Divided Fictions: Fanny Burney and Feminine Strategy

University Press of Kentucky


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Gulphs Pits and Precipices
Marriage as the Dangerous Die
and Other Necessary Fictions
Male Authority and Impotence

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13 ページ - From each she nicely culls with curious toil, And decks the goddess with the glitt'ring spoil. This casket India's glowing gems unlocks, And all Arabia breathes from yonder box. The tortoise here and elephant unite, Transform'd to combs, the speckled and the white. Here files of pins extend their shining rows, Puffs, powders, patches. Bibles, billet-doux.
13 ページ - And love of Ombre, after death survive. For when the Fair in all their pride expire, To their first elements their souls retire. The sprites of fiery termagants in flame Mount up, and take a Salamander's name.
38 ページ - Nor will life's stream for observation stay, It hurries all too fast to mark their way : In vain sedate reflections we would make, When half our knowledge we must snatch, not take. Oft in the passions...
42 ページ - When you come to know the world half so well as I do, and what yahoos mankind are, you will then be convinced that a state of independence is the only basis on which to rest your future ease and comfort. You are now young, lively, gay. You please, and the world smiles upon you — this is your time.
85 ページ - ... its prison. Men have various employments and pursuits which engage their attention, and give a character to the opening mind; but women, confined to one, and having their thoughts constantly directed to the most insignificant part of themselves, seldom extend their views beyond the triumph of the hour.
166 ページ - I have an exceeding odd sensation, when I consider that it is now in the power of any and every body to read what I so carefully hoarded even from my best friends, till this last month or two; and that a work which was so lately lodged, in all privacy, in my bureau, may now be seen by every butcher and baker, cobbler and tinker, throughout the three kingdoms, for the small tribute of threepence.
106 ページ - At the milliners, the ladies we met were so much dressed, that I should rather have imagined they were making visits than purchases. But what most diverted me was, that we were more frequently served by men than by women ; and such men ! so finical, so affected ! they seemed to understand every part of a woman's dress better than we do ourselves ; and they recommended caps and ribands with an air of so much importance, that I wished to ask them how long they had left off wearing them.
105 ページ - I have just had my hair dressed. You can't think how oddly my head feels; full of powder and black pins, and a great cushion on the top of it. I believe you would hardly know me, for my face looks quite different to what it did before my hair was dressed. When I shall be able to make use of a comb for myself I cannot tell; for my hair is so much entangled, frizzled they call it, that I fear it will be very difficult.
174 ページ - ALL is over, my dearest Sir, and the fate of your Evelina is decided! This morning, with fearful joy, and trembling gratitude, she united herself for ever with the object of her dearest, 'her eternal affection.
84 ページ - Your virtues open fairest in the shade. Bred to disguise, in public 'tis you hide ; There none distinguish 'twixt your shame or pride, Weakness or delicacy ; all so nice, That each may seem a virtue or a vice.