribute 100l. including 101. I have had for it from Mr. Ireland and 101, from Mr. Thornton. Give my kindest love to all friends and weighbours. 'I would mention all their dear names, but ám strictly forbidden a longer epistle. Farewell in Jesus. Yours, 1. F.

P. S. If the room cannot be completed for what I have mentioned, and 201. more be wanting, ask Mr. Lloyd how much the royalty might come to, and tell him I would appropriate it to the building.

Bath, July 8th, 1777.

Mr. Michael Onions.

My dear Brother,

I HEARTILY thank you for your kind letter; and by you I desire to give my best thanks to the dear companions in tribulation whom you meet, and who so kindly renember so worthlefs and unprofitable a minister as me. May the God of all grace and love, our cominon Father, and our all, bless you all, and all our brethren, with all blessings fpiritual; and with such temporal favours, as will best serve the end of your growth in grace.

My defire is, if I should be spared to minister to you again, to do it with more humility, zeal, diligence and love ; and to make more of you all than I liave done. But as matters are, you must take the will for the deed. Let us all praise God for what is paft, and trust him for what is to come. The Lord enable you to cleave together to Christ, and in him to abide in one mind,' striving together for the hope of the gospel, the fulness of the Spirit, and that kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Gholt, of which we have so often discoursed together, but into which we have not pressed with sufficient ardour and violence. God give us the humble, violent, faith, which inherits the promise of the Father, that we may triumph in Christ, anů adorn his gospel in life and death.

I hope to see you before the summer is ended, if it please God to spare me and give me strength for the journey. I am in some respects better than when I came here, and was enabled to bury a corpse last Sunday, to oblige the minister of the parish ; but, whether it was that little exertion of voice, or something else, bad symptoms have returned since. Be that as it may, all is well; for he that does all things well, rules and over-rules alt. I have stood the heats we have had these two days, better than I expected. I desire you will help me to bless the Author of all good, for this, and every other blessing of this life ; but above all for the tively hopes of the next, and for Christ our cominon bope, peace, joy, wisdom, righteousness, falvation, and all. In him I meet, love, and embrace you. God bless you all, and crown you with loving-kindness and tender mercy all the day long! I live, if you stand. Don't let me want the reviving cordial of hearing, that you stand together firm in the faith, broken in humilia ty, and rejoicing in the loving hope of the glory of God. Look much at Jefus. Bless God much for the gift of his only begotten Son. Be much' in private prayer. Forsake not the assembling yourselves together in little companies, as well as in public. Walk in the fight of death and eterniży; and ever pray for your affectionate, but unworthy miniller, 1. F. .

Newington, Jan. 13th, 1777. To the Parishioners af Madeley.

My dear Companions in tribulation,

: ALL the children of God I love ; my delight is in them that excel in strength, and my tendere it coni. pallions move towards those that exceed in weaknels. But of all the children of God, none have fo great a right to my peculiar love as you. Your flated or cea cational attendance on my poor ministry, and tlie coun:less thousands of steps you have taken to hear te word of our common Lord from my defpife rulzii as well as the bonds of neighbourhocil, and lle mary happy hours I have spent before the thi: one obstace with you, endear you peculiaily to me.

With tears of grateful joy, I recollect the awful moments, when we have, in the ftrength of our dear Redeemer, bound ourselves to stand to our baptismal

YOW ;-to renounce all fin, to believe all the articles • of the Chriftian faith, and keep God's commandments to

the end of our life ; especially, the new coinmand. ment, which enjoins us to love one another, as Christ has loved us. O! my dear brethren, let this repeated Yow, fo reasonable, fo juít, and so comfortable, appels to us worthy of our greatest regard. For my own part, asking pardon of God, and you all, for not having exulted more in the privilege of keeping that vow every day better, and of loving you every hour more tenderly, I am not at all discouraged ; but determine with new courage and delight, to love my neighbour as myself; and to love our covenant God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, with all my mind, heart, and strength ; with all the powers of my understar.ding, will, and affections. This resolution is bold, but it is evangelical; being equally founded on the precept and promise of our Lord Jesus Christ, whose cleansing blood can atone for all our palt unfaithfulness, and whose almighty Spirit can enable us to perform all gofpel obedience for the time to come.

I find much comfort, in my weak ftate of health, fiom my relation to my covenant God; and by my re... Tätion to him as my covenant God, I mean,'l. My clear, explicit knowledge of the Father as my Creater and Father ; who fo loved the world, you, and me, as to give his only begotten Son, that we should not perilla but liave everlasting life. ()! my dear friends, what sweet exclamations, what endearing calling of

Ibba, Father, will ascend froin our grateful hearts, if we say, with St. Paul, He that spared not his own Son, but delidered hine up for us alb, how freely will he give us all things with that capital gift?

2. I mean by my covenanc relation, my relation to the adorable perton, wbo, with the strength of his Godhead, and the strength of his pure manhood, took away iny sin, and reconciled our fallen race to the dia vine nature, making us capable of recovering the di. vine union from which Adam fell. () how does my foul exult in that dear Mediator! How do I bide my poor foul under the shadow of his wings! there let me :!ect you all. Driven to that true mercy feat by the fame danger, drawn by the same preserving and re. deeining love ; invited by the fame gospel promises, a:d encouraged by each others exam;le, and hy the example of that cloud of witnesses who have passed into she kingdom of God by that precious door, let us by Crist retura to Gol; let us i! Chrit find our recon. vilec God; and may that dear cominandment of bis, Abil: il me, prove every day inare precious to our foulz. If we abide is him by believing that he is our; way, our truth, and our life ; by apprehending himas our Prophet or wildom, our Prieit or righteousness, our King or functification and redemption, we shall Bear fruit, and underland wliat is ineant by the fe fcrip. turis, in him, I and well pleased Accepted in the belot. ed-There is no conde innation to thein that are in Christ Jesus God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself, Esc. O the comfort of thus cleaving to Christ by faith ; of thus finding that Clirist is our all! In that centre of life, 1it us all ineet, and death itself will not

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