The Future of Human Reproduction: Ethics, Choice, and Regulation

John Harris, Professor of Bioethics and Applied Philosophy Director of the Center for Social Ethics and Policy John Harris, Holm Søren, Søren Holm, Senior Research Fellow Department of Medical Philosophy and Clinical Theory Soren Holm
Clarendon Press, 1998 - 254 ページ
ISSUES IN BIOMEDICAL ETHICS General Editors: John Harris, University of Manchester; Soren Holm, University of Copenhagen. Consulting Editor: Ranaan Gillon, Director, Imperial College Health Service, London. North American Consulting Editor: Bonnie Steinbock, Professor of Philosophy, SUNY, Albany. The late twentieth century has witnessed dramatic technological developments in biomedical science and the delivery of health care, and these developments have brought with them important social changes. All too often ethical analysis has lagged behind these changes. The purpose of thisseries is to provide lively, up-to-date, and authoritative studies for the increasingly large and diverse readership concerned with issues in biomedical ethics--not just healthcare trainees and professionals, but also social scientists, philosophers, lawyers, social workers, and legislators. Theseries will feature both single-author and multi-author books, short and accessible enough to be widely read, each of them focused on an issue of outstanding current importance and interest. Philosophers, doctors, and lawyers from several countries already feature among the authors lined up for theseries. It promises to become the leading channel for the best original work in this burgeoning field. this volume: The Future of Human Reproduction brings together new work, by an international group of contributors from various fields and perspectives, on ethical, social, and legal issues raised by recent advances in reproductive technology. These advances have put us in a position to choosewhat kinds of children and parents there should be; the aim of the essays is to illuminate how we should deal with these possibilities for choice. Topics discussed include gender and race selection, genetic engineering, fertility treatment, ovarian tissue transfer, and post-menopausal pregnancy.The central focus of the volume is the interface between reproductive choice and public regulation. 'The Future of Human Reproduction is a roadmap for twenty-first century reproductive technologies written by leading thinkers in the field for philosophers, policy makers, and clinicians. However, it will perhaps be equally useful for parents and other members of our most important socialinstitutions, as we struggle to cope with the rapidly changing reproductive horizon.' Glenn McGee, University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics

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Rights and Reproductive Choice
The Basis for a
Some Lessons from the Nazi Experience
Feminism or Patriarchy?
A Womans Right to Choose? A Feminist Critique
Embedding the Embryo
Who Should Bear the Costs
Sperm as Property
Some Comments on the Ethics of Consent to the Use
Ethical Issues in Preimplantation Diagnosis
A Muslim Perspective
Playground for Reproductive
Letter from a Postmenopausal Mother

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John Harris is Professor of Bioethics and Applied Philosophy, and Director of the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy, at the University of Manchester. Søren Holm has a Chair in Bioethics at the Cardiff Institute for Society, Health and Ethics and is the director of the Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law and Society