lv, if not daily, and warn her from ine till flie is ripe for glory. Tell the brethren at Brofeley, that I did my body an injury the last time I preached to thein on the green ; but I do not repine at it, if they took the warn-, ing, and have ceased to be neither hot nor cold, and begin to be warm in zcal, love, prayer, and every grace, Give my love to Geo. Crannage ; tell him to make halle to Christ, and not to doze away his last days.

The playlician has not yet given me up ; but, I bless. God, I do not wait for his farewell, to give myself up to my God and Saviour. I write by stealth, as my friends here would have me forbear doing it, and even talking; but I will never part with my privilege of, writing and shouting, Thanks be to God, who giveih us the victory over fin, ceaih, and the grave, through Jee , sus Christ! to him be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Tell Mr. York, I embrace hier in fpirit, and thall, if it please Gol, and an opportunity to fulfil his kind request by Mits Sin pton, whom, together with my dear friend and good nurse, Mis. Harper, I filute in the Lord. God bless you and yours. I ain yours in the love of Jesus, the best of bonds, 1. F.

Bristol, Nov. 26111, 1777. To the Brethren who hear the word of God, in the farish church of Madeley.

My dear Brethren,

I THANK you for the declaration of your affectionate remembrance, which you have sent me by John Owen, thie messenger of your brotherly love. As a variety of reasons, with which I shall not trouble you, prevent my coming to take my leave of you in person, permit me to do it by letter. The hopes of recover ing a little strength to coine and serve you again in the goipel, make ine take the advice of the phylicians, who fay, that removing to a drier air and warmer cli. mate, might be of great service to iny health, I kiss the rod which I'mites ine. I adore the Providence wlich lays we alide ; and beg that by this long core

rection of my heavenly Father. I may be so pruned, as to bring forth more fruit, if I am spared.

I am more and more persuaded that I have not de. clared unto yon cunningly devised fables, and that the gospel, I have had the honour of preaching, though feebly, among you, is the power of God to falvation, to every one who believes it with the heart. God grant we may all be of that happy number! Want of time does not permit me to give you more directions ; but, if you follow those which fill the rest of this page, they may supply the want of a thousand. Have, every day, lower thoughts of yourselves, higher thoughts of Chrift, kinder thoughts of your brethren, and inore hopeful thoughts of all around you. Love to afle mble in the great congregation, and with your companions jo tribulation ; but above all, love to pray to your Father in fecret ; to consider your Saviour, who says Look unto me, and be saved ; and to listen for your Sanctifier and Comforter, who whispers, that he stands at the door, and knocks to enter into your inmoft fools, and to set up his kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy, with divine power, in your willing breasts. Wait all the day long for his glorious appearing within you; and, when you are together, by suitable prayers, proper hymns, and enlivening exhortations, keep up your carnest expectation of his pardoning and fanctifying love. Let not a drop fatisfy you ; defire an ocean, at least a fountain springing up to your comfort in your own fouls, and flowing towards all around you, in streams of love and delightful instructions, to the con. solation of those with whom you converse ; especially your brethren, and those of your own households. Do not eat your morsel by yourselves, like selfish niggard. Jy people ; but whether you eat the meat that perisheth, or that which endureth unto everlasting life, be ready to share it with all. Call your bread upon the waters, in a temporal and spiritual sense, and it will not be lost. God will bleis your feed fowr, and it will abundantly increase. Let'every one, with whom you converse; be the better for your conversation. Be burning ard shining lights wherever you are. Set the fire of divine love to the hellish subble of sin. Be va. liant for the truth. Be champions for love. Be fons of thunder against fin ; and fons of confolation towards humbled finners. Be faithful to your God, your king and your mafiers. Let not the good ways of God be hlafphemed through any of you. Let your heavenly mindedness and your brotherly kindness be known to all men ; fo that all who see you may wonder, and say, See how there people love one another!

You have need of patience, as well as of faith and power. You must learn to suffer, as well as to do the will of God. Do not, then, think it strange to pass through fiery trials ; they are excellent for the proving, purifying, and strengthening of your faith. Only let your faith be firm in a tempest. Let your hope in Cbrift be as a fure anchor cast within the veil ; and your patient love will foon outride the storin, and make you find, there is a peace in Christ and in the Holy Ghost, which no man can give or take away. May that peace be abundantly given to you, from our common Father, our cominon Redeemer, and our common Sanctifier, our covenant God; the gracious God of Christians, whom we have so often vouched to be our God and our all, when we have been assembled together in his name. He is the same merciful, and faithful God yesterday, to-day, and for ever. Believe in his threefold name. Rejoice in every degree of his great falvation. Triumph in hope of the glory which Mall be revealed. Do not forget to be thankful for a cup of water ; much less for being out of hell, for the means of grace, the forgiveness of fins, the blood of Jesus, the communion of saints on earth, and the future glorification of saints in heaven. Strongly, heartily believe every gospel truth, cfpecially the latter part of the apolle's creed. Believe it, I fay, till your faith becomes to you the fubftance of the eternal life you liope for; and then, come life, come death, either or both will be welcome to you, as, through grace, I find they are to me.

I leave this blessed ifland for a while ; but, I trust, I Mall never leave the kingdom of God, the mount Sion, the new Jerusalem, the shadow of Christ's cross, the clefts of the rock smitten and pierced for us. There I entreat you to meet me. There I meet you in fpirit. From thence, I trust, I shall joyfully leap into • the ocean of eternity, to go and join those ministring fpirits who wait on the heirs of salvation : And, if I am no more permitted to minister to you in the land of the living, I rejoice at the thought, that I shall, pero haps, be allowed to accompany the angels, who, if you continue in the faith, will be commissioned to carry your souls into Abraham's bofom. If our bodies do not moulder away in the same grave, our spirits shall be sweetly lost in the same fea of divine and brotherly love. I hope to see you again in the flesh ; but my sweetest and firmef hope is, to meet you where there are no parting feas, no interposing mountains, no ficknesses, no death, no fear of loving too much, no flame for loving too little, no apprehension of bursting new vessels in our lungs, by indulging the joy of seeing, or the forrow of leaving our bretliren.

In the mean time, I earnestly recominend you to the pastoral care of the Great. Shepherd and Bishop of fouls, and to the brotherly care of one another, as well as to the ministerial care of my substitute. The authority of love, which you allowed me to exert ainong you for edification, I return to you, and divide among you ; humbly requesting, that you would mutually use it, in wai ning the unruly, supporting the weak, and comforting all. Should I be spared to come back, let me have the joy of finding you all of one heart and one foul ; continuing steadfast in the apostle's doctrine, in fellowship one with another, and in comunion with our fin-pardoning and fin-abhorring God. This you may do, through grace, by strongly believing in the atoning blood and fanctifying Spirit of Christ, our common head and our common life ; in whom my soul embraces you, and in whose gracious hands, I leave both you and myself. Bear me on your hearts before him in praying love ; and be persuaded, that you are thus borne by,—My dear brethren, yours, &c. I, F.

Dover, Dec. 2d, 1777. To the Society at Madeley.

My dear Brethren,

BY the help of divine Providence, and of your prayers I have got safe to Dover; and I find that the journey has, fo far, been of service to me. I thought to have been in France by this time ; but the wind being high, though favourable, the mariners were afraid to leave the safe harbour, left they should be driven on the French cliffs too fiercely. This delay gives me an opportunity of writing a line to tell you, that I fhall bear you on my heart by sea and land ; that the earth is the Lord's, with all the fulness thereof : that Jesus lives to pray for us ; and that I still recommend myself to your prayers, hoping to hear of your order, steadfaft. ness, and growth of faith towards Christ, and in love towards each other, which will greatly revive your affectionate friend and brother, 1. F.

. Ayon, 1778. ; To the Societies in and about Madeley.

My dear, very dear Brethren,

THIS comes with my best love to you, and my best wishes, that peace, mercy, and truth may be multiplied unto you, from God the Father, through Jesus Christ, by the Spirit of his love ; with which, I beg your hearts and mine may be daily more replenished.

I am yet in the land of the living, to prepare, with you, for the land where there is life without death, praising without weariness of the flesh, and loving without feparation. 'There, I onee n.ore challenge you to meet me, with all the mind that was in Chrift; and may not one hoof be left behind! May there not be found one Demas amongst you, turning aside from the little flock and the narrow way, to love and follow this present perishing world. May there not be one Elau, who, for a frivolous gratification, sold his birthright ; nor another wife of Lot, who looked back for the

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