Meeting God at Every Turn

Chosen Books, 2002 - 256 ページ
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Is there a God who cares about me? Will he show me the right thing to do? Will he forgive and heal me? In Meeting God at Every Turn, Catherine Marshall gives readers a resounding Yes! to these questions and more as she describes how she met God at the confusing, troubled, and scary points in her life. The twelve turnings that Marshall describes are the type of events that shape a person: growing up, love and marriage, facing death, making a living, starting over in relationships and business, and more. Meeting God at Every Turn tells what happened each time Catherine turned a corner-how she surprisingly encountered grace. It's her story, but every reader's too. Thirteen pages of family photographs are included.

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著者について (2002)

Catherine Marshall (1914-1983) wrote more than twenty nonfiction books, including the best-selling A Man Called Peter and Beyond Our Selves. She is also the author of more than one hundred articles and two best-selling novels, Christy and Julie.