good things of the city of destruction, and was pune i Med by a judgment, almoft as fearful as that of Ananias, Sapphira, and Judas.

My dear companions, let us be consistent ; let us seek first the kingdom of God and his inghteousness, and all other things, upon your diligent, frugal, fecondary endeavours, Niall be added unto you. Let us live daily, more and more, upon the free love of our gracious Creator and Preserver, the grace and righteousness of our atoning Redeemer and Mediator, nor let us stop fhort of the powerful, joyous influence of our Cunifurter and Sanctifier.

Bear me on your hearts, as I do you upon mine ; and meet we all in the heart of Christ, who is the centre of our union, and our common head ; humbly leaving it to him, when and where, we shall meet again. In the mean while, I beg you will pay a due regard to the following texts, Love one another, as I have loved you. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye love one another. Little children, love not the world; for if any man love the world, the love of the Father, and of the brethren is not in him. Be of one accord, of one mind. Let there be no divisions umong you. Mind not high Things, but things which make for peace and edification.

Farewell in Christ till we meet in the fielh, around his table, or in the Spirit around his throne. My love and thanks to Mr. Murlin and Mr. Roberts. I am your afflicted, comforted brother, 1. F.

Nyon, July 18th, 1778. The Reo. Mr. Greaves.

My dear Brother,

I EXPECTED to have had an answer to the two laft letters I wrote you, but have been disappointed of iny hope. Probably your letters have miscarried these troublesome times. I trust you lay yourfeif out in length and breadth for the good of the flock committed to your care. I should be glad to hear, that all the flock grow in grace, and that the little flock grow in humble love.

be pleased to read the following note in the church " John Fletcher begs a farther interest in the prayers “ of the congregation of Madeley; and desires those, ~ who assemble to serve God in the church, to help $ him to return public thanks to Almighty God, for “ many mercies received ; especially, for being able to u do every day a little ministerial duty, which he con“ fiders as an earnest of the strength lie Thould be glad "to have, to come back soon, and serve them in the " gospel ; which he designs to do, please God, in some 6 months. In the mean time, he humbly beleeches " then, to serve God as Christians, and to love one “ another as brethren ; neglecting no means of grace, 6 and rejoicing in all the hopes of glory."

I hope, my dear brother, that you remember my re. quest to you, in my letter from Dover; and that you are glad of every possible help to do the people good. The harvest is great, the labourers are comparatively few. Pray the Lord to fend more labourers into his harvest; and rejoice when he sends us any, who will help us to break up the fallow ground.

Be pleased, when you have an opportunity, to read the following note to the societies in Madeley, Dale. ley, and the Banks :

My dear Brethren, I hope you have no need of a line to assure you of the continuance of my brotherly love for you. We are all called to grow in grace, and consequently, in love, which is the greatest of all Christian graces. Your prayers for my soul and my body have not been without answer. Blessed be God! Glory be to his rich mercy in Christ, I live yet the life of faith ; and as to my body, I recover fome strength; which rejoices me the more, as I hope a good Providence will make way for my laying it out, in inviting you to leave the things which are behind, and to press, with carnestness, unity, and patience, towards the mark of our heavenly calling in Christ. God bless you all, with all the blessings brought to the church by Christ Jesus, and by the other Comforter! Fare ye all well in Jesus ;

and remember at the throne of grace your affectionate brother and fervant in Chrift, 1. F.

My love to all our kind neighbours, and to the preachers, whoin I beg you will thank in iny name. Adieu, my dear brother. I am yours in the Lord, 1. F.

Nyon, Sept. 150h, 1778.

Mr. Thomas York.

My dear Brother,

I THANK you for your love, and generous tart of my little temporal concrns. I long to know how you all do. You inay see on the enclosed how I do in body. Blessed be the God of all confolation, though I have still very trying, feverish nights, and nothing but forced evacuations, I ain kept in peace of mind; resigned to his will, who afflicts me for my good, and juftly fets me afide for my unprofitableness. Well, though I am a bruised vessel, yet I rest on him ; he does not break me, yea, he comforts me on every fide. His grace within, and his people without, turn my trying circumstances into matter of praise.

Give my love to all your dear family, and to the two or three, who may yet remember me at Shiffnal. Allo give my love to Daniel, and defire him, when he ga. thers the Easter duts, to give my love and thanks to all my parishioners. Adieu! Yours, 1. F.

Nyon, Feb. 11th, 1779.

Mr. William Wase. • My dear friend,

I HAVE just received yours of the 24th of Janu. ary, and rejoice to hear of the welfare of your friends; but there is no blefling here without some alloy of grief, and fuch was to me the account of the poor state of dear Mrs. Wafe's health. The Lord be with her as a Comforter and Sanctifier, if he does not chuse to be with her as a physician, Tell her, I thould be glad to hold up her hands in her fight of afiliation ; but if the poor uoprofitable, weak servant is far off, the Master, who is rich in mercy, who fills the whole world with his good ness avd patience, and who has all power given him as our brother. Son of man, in heaven and earth this kind Master is near to her, and all his afflicted ones. Bid her from me, entreat her in my name, or rather, in his dear name, Jesus, Salvation, Resurrection, Life, Light, and Love, to look to him, and to make a free and conftant use of him in all his offices.

I recommend to her two remedies; the one is a cheerful resignation to the will of God, whereby her animal fpirits will be raised and sweetly refreshed; the other is four lumps of heavenly sugar, to be taken every half hour, day and niglit, when she does not deep. I make a constant use of them to my great comfort. They have quickened my soul when I was dying, and I doubt not but they will have the same effect upon hers. Our church has already extracted that divine sugar from the scripture, and put it into the Common Prayer-Book, as the heavenly bait, which is to draw us to the Lord's table. Though they have often passed through my mouth, when I have called her there, they have lost nothing of their sweetness and force. God so loved the world, &c. If any man sin, &c. It is a faithful sayi:18, 6C. Come unto me all ye that are weary, ic. God grant her abundance of the faith, which rolls these heavenly pills in the mind, and much of that love, which sucks' their sweetness in the heart. Tell her, they go down best, if taken in the cup of thankfgiving ; into which a tear of desire, of humility, ofre. pentance, or of joy, might be dropt occasionallyThat tear is to be had, by looking fimply to him, who fells oil to the virgins, who offered a springing well to the woman of Samaria, and opened a fountain flowing with heavenly blood and water, when he hung for us upon the cross. To him be praise and glory for ever! Amen!

Tell my little god-daughter Patty Cartwright, the is big enough and bad enough to take them; and that the holy child Jesus came on purpose into the world to

make them up for her. What a shame it is, to have such a remedy fo near, and not to make more use of it to subdue our unbelief, and cure our stupid ingratitude.

Thank brother Costerdine and his fellow labourers for their occasional help; and may he, who gives the increase, abundantly blefs it to them and to our friends. May the Lord vouchsafe to consecrate our little Zoar, by calling one finner, and establishing one saint. How abundantly shall we be repaid for our little expence and trouble! I am, yours, &c. I. F.

Nyon, Feb. 11th, 1779. To the Brethren in and about Madeley.

My dear Companions in tribulation,

PEACE and mercy, faith, hope, and love be mul. tiplied to you all in general, and to each of you in par. ticular, from the Father of mercies, through the Lord Jesus Christ, by the Spirit of grace. I thank you for your kind remembrance of me in your prayers. I am vet spared to pray for you. O that I had more power with God! I would bring down all heaven into all your hearts. Strive together, in love, for the living faith, the glorious hope, the fan&tifying, perfecting love, once delivered to the saints. Look to Jesus. Move on; run yourselves in the heavenly race, and let each sweet. ly draw his brother along, till the whole company appear before the Redeeming God in Sion, adorned as a bride for the heavenly Bridegroom.

I hope God will, in his mercy, fpare me to see you in the flesh; and, if I cannot labour for you, I shall gladly suffer with you. If you will put health into my felh, marrow in my bones, joy in my heart, and life into my whole frame, be of one heart, and of one foul. Count nothing your own, but your fin and shame ; and bury that dreadful property in the grave, the bote tomless grave of our Saviour. Let all you are, and have, be his that bought you, and his members, for his fake. Dig hard in the gospel mines for hidden

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